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Splatoon Deluxe (デラックススプラターン) is a Nintendo Switch remastering of Splatoon (2015) for Nintendo Switch. This version is packed with new levels, modes, music, and weapons. Read on to learn more about this ink-tastic port!

Teh spoon


The Versions of Splatoon Deluxe, and their prices.

Splatoon Deluxe - $59.99

Splatoon Deluxe + Splatoon 2 - $89.99

Splatoon Deluxe Nintendo Switch Bundle - $259.99

Splatoon Deluxe + Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch Bundle - $459.99

Splatoon Deluxe Rift (Rumored Oculous Rift Port) - The rumor is fake.

Splatoon Deluxe: iSplat/Splatnet Deluxe - Free (In-App Purchases)


  1. Arowana Mall
  2. Blackbelly Skatepark
  3. Saltspray Rig
  4. Urchin Underpass
  5. Walleye Warehouse
  6. Port Mackerel
  7. Kelp Dome
  8. Bluefin Depot
  9. Moray Towers
  10. Camp Triggerfish
  11. Flounder Heights
  12. Hammerhead Bridge
  13. Museum D'Alfonsino
  14. Mahi-Mahi Resort
  15. Piranha Pit
  16. Ancho-V Games
  17. Starfish Mainstage (S2)
  18. MakoMart (S2)
  19. Clownfish Country Club (DLC)
  20. Smash Street (DLC)
  21. Sharkfish Jungle (DLC)
  22. Pufferfish Seascape (DLC)
  23. Swordfish Colosseum (DLC)
  24. Restaurante De Langosta (DLC)
  25. Sunfish News Headquarters (DLC)

That's the most maps in a Splatoon game ever!

New Costume Ideas

Mario Set

Plumb Hat, Plumb Outfit

Bro Hat, Bro Outfit

Sonic Set

Mania Wig, Mania Costume

Tailed Hat, Two Tailed Outfit

Octoling Set

Octoling Girl Wig, Agent 8 Costume

Octoling Boy Wig

Jet Set Radio Set

Beat Glasses, Beat Outfit

Tab Beanie, Tab Outfit

Gum Hat, Gum Outfit

All of these outfits will be acessed via Amiibo.


Splattershot Line [1]

Aerospray Line [2]

Gal Line [3]

N-Zap Line [4]

Splash-o-matic Line [5]

Squelcher Line [6]

Nozzlenose Line [7]


Blasters are short-range weapons that excel in close combat. A shot from a blaster sends out a compact wad of ink that explodes shortly after. One or two well placed shots from a blaster is often enough to take out close foes.

Standard Blaster Line [8]

Luna Blaster Line [9]

Rapid Blaster Line [10]


Chargers are slow long-range weapons which excel in taking down players from afar. Each shot can be charged, and upon being fully charged it's generally capable of killing an enemy player in one hit. Some chargers even have a scope, which gets a zoomed-in view for accurate aiming while fully charged, in trade-off to a smaller viewing area.

Splat Charger Line [12]

Squiffer Line [13]

E-Liter Line [14]

Bamboozler Line [15]


Rollers are short to medium-range weapons which excel at covering areas in ink. Rollers leave a wide trail of ink as the player runs and are powerful in close combat when flicking ink or rolling over enemies.

Splat Roller Line [17]

Dynamo Line [18]

Carbon Roller Line [19]

Brushes [20]

Brushes are an unofficial subclass of Rollers that excel in short range combat and speed. Brushes leave a thin trail of ink as the player runs and can quickly flick ink to cover turf and splat enemy players.

Inkbrush Line [21]

Octobrush Line [22]


Sloshers are mid-range weapons that excel at splatting enemies. These weapons appear to take the form of a bucket, and are used by throwing a large amount of ink in an arc. By adjusting the angle, these weapons can be used to splat opponents who are up high or even on the other side of a wall.

Standard Slosher Line [24]

Tri-Slosher Line [25]

Sloshing Machine Line [26]


Splatlings are mid to long-range weapons that are capable of firing ink at an alarming rate in bursts in the style of a minigun. Much like the Charger class of weapons, to execute these weapons' highest potential they must be charged. Splatlings however actually charge twice, the first charge determines the range of the weapon's fire and the second faster charge determines how long the weapon fires.

