"Splat to the Stars"
Game's tagline

Splatoon: Triple Threat, codenamed Splatoon 3/Splatoon: Black Faith is the third installment of the Splatoon series. It follows a whole new tradition in the Splatoon series, unity between kind and teamwork to solve things out. It is released by the collaboration of Nintendo's development group and Astralitz Games, with the use of the Astral Engine that powered Gommoth Legends, Astralitz's king of competition. It was released with a bonus game on physical copies (Splatoon Explorers) as well, Splatoon Explorers on the other hand is an single-player focused action RPG about building a newly discovered island in a similar fashion to Elder Scrolls/Fallout, while on the other hand Splatoon: Triple Threat is highly competitve focused. It'll be released for the new Nintendo Flow console released in 2022. 

There are three covers to this game; with additional covers inside the box;

  • Purple female Octoling Optimus turfing against an yellow male Eeling Stormtrooper (3D)
  • Agent 5, the Akras Starlet and Benjamin all ready to fight while the Faith Flight is on the background on a blue sky (Singleplayer campaign)
  • Four Inklings being on the shadow of the Splatrion (Raid Boss)

The game has gotten positive reception, for the upgraded gameplay mechanics and originality, and that thanks to Astralitz, they ACTUALLY thought to resolve all of the criticisms (such as changable loadouts in lobbies, having to watch rotations over and over again, etc.) This game was made by the same partnership with Astralitz Games, which also brought Pokemon World, which was also acclaimed, and Rise of Kid Icarus.


As the success between Nintendo and Astralitz's collaboration into their games continued into Rise of Kid Icarus and Pokemon World, Mancha, the director of Gommoth Legends, decided to create the third Splatoon Game as well. The collab was agreed, and Mancha said that he'll go all out on the ideas, including fixing the gameplay and adding more originality and improvements for it.

The writer for the single-player campaign, Astral Jackson was chosen because he was one of Astralitz's famous writers, and they wanted a more better experience for the single-player campaign, including an all new enemy organization that has the same species, but poses as an evil empire. Astral Jackson would also include symbolism and challenges as well in his story called Splatoon: Black Faith.

Originally coined Splatoon 3. Splatoon 3 had been announced at E3 2021, with no release date and unknown if it's going to come out for the Switch. Mancha said that he'll try to help out with Nintendo's development of new modes, challenges, etc in order to try and make it ACTUALLY stand out from Splatoon 2 and 1.

Several Nintendo Directs had been created with Squid Research Lab which announced these parts of the game;

  • Eelings/Dolphlings
  • Jewelry/Clothes 
  • Additional modes
  • Introduction to the new idols (Akras Starlet, Octogirls, and Dolphin Dancers)

At E3 2022 with an all-new trailer depicting the single-player campaign nicknamed "Black Faith", hype got real, as they actually got to more often experience an all-new tradition to the Splatoon series, where the Octarians would NOT be the main enemy, instead a new empire that threatens the four nations. 

On August 2022, the ratings got released. It got an ESRB rating of E10+ (Cartoon Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes), a PEGI 7 (Non-realistic violence toward fantasy characters), and a CERO B.

From September to October. Nintendo's website had announced "Diary of an Eeling" stories. These consist of 3 papers, but as they are read, they are ciphered via an Eeling language. Fans were challenged to decipher those texts, when Felice Hannah (the actor for the Akras Starlet) gave only one tip of what the symbols actually mean. A few weeks before the game's release, the diary was successfully deciphered with brainstorming and knowledge, which told the sacred backstory of the couple Felice and Ascentia, who parted to fulfill their own ways; Ascentia went on to join an obscure cult last seen following a gothic Inkling in an dark alley, while Felice went on to become a popstar and idol of Akrasville. Mancha, the director of the game said he has an answer key to the papers, and as the successful deciphering went, Mancha went on to correct their errors and gave hints along on the way to completing the puzzle. Mancha also said that the writing is in the same language as the Akras Starlet's songs.

