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Splatoon 2: Inkvasion is the sequel to Splatoon, an action packed third-person shooter for the Wii U. It involves the race of squid-like Inklings participating in turf wars by shooting ink on the battlefield. This game outshines its predecessor when it comes to modes and sheer content.

New Features

New Team Colours

These include:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Silver
    • Silver was chosen over white to avoid controversy
  • Pink-Red
    • A pink-red colour was chosen over red to avoid controversy
  • Light Pink
  • Dark Green
  • Rainbow
    • This is unlocked by clearing Hero Mode. If it is chosen via the Colour Spinner and you do not have it unlocked, it will be displayed as silver.

In addition, team colours are no longer random. Before each match, an empty Colour Spinner will appear, with four slots. Each team member must choose a colour (or choose to go random) and the Colour Spinner will decide which of these colours the team will be.

New Lobby

For further information, see here

For reasons explored in Hero Mode, the residents of Inkopolis have moved to a bustling city known as Splatlantis. Splatlantis is a city inside of an underwater dome, and is much larger than Inkopolis. It can be explored and houses many easter eggs.


Upon arriving in the Battle Sector of Splatlantis, your Inkling will be greeted by Mayor Finley. He will provide you with the keys to your own apartment, known as a Pad. Your Pad can be heavily customised to your liking by purchasing items such as furniture and wallpaper from the various shops in Splatlantis. You can visit other the Pads of Inklings you have played with or friended and rate how 'fresh' it is. The fresher your Pad, the less shopkeepers will charge. Ratings will be sent to your inkPhone, allowing you to recieve feedback even when offline.

Set Making

An urchin known as Spire resides behind Ammo Knights. In exchange for Super Sea Snails, Spire will create a weapon with a customised set. You must swap Sub or Special weapons from other weapons you own if you wish to transfer them onto another weapon, though. On the other hand, if you ask Spire to surprise you, she will rummage through Sheldon's trash and equip your weapon with random Sub and Special weapons.


If you purchase a camera from the shop in Booyah Base, you will be able to take photos mid-battle and send them to Miiverse. When your reel runs out, you must go back and purchase more.

Secret Sea Snail Society

Hidden in Splatlantis is a short obstacle course, which leads to the home of the Secret Sea Snail Society. After completing a few short trials, they will welcome you with open arms. The Secret Sea Snail Society host weekly challenges and will call you on your inkPhone when there is a new challenge. Winning these challenges will give you Super Sea Snails, meaning Splat Fests are no longer the only way to obtain the precious items.


All the freshest Inklings carry around an inkPhone! Your inkPhone allows you to keep in touch with various Splatlantis residents via instant messaging. Though these did appear in the original as a means of knowing when your order from Spyke comes in, the use of this handy device has been expanded. As well as updates from Spyke, you may recieve messages concerning your Squid Squad, such as a challenge from an opposing Squad. As mentioned before, the Secret Sea Snail Society will let you know when new challenges are available. Finally, when other players rate your Pad, your inkPhone will alert you. You can recieve messages even when offline to read later, so inkPhones are very handy for keeping up with Splatlantis.


Turf Wars


4V4 Turf Wars are the most popular type of Turf Wars in Splatlantis. It features two teams of four duking it out on the battlefield. Both teams start on opposite ends of the map and their goal is to cover as much territory in their colour ink as they can. By tapping a squid icon on the gamepad, you can Super Jump to that team mate.


Free-For-All battles are a variation of Turf Wars. Rather than the traditional 4V4 format, Free-For-All Turf Wars allow 8 Inklings to splat it out as individuals. Each Inkling has their own colour but no spawn point. When splatted, the Inkling will spawn in a random spot on the map, away from other Inklings. Minus the team aspect, the rules are essentially the same as a regular Turf War.

Gravitational Turf War

Gravity Turf War is a sub-type of Turf War, but has completely unique maps, or just Turf War maps altered to work with Gravity Turf War. Gravity Turf Wars are restricted to 2 teams and each team starts at opposite sides of the map... literally. One team starts at the bottom, while the other begins on the top. If you look up, you'll see the other team standing upside-down. Spraying ink on a wall and swimming through it, coming out on that wall, will let you stick to that wall and walk around freely. It's like a regular Turf War, except you can walk and splat on all sides of the map.

Ranked Battles

These modes are unlocked at Level 10. They affect your rankings more than any other mode.

