Splatoon 3 is the third entry in the Splatoon series of video games. The game is an online third-person shooter centered around a species of squid-human hybrids called Inklings that enjoy participating in recreational Turf Wars where two teams compete to cover a certain area with ink using different weapons. The game is set to be released for Nintendo Switch.

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One of the biggest changes to gameplay overall is the addition of the ability to switch hands with a weapon at any point in the match. In previous games, Inklings and Octolings were only able to hold their weapons with their right hands (with the exclusion of Dualie-type weapons, which were held by both hands), though pressing the Y button now allows them to switch. Switching hands changes the direction that weapons are aimed or fired and can be useful to players in specific situations. By default, the character starts the match using the player's dominant hand, which is set to whatever the player chooses when creating their character and can be changed in the options menu. Because Dualies cannot switch hands, dodge rolling with the Dualies is now also mapped to the Y button.

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Special Weapon Description
WailSongText The Wail Song is a modification of the Killer Wail altered to fit within the new regulations for special weapons. Instead of firing a beam, the Wail Song fires rings forward instead and reveals the position of all members of the opposing team to the user for its duration. Like the Killer Wail's beam, the Wail Song's rings will splat any enemies that cross into them. The rings will continually move forward, but will gradually decrease in size until they disappear.
HandPrinterText The Hand Printer is a new type of special weapon that covers the arms of the user with a coat of ink that forms into a larger and longer pair of arms. The user can slam the hands of these arms into the ground to splatter ink around them or clap to crush foes. The hands will take a second to reform after slamming the ground, but switching hands allows them to be used in quick succession. However, the user is still vulnerable and can be splatted when using this special weapon.

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Stage Description
S Stage Saltspray RigSaltsprayRigText Saltspray Rig returns from Splatoon. Uniquely, this stage is not rotationally symmetrical but bilaterally symmetrical. Saltspray Rig takes place on an oil rig on the ocean and features moving platforms in the middle of the stage and newly-installed grind rails on both sides of the stage that allow Inklings and Octolings to reach the top area of the stage more quickly. The moving platforms now move faster as well which makes falling here more dangerous, and the spawn points are a bit more elevated and are now blocked off from the opposing teams.
S Stage Mahi-Mahi ResortMahiMahiResortText Mahi-Mahi Resort returns from Splatoon. This body of platforms stationed in the middle of the squid-shaped swimming pool of the resort has not altered much since its original appearance aside from the addition of two large sponges in the middle of the stage that can be used to reach the map's two towers more easily. On this stage, the water will lower halfway through the match and give access to areas that were previously inaccessible because of the water. Water is still a hazard and falling into it will result in the victim being splatted.
S Stage Ancho-V GamesAnchoVGamesText Ancho-V Games returns from Splatoon and Splatoon 2. This company is known for developing popular video games such as those from the Squid Jump and Squid Beatz series, but they've also allowed Turf Wars to take place in their studios while they work. The stage has recently redecorated with the removal of the previously-implemented sponges and the addition of grind rails to the left of Turf War spawn points replacing the platforms with fans that used to be there. Otherwise, this stage remains mostly identical to its previous appearances with platforms that move and rise by hitting fans with ink.

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