"The Ultimate Escape"

Splatoon: Turf Zero is the first expansion of Splatoon: Triple Threat and is the second episode of the Black Faith trilogy. It follows Agent 5 and Felice as they explore the Eris Havens while being tailgated by a suspicious henchman, and the newest member of the Resistance Agent 6 as he goes on the run from the Black Faith forces, who have struck back with a new emperor of the Black Faith, with Ascentia only posing as a proxy.

Following shortly after it's release on May 2024, physical copies later were distributed in stores/online shopping sites and later caused Triple Threat to drop down in price tag. The physical copy of Turf Zero is the same as Triple Threat but with Turf Zero pre-installed and with the Turf Zero boxart. The boxart, as promoted in E3 2023, consists of Felice carrying the body of Agent 5 with Azrael (the main antagonist of Turf Zero) standing behind her with a dagger that had a stain of pink ink with all of them standing on a mountain of broken Resistance gear, representing the losses that they're standing on. As noted, the game supports reversible covers on the Nintendo Flow, meaning if they have Turf Zero as an expansion, they can switch back to the Triple Threat cover, either the 3D boxart or the single-player boxart.

Eris Havens

This DLC adds the Eris Havens town, which is essentially similar to the four main towns, but with a new idol called the Sirens of Eris. The Sirens of Eris are two Inklings (Oceana and Nereid) dressed in a fashion to mermaids. They utilize singing while playing the harp. Unlike the other 4 idols, the Sirens of Eris do not use a catchphrase when announcing stages/news or play as a 5th team in Splatfests as they were released after the final Splatfest (Squid Sisters v. Octo Girls v. Dolphin Dancers v. Akras Starlet)

Upon booting up the game with the DLC installed, you now have the option of going straight to the Eris Havens instead of just the four main towns. Unlike the other shops, all of the shops are integrated into one mall; the Eris Network. Here are the names of the shopkeepers;

  • Weapons: Duncan
  • Hats: Connie
  • Shirts: Tyrone
  • Pants: Jenny
  • Shoes: Eriswood
  • Jewelry: Meryl
  • Gear Specialist: Gladstone

Several new items become avaliable at the shops, such as the Eris Havens set, and the Occult suit.

When consulting with the Gear Specialist, keep in mind that the Gear Specialist cannot order "gear" that is from a DLC that you do not own (for example; the Eris Havens suit), and is also with the case with any "greenprint/secret" gear, such as the Agent gear or the Black Faith gear. Note that if you're importing from another Nintendo Flow via the cloud or over SD cards, equipping a item from Turf Zero without it installed will prompt a error that you cannot equip it because its part of an expansion that you do not own.

Single Player Campaign

As with each expansion, each of them continues the Black Faith trilogy with a whole new campaign that continues off the previous ending. Note that players do not have to have Triple Threat completed in order to play Turf Zero, but the teaser chapter codenamed X-4 is unplayable upon downloading Turf Zero and instead becomes a cutscene nicknamed "X-4: Turf Zero".

The campaign has 93 stages of varying objectives. Unlike the previous campaign, the campaign will instead have you play as different characters, Felice, Agent 5, and Agent 6. Each of them get 31 stages but Agent 6 would get more focus in order for his role to develop in the campaign. Agent 6 is a male Dolphling from the Resistance and his appearance cannot be changed because he cannot be played outside of the campaign. The stages would be selected via a Resistance computer terminal, and unlike Triple Threat, there are no hubs.

Unlike Triple Threat's campaign, Turf Zero has a different fourth difficulty called "Vampire", which renders the gameplay at the same "Extreme" difficulty but with the differences being that the player's health never regenerates, the only way to regain health is to splat enemies. The upside is that the player has twice the health.

Agent 6 uses his own Hero Shot which behaves like a medium range burst-fire shooter, but does more damage than the regular Hero Shot. Agent 5 continues to use his Ink-Hunter rifle but will switch it out in favor of a new weapon called the Bluhenbrush. Felice uses the Octavia Blaster, a blaster that fires music notes.

