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Splatoon 3 is the third entry in the Splatoon series. It features new gamemodes, maps, weapons, and other new features. Additionally, the game features two add-on singleplayer campaigns: The Grizz Chronicles and The Great Turf War, as well as a DLC expansion pack called Jelly Heist.

Playable Species

Playable Species

Inklings spoon3Squid (Green) - Splatoon 2
These squid kids have the most experience in combat and culture!

Agent8 OctopusOctolingRender
They're a bit new to Inkling culture, but they can certainly put up a fight. Unlocked after reaching Level 30.

Jellylings Jellyling jelly form
It has just been discovered that the latest generation of Jellyfish can indeed assume a humanoid form! Unlocked after reaching Level 50.


The game will debut new music tracks, along with old ones that will return through Off the Hook Records. New bands consist of Flash Flood and Squid Surfers.



The qPhone is the latest piece of technology from the developers of the CQ-80. It comes in various models depending on your species.

Using your qPhone, you can watch the news broadcast, listen to the music you want to listen to in battle, choose your Splatfest team, as well as receive alerts on when your order from Quilla has arrived. Additionally, it can be used to teleport to locations instantly. It is activated by pressing X in Inkopolis Airport.

Inkopolis Airport

Inkopolis Airport has become the hottest place for Inklings, Octolings, and Jellylings alike to participate in Turf Wars. Here, you can shop, grab a quick bite, and take flights to battles!

The airport contains three terminals. 2 are explorable, while one is dedicated to being the battle lobby.

Deca Terminal

Deca Terminal is where you go to play in matches and various gamemodes, as well as local play.

The Shoreline

The Shoreline consists of many shops. Here you can buy gear, as well as a quick bite to go!

Ammo Knights is a shop in The Shoreline that sells weapons. It is run by Sheldon, who returns from the previous games. This time, there is an option to completely skip his dialogue.
Head Quarters is a shop in The Shoreline that sells hats. It is run by Glenna, the lead singer of the Chirpy Chips.
Ye Scallywag's Shirt Outpost is a shop in The Shoreline that sells shirts. It is run by a Jellyfish named Captain Jello, who speaks and dresses like a pirate. The store is themed after a pirate ship.
Puffer Pants is a shop in The Shoreline that sells pants. It is run by a Pufferfish named Puffy, who puffs up in satisfaction whenever you make a purchase.
Shrimped-Up Kicks is a shop in The Shoreline that sells shoes. It is run by a Prawn named Trusty Shaun, Crusty Sean's cousin.
Shoreline Salon is a shop in The Shoreline that sells hairstyles. The hairstyles shown are different depending on your character's species and can be unlocked with levels. It is run by Aunt Flow.
General sharkbait

Flank N' Tank
Flank n' Tank is a shop in The Shoreline that sells ink tanks. It is run by a militaristic shark named General Sharkbait, who participated in the Great Turf War. The store is themed after the Great Turf War, and wars overall. On the walls, we can see old military gear, weaponry, pictures, and propaganda posters.
Off the Hook - Splatoon 2

Off the Hook Records
Missing the old, nostalgic feeling from the old bands in Splatoon 1 and 2?! Well, you've come to the right place! Off the Hook Records sells music that you can play during battle, including songs from Splatoon and Splatoon 2! You can play purchased music on your qPhone.
The Crust Bucket has now become a restaurant in the airport. Like always, it is run by Crusty Sean. It sells seanwiches, which boosts your money & XP gain, as well as drinks that give you a higher chance of getting the ability you want on your gear. A new item on the menu, however, is fries.

Fries reduce the cost of items you buy, but only for a certain number of items. Bigger sized fries will mean more reduced costs on more items.

Padre Paints is run by the familiar isopod known as Iso Padre, who has escaped the Deepsea Metro after it began to collapse. Iso Padre will sell you weapon skins.
Here, you can play various arcade games, such as Squid Beatz 3. Do well enough in them and you'll win tickets that you can spend on exclusive prizes!
Though not an official shop, a new sea urchin has popped up named Quilla. Like the other sea urchins, she can order gear for you, as well as scrub ability slots and add ability slots or ability chunks to gear. Additionally, Quilla can change the sub and special of your weapon in any way you like, but there's a price to it.
Before or during a Splatfest, Murch will open up a Splatfest Kiosk. Not only can you choose your Splatfest team here, but you can also purchase limited-time exclusive gear depending on which team you chose.

Grizzco Industries

Grizzco is now run by C.Q. Cumber, who has escaped from the Deepsea Metro. He's made the working conditions for Salmon Run much safer, but that doesn't mean it's no longer dangerous!