Splat Zones

In Splat Zones, up to 2 Splat Zones will appear in fixed positions on the map. Number and location vary depending on the map, but one is the most common amount. The aim of Splat Zones is to capture each and every Splat Zone for 100 seconds.

Tower Control

In Tower Control, your goal is to bring a tower back to your base. A tower is spawned in the middle of the map, and you are required to get to it first and ride it along a set route. If you get it back to your base, your team wins automatically! If you splat an opponent while they ride the tower, you can take over, although you must travel backwards from where the tower was left.


In Rainmaker mode, each team is challenged with transporting a mysterious golden fish to the enemy's pedestal. The Rainmaker will spawn in the middle of the map, surrounded by an electric bubble. Splatting the bubble will cause it to explode in your colour ink, wiping out any nearby competitors and freeing the Rainmaker. When in possession of the Rainmaker, your normal weapon is replaced and your Sub and Special weapons are unusable. Instead, the Rainmaker allows you to charge up Inkzooka-like shots.

Statue Splat

Defend your half of the battlefield! Splattering the opponent’s side will give your weapons more range and allow you to walk quicker. Covering a certain amount of your foe’s base will push back their area, giving your team more turf to work with. Capturing a large statue will instantly push back their base. Opponents can infiltrate your base too, so stay on your toes!

Hide & Ink

Hide & Ink centers around 2 teams of 4, each with a randomly chosen captain. The captain is a squid for the entirety of the match, though he or she can get the Kraken if their team covers enough turf. The goal is either to defeat the opposing team's captain or escort your captain to their spawn point.


In the brand new Inklimination mode, you work as a team to cover the most area in your own ink. Unlike in the original Turf War mode, Inklimination poofs the player who has splatted the least ink in the time allotted, then rinses and repeats. You can’t re-ink your own ink, which means you must play tactically or go for enemy ink. This mode pits you not only against the other team, but also against your own.

Ink Swap

Power in numbers! The goal in Ink Swap is to switch enemy Inklings over to your ink colour by splatting them. As your numbers decrease, you will get buffs. These can fill your Super Weapon quicker, give you increased defense and speed.

Battle Dojo

Time Trial

Time Trial is exactly what it says on the tin. You are thrown into one of the maps in the current rotation, randomly selected. With a time limit of 1 minute and 30 seconds, your goal is to cover as much of the map in your ink as you can!

Balloon Splat

Returning from the original, Balloon Splat throws you into one of the maps in the current selection. Facing off against another player, your goal is to pop as many balloons as you can within the time limit. Splatting your opponent also counts toward your points, but it is advised to keep your head in the game and splat balloons.


Graffiti mode bears many similarities to Time Trial. You are thrown into one of the maps in the current rotation (though chosen by yourself). Unlike in Time Trial, the time limit is removed and you are not marked in any form. This mode allows you to roam freely across maps and suss out tactics and the likes.

Special Battles

These modes differ from Turf Wars and Ranked Battles.



Speed Splat

Speed Splat is a strategical mode revolving around teamwork. Four players are in a large tube. One Inkling on the ground of the tube, an Inkling on a platform on either side of the tube and one on a platform above. The player in the tube's goal is to get as far as they can within the time given. This is accomplished by swimming through ink as a squid. Except, there is no ink in the tube. And you can't spray any yourself, seeing as you have no weapon. It's up to your teammates to splatter the ground in front of you. Of course, their platforms move to keep up with you. The top platform may pose as a problem in theory, but it's made of enhanced glass with tiny pores to let ink through. Or something like that. We'll leave it up to your imagination. The 'splatterers' don't have infinite ink. If they manage to collect it, Ink Balloons will refill their ink. There's also clocks that grant you extra time. Oh, we forgot to mention that you're against other teams! They can take Ink Balloons and clocks and spray their ink, so watch out!