In terms of sub-weapons, Agent 6 only has Toxic Mists, Ink Mines, and Scare Chase, while on the other hand Agent 5 has Splat Bombs, Burst Bombs, and Seekers maxed out from the previous campaign. Felice has no sub-weapons but can instead sing to lure and distract enemies during stealth situations.

Each character also has their own dedicated special weapon. Agent 6 can call for an air-strike via carpet-bombing which in indoor stages instead becomes a Ink Ballista that explodes with a flash, Agent 5 can unleash the power of the Bluhenbrush to enhance his abilities, and Felice can utilize a deafening voice to splat all enemies (super effective against machines but will alarm all enemies)

In terms of upgrades, there are only three upgrades in the game; ink gauge/regeneration, attack speed, and weapon strength. Ink gauge/regeneration increases the capacity of your ink tank while also increasing how fast it regenerates. Attack speed increases how fast you shoot/swing your weapons. Weapon strength increases the damage/power of your weapons/sub-weapons. There are only three levels costing 100/250/500 Eris Havens silver. Note that while Agent 5 retains the "elite" abilities from the previous campaign such as clusters or aftershock, the explosions have the same level as in their vanilla counterparts. For example, the Octavia Blaster which does 100 damage can now have 1.75x the damage and splash AoE effects at max level. The same effects are also applied to sub-weapons, so a Splash Bomb with 1x the AoE at level 0 becomes 1.75x the AoE at level 3 as well.

Many new enemies appear within the campaign, such as enemy Eelings that use cannons that function as hybrid weapons; a weapon with the capability of Inkbrush/Blaster. The bosses are much more different, instead of being ordinary assassination targets, they are instead much larger weapons that the Black Faith uses. For example, the Faith Ares (the main boss of Chapter 1) is consisted of a large war robot armed with laser claws and missiles, and is instead fought as different phases within the level.


The Black Faith, now with only a fleet of naval ships, sends a spy threat towards the Resistance HQ, under the rule of a new leader. The Resistance encounter the force but is only the beginning of things, the Black Faith are sending bombs to destroy the Resistance HQ. After many losses, many Resistance survive but are currently on the run from the Black Faith as they destroy their HQ and possibly killing President Jasper as he was unable to get out of the HQ in time before the bombs were detonated, with most of the Resistance units wiped out with the rest escaping in shuttles in random directions.

Agent 5 and Felice arrive at the Eris Havens. Therefore, as people greet Agent 5 and Felice as the letter stated from Nightingale, an female Dolphling sage. Agent 5 and Felice get a luxury room, which has food, luxury beds, and bookshelves. However, books reveal about the Black Faith, which leads to Agent 5 and Felice getting caught, Agent 5 is silenced and Felice got suspicious about Eris Havens connected to the Black Faith. Azrael Octoling, the main wiseman tries to be adamant about it, trying to tell her that the Black Faith was a force that they cannot live on fighting for generations. Felice, noting that Nightingale, the person who sent the letter was not there, Azrael "claims" that she was killed by Black Faith forces.

Agent 6 later evacuates from the escaping fleet on his R-Fighter plane, because he is interested on finding out what to do against the overwhelming Black Faith, as there were only a low amount of Resistance units to take up the massive armies of the Black Faith. As he knows the fact that the Resistance needs some help from an major client working ofr them, decides to go to the Station of Sirius to confront Rhoa Sidney, who was the Resistance supplier for generations. Felice later follows as well. Agent 5 seeks training to become an Erbluhen Guardian to try and get stronger before he can fight against the Black Faith again, which takes place at the island of Deborah. At the island of Deborah, Agent 5 confronts an wise old man named Weiss Erisheimer. Erisheimer says that he was one of the major leaders of the Eris Havens, before retiring to an older home. Erisheimer gives him Erbluhen training, the arts of the Eris Knights, and the magics with, all with an magical brush known as the Bluhenbrush. While undergoing the power of visions and magic, Agent 5 has a vision of his friends in danger. In an hurry, Agent 5 leaves despite Erisheimer's advice.

