Marina's Mods is a set of new weapons from each weapon type added as free downloadable content for Splatoon 2. It contains 9 main weapons, some using the 2 new subs and/or specials. The weapons were made by Marina, using Octarian technology the Inklings do not possess. Unlike Sheldon's Picks from Splatoon, these weapons have different properties to the other weapons in their weapon type.

Main Weapons

Weapon Description Sub Special
Gutter Splutterer A mid-damage, low range shooter which is designed to look like a piece of guttering. Due to it being a piece of guttering, it can fire in front and behind of the player Beacon Trap Giant Sprinkler
Clockwork Charger A high range charger that looks clockwork due to it's golden metal and cogs. Charges over time without the player needing to hold the charge button, but holding it doubles the charge speed. Takes 10 seconds to charge. Suction Bomb Ironing Board
Steam Roller A slow, high damage roller designed to look like a steam roller. It's large roller acts as an invincible shield from most attacks, but user is still vunerable from behind. Cannot perform vertical flicks. Ink Pillar Tenta Missiles
Jazz Blaster A low damage, long range blaster which is designed to look like a tuba. It's shot travel in a wavy pattern rather than the regular straight shots. Burst Bomb Autobomb Launcher
Spring Powa'd Brush A low speed, mid-damage brush which's handle is a giant spring. It's spring extends for a high range flick and when the player stops leaving a trail, they are flung in the direction they are facing. Beacon Trap Ironing Board
Vaccum Splatling A high damage, low range splatling which is designed to look like a vacuum cleaner. As it charges, it sucks opposing players and their objects (eg. sprinklers) toward the user. If it sucks the enemy all the way in, they are splatted. Sprinkler Mega Sprinkler
Pool Slosher A high range, low damage slosher which is designed to look like a pool table. It fires 3 billiars balls along with a small slosh of ink, which all travel in different directions and bounce off walls. They slowly shrink as they roll until they disappear. Ink Pillar Bubble Blower
Joy-Con Dualies A long range, mid-damage pair of dualies which are designed to look like Joy-Cons. They can dodge roll 3 times and if the player dodge rolls off the edge of a platform they can press the dodge button again to quickly slam to the ground. Ink Pillar Mega Sprinkler
Torpedo Brella A mid-damage, low durability brella, designed to look like a torpedo. The shield lasts for less than a second before firing and when it does, homes in on the nearest opponent. When it hits them or runs out of time, it explodes. Beacon Trap Ironing Board

Sub Weapons

Sub Weapon Description
Ink Pillar Has a similar appearance to the Ink Pistons from Octo Canyon, but they stand up right where they are placed. They can be swam up by the the player who placed it and their team and damages their opponents if they touch it. It lasts for 5 seconds without Sub Power Up.
Beacon Trap Looks almost identical to a regular beacon besides a red blinking light on top, but when placed, looks like a beacon belonging to the opponent's team and the opponents can super jump to it, which will instantly kill them. It is destroyed like a normal beacon.

Special Weapons

Special Weapon Description
Mega Sprinkler A Larger sprinkler that can be thrown onto surfaces, but only has half the throwing distance of a normal sprinkler. Has 3 times as much durability, range and damage with no special power up. When destroyed, it throws out 4 regular sprinklers.
Ironing Board When used the player must mash the X button as fast as they can to surf on the ironing board. This will make them slowly gain speed until they jump up into the air and can fire ink irons down onto the stage.(These create clouds of thick smoke which behaves similarly to Toxic Mist.)


  • The only main weapon in this set to not use any of the new sub or special weapons is the Jazz Blaster
  • The Mega Sprinkler's ability to shoot out sprinklers when destroy is based off of the Giant Banana from Mario Kart Double Dash!!
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