Splat Hunt


Playable Races

Image Description

Female Inkling

A male Inkling ready for battle

The Inklings are a race of squid-like creatures who love nothing more than Turf Wars. They can take the form of a squid and shoot ink using their various weapons. They're a fashionable bunch and can be seen around Splatlantis wearing all sorts of attire.
Jellyling Female The Jellylings evolved in much a similar way to the Inklings did, contrary to the jellyfish who live alongside the Inklings. Jellylings have made amazing breakthroughs in science and technology and have created gloves to utilise the electricity they conduct naturally. This allows them to turn it into ink for them to swim in and shoot.
Rayling Female The Raylings have evolved from manta rays and hold a friendly rivalry with the Jellylings. Unlike their jellyfish counterparts, they are humble and reliant on mother nature for supplies, as you might be able to tell from the seaweed around their necks. Their gills have adapted to transform water into ink, as well as turning air into water. This gives them a regenerating supply of ink, much like the Inklings.
Spikeling Spikelings have evolved from an ancient species known as urchins. They possess the ability to transform into urchins to swim in ink that they can absorb with their spikes and replicate as their own, which they store in beads on their ponchos. The Spikelings are a nomadic race, with maps that are less modern than most.
Jawling Like many other species in this game, Jawlings have evolved from sharks and taken on a humanoid form. As expected, they can turn into a small shark to swim through their own ink, and can filter air into ink, similarly to the Raylings. Jawlings are a daredevil race, loving all sorts of extreme sports. They also tend to be more violent than the likes of Raylings and Spikelings, snapping very easily. Jawlings will eat anything that looks remotely edible, using their super strong namesake jaws. Their maps are based on extreme sports.
Octoling transparent Finally, you can play as an Octoling! The close-knit relatives of Inklings, there’s not much else to say here. Unlike other races, you can only play as Octolings once you have completed Hero Mode.


Image Description
SheldonSplatoon Sheldon is the local weapons merchant. Each time you level up and become 'fresher', chances predict Sheldon will have a new weapon in stock for you. If you bring a blueprint to his shop, Ammo Knights, he'll craft a special weapon just for you.
AnnieAndMoeSplatoon Annie is a shy sea anemone. The loud, jerkish clownfish residing in her hair is Moe. Their store, Cooler Heads, sells all sorts of headwear, not just hats! Though, for the most part, they sell hats. As well as your traditional noggin-warmers, they sell glasses, headphones, bandannas, etc.
Jelonzo Jelonso is the local shirt merchant. He speaks in his own, very broken kind of English, so he can be a bit hard to understand at times. All the young jellyfish look up to him as an idol, so, naturally, he'll only sell you items if you're fresh enough.
CrustySean Crusty Sean is the friendly shoe merchant of Splatlantis. He hasn't been fried, don't worry! That's just a slightly morbid designer jacket. He has several legs on which he models an array of shoes sold at his store, Shrimp Kicks.
Spyke-transparent Spyke is a secluded sea urchin who resides in the back alleys of Splatlantis. Like all sea urchins, Spyke has a sweet tooth for Super Sea Snails and, in exchange for them, will tweak the abilities of a piece of gear. He can also order gear for you and add extra slots.
Cap'n Cuttlefish Cap'n Cuttlefish is a veteran soldier of the Great Turf War who now hides in the sewers in Splatlantis. See if you can spot him in Salmon Sewers! If you follow him down a manhole, you'll arrive in Octo Valley and be recruited to join the fight against the Octarians.
Judd TBA
CallieSplatoon TBA
MarieSplatoon TBA
Coral Inkvasion TBA
Mayor Finley TBA
Barbarra Barbarra is a young coral reef with a big heart. She's excitable and loves meeting new customers, but still a bit naive. Her "hair" colour changes with her mood, but normally stays a happy pink. True to her childish nature, Barbarra specialises in selling plushes and is never shy to voice her opinion on the selected plush. Plushes can be used to decorate your Pad, and your favourite plush will be displayed on your profile for all to see.



Splatoon 2: Invasion features a much bigger hub than the original. Splatlantis is a city in an underwater dome. You can use the Splattershot in Splatlantis without a Sub or Super Weapon. This allows you to scale walls and find secrets and Squid Gangs.



Rival Gangs


Splat Fests






Octo Valley

Octarian Badge

Octo Valley is the home of the nefarious Octarian Army, enemies of the Inklings since day 1. As Agent 6 of the Squidbeak Splatoon, it is up to you to infiltrate the Octarian's lair and defeat them once and for all!

Hero Mode

See here for further information.

Cap'n Cuttlefish Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish
Squidbeak Splatoon Badge

Cap'n Cuttlefish Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish
Squidbeak Splatoon Badge
O-Oh! Sorry about that! Got a bit paranoid... You can call me Cap'n Cuttlefish. Now, Inkling, what brings you to Octo Valley?