Heavy Splatling Line

Mini Splatling Line [27]

Hydra Splatling Line [28]


The music in this game mostly consists of Rock, Pop and Rap throughout. The bands will be Squid Squad, Chirpy Chips, Hightide Area, Wet Floor, Off the Hook, Squid Sisters, DJ Octavio, and a new band known as "Woomy Warriors." The soundtrack will be GARGANTUAN, consisting of songs from both Splatoon games, and original music. 


Single Player Story Mode

  • Turf War - Turf War is playable by eight people, each on their own console. They are divided into two teams of    four, each team assigned its own ink color (ink color is chosen randomly). Teams must attempt to splatter their  ink around the arena avoiding enemy shots along the way. After the timer reaches 0, Judd calculates what          percentage of the arena is covered in each team's ink. The team with the highest percentage of coverage wins  the round.
  • Splat Zones - Played similarly to the King of the Hill mode from other types of shooter games. It revolves around a central "zone" or "zones", which players must attempt to cover in ink. If a team holds the zone for 100 seconds, they win immediately. Otherwise, the match ends after 5 minutes, and the team that held it longer wins. However, if the losing team had control when the time runs out, the game will go into overtime until either the losing team takes the lead or they lose control of the zone.
  • Tower Control - An Inkling must take control of one tower and ride it towards the enemy base. The first team to get the tower to their enemy's base wins. If nobody has reached the end point by the end of the time limit, whichever team reached the farthest wins. However, if the losing team had control when the time runs out, the game will go into overtime until either the losing team takes the lead or they lose control of the tower.
  • Rainmaker - When the battle starts your goal is trying to take control of the Rainmaker and carry it to your enemy's base. The Rainmaker has a bubble shield on it that you have to burst (Like Zapfish ) before snagging it. While holding the Rainmaker, your movement is slowed but it can fire (in the original Splatoon) a charged ink tornado or (in Splatoon 2) an explosion close to a Splat Bomb. First team to reach the enemy's base wins. If time runs out, the team who got closest wins, however, if the losing team is in possession of the Rainmaker when time runs out, the match will go into overtime till the losing team takes the lead or the wielder is splatted.
  • Clam Blitz - Added in Splatoon 2, the two teams have to collect clams and throw them into the enemy team's goal by using a power clam. Power Clams are made when an Inkling collects 10 clams. Once the goal is open, the players of a team can throw clams in to increase their score. The first team to score 100 points wins. Overtime can start when the losing team is in possession of a Power Clam on the field and will end if the power clam despawns or if the winning team opens the goal.
  • Tower Control - Two teams of four Inklings fight to control a central Tower. The Tower is a tall, blue structure with a grate platform for players to stand on. When a player reaches the top of the Tower and sprays it with ink, it will begin moving on a set path toward enemy territory. If the player standing on the Tower turns into a squid (thereby falling through the grate), falls off the platform, or gets killed, the Tower will begin moving rapidly back to the center. Because of this gameplay element, the player on the Tower is a constant target and must be guarded by teammates on the ground.

There are also other modes that I only have the names of.

  • Splatsketball
  • Splat Races
  • Double Rainmaker
  • Limited Turf War
  • Turf Cleaners
  • Four Team Turf War
  • Splitscreen Turf War/Ranked Battles/Leauge Battles (Supports 4 Players Per Screen)

There are also rankings. The rankings are: C-, C, C+, B-, B, B+, A-, A, A+, S, S+, X, and the new X+ and DX.

Rumors Surrounding the Game

  • Splatoon Deluxe FPS for VR, mainly for Vive and Rift. This rumor was fake.
  • The name being changed from Splatoon Deluxe to Super Splat Bros. This rumor was an April Fools joke.
  • The Jet Set Radio outfits were planned to be in the game. This rumor was true.
  • Sunfish News Headquarters was leaked.
  • There was going to be a N'Zap '18. That was scrapped.
  • Rumored iOS port with built-in Splatnet known as SplatOS. The rumor was true, but the name was changed to iSplat.

Regional Differences

U.S. and U.K. - Splatoon Deluxe

Germany - Super Splatoon

Japan - DXの吹き出し:スーパートロピック (DX Splatoon: Super Tropic)

China - 神游啪 (iQue Splat)


So, that was my idea. It took me about three days to come up with this concept, and I can't believe I finished it. So in conclusion, Splatoon Deluxe is... well... it's just Splatoon Deluxe.

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