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Developer(s) Dark Light Studios 1
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Platform(s) Wii U, NX, Visus Sphere
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OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) Third Person Shooter, Adventure
Series Splatoon
Splatoon Global Canvas, is the sequel to Splatoon it takes place after the events of Octo Valley and DJ Octavio, it is set no more than 4 years after those events as Callie & Marie are still the reporters for Inkopolis. The game is also the first to feature Adult Inklings, albeit non-playable.


Inklings are in significantly more varieties this time around with 120 variations on their ink colour and main body colour. 

Inklings Colouration

Before a round starts the players of each side can nominate a particular, colour for each side (one for the player's side and one for the opposition) and a spinner wheel will determine which colour each team is (the wheel re-rolls if it lands on two identical colours).

Squid Squads

Squid Squads are an organizational option for groups of players, when a player reaches level 75 they can create a Squad which can recruit other members, Squad leaders set the colour that squad will always play as in Squad Battles, as well as a Secondary in case if both Squads have the same primary colour.

Squid Squads can have up to 200 members including the leader.


Inkopolis Square is once again the Lobby for the game, it has greatly expanded however to include four wings, each one specializing in something different, the wings are called; Style Wing, Alleycat Wing, Memorial Wing & Gunner Wing. The main buildings from Inkopolis with the exception of the Inkopolis Tower have shifted down these wings.

Style Wing

The South-Western Wing of the Lobby, Style Wing contains the clothing shops for the player as well as a recording studio that lets you listen to music from both Splatoon & Splatoon Global Canvas.

Places of Interest

  • Cooler Heads - Hats - Annie
  • Shrimp Kicks - Shoes - Crusty Sean
  • Jello Tops - Tops - Jelonzo
  • Sharp Shades - Glasses - Ura Shen
  • Coral Legs - Pants - Corelli
  • Moss Market Coats - Coats - Ross Lurfish
  • Starfish Trident Arc Recording Studios - Music - Sharon

Alleycat Wing

The North-Eastern Wing is home to Spyke and the Adult Super Sea Snails as well as the Department of Squads. Spyke retains his uses from Splatoon allowing the player to get additional features for their gear and also order clothing from other player's characters. The Adult Super Sea Snails, request the player to complete daily challenges where the player goes and completes certain requirements on online play and after doing so receives a Super Sea Snail as a reward. Lastly the Department of Squads is where players can create new Squads or look for existing squads. Messages left for a whole squad are hung up in the Squad's Room (which is only accessible if the player is part of a squad) as handprints.

Places of Interest

  • Spyke's Tent - Weapon Upgrades & Clothing Requests - Spyke
  • Super Sea Snail Industries - Daily Missions - Sirloin, Syrrel & Sandre
  • Department of Squads - Mutt the Dogfish

Memorial Wing

The South-Eastern Wing is home to Cap'n Cuttlefish, the Squid Sister's Studio & The Ink Hero Statues. Cap'n Cuttlefish once again is the guide for the offline, single-player campaign, after completing the single-player campaign the offline multi-player campaign can be taken with Callie & Marie acting as the guides, additionally the Ink Hero statues depict the Male and Female Inkling characters from Splatoon and the plaque talks about their victory over DJ Octavio, another Statue depicts six Adult Inklings in a pose akin to the "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima" image. This statue talks about the first Inkling-Octoling War. Thirdly, the Squid Sister's Studio is accessible with the player able to see the Squid Sisters from an audience seating area, where they're rehearsing, occasionally they'll notice the player and wave, Callie will attempt to yell to the player, however due to the glass being soundproof the player can't hear what she says, she quickly realizes and gets embarrassed and Marie laughs.

Places of Interest

  • Octo Valley Entrance - Offline Story Missions - Cap'n Cuttlefish
  • Squid Sister's Studio - News Reports - Callie & Marie
  • Ink Hero Statues - Heroes of Octo Valley, Raising the Flag on Octarians

Gunner Wing

The North-Western Wing is home to Sheldon and the other Gun Vendors, they each individually specialize in a special type of weapon. It is the shortest wing and doesn't have any shops other than Gun Vendors.

