Splatoon 2: Let's Get Kraken!
Splatoon 2
You're a Kid, You're a Squid!
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Third-person Shooter


Series Splatoon
Predecessor Splatoon
Release Date(s) Summer 2017
Mode(s) Single Player

Online multiplayer

Age Rating(s) Everyone 10+ (North America)

7+ (Europe)
A - All Ages (Japan)

Media Included Wii U optical disc

3DS Game Cartridge
Digital Download (eShop)

Storage Needed 2631.5 MB

Splatoon 2: Let's Get Kraken! is an upcoming sequel to the third-person shooting game Splatoon developed and published by Nintendo. This game is similar to it's predecessor, using weaponized ink to cover territory in colourful, epic Turf Wars. The game will be released for both Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS only in Summer of 2017.

New Features

Additional Inkling Colors

These following inkling colors have been added to the game:

  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Brown

Inkling Clans

At the very beginning of the game, you get to chose what clan you will dedicate yourself to. These clans will determine what color your inkling will be. There are currently 12 different clans, and once you choose yours, there's no going back. These are the different clans in the game:

  • Cream Puffs
  • Sun Blazers
  • Sky Riders
  • Bio-Hazards
  • Dark Dreams
  • Earthlums
  • Lemon Sharks
  • More coming soon

At the beginning of every week, an event is held that goes on through the entire week where the 12 different clans compete to gain points for their team and add onto their total. At the end of the week, prizes are awarded to the top team. These prizes can include weapons, lots of EXP, or trading cards.

Inkling Customization

After selecting your sector, you are allowed to customize your inkling. Starting off, you are allowed to choose your gender, skin tone, hair style, and eye color. The new hairstyles for boys are default, shaved, and dreadlocks while the girls get default, high ponytail, low ponytail, and a lazy bun.

By playing single player, playing online and participating in monthly events, you can unlock rare and exclusive gear and accessories. You can also get clothes from trading cards by getting two of the same ones and turning them into the SquidShop, and through amiibos.


A small, fun new addition to the game are your taunts. At the beginning of the round in multiplayer, the two teams looks at each other face to face. Each team member is introduced and shows off their taunts. The current taunts are:

  • Break Dancing
  • Blowing raspberry
  • Talk To The Hand
  • Whip My Hair/Tentacles (God that sounds bad...)
  • Caramelldansen
  • Peace Out!
  • Akanbe
  • Loser
  • Cut-throat

Trading Cards

This is a new feature added to the game. Trading cards can be bought from the SquidShop for sand dollars earned from playing in online matches. These trading cards have pictures of different inkling residents that live all across Inkopolis. The ones you get are random, and are usually common. But there's also a chance of getting a rare card, which will have more noticeable characters like the Callie, Marie, Judd, ect.

However, an easier way to get rare cards is through using Super Sea Snails, which are earned only through weekly clan events and Great Turf Wars. One card cost one Super Sea Snail, and a pack of 5 cost 3 Super Snails. Also, this is the only way to obtain Super Rare and Ultra Rare Cards.

You can use trading cards to get new inkling customization like eye colors, weapons, hair colors, and gear, some being worth more than others. However, you only get this by getting two of the same cards. You can trade your cards for either sand dollars or other cards through the Global Trading Card System, or just keep them for show.

Single Player

Hero Mode

After DJ Octavio is defeated and the Great Zapfish is returned to Inkopolis, the inklings are put at peace. However, what they didn't know what that after the explosion, a radioactive shock was sent through the air, affecting some Inklings. However, nobody took notice as it didn't seem to affect them. A few years later, one day, everything was going perfectly until a roar was hear in the distance as what appeared to be an earthquake started. As inkling start to panic, a mutated kraken emerges on top of the Inkpire State Building, causing it to tilt over.

The kraken sprays white ink over the entire city, causing Inkopolis to lose it's cheery colors and turn gloomy. The kraken appears to be absorbing the colors as portals appear with drained colors as well, showing how it's now absorbing colors from all over the world. Your character starts off by meeting Cap'n Cuttlefish and Sadie in the town plaza, offering to help. Sadie gives you a hand-me-down hero's outfit, Capp'n Cuttlefish giving you instructions of what you should do.

Your job is to restore color to each location in the portals, defeating grey and white inklings along the way. Once you reach the end of the stage, there is a colorless squid trapped inside of a bubble. Shooting at the bubble adds colors back to the squid as well as the entire stage.