On December 2, 2022, the game was finally released to positive reception, with praise including improvements, etc. Mancha said that he'll release updates including more modes, fighting styles, etc. 

Through it's success in 2023, the game got many concerts and conventions featuring it's idols. On SplatoonCon 2024, an exclusive preview of Splatoon: Turf Zero, as an expansion to Triple Threat was made there. Splatoon: Turf Zero would get released on May 2024 following Journeys on January 2026.



When you first play the game, you get to choose a server to play in. Each server has up to 12 dedicated channels called districts, which have their own selection of maps. The game went from peer-2-peer to dedicated servers, to make several quality of life changes to further the game's scope.

  • Americas
  • Europe
  • China
  • Japan
  • Oceania


Districts are the channels in the servers. They can hold up to 10,000,000 people. There are two "safe" districts, which means invasions cannot happen there.

How invasions work is that during a regular battle like Turf Wars, Black Faith units will jump down, ready to fight. The main advantage is that there is going to be 2x XP during an invasion, and once there's an invasion, a "boing" note will appear saying "Black Faiths are taking over Inkopolis!", and once the invasion has ended, a message will appear saying "The Inklings have saved the day once again!". (An Invasion requires around 2,500,000 wins in Turf Wars or 12-16 hours for it to finish). Very rarely, and only programmed by events are mega invasions, which last around 3 days to a week and take place on 5 to 7 districts on every server. If an mega-invasion occurs,a message saying "Watch out! There's an Mega-Invasion happening right now..."

Aside from invasion, there are also gold rushes. Gold rushes, unlike invasions double the amount of coins you gain, which can be used to re-roll gear stats, buy gear, etc. The maximum amount of coins you can get is "999,999,999" Players with the proper rewards can select the map they want to run on the district for a few hours. 


When you first start the game, you create a character. You can choose from 4 different species to choose, Inkling, Octoling, Dolphling, and Eeling. Each has their own special ability which makes them unique.

The gameplay is pretty much identical to the previous series when it comes to Turf Wars and various modes, but the customization and loadouts system has been upgraded. You now have the ability to switch loadouts/weapons in battle. Only two weapons can be taken into battle. The best part is when you currently lobbying up for battle, you can change weapons while you're in the lobby.

One new feature for communication is emotes. You can use many emotes to express yourself, ranging from happy, neutral, sad, to angry. Progressing further in the game will unlock more emotes for your character as well, ranging from dancing, smart, etc.

You can gain XP via the following;

  • Turf War battles/matches
  • Achievements and challenges (Redeeming achievement rewards are worth around 2000 to 50,000 XP, depending on how difficult the achievement is. If it's an "That One Achievement", it would be worth a lot more.) Challenges are mastery challenges that you can earn via splats and skills from your fighting styles.
  • Splat Boss Raid (So far, it's the only PVE mode that earns you XP aside from achievements)

If a player is splatted, there's a chance that they'll drop their weapon, allowing another player to pick-up that weapon during a match. Note that if another player holding that stolen weapon is splatted, they'll respawn back to their weapon set when they started the match.

Customization has been upgraded via various ways. You can wear accessories like bracelets, necklaces, and various jewelry, which can be socketed with stat skills. Only two hand jewelry, one neck jewelry can be worn. Gloves, socks, and various apparel can also be worn as well to further boost your stats. A maximum of 99 of each stat (Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, and Regeneration) can be raised as well. One major new equipment type is badges that you can wear on topgear. Badges are what you get for special achievements for recognization. There are eight equipments. Helmets, shirts, gloves, trousers, socks, shoes, rings and necklace translating to up to 40 skill slots. Elite skill slots boost stats even further. The maximum amount of HP an Inkling can have is 2,000, with 99 of all stats.

You can customize your hair to various hairstyles (straight down, pigtails, punk, etc) as well, so you aren't limited to just a few hairstyles anymore. For example, a Inkling girl in the previous games were always stuck to 2 pigtails (long or short). In this game, a Inkling girl can always have long hair straight down without pigtails. You can always have ponytails, braids, or any fashion you want on your character.