Hero Mode

DJ Octavio has been ousted from power for his many failures. A new leader has risen up, desperate to keep the Octarian legacy alive: Dr. Octane. Under his leadership, the Octarians have become much more powerful and have even discovered human technology that they could use to their advantage. A war is coming...

Inside the crowded airport, a disguised Callie and Marie await, waiting for the right person to recruit. The other agents: Agent 3, Agent 4, and Agent 8 are all occupied with fighting against the Octarians on the tropical Octo Isles. The Squid Sisters, desperate to find help, decide to recruit you as Agent 5 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon.

As you venture through the Octo Isles, you will discover many things about the world of Splatoon's history, including the downfall of the humans, the Salmonids and more.

Unlike the previous campaigns, levels are more open and are not just narrow platforms floating in a skybox.

See more here.

The Grizz Chronicles

Splat3 dlc

Discover the mystery behind Mr. Grizz! Why is he doing this, and why did he need the golden eggs? Play as Callie and Marie for the first time and investigate what Mr. Grizz is really doing in this Salmon Run-focused story prequel.

See here for more information.

The Great Turf War

Experience the Great Turf War! Play as a younger Cap'n Cuttlefish, General Sharkbait, and DJ Octavio as you dive deep into Splatoon's lore.

Jelly Heist


Deep in the ocean are the hiveminds.... perhaps they're bigger threats than the Octarians. Work with 3 other players to clear through dungeon-styled levels as you work with the Inkopolis Government to free the Jellyfish, who have become hostile as of late.

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Salmon Run


Salmon Run has been drastically changed from Splatoon 2. Most Salmonid Bosses have been replaced, with the new ones being based off Splatoon 3's Special Weapons instead. Additionally, Grizzco is reportedly under new management and is now ran by C.Q. Cumber.

See here for more information.

Splattle Royale


Variants of main weapons have been removed, and there is instead a new feature that allows you to choose the sub and special of your weapon. You can talk to Quilla to do this, but it comes with a price. Weapons will have default sets if you can't afford to change them.


  • Stampers - A hammer-like weapon that functions similarly to a real-life stamp. Hold ZR to stamp your weapon, creating a large square of ink in that area, as well as a wave (this cannot target people above you however). Press ZR in midair to quickly slam your stamp back onto the ground, creating an explosion and a larger square of ink, but no wave. Double pressing ZR will send out a wave(s) of ink that can be used as a ranged attack. This attack can be used to hit enemies above you.
  • Splattering Cans - Flamethrowers that resemble watering cans and spray ink mist. Hold ZR to spray mist. The mist will condense and ink turf. Spraying mist at opponents will trap them in mist. The mist will continue to stick with your opponents and damage them, but will slowly fade out unless you spray more mist at them. Additionally, pressing ZR + B will throw your current Splattering Can, giving you a new one. The old one will become a mist bomb that explodes into mist. However, this attack uses lots of ink and you may not be able to do it if you don't have enough.


See Splatoon 3 (Bearjedi)/Weapons for main weapons.


Name Image Description
Splat Bomb Returns from the previous two games.
Burst Bomb
Suction Bomb Returns from the previous two games. This bomb can stick to surfaces and stays in place.
Curling Bomb Returns from Splatoon 2.
Autobomb Returns from Splatoon 2. This bomb seeks out enemies before exploding. However, this time, they can be shot at and destroyed.
Ink Mine A mine that is triggered if an enemy enters its radius, causing an explosion of ink. No longer applies a tracking effect, but deals more damage. Additionally, it can be triggered by ink.
Squid Beakon
Point Sensor
Toxic Mist
Boost Bomb Boost Bombs don't do damage, but instead knock back enemies. Additionally, you can use this to propel yourself into the air, but you cannot do this to teammates.
Fizzy Bomb A bomb that you can hold to charge up. The longer it's charged, the more explosions it will create.
Ink Refill You can throw and place ink refills for teammates to use. However, this doesn't affect the enemy team.