After restoring color to all of the locations in the portals, your character returns to inkopolis to finish of the now weakened kraken. Before shooting ink at it, Sadie forces herself to stop you, getting out her own weapon and shooting ink at you. Capp'n Cuttlefish questions her actions as Callie and Marie appear in their agent outfits, Sadie starting to cry. Callie and Marie talk to Sadie, and take her away from the scene, allowing the player to finish of the kraken.

Once the fight is over, color is finally restored to inkopolis and everything returns to it's normal ways. You watch Callie and Marie appear on the Jumbotron, announcing that colors have been restored all around the world, announcing the players name and thanking them.

Sadie's Backstory

If you collected all the scrolls, the day after you complete the Hero's Mode 100%, Sadie will appear on the Jumbotron and ask to see you immediately under the Inkopolis Tower. Once you do, she will apologize with conflicting in the fight against you and the kraken, and explains why.

Back when DJ Octavio was defeated and the radioactive shock was sent into the air, Sadie was one of the few inklings affected by this, and reacted to it immediately. She lost all of her colors, and started to form a dark heart. Realizing Sadie's state, Callie and Marie took her in as a sister, aiding her and restoring her colors. However, this did not change everything about her. Although all the time she seemed cheery and kind, deep down inside of her was a memory, a feeling, that she couldn't describe.

Despite inklings hating ocvatians, after that radioactive shock and becoming drained of her colors and developed a new state of mind, she felt like she finally had a family. Before the radioactive shock, Sadie lived with no parents, saying that they were killed in an attack with different colored ink and dissolved into nothingness.

Since then, Sadie thought that the octavians would let her fit in with them. But when Callie and Marie restored her colors, she noticed how terribly evil they actually were, and what the created that could've destroyed Inkopolis or possibly the entire world. But when she saw the played about to kill the kraken, it felt like she was re-living her parent's death.

After Sadie is done explaining her story, she thanks the player once again, and thanks them for being her friend. She then gives them a ticket to Inkling Island, saying they can go whenever they'd like, and that they deserve after all the hard work.

Local Turf Wars

Do you want to participate in turf wars, but just don't have the internet to do it? Now, you can! With the new Local Turf War mode, you can play with 7 CPUs in a turf war as if you were playing online. The difficulties are easy, medium, and hard, and change the way both your teammates and enemies play. All of the stages from the online turf wars are also in this mode. However, local turf wars do not add points to your clan.


Turf Wars


Turf wars return from the previous game, and still have a similar concept. Depending on what clan you chose at the beginning of the game, you are paired up with 3 other players of the same clan and face off against other color clans in a 5 minute turf war. You and your teammates work together to cover the highest percentage of the turf, not including walls.

At the end of the round, whoever has the most percentage covered earns points for their team and contributes towards the weekly clan events. If you lose, you earn no point for your team but still gain EXP.


In Free-For-Alls, 6 different colored inklings face off in one of two different free-for-all exclusive stages, trying to cover the most turf and kill other players for points. Covering turf and keeping it gradually raises your points, while killing another player gets you a lot of points at one time. If you die, you respawn far away from the other inklings. Getting first, second, or third also contributes to the weekly clan events.

Modifier Mashup

In this new mode, you and your teammates get to test your luck with all new modifiers. These modifiers affect the way you battle. These affects can be either good on back, and always depends on the RNG and your lucks. The modifiers affect the entire team, and the teams get to see each other's modifiers.


  • Snail Jail - Your running speed is decreased.
  • Gotta Go Fast- Your running speed is increased.
  • Weakling Inkling - Attack power of your ink is decreased
  • Shoot em' UP - Attack power of your ink is increased.
  • Vulnerable - You cannot turn into a squid while near an enemy.
  • Weak Armor - You are more easily killed by opposing paint.
  • Acrophobia - Unable to super jump to an area when you respawn.
  • Ink Absorb - Your ink tank fills faster (Or your LS7 doesn't overheat as fast)
  • Airdrop - Every two minutes, there will be an airdrop that drops ink of your color on the stage.

Maze Runners

Participate in this awesome 4v4 maze battle as you work your way to retrieve the golden squid through tall, colorful hedges in the middle of the night. Team up with your friends as you search for the golden squid and get it to your base at the end of the maze. However, once you pick up the squid, you no longer have a map and you cannot fight, so your teammates must protect you. If you are killed, the other team can steal the golden squid and take it to their base.

