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Splatoon GO
Official logo
Developer(s) Niantic
Publisher(s) Niantic
Platform(s) iOS
Genre(s) Augmented reality
Series GO
Predecessor Pokémon GO
Add color to YOUR world.

Tagline, based on the name of a Splatoon ad campaign

Splatoon GO is a free augmented-reality app developed by Niantic, Ninkancho, and its parent company Nintendo for iOS and Android devices as well as the Display system. It is a Splatoon spin-off and the successor to Pokémon GO, and as such, it features superficially similar gameplay and game mechanics to each.


Splatoon GO was first conceptualized when Nintendo was looking to make a spiritual successor to the smash hit Pokémon GO, alongside other ideas such as Animal Crossing GO and Kirby GO. Splatoon was settled on to use its status as a fresh new IP to the fullest, as it was less than two years old at the time and the Final Splatfest had recently built up the series' relevance. Nintendo pitched the idea to Niantic, who agreed to create the app.

During development, emphasis was placed on One Of The patching bugs and making the game fair for all players. It was decided that Splatshop hotspots would be distributed more evenly around the world to let all players buy items easily, and that there would be items that could remotely influence ink coverage so that Splat Zone placement could be population-based without making the game less fun for those in suburbs and rural areas.


Upon first starting the game, players must choose between three Inkling teams, represented by their orange, teal, and indigo ink colors. All three teams are rivals of the computer-controlled Octarian team, represented by purple ink. However, there is vitriol between the teams as well.

Players walk around in real life to generate blobs of their team's ink color around them on the in-game map. Ink can only be spread on land, as it will dissolve in water. Points are earned by covering opposing team ink with the player's own. The teams' shared goal is to cover all Octarian ink, while individually they also seek to have the most ink coverage worldwide and to control the most Splat Zone hotspots, both of which provide point bonuses. The player will also regain ink when they are surrounded by much of their own ink color.

Splatshops are, in high concept, similar to Pokémon GO's PokéStops. They provide a variety of services to players of any team. Splatshops can convert points into cash for free, and sell weapons and ink refills.


Currently, one weather effect has been implemented into the game: rain, which thins ink coverage in areas experiencing rainy weather in real life. Splatoon GO was able to connect to devices' weather applications at launch to detect when the local weather was rainy. This system was effectively bugged in that more ink would disappear when more people were playing nearby a rainy area. An update patched this by making weather effects reliant on servers rather than the clients (players' devices).

amiibo Challenges

Following the release of the Nintendo NFC amiibo Reader and Writer for iPhone, users with a compatible device can tap an amiibo to start an amiibo Challenge based on the character or series represented by the figurine or card. The player will be removed from standard gameplay during the amiibo Challenge.


Main Weapons

Many Main Weapons from the original Splatoon are available, maintaining their unique stats and playstyles as well as is possible in the new gameplay style.

The map area can be pressed to use the item manually and in the player's current direction. However, this uses ink more quickly. Tapping while a Shooter is in use fires blobs of ink ahead, usually continuously. Tapping while using a Roller will flick a set of ink blobs in front of the player. Long-pressing the screen with a Charger will charge a long linear blob of ink to shoot ahead by releasing the map area.

The range diagram in the Type column refers to the general range of the weapon type when using it by walking, not necessarily that of the individual weapon whether using it by walking or manually.

{|border-radius: 10px; -moz-border-radius: 10px; -webkit-border-radius: 10px; -khtml-border-radius: 10px; -icab-border-radius: 10px; -o-border-radius: 10px;

!style="width:25%;"|Weapon!!style="width:25%;"|SplatoonGORange0.png Type!!Subtype |- |Splattershot Jr.||SplatoonGORange2.png Shooter||N/A |- |Splattershot||SplatoonGORange2.png Shooter||N/A |- |Aerospray MG||SplatoonGORange2.png Shooter||N/A |- |Jet Squelcher||SplatoonGORange2.png Shooter||N/A |- |L-3 Nozzlenose||SplatoonGORange2.png Shooter||Semiautomatic
(requires player to stop between uses) |- |N-ZAP '85||SplatoonGORange2.png Shooter||N/A |- |Splash-o-matic||SplatoonGORange2.png Shooter||N/A |- |.52 Gal||SplatoonGORange2.png Shooter||N/A |- |Blaster||SplatoonGORange2.png Shooter||Blaster
(fires once upon use) |- |Rapid Blaster||SplatoonGORange2.png Shooter||Blaster |- |Luna Blaster||SplatoonGORange2.png Shooter||Blaster |- |Splat Charger||SplatoonGORange3.png Charger||N/A |- |Splatterscope||SplatoonGORange3.png Charger||Scope
(zooms and pans map while charging) |- |E-liter||SplatoonGORange3.png Charger||N/A |- |Squiffer||SplatoonGORange3.png Charger||N/A |- |Bamboozler||SplatoonGORange3.png Charger||N/A |- |Splat Roller||SplatoonGORange1.png Roller||N/A |- |Dynamo Roller||SplatoonGORange1.png Roller||N/A |- |Carbon Roller||SplatoonGORange1.png Roller||N/A |- |Inkbrush||SplatoonGORange1.png Roller||Brush
(narrow angular range) |- |Octobrush||SplatoonGORange1.png Roller||Brush |}