Agent 5 heads for the station of Sirius. While at the station of Sirius, Felice warns Agent 5 of a trap. Agent 5 later gets into an one-on-one fight by Faust, and then loses his Bluhenbrush after an damaging blow against him by Faust. Faust later calls Azrael to apprehend him with a dagger that is stained the same ink color that Nightingale had, because while Felice and Agent 6 went to Sirius Station, Azrael secretly followed them as means of taking their footsteps. Azrael uses the information to lie that Agent 5 was kidnapped by the Black Faith.

Agent 6 decides to go on his own to destroy a Black Faith base in order to try and keep their distance from the Resistance. After destroying the base, Agent 6 reports back to the Resistance in a secret hideout area. However, dozens of Black Faith tanks and walkers storm the area, but an war cry sent by Felice and the Eris Havens takes them down. A note found states that Agent 5 WASN'T taken by the Black Faith, but rather Azrael himself as means of provoking the Resistance and Felice.

Felice, plans stealthy to rescue Agent 5 from the clutches of Azrael. While inside, she finds an stolen diary of Nightingale, which tells about her witnesses, the idea of bringing Agent 5 and Felice along, and what widened her eyes was she saw that she was caught by Azrael and was apprehended to death, but the rest becomes undecipherable as it was stained with Nightingale's blood or ink. Felice knew that Azrael had some secrets on his sleeve when it came to Nightingale, Azrael killed Nightingale as means of being unable to see the truth.

Felice decides to go back and rescue Agent 5, while taking Nightingale's diary and putting it in her purse for later. However, Azrael chases after him. After an disturbance that starts after a fight, patrol guards notice the ruckus between Felice and Azrael at midnight. Felice gives the guard the same note, but Azrael snaps the paper from the guard and tears it to pieces. Another guard comes in and distracts Azrael while Felice gives the same guard the stolen diary of Nightingale, which indicates that she was executed by Azrael. Azrael gives it up for every squid and then is guillotined to death after he is taken away by the guards (although it wasn't seen but implied). Azrael's estate is then demolished and Nightingale's body is found, buried underneath.

Nightingale is therefore revived and put back to life. Nightingale says that she was the one that knew Agent 5's victory, and figured that she would want him to become the true hero against the Black Faith. She also thanked Felice for her help; the convincing to send the armies to help the Resistance in peril. Nightingale comes with them to the Eris Falcon, which then heads for the Resistance naval fleet which made escape from the Black Faith. Nightingale also explains that the Black Faith forces were just "proxies", meaning the victories were kinda pointless and just was the beginning of things, including what happened with Ascentia.

At the Resistance naval fleet, Felice, Nightingale and Agent 5 stay and admire the blue moon, saying the "real nightmare has just ended", while Rhoa and Agent 6 leave in the Eris Falcon to go for the last Black Faith, as witnessed by the three. At the naval fleet which made escape from the Black Faith, they shall go on to rebuild the "global army" to take on the Black Faith for revengeance.


Chapter 1: A Daring Escape

Agent 6 must escape his way out of the Resistance HQ before the Black Faith blows it up.

Chapter 2: New to the Eris Havens

Agent 5 and Felice enter the Eris Havens, but what they meet is below their expectations.

Chapter 3: Aboard the Sirius Station

Agent 6 heads for the Sirius Station to find some backup for the Resistance, because he believes their supplier can help out on creating a revenge plan against the Black Faith.

Chapter 4: A New Weapon

Azrael recommends that Agent 5 puts down his gun in favor of a new weapon, the Bluhenbrush. He then goes on training with a Eris Havens weapons professor, but a mysterious ideal changes everything,

Chapter 5: Following Felice

Agent 5 follows Felice and Agent 6 to the Sirius Station. However, he falls into a trap where the true leader of the Black Faith, known as Faust, is revealed...