Cap'n Cuttlefish Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish
Squidbeak Splatoon Badge
You don't know? Well, as you're here, how's about you join the Squidbeak Splatoon in our fight against the Octarian Army?

Cap'n Cuttlefish Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish
Squidbeak Splatoon Badge
Here, you can have Agent 3's clothes. I've rigged 'em up a bit, so they're more than just spang-new.

Cap'n Cuttlefish Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish
Squidbeak Splatoon Badge
You wanna know why we're fighting the Octarians? Well, it's a complicated story. But in a nutshell, they've taken the Great Zapfish for who knows what nefarious purpouses!

Cap'n Cuttlefish Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish
Squidbeak Splatoon Badge
Whaddya say, Agent 6? You wanna help us bring down the Octarians once and for all?

When you follow Cap'n Cuttlefish down the manhole to Octo Valley, you will be given the option to join the fight against the Octarians. Once again, they have taken the Great Zapfish, under a new leader. Hero Mode consists of several levels where you'll need to use your ink-spreading weapons and squid abilities to rescue the Zapfish at the end. Along the way, you will meet colourful characters such as the perky Agent 4 and the carefree Agent 5, as well as recruiting one or two new agents.

Octarian Infiltration

Another aspect unlocked after completing Hero Mode is Octarian Infiltration. Much like in Hero Mode, you must break into an Octarian base and use many of the gimmicks provided to progress. However, this mode is not split into levels. Instead, you must travel as far into the randomly generated Octarian Base as you can. Rewards are found in set areas and you can try to make it onto the leaderboard!

Monster Mode

Face off against a giant Octarian monster and his hordes of minions! In a randomly generated underground arena, armed with the Hero’s Suit, face off against waves of Octarian underlings, without Hero Mode's special items. Turf War elements come into play, as the Octarains will attempt to cover the battlefield. Once they get over 70% captured, it’s game over. After every 3 waves of Octarian enemies, your team must face off against the leader, a giant Octarian behemoth who spews poisonous ink. Defeating it 3 times wins the mode, though it's a lot harder than it sounds. This mode, though difficult, has great rewards.


For further information, such as news broadcasts and Splat Zone locations, see here