Places of Interest

  • Ammo Knights - Splattershots - Sheldon
  • Angel Bullets - Chargers - Sparky
  • Hammer Splats - Rollers - Shea Irnk
  • Puffer Boom - Bombs - Prof. Ferish
  • Electro Field - Splashers - Lee
  • Dolphoscope - Tech - Dr. Fin
  • Volcanic Vent - Ultimates - Craig


Much like its predecessor, Splatoon Global Canvas is a Territory based Third Person Shooter. The player has two forms, Kid Form and Ink Form. In Kid Form the player can spray ink and move around and jump as well as use special weapons. In Squid Form, the player can swim in their ink to quickly recover Ink as well as move faster and jump further, if Ink is sprayed on walls they can scale the wall as long as it doesn't have a barrier at the top.

Inklings are permitted a Main, Secondary & Ultimate Weapon, these can be changed at the weapon shops in the Gunner Wing and vary in their effectiveness on the battle field. The player's main goal is to compete with a rival group and achieve victory earning them cash and experience, even if the player loses they still get exp and cash but at a reduced amount (50% of what they'd get had they won).


There are two types of Modes in Splatoon Global Canvas, Battle & Race. These each have various sub-categories that have their own spin on the game. Battle Modes give significantly more Cash than Race Modes while Race Modes give significantly more Exp.

Battle Modes

There are 5 Battle Modes in Splatoon Global Canvas: Turf War, Ink Towers, King of the Hill, Ink Rocket & Super Turf War.

Turf War & Super Turf War

Level Requirements
  • Turf War - Lv1
  • Super Turf War - Lv6

A Classic Turf War, the goal is to cover as much ground as possible in Ink, Walls don't count and the team with the most ink covering the field after 3 minutes wins. A twist on it however was implemented, if the difference between the area covered for the two teams is 5% or less then there will be a sudden death match which gives what would've been the losing team a chance to win, the players are forced into a small arena and the last team standing wins, everyone has one life.

In Super Turf War as opposed to 2 Teams competing, there are 4, the teams still have 4 players each and the maps are increased in size to support for four teams.

Ink Towers & King of the Hill

Level Requirements
  • Ink Towers - Lv12
  • King of the Hill - Lv8

Both of these modes have the teams focused on governing particular sections of the map they're playing on. In Ink Towers there are 9 towers which can be shot with ink to gain control of them, once one team has control over all 9 Towers or 15 minutes have passed, the winning team is decided based on who has the most Towers under their control.

In King of the Hill there is a single section of land which the players aim to control the section of land for 90 seconds. There is no penalty for losing control however it does obviously stop that team's countdown timer.

Ink Rocket

Level Requirements
  • Ink Rocket - Lv10

In this Game Mode, the team's goal is to bring three giant cannisters of Ink Fuel to their team's rocket. The cannisters are very heavy and severely slow the holder of them down, The team to fill their rocket first wins, by shooting the Cannister holder they will drop the Cannister when they die and if it is intercepted by the enemy it'll be sent back to its spawn point.

Race Modes

Race Modes have only 2 Modes; Surf Race & Technique Race. While Surf Races still have weapons enabled, Technique Races don't as the two teams are never in direct contact with each other.

Surf Race

Level Requirements
  • Surf Race - Lv1

In Surf Race, the team's main goal is to reach the finish line with their whole team before their opponents, in all surf maps, the player must shoot their path as well as attempt to slow their opponents down by shooting in onto the opponents path, the player must frequently switch between kid and squid form and some maps include loops and crossing paths.

Technique Race

Level Requirements
  • Technique Race - Lv14

In a Technique Race, the player's team must scale a mostly vertical climb to reach the top, there are many small platforms to help them, however there are also traps and hazards along the way as well as detours from glass. The players will need to work together as unlike Surf Race, they only need to get one player to the top to win.


In Splatoon Global Canvas there are two storylines, Return to Octo Valley & The Mad Inkling. Return to Octo Valley is a Single-Player Campaign where there has been a stir within Octo Valley and Judd has been taken by Octarians. In The Mad Inkling, a Offline Multi-Player Campaign, the players are tasked with investigating mysterious thievery at the shops in Inkopolis where, the shop keepers have only been able to describe the culprits as Giant Squids.

Return to Octo Valley

Judd has been captured by the Octarians who are holding him for ransom until the Inklings surrender the Great Zapfish and Inkopolis to them. Due to these events the player has been requested by Cap'n Cuttlefish to help rescue Judd, along the way, the player will meet with Agent 1 & 2 and ocassionally recieve messages from Agent 3. Completing Return to Octo Valley will give the player the Octoling Armour, the Hero's Armour & the DJ Armour.