Chapter 6: Agent 6's Assault

Agent 6 raids a Black Faith weapons facility in order to shut down their services. However, he must use his own wits to take down the Faith weapons without him locking them down.

Chapter 7: Counter Attack

Agent 6 escapes to a Resistance hideout. However, the Black Faith plan an ultimate ambush.

Chapter 8: Reality vs. Truth

A mysterious but overheard call had shown that Azrael has had ties with the Black Faith, which caused Felice to follow him and find out what he did with Agent 5.

Chapter 9: The Masked Faith

Upon finding out where Agent 5 is, Felice plans a rescue plan to save him once and for all.

Sunken Scrolls

As noted, the Sunken Scrolls tell about backstories or propaganda/information of what the Black Faith was scheming, mostly from their perspective.

Sunken Scrolls (Turf Zero)
Scroll Number Description/Information

An panorama of the Eris Havens.

"The Eris Havens. Founded hundreds of years ago as a ancient kingdom of holy knights. Studied the power of light and holy."

2 "Ultimately, it is time for us to compare us. We are not ordinary citizens, we are the holy Order that shall seek to bring holy power to this world."
3 "We Eris Havens had been fighting against the evil known as the Black Faith, for centuries, but the war has shown that it cannot end..."
4 "We are the Sirens of Eris, as entertainment of the Eris Havens. Ultimately, we aren't like you guys, but us, that makes us special, we are sirens that represent the holy mermaid statues."
5 "You thought we would surrender after the blow against Ascentia? You were wrong. We have the skills to represent the Black Faith, and we are doing it with flair!."
6 "As the Resistance was able to "defeat" the Black Faith forces, they thought that the soldiers wouldn't come back for long..."
7 "It's time we seek the light, the new goals that we shall prevail for our Resistance. Now that the land is safe, we shall work hard and keep up for the future!"
8 "We'll do everything we can to turn people into our side. We Black Faith aren't just an nationality or an clan, we are an dark cult that seeks envy into us..."
9 "Ultimately, we agents of Black Faith have no rhyme or reason; this is the real thing we must do; regenerate."
10 "This one lady had contact with the four nations, and she heard of Agent 5's achievements. As an result, she wanted Agent 5 to come here to place an record on him for generations..."
11 "Her name was Nightingale, an professional Dolphing sage that would treat people what they needed, and she always cared for what was essential."
12 "If you can hear this, I am still alive. I've got myself a radio-talk and I am pinging for a rescue."
13 "Eris Silver is a currency adapted by the Eris Havens. We don't take any outside currency, so be sure to exchange before you travel here!"
14 "ErisArts is a new band aiming to utilize a classical era of music! Come join us at the ArtCon 14024!"
15 "Felice, having been missing from Akrasville, decides to use an AI to take its place on the news to announce stages. It wasn't that fresh, but it still worked out."
16 "Agent 5? Agent 5? Give me a status report! If you don't report your status, I'm removing your status as an Agent of Resistance!"
17 "Evolution of the Faith" by Azrael of the Eris Havens
18 "R-Fighters are what we use for aviation combat. Apparently there are not enough to house all of our Resistance forces."
19 "We Resistance are also capable of upgrading our sub-weapons to even bigger tools of destruction against the Black Faith."
20 "The Sirius Station, ran by Rhoa Sidney and his crew, is a Resistance territory aimed to constructing their weapons/automations."
21 "The Sirius Station doesn't take kindly to tourists. No visas are available to tourists, only business people are allowed to travel here and the Resistance as well.
22 "The Sirius Station's history has been around for years. To ensure that the Resistance can get their weaponry and an alternative spot, they conquered the spot from the Salmonoids and founded the relay station."
23 "Rhoa Sidney is a skilled engineer; as he built most of the devices and computers that the Resistance use, and also the R-Fighter."
24 "Weiss Erisheimer, the master of the Erbluhen Guardians. He says that only the bravest of the brave may undergo his training."
25 "The Bluhenbrush, a weapon forged by Erisheimer, is capable of using the emotions of life to charm elements of magic."