Dialogue from NPCs while in modes consists of two transmission sides, one blue being the good side, and the other red for the bad side. For example, if Mr. Grizz was talking, there would be an 3D blue transmission of him talking in text, and if an enemy was talking, it would be a red transmission of him talking in sound effects/voicing.

The HUD can be customized similar to the fashion from Monster Hunter. You can change where the HUD is, the minimap etc. You can also change if you want a 3rd person, top down, or first person perspective or whatever suits your needs. You can switch out the HUD for certain things to further suit your needs, such as compass instead of minimap, etc.

Matchmaking becomes dynamic as you progress on. As a low level, for example, you would face players averaging your level and gear via star cost. Each player has a ping level between 1 and 3, 1 being the lowest and least effective, and 3 being the most effective so players can know who's causing disconnections to occur, etc. (New Astralitz AI installed on the servers has a bot check players if their connectivity is poor)

You can travel to 4 different cities each with their own idol group and news channel, Inkopolis, Octo City, Gladiusburg, and Akrasville via a train cutscene. On the world map; there are seven destinations to travel that are indicated in diamond shaped travelmarks;

Locations of Triple Threat
Icon Name Description
Green Inkling Squid Inkopolis The City of Inkopolis.
Purple Octoling Octopus Octo City The City of Octo City. This was allegedly built in order to find a better place like home, which the wish was fulfilled.
Blue Dolphling Dolphin Gladiusburg The City of Gladiusburg.
Orange Eeling Eel Akrasville The City of Akrasville.
Navy Squidbeak Resistance HQ The Resistance HQ. This is the place where the single-player campaign takes place. 
Red Prayer Eris Havens (Requires Turf Zero) An holy city where legacy and heroism once took a writing there. It is said that only the best of the legacy would become their legends known here.
Turquoise Hope Journeys (Requires Journeys) In order to stand up for the last stand against the Black Faith, the Resistance has to get ready for their final strike in their new temple that they've escaped to.

How ties work is that when a tie occurs, a grudge match would occur, and the last team standing between the grudge duel would win. The grudge duel would be a splatmatch to the last standing Inkling. (It only counts if the team is defeated and the alive team lasts more than that.)

There are 10 different types of weapons, shooters, chargers, rollers, blasters, revolvers, dualies, splatguns, splatlings, sloshers, and lasers. Lasers are similar in fashion to shooters, as their more capable for long-range blasting, but their ineffective in ink capacity. One notable sub-type of shooter is the splatket. The splatket is a semi-automatic battle rifle meant for high range damage and fire.

You start off first at a house with two beds, an TV, a radio, and a computer. If you go to the exit, you have the option to go either of the 4 towns at your choice. Here are the props in your house do:

  • TV: Watch the news channels for updates from the Squid Sisters, Octo Girls, Dolphin Dancers or the Akras Starlet!
  • Radio: Listen on various radio channels! (channels after this list)
  • Computer: Go on social media and post something on Miiverse! You can also get messages on your computer as well, such as update info if you've forgotten the history, events, upcoming Splatfest planning, etc. (Random messages include splatmarks by assassins)
  • Trophy List: Put up vanity trophies and accomplishments!
Channel Name Description Speaker
Inkopolis Idols Listen to the Squid Sisters' on various radioplays! (48 episodes around 7 to 15 minutes long. Some episodes feature additional guest characters) Squid Sisters
Inkopolis Radio Listen to various music including soundtrack by various bands, with Eve Chung giving out the announcements and introductions Eve Chung
Lucky Channel Every certain time, Aaron will give out a number. Players that find all 8 numbers can go to him and win a prize, ranging from coins to exclusive gear. (Every player gets a different number so they can't cheat off eachother) Aaron Richman
Octotales Listen to the Octo Girls as they talk about Octarian lores! (12 episodes around 10 minutes long) Octo Girls
The Hook Listen to the Off the Hook on satires and humorous elements based on the recent events. Off the Hook
C.H.E.E.R Listen to the Dolphin Dancers on cheerleading the latest battles. They then give techniques and strategies on certain maps and ideas. Dolphin Dancers
Akras Felice LIsten to the Akras Starlet on her own songs and her story-rich meanings. (The Akras Starlet is a lot more story-rich when it comes to her songs) Akras Starlet
Miiverse Hits Sterling and Samson talk about the trending posts on Miiverse live; whether it be fan art or questions. (this is done via the practice of Astralitz AI)  Sterling and Samson
Turfmasters Listen to what the records broken during Turf Wars and battles. Archibald Squidson