Great Turf Wars

Great Turf Wars are held once a month, and last about 5 days on a random week. For these, you are required to enter a separate online match mode that is only unlocked while the Great Turf Wars are going on. While participating in a Great Turf War, not only are you trying to cover the most turf, but also fulfill the missions that are assigned to you that earn your team extra points.

Inkling Island

Inkling Island is a place that you unlock after completing Hero Mode 100%, including collecting all secret scrolls. It's a getaway island far away from Inkopolis where you can meet other players all around the world that are currently online. Here, you can add new friends on your Wii U or New 3DS and join Squid Gangs if you have the same inkling color as the rest of the people in the gang.

Your Profile

People that meet you on Inkling Island are able to view your profile. Your profile contains information like the date you started playing, what level you are, how long you've played the game, ect. They can also see how your inkling is designed, and what your favorite Trading Card is. You can edit your favorite trading card in the profile settings, as well as your catchphrase and the pose your inkling is in on the profile.

If you view other people's profile, you can either block them or send them a friend request. You can also start private matches at the dock. Fun Fact: If you block a person that is standing right in front of you, once you exit out of their profile and they're still standing there, their inkling will explode in your point of view.


New Characters

Image Name Info


Sadie Winter Ham

First picture by Nikki, second by Ham
Sadie Sadie is a new member of the Squid Sisters. She is a cyan inkling that appears younger than most of the others, her tentacles up to about her mid-back which are splattered with white and blue ink. Her outfit also changes depending on the season. In the summer and spring, she wears a blue and white dress and her hair is tied in a high ponytail. In the winter, she wears a brown winter coat with white fur, and her hair is in a low ponytail.

Sadie can be described as peppy and outgoing, always joyful and energetic. She doesn't spend much time in the Squid Sisters Studio, and instead can be found hanging out in the Inkopolis Plaza.

Ziggy Ziggy is the owner of the Ticket Booth at Mayday Mall. She's a purple and pink seahorse-based character that has an obsession for collecting trading cards. Ziggy can be described as sort of weird and crazy, knowing about everyone and everything in Inkopolis.



  • Golden Shooter - The golden shooter sprays paint and rapid speed and does more damage than other shooter weapons. When you kill an enemy inkling, instead of exploding in your color, it will explode in gold which counts towards your percentage and can't be covered by the opposing color. This weapon is only obtained through exchanging a Golden Mario Trading Card at the SquidShop.
  • Golden Charger - The golden charger now gets a farther range and uses up less ink than other chargers. It has a built in scope and is exceptionally accurate, having a red dot in the center of the scope. This weapon is only obtained through exchanging a Golden Mario Trading Card at the SquidShop.
  • Golden Roller - The golden roller is bigger than the other rollers and gets more surface coverage. It also kills the opposing team easier and can be rolled up walls. This weapon is only obtained through exchanging a Golden Mario Trading Card at the SquidShop.
  • Inkcident - The incident is a short-range shooter weapon that shoots ink in a sound blast, able to cover a wide area similar to a roller. However, it is not fully automated, but kills enemies in one shot.
  • L27 - The L27 is a mixture of a shooter and charger weapon. It shoots out a prolonged laser, unlike other shooters which have rounds. It seems to be powered by Zapfish energy, having an overheat bar instead of an ink bar. Using this gun does not require you to dive in in to refill your tank, but instead wait for it to cool down after using it for a period of time. If you allow this weapon to overheat, your character will be stuck for about 3 seconds fixing it.
  • Tactinkal - The tactinkal is a shooter weapon that doesn't shoot as fast as the other shooters, but is better at killing the opposing team. When an inkling is killed with this gun, your team's color explodes in a farther range than killing them with a normal shooter.


  • Sub Marine - A secondary weapon that does not require you to refill it's ink tank. However, it's power is rather weak, and does not cover a lot of turf. You switch into it as if you were using any other secondary weapon, and shoot as if you were using a primary weapon.
  • Urchin Bomb - This secondary weapon is a grenade in the shape of an urchin. When thrown, it locks on and sticks to enemies, exploding 3 seconds later.


  • Ink Vaporizer - This special weapon takes the longest to charge up, but is worth the wait. Once this is charges, a huge bomb goes off, killing all of the opposing inklings. Wherever they are located, the inklings will still explode in your color.


