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Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 is the sequel to Splatoon 2 and its Octo expansion, and the third game in the series. It follows Inklings and Octolings as default players, but new Humans are unlockable after beating story mode

Main Game modes

Turf Wars: The Main events

Players are able to do what the other Splatoon games offer, Play Turf Wars.

Party Mode: Board games and Minigames

Bases heavily off of Mario Party, Players will roll the dice, and try to get to the end of the board they're on, while compeating in various Minigames to "Cheat" and move ahead, while moving other players back.

Battle Royal: Last one standing wins!

Inspired by Smash Bros. Players will be dropped onto an arena, and will have to use their fists to knock their opponents off!

Story Mode

By far the MOST important! Players assume the roll of a HUMAN protagonist: Agent Stryker (Male) or Agent Aqua (Female). The Player is joined by Callie, who is searching for Marie, and must travel the entire world to save her.

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