There is a fashion magazine line called Inkai (written with the Scriptina font with the slogan "seek your inner heart" ) which focuses more on fashion sets and gear. Fashion sets are five star gear with up to 5 elite skill slots each. They rotate daily. There are only 5 Inkai uniforms that are buyable at stores. These include the Goddess Idol, the Noblesse, Pagoda, Starlet, and Royal Guard. Each of the 5 Inkai brand uniforms have their own special skill if you equip their set. (brands and items would be explained in it's own page known as equipment) Aside from Inkai being a new brand, there are 6 new brands:

  • Atlas: Focuses on high-quality gear, and are generally high in prices.
  • Grandiel: Focuses on jewelry with average prices.
  • Franz: Focuses on heavy weapon manufacturing.
  • Seraphim: Focuses on mechanical weapon manufacturing
  • Octimedes: Focuses on Octarian-themed manufacturing
  • Akraslabs: Focuses on high-tech gear. 

Splatfests also appear, with each idol group doing their own song if your battling from a certain town, for example, if you're doing Splatfest Battles in Octo City, the Splatfest battle theme from the Octo Girls would play instead of the average one. (Each city has it's own lobby design)

As usual, the final splatfest would be an extended global rumble between the four idols, with each of the teams being represented as the idol itself, not a subject. This is a callback to the original Splatoon or a a spectulation on Splatoon 2's final Splatfest (Callie vs. Marie, Pearl vs. Marina)

Fighting Styles

Players can also equip a fighting style, (if they want to be more skilled in dualies, chargers, blasters, or machinary). See the subpage for more information.


Species of Triple Threat
Name Species Stats Health Special Move (L3+R3) Home City Preferred fighting style
Inkling Squid

STR: ***

DEX: ***

END: ***

REG: ***

250 Ink Parry (chance to block an attack that would normally splat to death) Inkopolis Splatbuster
Octoling Octopus

STR: ***

DEX: **

END: ****

REG: **

325 Surprise Strike (chance to splat enemies in ink) Octo City Optimus
Dolphling Dolphin

STR: ****

DEX: ****

END: **

REG: ****

175 Anger (berserks increase speed and damage input) Gladiusburg Valkyrie
Eeling Eel

STR: *****

DEX: ***

END: ***

REG: *

250 Earth Blast (pushes back enemies or splats them) Akrasville Storm Trooper


These are the towns. In the settings, you can also configure which town do you want to start in when you start the game. The number in parentheses indicates how many members are in their idol group. Each town has it's own equilvalent of a shopping mall, and each store sells the same items as they do in each town, but the dialogue, and the shopkeepers from each shop are different. For example, Sheldon is the weapons shopkeeper in Inkopolis, while in Octo City, Vivian Octavia is the weapons shopkeeper. 

As usual, weapons shop is locked until level 2, and the other shops are locked until level 4.

Towns of Triple Threat
Town Name Description News Channel
Inkopolis The main town of Inklings. Home of the Great Zapfish. As the oldest town and had thus being stuck in a cold war for years, they seek harmony between the world around them. Squid Sisters (2)
Octo City A newly Octarian built city following the end of the cold war, they seek to find a new goal for the future. Octo Girls (3)
Gladiusburg The main town of Dolphlings. Their goal is to seek out the balance between nations. They were found via the explorations. Dolphin Dancers (4)
Akrasville The main town of the Eelings. They are new to the main nations as well. Of course, they aim to underseek new construction in the main wars. Akras Starlet (1)


As each town has their own shops, the main uniqueness is their own music and each shopkeeper has their own quotes. Gear Specialists are NPCs that specialize in gear slots for equipment. 