Holiday Events

Whenever there is a holiday going on, the town changes to fit that holiday. Depending on what region you obtained your game from determines what holidays you get. Also, whenever there is a holiday, a region-locked even will go on to earn exclusive prizes. All of the stores will be closed, and instead the shop owners can be found wondering outside. Callie, Marie, and Sadie are standing in the City Center. Marie explains the seasonal turf wars, and how instead of earning sand dollars you will be earning pearls. You use these pearls to buy things from Sadie's cart, which includes clothes and accessories.

Holidays List

Holiday Name Duration Items Available
New Years December 31st-January 1st
  • Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, and Yellow Star Boppers (10 Pearls each)
  • Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, Green, Cyan, and Yellow Squid Backpack (15 Pearls each)

The town will be decorated with posters of all sorts of colors with the words "Happy New Years!" written on them rather sloppily. Callie, Marie, and Sadie will be in the City Center wearing colorful gowns and different colored star boppers. If you talk to Callie, she'll talk about the huge performance her and her sisters are going to put on.

At 11:00 p.m on December 31st, a stage will appear in front of the Inkopolis Tower where Callie, Marie, and Sadie are performing a song. There is also a huge inkling on top of the tower with a countdown screen on it. 30 seconds from midnight, the sisters will stop and an auto-play conversation will start, counting down as the inkling on the tower lowers until they hit 0. Fireworks will go of and the text "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" will appear on screen.

Holiday Name Duration Items Available
Easter The first Sunday of April
  • White or Black Bunny Hears (30 Pearls each)
  • White or Black Bunny Tail (15 Pearls each)
  • Candy Egg (10 Pearls each) (Raises EXP by 10 when eaten)
  • SR Callie (Bunny Outfit) Trading Card (100 Pearls)
  • SR Marie (Bunny Outfit) Trading Card (100 Pearls)
  • SR Sadie (Bunny Outfit) Trading Card (100 Pearls)

Staring from 8 am Easter Sunday, you will find Callie, Marie, and Sadie dressed up in bunny outfits standing in the city plaza. They are holding baskets full of Easter eggs. There is also a huge egg sitting in the city plaza, but it is not painted. Sadie explains that their ink tanks went empty, and they were trying to find someone that could help them color it. Callie proposes a small mini game where you use your ink tank to spray the egg it as much of your color as you can, NPCs splashing their own colored ink on the egg as well.

Holiday Name Duration Items Available
Fourth of July July 4th
  • Sparkler mouth piece (20 Pearls)
  • USA Top Hat (30 Pearls)
  • USA Weapon Pattern (20 Pearls)
  • SR Callie (USA Outfit) Trading Card (100 Pearls)
  • SR Marie (USA Outfit) Trading Card (100 Pearls)
  • SR Sadie (USA Outfit) Trading Card (100 Pearls)
MMDxSplatoon Inkling Girls - Squid Sisters Song

MMDxSplatoon Inkling Girls - Squid Sisters Song

Inkling Girls perform at 4th of July

On the fourth of july, you will find Callie, Marie, and Sadie in the town plaza dressed up in red, white, and blue. The town will be splatter in these colored inks.

At night, there will be a fireworks show. There are normal fireworks, and occasionally you will see the faces of Callie, Marie, and Sadie, Cap't Cuttlefish, a squid, the default inkling boy and girl, or yourself.

Also, there will be a performance stage where you can watch two inkling girls perform to Callie and Marie's hit single "You and I"

Holiday Name Duration Items Available
Pocket Monster Day February 26
  • Trainer Red Cap (20 Pearls)
  • Trainer Blue Cap (20 Pearls)
  • Charmander Backpack (30 Pearls)
  • Squirtle Backpack (30 Pearls)
  • Bulbasaur Backpack (30 Pearls)
  • HR Champion Red Trading Card (500 Pearls)
  • UR Trainer Blue Trading Card (250 Pearls)

To celebrate another year of Pokémon, the town will be filled with all sorts of species of Pokémon running through Inkopolis and soaring through the skies. Callie will be dressed as Gengar, Marie will be dressed as bellossum, and Sadie will be dressed as azumarill.

Holiday Name Duration Items Available
Halloween October 31st
  • Witch's Hat (10 Pearls)
  • Witch's Dress (20 Pearls)
  • Fangs (10 Pearls)
  • Vampire Cape (15 Pearls)
  • Candy weapon patter (20 Pearls)

Squid Sisters Studio

This is where the squid sisters do most of their work, reporting news about Inkopolis. It can be found in the Inkopolis hub world. When the sisters are not doing reports, you can find them in their studio. However, there will be an empty seat, showing that there is a third sister that never appears with them. The chair has the name "Sadie" printed on it.