Main Game Maps

Name Description
Ancho-V Games TBA
Error creating thumbnail: Invalid thumbnail parametersArowana Mall Arowana Mall is a narrow map taking place in Splatlantis's famed mall. There are several side paths to take and lots of grates. Some frequently overlooked areas include the platform hanging above the first stretch after the base - good for sniping - and the rectangular area just before it. There are also several ramps which need to be climbed in order to advance. The square below the spawn point is quite often left relatively untouched and leads into a much broader area. Another ramp leads to a central area where the side paths end and the most furious competition takes place. The map also holds lots of water, which will kill an Inkling should they fall into it.
Blackbelly Skatepark TBA
Bluefin Depot TBA
Camp Triggerfish TBA
Cuttlefish Cruise TBA
Flounder Heights TBA
Hammerhead Bridge TBA
Kelp Dome TBA
Lamprey Hot Springs Originally a literal hot-spot for Raylings to go and relax, the Inklings and Jellylings have turned it into a Turf War site! What's better than relaxing? Relaxing while watching a Turf War! The map takes place on wooden platforms suspended above the various natural hot springs. This means that you can be splatted from afar. With that and the maze these platforms create, this can be a very tricky map! In order to get the upper hand, you may want to hang around near one of the two geysers on the map. When they erupt, they will carry the piece of rock on top of it, as well as anybody standing on it. This grants access to a smaller upper floor where you can ambush foes from above. During the last minute, the geysers will erupt more frequently.
Mahi-Mahi Resort TBA
Moray Towers TBA
Museum D'alfonsino TBA
Ostracod Tunnels Ostracod Tunnels is set in a dangerous sea cave underneath Splatlantis. Though precautions have been made to make the area safer, please play responsibly in this map. A chasm separates each side from the other, with nothing but two thin bridges allowing you to cross. Though there are a few areas where a skilled Squid Jump will allow you to cross, as well as a few rock formations on either side providing a small platforming section to pass. This makes taking enemy turf difficult, but the alternative methods make the job of defending your turf sometimes even harder. The map itself consists of various winding tunnels that connect at random points, though both sides are symmetrical.
Piranha Pit TBA
Port Mackerel TBA
Pufferfish Park Pufferfish Park takes place in Splatlantis’s famed park. This map changes seasonally, from the serene whiteness of winter to the warm colours of autumn. However, this does not affect the layout or how the map plays. The map consists of multiple branching paths that connect in various ways. On each side lies a small lake where intense turf battles and sniping commonly take place. In the dead center of the map is a fountain, with four paths leading from it. If you want to ink everything, you will need to plan accordingly.
Quillback Palace Quillback Palace takes place in and outside of the palace. The gardens are paved with stone, with a small greenhouse on either side. There are several pillars ripe for the climbing. Inklings commonly dine on the staircase into the palace, but that’s been cleared for Turf Wars. The inside of the palace has two stories which do not overlap. From the top floor, you can access the balconies, where you can snipe any unsuspecting Inklings.
Rasbora Bazaar Set in a desert-like area just outside Splatlantis, Rasbora Bazaar is a maze of market stalls. Though you cannot pass through these stalls without going around them, you can fire ink through them, making swimming through your own ink highly advantageous. In addition, there are a few ramps around the map, leading onto the stall roofs, which can be inked. You can use this to cover extra turf or ambush foes, but it also makes you very vulnerable.
Salmon Sewers Located under Splatlantis, Salmon Sewers is truly a confusing place. It is a maze in itself and seems to constantly be against you, having lots of water to accidentally fall in. There are a few large areas where fierce competition takes place and a few elevated paths on grates.
Saltspray Rig TBA
Surgeonfish Hospital Surgeonfish Hospital is the biggest hospital in Jellyling territory, which means that it also takes a lot of power to run. To solve this, the Jellylings have added ink-powered generators that turn the lights on in certain parts of the hospital. The generators near the base turn on the lights in the nearby corridors and selected rooms. Smaller rooms hold generators that power the remaining half of the halls and the nearest large room. These larger rooms hold generators of their own to power themselves. There is a very small upstairs area, which can be near impossible to escape from if you are being followed.
Swordfish Skies Swordfish Skies takes place on the rooftops of buildings. These are all connected by bridges, Inkrails or not at all. But most of them are within squid jumping distance. It's a relatively balanced map, containing plenty of spots for sniping and shooting and also an abundance of areas for close-quarters combat.
Urchin Underpass TBA
Walleye Warehouse TBA

amiibo Maps

See also: amiibo compatibility in Splatoon 2: Inkvasion

Name Description amiibo
Loch Ness Castle Based on the Koopa King’s own castle, Loch Ness Castle is a fortress hidden deep in Octarian territory. The dual-floored fiery fortress has been modified to suit Turf Wars and the like, but no safety precautions have been made, oddly. The top floor is mostly what you would expect from a castle. Winding corridors leading into several large rooms. However, Octarian enemies resembling giant blocks will crash into the ground. The centre is a grated area with a circular hole in the middle, right above a large pool of lava on the bottom floor. The bottom floor is very treacherous, with lava pits at every turn, as well as several grated areas that you will fall through in squid form. The large lava pool in the middle has platforms that may be jumped on to traverse it. Bowser amiibo


See here

amiibo Compatibility

amiibo Gift
Amiibo InkGirl
Inkling ♀
This amiibo offers a variety of challenges, mostly involving Shooter weapons. Completing her challenges will reward you with an outfit and a minigame. Outfits include:


Amiibo InkBoy
Inkling ♂
This amiibo offers a variety of challenges, mostly involving Roller weapons. Completing his challenges will reward you with an outfit and a minigame. Outfits include:


Amiibo InkSquid
This amiibo offers a variety of challenges, mostly involving the use of Super Weapons and a limited supply of ink. Completing its challenges will reward you with an outfit and a minigame. Outfits include:


MarAmiibo Mario

Amiibo Mario

Gold Mario

223px-Luigi amiibo

Amiibo Luigi


223px-Peach amiibo

Amiibo Peach

MarAmiibo Toad




Sea Also

Hero Mode | Weapons | Maps


  • Callie and Marie's icons are not mine. They are made by KumoriDragon on DeviantArt! Check them out for the full images!
  • Silver Inklings, in squid form, seem to resemble Bloopers from the Super Mario series
  • The 'Inkvasion' in the title may refer both to the Octarians invading Splatlantis and to the Inklings invading the territory of the Jellylings, Raylings, etc.
  • Barbarra is based on Coral, pre-reboot

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