Shops of Triple Threat

X: Type

Y: Town

Weapons Hats Shirts Pants Shoes Jewelry Gear Specialist
Inkopolis Ammo Knights (Sheldon) Cooler Heads (Annie) Jelly Fresh (Jelonzo) Anira's Secret (Anira) Shrimp Kicks (Crusty Sean) Ink Gemini (Esther) Spyke 
Octo City Octormory (Vivian Octavia) Hat Trick (Winston) Octo Topic (Aaron) Octoapparel (Roche) Sportlocker (Davison) Siren's Wish (Ophelia) Paris 
Gladiusburg Splatrix Center (Zero) The Head's Up (William) Toporium (Warren) Artistic Bloom (Tula) Dolphrunners (Aubrey) Shine-Nee (Korin) Sarge
Akrasville Hector and Bach (Hector and Bach) Ring Top-it-Up (Weiss) Thrift Shirt (Robbie) Seven-Suited (Rufus) Go-Go Sports (Stephen) Alluring Diamond (Beatrice) Mayu

News Idols

Idols of Triple Threat
Idol Name Members Description Songs Catchphrase
Squid Sisters Callie and Marie A duo of Inkling girls. They are highly talented when it comes to music and pop from when they won a singing contest. 6 "Staaaay fresh!"
Octo Girls Zuzanna, Valentina, and Michaela A trio of Octoling girls who aim to bring harmony alongside music to the world. They coordinate global Splatfests alongside the Squid Sisters. 5 "Get it on, splat it on!"
Dolphin Dancers Mila, Sara, Rosa, and Orba A quartet of four cheerleaders and singers, they aim for the stars when it comes to competition and dance.  5 "A to the Win, B to the Strike!"
Akras Starlet  Felice "Felice Hannah" (soloist) An one-man idol. Felice works hard as a news reporter and a singer. Felice is also the princess of Akrasville and ruler. She aims to bring hope to her kind to persever the nations. 4 "Feel the wind, everyone!"


A - means this mode has score penalities. Modes are the main objectives in the multiplayer gameplay, each with different criterias, etc.


Normal modes are indicated in green. 

Mode Name Description
Turf Wars 4v4 Two teams fight, and it's splat the most ink to win!
Turf Wars 2v2v2v2 Four teams fight, and it's splat the most ink to win!
Turf Wars X Same as regular turf wars, but super orbs will appear with special items inside.
Reverse- Splat the most ink, but don't splat as many inklings! 
Attrition Team with the most splats win!
Battlegrounds Takes place a large-scale battlefield, and it's a splatmatch!


Ranked modes are indicated in orange. They as usual affect your rank, with the maximum being C to SSS. Here is a list of gaps where ranks CANNOT go down beyond, meaning if you do get the rank points to 0, you will not get a drop in rank. The safety gaps would be used as anti-frustration for disconnections (which were mitigated by 75% thanks to dedicated servers) and as a way to avoid getting mass-rank-downs on higher ranks.

  • C- (minimum)
  • S-
  • SS
  • SSS (Max)
Mode Name Description
Splat Zones Take the zones to maximize them and win!
Tower Control Take the tower, and then ride it back home to win!
Rainmaker Deliver the Rainmaker back home to win!
Cargo Carriage Deliver as many cargos as possible to win!
Raid HQ Players must raid the other teams' HQ to take their flag, but the enemy's HQ is filled with traps!
The Satellite Take a satellite back to the base. Once it reaches 100% charge, then it's game!
Splatman One player is chosen as the target. Splat that inkling to earn a point!


Special Modes are indicated in purple. Special Modes are neither normal or ranked, but utilize the players into special actions.  A * means this mode can be played offline. They are unlocked at level 20.