Art Museum

In the art museum, you can look at different concept art, secret scrolls, unlocked movies, and all of the trading cards you've collected so far. Concept arts and secret movies are unlocked through getting S ranks in Hero Mode stages.

Mayday Mall

Mayday Mall is an updated version of Booyah Base form the previous Splatoon game, all of the shops being included in one huge stone including a new food court.

Ammo Knights

A weapon shop owned by Sheldon. Here, you can either buy weapons he was available, or customize your own weapon. If you customize a design, you can choose what kind it will be, and put different symbols and designs of your choice on it.

Cooler Heads

A headgear shop run by Annie. You buy stuff from her shop with sand dollars, and the stock is different every day. There will be 5 hats up for sale for different sand dollar prices, and sometimes there might be a sale.

Jelly Fresh

A clothing shop run by Jelonzo. Similar to Annie's shop, there are 5 different shirts, 3 different skirts, and 5 different pairs of pants available in the shop, and the stock changes every day. You buy the clothes with sand dollars.

Shrimp Kicks

A shoe shop run by Crusty Sean. There are actually 10 different pairs of shoes available per day, and don't cost as much as headgear or clothes.

Ticket Booth

A new shop run by Ziggy where you turn in your trading cards for prizes or put them on the Global Trading Card System.

Fish Food Court

The food court is run by Koral. This new attraction is a place where you can buy different food items using sand dollars. Eating this food gives you EXP, but you can only buy 3 food items a day. Depending on what food you buy determines how much exp you gain.

Food Name Cost EXP Gained
Coral Bits 3000 50
Kelp Fries 3500 80
Coca-a-Kelpa 3500 80
Dream Puffs 4000 125
Jellyfish and Chips 5000 200

Multiplayer Map

4v4 Maps
Name Contents
Sandstar Station This map is based on an open, empty train station. There are three different floors that have actual running trains and rails, as well as shops where you could hide. The trains run randomly through the floors, and if you are in the tracks while it passes by, you're dead.
Jelly Belly Bonanza This map is based on a city where there are many different alleys and one center plaza where all the action happens. There are lots of walls to climb and gates to pass through.
Abaia Abyss A map protected by the Abaia, a magical eel that has been living for hundreds of years. At the end of this map in hero mode, the Abaia has mutated into an evil sea monster, and you must defeat it to turn it back to normal. In multiplayer, you can see the Abaia in a restricted area, who occasionally spits out a colored ink neither team has. The Abyss is dark and has lots of ridges and cliffs.


In this game, abiimbos can be used to obtain exclusive gear, weapons, and trading cards. Instead of having a picture of inklings, the trading cards have a picture of the respective character on the amiibo. Even though you only get one trading card per amiibo, and must buy a new amiibo if you want the same character card, you can still obtain these from the Global Trading Card System. However, you automatically obtain all exclusive weapons and gear after obtaining the card once and turning it in (excluding the Inkling boy and girl).

Amiibo Trading Card Obtained Items Obtained
200px Rare Inkling Girl Card
  • Purple eyes
  • Squid hat
  • Bandages
  • Cat ears
  • Cat tail
200px Rare Inkling Boy Card
  • Grey eyes
  • Face bandanna
  • Skull shirt
  • Dog ears
  • Dog tail
SuperMarioamiibo - Mario Ultra Rare Super Mario Trading Card

Wearing this gear allows you to climb up walls faster.

  • Big Bro Cap
  • Big Bro Mustache
  • Big Bro Shirt
  • "Grow Up" Backpack
SuperMarioamiibo - Gold Mario Hyper Rare Golden Mario Trading Card

Wearing this gear makes you more difficult to kill.

  • Golden Cap
  • Golden Mustache
  • Gold Bro Tee
  • "Get Hype" Backpack
  • Golden Shooter, Charger, and Roller
SuperMarioamiibo - Luigi Ultra Rare Luigi Trading Card

Wearing this gear fills your ink tank faster.

  • Little Bro Cap
  • Little Bro Mustache
  • Little Bro Shirt
  • "Get A Life" Backpack
SuperMarioamiibo - Peach Ultra Rare Princess Peach Trading Card

Wearing this gear gives you farther jump as a squid.

  • Princess crown
  • Pink ball gown
  • Fancy white gloves
  • Funny glasses
SuperMarioamiibo - Yoshi Ultra Rare Yoshi Trading Card

Wearing this gear increases the amount of EXP you get after a Turf War.