The Mad Inkling


New Characters

  • Ura Shen - An older Urchin than Spyke, Ura will often give the player advice however the advice is often shaped like a riddle. He sells Glasses and seems completely out of touch with the understanding of Shutter Shades.
  • Corelli - A rather over-friendly Coral child to say the least, she would scream if she could because she gets so excited to meet people. Her Coral hair changes depending on her emotions although it is rarely anything other than Gold or Pink.
  • Ross Lurfish - Ross is a bizarre character to say the least, aside from being a Flatfish, he appears to have a split personality with one being a rather slow individual while the other appears to take on the persona of a Flatfish wanting to make a quick buck.
  • Sharon - Sharon is the DJ artist at STARS, she is quite friendly if at times bossy, she means well and some consider her to be a mother figure.
  • Sirloin - One of the three Adult Super Sea Snails, he's the most assertive of the three and often acts superior to those around him.
  • Syrrel - Syrrel is very passive towards Sirloin and disregards Sandre, Syrrel sucks up to Sirloin as though he has something to prove, Sirloin ignores him for the most part however.
  • Sandre - Sandre is a very free soul, unlike his brothers, Sandre is very care free and is the most talkative of the trio, making him the one who tells the player about the mission.
  • Mutt the Dogfish - A rather peculiar being, Mutt is supposedly from a far away land, he is able to keep the Squads from breaking out into massive fights and vents their competitiveness into controlled environments through the Squad Battles.
  • Sparky - While rather creepy looking, Sparky is more than meets the eye, she is very kind and often comments about what advantages certain weapons have, if you can get past her appearance then you'll find some excellent weapons.
  • Shea Irnk - Unlike other Sharks, Shea is a Hammerhead, this used to get her teased by other sharks, however after moving to Inkopolis she's become very popular with the Inklings and Jellyfish and is well known for her highly destructive weapons.
  • Prof. Ferish - A ticking time bomb, Prof. Ferish has little patience for those not interested in his wares and might puff up to scare of window shoppers.
  • Lee - A rather gentle soul, Lee constantly emits a low voltage electric field that is said to feel revitalizing, he is extremely welcoming and very calm about everything.
  • Dr. Fin - This character isn't what they appear, they are within fact one of the few remaining species of mammals left on the earth, Dr. Fin is very analytical and sound robotic at times.
  • Craig - A roughian among the gun vendors, Craig has a commanding and almost milataristic view of the world, he regards the other vendors as his squadron and believes that the Inklings are here to help serve in some fictional war of his, he does sell good weapons though.


Currently there are 8 Maps for Splatoon Global Canvas with more on the way, the current 8 are only equipped for Battle Modes so there are no Race Mode maps yet available.

List of all Maps

This is a list of every map either currently in or planned for Splatoon Global Canvas.

Battle Mode

  1. Broadstate
  2. Central Tower
  3. Culture Center
  4. Imperial Rivers
  5. Palace Gates
  6. Tower Pass
  7. Port Avenue
  8. Jungle Temple
  9. Blitz Skaterink
  10. Frozen Lake
  11. Thunder Scarred Field
  12. Black Rock Mountain
  13. Sudsy Concrete Arena
  14. Ancient Labyrinth
  15. Dazed Ring
  16. Giant Bird Flock

Race Mode

  1. Sky Waterfall - Surf Only
  2. Glass House - Technique Only
  3. Amusement Chase
  4. Skyscraper Race
  5. Vented Pathway - Technique Only
  6. Fierce Climb
  7. Waterway Charge - Surf Only
  8. Dirty Factory
  9. Fruitful Jungle - Surf Only
  10. Incineration Climb - Technique Only


  • Originally Spyke was going to have had a significant boost to his sales between the first and second game and was going to be in a similar position to Ura Shen, however it was decided to keep his old appearance.
  • The "Giant Bird Flock" is actually set in an Airport and the "Giant Birds" are planes that are no longer operational.
  • Fierce Climb, despite its appearance isnt actually the player climbing the Inkopolis Tower but rather the Eiffel Tower, this can be distinguished by the decayed state in both versions as well as a little message that ocassionally appears before this stage starts stating "Despite its Green Colouration and Similar Shape, this Tower isn't the Inkopolis Tower, it is something from the Ancient Past".
  • Sirloin, Syrrel & Sandre rather humoursly have the appearance of of a Super Sea Snail attached to the body of an Adult Male, it is assumed that if this is how adult Super Sea Snails look, then they must rather quickly grow the entire body.


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