Mode Name Description Conditions
Splat Boss Raid 12 players are pitted against a giant boss, with several hundred thousand health and deadly attacks. You have 12 minutes to destroy that boss. Scoring is based on how much damage you do. 1 team, 1 boss.
Salmon Race* 6 players aim to fight out against hordes of Salmon in a survival-based battlefield. Each player gets 5 lives, and if those lives run out, the game is over. 1 team, 5 lives each player
Salmon Rush Same as regular Salmon Race, but this time if everyone is splatted as the same time, the game is over. 1 team, 
All-Star Turf Wars- Same as regular turf wars, but everything counts (splats, deaths, ink turfed,) affects your team score! 2 teams
Primal Jungle 4 players with only 3 lives will advance through a path-taking jungle. Follow the right pattern to win! 1 team, 4 players, 3 lives each player
Operation: Darkside A team of 4 Inklings will splat as many turf to win, but there's someone getting in their way! 2 teams, Black Faith spawns with assassination targets as well
Balanced Splatmatch All of the players will have fixed stats (10 of each stat), and it's a free-for-all attrition mode! Free-for-all


Ultimate Modes are unlocked by getting a A rank or higher in Ranked Mode or level 30. As noted, these modes will put a challenge to even elite gamers.

Mode Name Description Conditions
Annihilation Turf Wars Same as All-Star Turf Wars, but watch out for deadly hazards! (ranging from spikes, spinners, hammers, etc) 2 teams, deadly battlefield
Black Faith 2.0 6 players fight off waves of the Black Faith across a turf arena, but there's something deadly brewing from them that's yet to be seen for real... 1 team, 5 lives each player.
Salynum Onslaught 6 players will fight off the toughest and deadliest of the Salmon, but watch out for their Queen's call! 6 players, 1 team
Takeshi's Challenge King Takeshi pits it's players on a challenge; to reach him through across many deadly rooms! 2 teams


Friendly modes are indicated in blue. Friendly modes are offline modes with bot inklings. Feel free to practice out your loadouts on modes if you want. Since these are "friendly" modes, friendly modes won't cost you rank points or count as a loss in your total statistics. You can play Turf Wars 4v4 or 4 2v2 in this mode, or even Ranked Modes. The Friendly Modes can be configured to change the inklings' fighting style.

Of course, this and the Salmon modes are the only offline modes you can easily farm coins and EXP. (but if you need to farm for a certain gear or roll on your equipment for example you're better off doing the Salmon modes since they give more coins). To be fair, the race mode (the version with the lives) is playable on Offline.


Training modes are indicated in turquoise. They are modes designed to help new Inklings prep for battle.

Training Modes
Mode Name Description Objective
Agent of Power Prove your power by fighting waves of Black Faith. You are scored by how fast you are when you are defeating the waves. Fight waves of Black Faith
Lockdown Practice your hacking skills via hacking Black Faith ciphers and locks.  Hack Black Faith ciphers.
Bomber Prove your power via sub-weapons. Use bombs to destroy your enemies. Fight Inklings via Splat Bombs
Salmon Trials Prove your power via fighting waves of Salmonoids. Fight waves of Salmonid
Balloon Poppers Using a ranged weapon, pop the balloons in 2 minutes! Pop the most balloons
Turf Drills On a square battlefield with only your weapon, turf as much ink as you can in 30 seconds! Turf as many ink within the time limit
Endless Corridor On an endless battlefield, fight endless waves of Black Faith units. Choose wisely, and get as far as you can! (max stage is 300) Get as far as you can

Project Warhammer

Project Warhammer is a special area in Inkopolis, which is owned by President Jasper, the leader of the Resistance. President Jasper tells you that after the successful blow against the Black Faith, they have returned with deadly weapons, and are plotting in secret to destroy the balance between nations. Because of the severity of those threats, one agent isn't enough; multiple agents will need to join the fight and work together.