  • Yoshi Cap
  • Red Shell backpack
  • Orange boots
  • Large green nose
SuperMarioamiibo - Bowser Ultra Rare Bowser Trading Card

Wearing this gear increases your defense from the opponent's ink.

  • Flame-styled tentacles
  • Spiky shell backpack
  • Choker
  • Koopa King Tee
  • Large Koopa feet shoes
PS Amiibo 26 SSBBatch4 Sonic image510h Ultra Rare Sonic Trading Card

Wearing this gear enhances your running speed and squid speed.

  • Blue hedgehog ears
  • White gloves
  • Sonic Tee
  • Blue hedgehog back quills
  • Red and white speed shoes
9QJPdbUl4mVKBD-NMj2GK2ORXvQetgFM Ultra Rare Pikachu Trading Card

Wearing this gear allows you to dive in enemy ink for longer time

  • Pikachu ears
  • Red cheeks
  • Pikachu backpack
  • Pikachu tail
Exc8PMfSlDMwNwXfC7gZfYh-ycZmsFUc Ultra Rare Charizard Trading Card

Wearing this gear gives you farther super jump range

  • Charizard's wings
  • "I 💕 Charizard" Shirt
  • Flaming dragon tail

Downloadable Content

Night of the Zombie Inklings (BETA)

This idea is a work in progress, and might be deleted if I think it over.

Night of the Zombie Inklings was the first DLC for Splatoon 2, and was released around Halloween. In this DLC, you and 3 other people team up to fight off as long as you can against mutated zombie inklings. Some attack up close while others shoot ink, making you take damage.

The game starts in a warehouse, where you can either explore the inside, rooftop, or outside. There are things such as launchpads, drains, and zip lines that can take you to another part of the stage in a pinch, but cost money. You get money from killing zombie-lings. You will also need to upgrade your weapons or else they will not do as much damage.

Night of the Zombie Inklings goes on forever in endless waves, each round getting more and more difficult. If you die, you will not respawn until your teammates finish the wave. Your weapon will also be downgraded by one level.

List of Trading Cards

These are the list of trading cards you can get so far in the game. The tiers are normal, rare, super rare, ultra rare, and hyper rare. You can find the list of trading cards here.

Splatoon: The Movie

Main article: Splatoon: The Movie
After both Splatoon and Splatoon 2: Let's Get Kraken were a huge success for both the Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS, it was decided that the inklings would hit the big screen. In the movie, two new characters named Lula and Zach are introduced, which are the main characters of the story.

Credits Song+Lyrics

Credits Custom Loop - Splatoon - Music Extended

Credits Custom Loop - Splatoon - Music Extended

The same credits songs is used from the previous game, but is now given lyrics that the player can read and sing along to. Sadie is not included in the song, letting you finally hear her true singing voice. Each word highlights as one of the Squid Sister Sing it.

Tell me do you know how when you're with me, you wouldn't listen, how lovely...

Tell me do you know how when you're with me, you want it, you wouldnt be here withoutcha too

Tell me do you know how when you're with me, you wouldnt listen, I had to be

Telling you lots of ways we would win, you and Iiiiii

You hardly knew me...yeah! yeah!. You hardly knew me, began with me...yeah! yeah!... your heavy head had no memory, shouldnt have needed a traitor

We had a meetup, a little funny We had a wee fun you little runnah, Knew he'd be hater with new enemies, you and Iiiii

Chorus: x2 You. and me. The moon, they rock around, give it. To me. You'll need it for our song. Better, shout it, you need to hallelujah when I do do I do do I do a better song.

We had a meetup you little honey We had a wee fun you little runnah, your heavy head had no memory, you really needed a favorite playfellow

We had a meetup you little honey We had a wee fun you little runnah, your heavy hand had no memory, you and meeee


  • Sadie only has one tentacle, unlike most of the other female inklings.
  • Sadie voice was provided by japanese Saki Fujita, who also created the voice for famous Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku.
  • The title is a pun on the famous saying "Let's Get Cracking!"
  • The funny glasses are exactly like the ones from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
  • The "Gotta Go Fast" modifier is a reference to the popular Sonic X theme song.
  • If you chose the clan of white inkling at the beginning of the game and begin story mode, you are given a blue ink weapon temporarily to complete the story.
  • In the english version, the voices of the inklings are actually the japanese language played backwards. In the japanese version, it's the english version played backwards and distorted
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