26 "Erbluhen Guardians have unique capabilities; they can foresee the future with their visions, and be able to block most attacks at will with their Bluhenbrush."
27 "Faust, the true commander of the Black Faith, is aiming to use the victory against Ascentia as a way of planning his ultimate ambush..."
28 "In response to the attack on the Resistance HQ, it was everywhere on the news, but many people were aiming to join the chase against the Black Faith..."
29 "The Resistance, after suffering the ultimate blow from the ambush, many of the agents would aim to determine its fate..."
30 "Janice, the judge of Octo City doesn't remember anything about the Black Faith corrupting the court. Was it all a dream?"
31 "Due to the attack on the Resistance HQ, many people thought it was Ascentia's fault, but the situation was enough for Ascentia to take it seriously..."
32 "Felice? Not here. Agent 5? Not here. As of this attack, Agent 5 and Felice, the Akras Starlet, have been proved missing."
33 "The Faith Flight may've been taken, but don't worry, we'll be making more of them, because as you know, we are everywhere."
34 "Join the Black Faith. We'll pay for everything that you life owes; housing, food, etc. You'll never want to miss this opportunity!"
35 "We are building all these new weapons; the tanks and the walkers, so we can prepare for our ultimate siege..."
36 "With this new radar, we can detect where the Resistance is located and where to go to catch them. Remember, you can run, but you cannot hide!"
37 "The routine of the Black Faith Units: Work as demanded. Always wear the uniform provided. Use the weapons as provided and follow directions."
38 "The four nations are divided on the Black Faith. One is considering a new milita to take down the Black Faith, and the other, led by the Squid Sisters, is making a new crusade on restoring the Resistance."
39 "Because the Resistance has been completely scattered, communication has been very wonky..."
40 "Peace rallies launched by the Dolphin Dancers have been notably mixed. Some felt like taking action towards the Black Faith, while some felt like listening to them."
41 "Felice is considered a siren, because her singing is known to attract dozens of people, even in public."
42 "This weapon, is only for the worst crimes ever to happen. So far, no souls have ever taken the punishment so far in the Eris Havens."
43 "In the Eris Havens, death doesn't matter to us, as we have an ability called holy salt which we've used to revive our souls to last a dozen years."
44 "Demonlings, are what we call our super-soldiers. If we continue this production, we'll be able to finish off the Resistance in no time!"
45 "Azrael, a dark wiseman, has been studying the ideals of the Black Faith. He believes that trusting in him sometimes can be too good to be true..."
46 "Azrael knew no wrong to be visible towards the Resistance. He knew that to prove himself to be an deceptive force of the Black Faith; he needed to hide everything."
47 "What our enemies want from us is not important. What is important, is being contained to ourselves..."
48 "The Resistance has chosen our new hero nicknamed Agent 6 to fill in for Agent 5's absence and to track the other forces of the Black Faith."
49 "In truth, Ascentia wasn't the true leader of the Black Faith. Zamba Isle was only a key lair of the Black Faith, but not their secret HQ. Ascentia was only a proxy."
50 "The true leader of the Black Faith, Alistar, originated from the ancient times to present. He has been relying on his own faction to be able to gain sovereignty."

Tactical Battles

Tactical Battles are four-player battles that revolve around fighting against territories of the Black Faith. One player is selected as the Bluhenbrush user and must use its powers wisely to get through the defenses and traps. The Bluhenbrush has various tactical stances, like a turtle stance that reduces damage taken but also damage dealt to the enemies, and a berserk stance that increases damage dealt and taken.

One of the main challenges is that the more longer you take to complete the stage the more ineffective your weapons will be (50% debuff maximum), so the main challenge is using what strategy works best that doesn't hinder your continuation against the enemies.

Tactical Battles can be played both offline and online. If you're offline, 3 random members of the Idols will join you in Resistance armor. (Felice excluded) Note that each respawn isn't instantenous, but takes 5 seconds for it to recharge. If all players are splatted, the game is over.