Sub Weapons

Most Sub Weapons from the original Splatoon are available, with tweaked effects to mesh well with the new gameplay style. To protect player privacy, items like the Point Sensor and Squid Beakon are not available.

Weapon Description
Burst Bomb Explodes into ink around the player immediately when used.
Disruptor Temporarily nerfs the weapon effectiveness and ink recovery radius of opposing team members in its radius when used.
Ink Mine Explodes into ink at its placed location when an opposing team member walks near it.
Splat Bomb Explodes into ink at its placed location after 15–30 minutes.
Splash Wall Generates ink at its placed location for 15–30 minutes.
Sprinkler Generates ink at its placed location until enough opposing team ink lands near it.

Canned Specials

Most Special Weapons from the original Splatoon are available in Canned form, with tweaked effects to mesh well with the new gameplay style. Unlike Sub Weapons, Canned Specials can only be used once every 15 minutes. To protect player privacy, items like the Echolocator are not available.

Weapon Description
Bomb Rush Allows the player to use as many Burst Bombs as they want for 30 seconds, though each Burst Bomb will deplete the timer.
Inkstrike Explodes into ink at a selected location on the map.
Inkzooka Allows the player to shoot long bursts of ink in their current direction for 30 seconds, though each shot will deplete the timer.
Kraken Increases the player's ink coverage for 15—30 minutes.

World News

World News is a live news program starring Callie and Marie, and the successor to Inkopolis News from Splatoon. It broadcasts when the player starts the game after closing it, and automatically while playing under certain circumstances. Updated news can be viewed manually at any time by tapping the button with the World News logo.

World News consists of various segments run back-to-back when needed. Two main segments are used for every broadcase. The Squid Sisters will first report which team has the most worldwide ink coverage, as well as which is in control of the most Splat Zones. Local weather is reported next, with rainy areas nearby being marked as such, and Callie and Marie expressing concern if dangerous weather is imminent.

Update News returns from Splatoon, being added to the program after an update to the app, and this time explaining the changes that have been made. A Splatfest News segment is broadcast the week before a Splatfest is set to begin, explaining the theme and offering banter between the Squid Sisters.


Suggest Splatfest themes in the comments section!

Callie: Before we reveal the current ink coverage, some special news!

Marie: What is it? What is it?!

Callie: We've recieved word from… on high.

Marie: You don't mean… Wait, I thought we didn't have any more Splatfests planned!?

Callie: That's right! There's going to be a Splatfest soon!

nothing on this website is real

Squid Sisters, before Cats vs. Dogs Splatfest News segment

Splatfests are monthly events that involve players joining one of two temporary teams beforehand, based on a subject-vs.-subject format. Players will earn cash if their team has the most ink coverage on a worldwide or regional scale, with the amount of cash dependent on how much ink the player contributed during the Splatfest.

Several features of the main gameplay setup become inactive during Splatfests. Splat Zones are disabled during Splatfests, and neither they nor ink coverage in the main game affect points during the events. Octarian ink will also cease to be spread. The main game's ink coverage does not reset during a Splatfest, though it becomes invisible in the meantime.

December 2016: Cats vs. Dogs

You can skip or replay this dialogue using the button to the right.

Callie: It's time to vote for your favorite pet! Again.

Marie: Talk about déjà vu…

Callie: On one side, the Internet's favorite furballs… CATS!

Marie: And on the other, man's best four-legged friends… DOGS!

Marie: So, I guess you're rooting for Team Cat again, Callie?

Callie: I'm actually siding with Team Dog this time!

Marie: WHAT? You can't do that! I bet you're only switching teams because us dog lovers won last time!

Callie: I don't see why you can't just switch to Team Cat, Marie. You're enough of a snarky jerk to fit the role!

Marie: Callie, don't act so jealous. I'm sure both teams still have a fighting chance.