Name Description
Fish bowls
Fish Bowls
A passive Special that surrounds your teammates in glass bowls, giving them armor. Fish surround and swim around these orbs. The more damage the fish tanks take, the more cracks that appear in them. Unlike previous armor specials, the Fish Tanks don't disappear after a certain amount of time. However, they are more fragile than other armor specials, but reusing the Special will heal damage. Not visible in squid form.
Ink tsunami
Ink Tsunami
Summons a large wave of ink that slowly shrinks the further it travels. Passes through walls.
Bomb Launcher Returns from Splatoon 2. Includes Splat Bombs, Suction Bombs, Autobombs, Curling Bombs, and Burst Bombs.
Ultra Bomb Throws a large bomb that takes longer to detonate than regular ones, but in turn has a bigger explosion. Based off the Steelhead from Salmon Run.
Splat Sentry The player hops into a rapid-fire cannon with a damageable shield in front of it. The player cannot move or get out, making it a risky Special to use. However, the damage output and firerate of this weapon is insane.
Splashdown Reworked from Splatoon 2. When the player hits the ground, it creates ripples of ink that get bigger the further they travel.
Ink Hose The player equips a high-pressure ink hose with unlimited range. Unlike the Sting Ray, it can be aimed with motion controls but cannot pass through walls. Additionally, the Ink Hose has a wider spread than the Sting Ray. This makes a huge difference, as instead of staying back and firing with the Sting Ray, you can go on the offensive.
Tenta Maws The player becomes a shark made of ink, spreading ink as they swim through walls and the ground. Pressing ZR will cause the player to pop out of the ink and instantly splat anything it eats. However, the Tenta Maws can be damaged by shooting its bobber or making it swallow bombs when it pops out of the ground.
Squid Drone Your character becomes idle and you now control a drone, which looks different depending on your species. You're able to move vertically, as well as shoot enemies. Additionally you can shoot mini missiles by pressing R. Since the Squid Drone has very low health, it is easy to destroy. The main problem is being able to hit it. Additionally, you'll stop controlling the drone if your character gets splatted.

Ink Tanks

Name Statistics Description
Jr tank

Ink Tank Jr.
+10% ink capacity "Those newbies are gonna be shooting out a lot of ink. Why not give 'em more?" -General Sharkbait
289px-Ink tank transparent

Ink Tank
+5% ink capacity
+5% ink recovery
"Perfectly balanced. As all things should be." -General Sharkbait
Hero Tank Replica +7% ink recovery
+3% ink capacity
"When fighting the Octarians, your ink management's gotta be on par." -General Sharkbait

Weapon Skins


Regular Battles

Ranked Battles

League Battles

Weekly Battles

Private Battles


Name Image Description
MakoMart (Splatoon 2) S2 Stage MakoMart A grocery store turned Turf War arena. The center portion of the map features a raised area with two large obstacles on each side with a box in the center. Two narrow hallways line the outer side of this area with inkable walls to get directly back to the center. To each team's right is a bit of an open space with a ramp. Due to having a direct open path to the center, MakoMart facilitates a quick pace.
Pod Lazor Tag (Splatoon 3) An indoor map with neon ink. The map has several walls stretching from the ground to the ceiling. Use these to take cover.
Lucky Goldie Casino (Splatoon 3) Each team's spawn area is outside of the casino, but the middle of the map is indoors. The interior consists of a circle with rectangular platforms on the sides. When one minute is remaining, these platforms will lower, making the interior completely flat.
Cichlid National Park (Splatoon 3) A more natural map. Various small mammals, birds, and bugs can be seen roaming outside of the map.
Moray Towers (Splatoon)
Humpback Pump Track (Splatoon 2)
Mahi-Mahi Resort (Splatoon)
Inkblot Art Academy (Splatoon 2)
Calamari Research Labs (Splatoon 3) An advanced scientific laboratory that once belonged to humanity. After it was found, it was renovated and dedicated to weapon research. Various scientists can be seen sitting on the sides, taking notes as the battle goes on.
Goby Arena (Splatoon 2)
Ancho-V Games (Splatoon)
Musselforge Fitness (Splatoon 2)
Arapaima Mall (Splatoon 3) An indoor map that can be considered the opposite of Arowana Mall.


Miscellaneous Changes

  • All previous weapon variants have been changed to weapon skins.
    • This includes all variants from Splatoon and Splatoon 2.
  • Local play is now accessed through the regular battle lobby.
  • Unlike the previous games, you'll see more species around in the hub world and maps, not just Jellyfish.
  • Inkopolis Airport and the maps will go through day/night cycles, regardless of whether a Splatfest is going on or not. However, during Splatfest, the maps and airport will stay at nighttime.
  • The denizens of the deep from Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion can be found sitting around in the airport.


  • "This way!" has been changed to "Over here!"
  • Two new commands: "Let's go!" and "Help me!"
  • News broadcasts can be completely skipped.
  • Sheldon's dialogue can now be completely skipped, not sped up.
  • Salmon Run
    • Downed players can now put eggs in the basket.
  • Now or Never! now plays in Ranked Battles.
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