Each Idol party member has their own weapon choice. There are six weapon choices; Shooter, Roller, Charger, Dualies, Splatgun, and Splatling. For example, Callie, Pearl, Zuzanna, and Orba use rollers. They also have their own unique special move which mostly are specials that the player cannot even use. For example, Pearl has the "Off the Hook" Wail which essentially is a spinning Killer Wall but with lower range, Marina has hyperbombs which are modified to toss the enemies up in the air, and Mila has "Soothing Cheer" which regenerates everyone's ink/health while rendering himself invincible in the process but unable to attack enemies. All Dolphin Dancers have a type of "cheer" which gives them a buff in the process which is done via waving pom-poms, and all Octo Girls utilize an "rhapsody" that gives the user a aura that debuffs enemies.

There are a total of only 12 Tactical Battles, each taking place in varying territories.


Turf Zero also has new soundtracks added in to be more unique. While Mr. Samson (Regil Samson and his orchestra) returns for the single-player campaign with 14 scene tracks and 8 battle tracks, two new bands are introduced; ErisArts, a Renaissance themed band that originates from the Eris Havens, and Inkney Ross & the Woodwinds, an all-woodwind (flute, clarinet, bassoon, & oboe) based band from Inkopolis.

Mr. Samson

The album art for Mr. Samson's soundtrack for Turf Zero. His own album is named "Faith 2" and shows a red sigil of the Black Faith logo except with instruments forming the logo.

Scene Music

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Scene Soundtrack
Track No. Track Name Plays In...
1 The Vengeance The Black Faith aiming to send their all-out assault on the Resistance HQ
2 New to the Eris Havens Felice and Agent 5 visiting the Eris Havens for the first time
3 The Hidden Truth Azrael being adamant on what happened to Nightingale and his own information with the Black Faith
4 The Graceful Sky Agent 6 riding his R-Fighter through a cloudy sky
5 Welcome to the Sirius Station Felice and Agent 6 at the Sirius Station, guided by Rhoa Sidney
6 Disciple of the Bluhenbrush Agent 5 being trained on the ways of the Bluhenbrush
7 Leaving a Soul Behind Agent 5 determining whether or not he should follow Felice & Agent 6 to the Sirius Station or head back to the Resistance HQ.
8 I am Faust Faust's introduction as the true leader of the Black Faith to Agent 5
9 Arms Down Agent 6 escaping from the Black Faith facility
10 Goddess of War Felice and the armies of Eris Haven saving the Resistance
11 The Suspicion The mysterious note that leaves a clue that Azrael was manipulating Agent 5 and Felice
12 The Rescue The climax where Felice rescues Agent 5 from Azrael
13 The Beheading The scene where Azrael is beheaded for his crimes
14 The Great Escape The ending, where Felice and Agent 5 are back with the Resistance

Battle Music

Unlike scene music, battle music plays within the gameplay itself.

Battle Soundtrack
Track No. Track Name Plays in...
1 Accelerant The batlte against the Faith Ares
2 Troubled Horizon Agent 6 and his fellow Resistance members escaping the HQ. Various action scenes involving Resistance in peril.
3 The Second Faith General battles against the Black Faith
4 Island of Ruin The dark atmosphere of the Deborah island.
5 I Will Never Join the Faith Agent 5 fighting against Azrael and Faust at the Sirius Station
6 The Siege of Resistance The defense against the Black Faith forces towards the Resistance's hideout
7 The Chase Felice chasing Azrael stealthly to expose Agent 5's whereabouts.
8 The Puppetmaster The final battle against Azrael, while keeping Agent 5 alive

The Ice Castle

"The Ice Castle" is Akras Starlet's song for the credits of Turf Zero. Like all of her other songs in her albums, both of them support Eeling/English lyrics.

All these battles we've been facing
Are only going to harden the soul
There is no end to the war within
From an unhappy heart to a violent heart

The blade to pierce all souls
It reaps the heart to pieces
There is no escape for us all

Violence and motiveness
Its what the heart chooses to do
The person whose heart it is
Cannot be able to think anymore

But then the bringer of all evils said
"Shall we begin?"