Project Warhammer modes, also known as Boarding Battles, are special kind of PvE battles, that take place within the Black Faith HQs. The parties that raid the HQs are called "boarding groups", and there are two kinds of battles players can undertake; the battlegrounds or the meeting center. The pre-requisties are;

  • Have beaten the single-player campaign 

The gear you undertake in the missions is based of the same style as the Salmon modes and the single-player campaign.  However, to confront one of the four major bosses; the pre-requisite is the suit disguise (Black Faith uniform). Trying to enter a boss battle without the suit gives you an error saying that you'll get caught going in there as an enemy. 

The workrooms give you suit disguises for the Black Faith boarding group every-time you complete them, which consists of major elite Black Faith which have the same stats as the Extreme equilvalent. All of the enemies are their version 2.0 equivalent from the Ultimate mode, which they're often used for training for what to expect in the Boarding Battles. 

The first boss you can board against is Colonel Felice. After that, you have a choice of either Matriarch Magala or Richter Janice. After completing both, you unlock the final boss in Project Warhammer which is Archduke Leonardo, the founder of the Black Faith. The restrictive thing in these boarding stages that you have health bars, which means as normal your health will never regenerate without healing items such as food. Each player gets THREE lives, and if all 3 lives run out, they will be marked with an red X on their face icon, meaning they're out of commission. A yellow X means they are going to respawn in 8 seconds. If all players are "out of commission", it's game over, and everyone poses a failure. 

Board Mission Name Target Supporting Agent  Location Soldiers Payload of Choice Vanity Reward Gameplay Reward
The Vice Menace Colonel Felice (Eeling) Noah Bluey (Jellyfish) Idol convention in Akrasville. 32 Splat bombs "Felice's Scroll" Music Radio: Allows you to play music of your choice
All Those Weapons Matriarch Magala (Dolphling) Gigi Lola (Anemone) Secret weapons vault in Gladiusburg 49 Seekers "Gladiusburg Deed" Black Faith Call: Summons Black Faith units in battle
Injustice Richter Janice (Octoling) Martin Hill (Crustacean) Courthouse in Octo City 34 Scales of Justice "Janice's Will" Battlefield Summons: Allows a player to choose a map rotation (district-bound)
The Chair's Toll Archduke Leonardo (Inkling) Dio Shellendorf (Horseshoe crab) Secret Black Faith HQ in Inkopolis. 43-72 (depending on how much you splat on the ninja round) Charger turrets "The Boss's Trophy" Modifiers: Limited lives on Turf Wars, limited ink per splat, etc.

When you first enter a mission, you'll board an elevator to that area, with up to 8 players. A NPC with a Black Faith disguise (with the exception of Injustice where the guiding agent is actually on trial) will talk to you with plans on what to do. 

  • Noah: Gives you introductions on how to sabotage the Black Faith factories. Also provides the bombs needed for the fight.
  • Gigi: Hacks the Seeker productions to produce seekers for the players' side. 
  • Martin: Gives you introductions on how to make sure that the players win on the jury round. 
  • Dio: Gives you stealth introductions on how to crash the board meeting of Archduke Leonardo.

Bosses have unique combat compared to each other;

  • Felice: Throws music, and sings to knock back the players. Also air-strikes the area with Splat Bombs with helicopters which ironically have the Akras Starlet icon on it.
  • Magala: Summons armies of Spike-G of up to 25. (which instead damage players) Shoots lock-on starfall snipers with a burst-rifle.
  • Janice: Summons phantom hammers to splat the players, and summons Toxic Void that will negate all enemy fire unless destroyed.
  • Leonardo: Shoots Luna Blaster shots, and swings across tables with razor chain brushes. Also summons Black Faith turrets to shoot at his enemy.

Lastly, after you defeat each one of them, each has it's own ending on how they're defeated.