Callie: Well, I guess the Splatfest can't be Dogs vs. Dogs…

Callie: Alright! I choose Team Cat again! (Let's forget about that whole "snarky jerk" thing, okay, viewers?)

Marie: If you winners out there stay loyal to Team Dog, I'm sure we can pull off another victory!

Callie: Come on, cat people! Let's win this cat-and-mouse game once and for all! It'll be the ultimate underdog story!

Marie: You mean, underCAT story.

Callie: Dahh, I've been outpunned!

Marie: So what about YOU folks? Which pet do you like more?

Callie: Press that voting booth button and pick your favorite today!

January 2017: Dragons vs. Dinosaurs

You can skip or replay this dialogue using the button to the right.

Callie: On this side, the fire-breathing beasts of legend…

Marie: And on this side, one of the former rulers of the Earth…

Callie: DRAGONS!

Marie: Versus DINOSAURS!

Marie: Ah, yes, the age-old dispute. Time to settle it through a good old Splatfest.

Callie: Well, it's a good thing the answer to this one is totally obvious!

Marie: Yep! Vote for the obvious answer, Team Dinosaur!

Callie: So Marie, what exactly is so great about the dinosaurs that dragons don't already have?

Marie: Well, they actually existed, so it's possible to prove just how awesome they were!

Marie: And meanwhile, the concept of a "dragon" is not only vague, it's an outright lie.

Callie: Dinosaurs aren't all that cool, though! Don't they have all those dorky feathers now?

Marie: You know what else has feathers?

Callie: Pssh, birds?

Marie: That's right! They may not look like much today, but birds are descended from man-i-rap-tor-an ther-o-pods. (Wow, I should have practiced that line more.)

Callie: You mean we've been living alongside dinosaurs all our lives?

Marie: Cool, huh?

Callie: But birds are super-lame! Can birds breathe fire? Do birds have awesome spikes or manes or frills or prehensile tails? Can birds fly?

Marie: I'm not even going to answer that last one.

Callie: Well, let's just see what the audience has to think.

Marie: Will you vote for our mysterious Triassic fossil friends, who survived the extinctions and roam the world to this day?

Callie: Or will you pick the ancient, radical, treasure-hoarding, fire-breathing, territorial, magical, mythological serpents?

Marie: Give that voting booth button a quick tap and make your voice heard!

February 2017: Hot vs. Cold

You can skip or replay this dialogue using the button to the right.

Marie: But before we reveal the Splatfest theme… Wow, it sure is cold out these days! Much different than the tropical weather we've gotten used to.

Callie: Yeah, I really miss the summer.

Marie: Can't say I entirely feel the same way. The cold breeze is a refreshing change of pace!

Callie: I just can't wait to go back to all the long, sunny days. I'm losing all my energy in this weather! It's way too frigid!

Marie: Well, I don't know about you, but I'd really rather not stand outside, sweating my skin off. Isn't that why most of our concerts are scheduled for the night?

Callie: As you've probably guessed by now, viewers, this month's Splatfest theme is…

Callie: HOT!

Marie: …Versus…


Marie: …Oh, right… COLD!

Marie: So Callie, what butchered line, and also, why do you think Team Hot will win?

Callie: Because the Sun is important, and it gives life to the w—

Marie: Hold up. People can appreciate that the Sun is important without necessarily liking the weather it's known for.

Callie: (Humph, NOW you deliver your lines just fine.) Well anyway, I also put a lot of effort into the design for our shirts! Join us and you'll look hotter than a summer barbecue!

Marie: You expect branding to carry your team?

Callie: I've said my spiel, Marie, now why don't you explain your coldhearted choice of Team Cold?

Marie: Cold weather is amazing! The snow-covered world is beautiful and its air feels relaxing. And the season represents spending time with the people you love! Plus, all the dangerous lakes can freeze over.

Callie: But where's the thrill in that? Living on the edge, savoring frozen treats, just being excited to be out on a nice vacation… All that wouldn't be nearly as fun in the cold!

Marie: I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Callie: But if the audience wants to participate in the Splatfest, they'll still have to pick a side.

Marie: Of course, just poke the voting booth button and tell us your opinion.

Callie: We'll deliver your awesome shirt lickety-split!

Callie: Oh, and watch your thermostats!

March 2017: Coffee vs. Tea

April 2017: Sloshers vs. Splatlings

May 2017: Ocean vs. Sky

June 2017: Junk Food vs. Healthy Food

July 2017: Handhelds vs. Consoles

August 2017: Rollers vs. Chargers

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