What was once a happy heart
Is now an unhappy heart
An unhappy heart full of malice
A few steps into violence and pain
Is all it takes to change itself
There is nothing that a sinful heart can change to fix itself

The beautiful lady sitting at the garden
Was a lady that had a happy heart
A happy heart that was free of malice
Due to the fact that she commits no violence
Violence, the key of causing unhappiness

But then the beautiful lady
Was unaware of the bringer's touch
As soon as he got close to her
"You are mine!"

The lady fell to her knees on the
sinful heart of the bringers
Never ever to see daylight and happiness again
And the dagger of the bringers was stained pink
The lady's beautiful color of pink
Which left as the heart's latest sin




Monument Name Description
Silver Bar "A bar of Eris Silver. You have no idea how much it is worth."
Nightingale's Heart "A jeweled amethyst necklace that is colored in a deep pink. It looks like it used to belong to Nightingale."
Clamshell Chest "Are you sure this is a beach and not a museum?"
Eris Havens VIP Card "A card given by the market after buying out their entire inventory."
Azrael's Knife

Obtained by dying to Azrael during the final battle 5 times.

"The knife that Azrael used to kill Nightingale and hide her body. He is reluctant to use it in public."


  • Turf Zero's boxart is loosely based on Nier: Automata's boxart.
    • An alternative 3D boxart was made for the game; which showed Agent 6, Felice, and Agent 5 with the Eris Falcon in the background, but it was scrapped in favor of a illustrated boxart that actually was more meaningful.
  • The reason why Felice / Akras Starlet isn't playable in Tactical Battles is because "she's too busy resting from the sleepless fight."
  • All of "Mr. Samson's" albums follow the pattern of having a symbol formed out of musical instruments, Faith 1 (purple) had the Resistance logo, Faith 2 (red) had the Black Faith logo, and Faith 3 (blue) had the Demonling logo.
  • The soundtrack, "Troubled Horizon", is loosely based on the "Emergency" theme from Astral Chain.
  • As explained, the Demonlings are a genetically engineered species which function as the super soldiers of the Black Faith, with capabilities far superior than that of Inklings for example.
    • Agent 5 fought against four Demonlings in Triple Threat, Etenza, Octoxx, Estian and Asta-dios, 2 of them were Ascentia's minions at Zamba Isle.
  • Callie and Marie join in the Tactical Battles wearing their Agent 1 and 2 gear.
  • The "Journeys" teaser hides the fact that Agent 7 is really Agent 7, as he's wearing Eris Havens gear.
  • Azrael is considered one of the darkest villains in Nintendo history, due to his concept of using lies to manipulate others into believing him and his way of hiding everything. He's also the first Inkling-based main villain to die.
  • The Sunken Scrolls imply that the Boarding Battles/Tactical Battles are non-canon.
  • The captions for the Ice Castle music video implies that the Splatoon languages use an upside-down exclamation point as a question-mark.
    • Despite the song being called the Ice Castle, there is no mention of ice in the music video or lyrics. This is likely to coin on the saying of "ice queen" and "ice king".
  • Agent 6's Hero Shot is based on the XM-8 assault rifle in real life.
  • Agent 5 always uses the Cluster Splat Bombs, the Frozen Burst Bombs, and the Aftershock Seekers, even if the player had not unlocked them in the Triple Threat campaign.
  • A lot of the cutscenes shown in the teaser chapter, are not in the final cut. For example, the mysterious wiseman (with a different design from Azrael) spying on Felice & Agent 5 with a crystal ball at the end of the teaser was cut.
  • In gameplay, Eris Silver can be earned from Chapter 2 and onward, despite the fact that the player leaves Eris Havens on various areas where the Eris Silver is not used as a currency. It should be also noted that the Eris Network still takes coins as currency, likely to be fair with the other shops.
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