Splatoon: Explorers is an action RPG spinoff by Astralitz and Nintendo for the Nintendo Flow. It revolves around Agent 3 aboard the Ordaris to the island of Sonnotx. However, a mysterious force appears which crashes the boat and most of the crew is lost. Agent 3 must go on alone to unravel the mysteries behind the island of Sonnotx, and find a way to leave. This is an "gaiden" game so the events of this game take place in between Triple Threat and Turf Zero.


The R.S Ordaris, an Resistance ship that was heading for the island of Sonnotx to recover an missing spy unit. The main menu consists of the R.S Ordaris's main classroom where Agent 3 is sitting on, with his diary of recent adventures in the past. After selecting new game, an Salmonid tentacle crashes the R.S Ordaris, with the crew getting into trouble. After a bunch of damage leading to a crash. Agent 3 wakes up, and realizes that the Salmonid force has crashed the boat, and has taken most of the crew members. Most of the crew members were either dead or missing; Agent 3 tried to check for survivors, but could only find a few notes, but no sight of the crew. He then finds a pistol, nicknamed the "Turf Star". After hearing a sound of wilderness, Agent 3 looks back, only to find the sight he was never seeing before. The island of Sonnotx consisted of jungles, forests, deserst, and the highest mountain in the world. Agent 3's goal, is to get up to the top of the mountain to see truth behind the crash. "Splatoon EXPLORERS"


As usual, you get to create your character similar in fashion to Splatoon: Triple Threat, where you choose out of the four species, hairstyle, etc. The game starts you off at the shipwreck of Sonnotx, which had been crushed by an mysterious force related to the island. You start with only a pistol revolver, which was the missing half from the other pair that would later become the Spur in Triple Threat.

You have six stats to raise; strength, dexterity, endurance, constellation, intelligence, and luck. Each boost your power in various ways; such as increasing the damage you do or improving your ability with special weapons.

Enemies consist of wilderness rural creatures and Salmonids as well. How splatage works is that when you die, you respawn the last area where you auto-saved, and the deathmark will be labeled "R.I.P" on map.

One major stance you get in this game is an lock-on stance, where you freeze time but scan your enemy for weakpoints for critical damage. 

Later in the game, you'll get new gear and new weapons, such as a power armor that is specially designed for heavy weaponry such as launchers/titan splatlings. Some new tools that are useful include axes, boomerangs, and fishing poles. There are three types of weapons; sidearms, mainline, and heavy. Sidearms include revolvers and dualies. Mainlines include shooters, chargers and splatguns. Heavy includes lasers and launchers. 

To find your way, Agent 3 carries a compass around him for destinations. Possible checkpoints for shelter include Resistance checkpoints and settlements. 




Splatoon Explorers has gotten neutral reception so far. (TBA)


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