  • Felice: Felice, after being knocked out of hypnotization, leaves the battlefield after she's freed, with her Black Faith colonel uniform left lying. (Felice was wearing only a leotard underneath and magenta socks)
  • Magala: Magala stops and says "That's it! I've had enough of these pesky squids!" Magala then runs off to a door saying "I've got a train to catch!". However, he is then splatted (and therefore crushed to death) by a upcoming train set by Gigi Lola.
  • Janice: Janice claims that the people won, and that they deserved it. Therefore, Janice apologizes for the inconvenience and turns for the nations instead of the Black Faith, forgiving the Resistance in the end. Janice releases Martin Hill, with the Black Faith units involved in trial leaving the courthouse.
  • Leonardo: Leonardo, being the mastermind (later claimed to be a proxy like the three other bosses) of the Black Faith, knocks down and then surrenders with a white flag, looking badly injured. 

Each has an ending unlike the other missions. After defeating the boarding boss, the victory is declared, victory music will play and the guiding agent will show up in front of all of the players, giving them their rewards and a congratulations. After reading all of the dialogue, the player leaves via a "super jump" and then is declared victory and returned back to the Project: Warhammer lobby.

Single Player Campaign

NOTE: This full information is stored on it's sub-page, such as campaigns, plot, and chapters. As shown from the main teaser, Splatoon Triple Threat will utilitize a new fashion of single player action, as the stages take place on actual buildings and areas within the Splatoon world, instead of just random platforms in the sky. Instead of just simply blasting your way to the end to get a Zapfish, you'll also have to do various tasks, like rescue an agent, capture an agent, defeat an boss class agent, sabotage machines, or protecting payloads.

The Black Faith (a new evil empire) is aiming to take over the balance of the four nations. Agent 5, is called into this. Unlike the Octarians, the Black Faith will also attack the nations as well.

The enemies in this single player campaign include Black Faith units, and machines as well. Major bosses include Black Faith proxies and interlopers.

Single Player Gameplay

The new campaign is all-new compared the single player campaigns, where instead of reaching of the end of the level to retrieve a Zapfish, you have to do various mainline tasks instead, like pick up a certain item or hack a certain terminal to sabotage production or spy on enemy buildings. Stealth is a new gameplay mechanic in the game. If you are spotted in a stealth mission, the enemies would come after you. You have to hack alarms again to reset them and make them less likely to come after you. (ciphers would be either quick-time buttons or connect the dots)

There are 10 chapters, and the further you go, the more newer enemies will appear. You'll later see Dolphling Freyjas in chapter 4, Inkling Splatbusters in Chapter 5, Eeling Storm Troopers in Chapter 6, and Octoling Mechanics in Chapter 7. (Freyja is a female Valkyrie) The only fighting style that does not appear in enemies is the Kaiser, because it was later implemented in a future update. The majority of the enemies encountered in the campaign would be either Black Faith units/machinary, armed with specific guns such as lasers, elemancy, etc.

Your fighting style from the competitive gameplay is also kept as well. You can use various bombs (splat bombs, suction bombs, seekers, splat walls, or even a magnet bomb that pulls the enemy in) Note that the only moves that are omitted are the ones that affect your movement, such as the Valkyrie's double-jump.

Weapons are later obtained via part of the story or either via sidequesting. Some weapons that show up in the campaign cannot be used in the main multiplayer modes, and some can be only used by picking it up from a splatted unit's body.

Various allies (other agents, the Squid Sisters, Octo Girls, or Dolphin Dancers) also make an appearance as well. If they are splatted, it takes 15 seconds for them to respawn. If their status is splatted, that means they have to wait to get back into the action. Reaching new checkpoints resets the respawn times. Up to 3 allied agents appear in mission. You can issue commands to stay put and defend, or follow you. 

The Sunken Scrolls return, but this time, there are 50 regular lore scrolls, 9 equipment scrolls, and 7 bonus scrolls. Equipment scrolls unlock new gear that you can get, and bonus scrolls are from getting certain achievements (beat the game on the hardest difficulty for example) The 50 regular scrolls tell you about the lore and history, the equipment scrolls get you items, and the bonus are basically bonus photographs, concepts or bragging rights. They are indicated by 3 colors; normal tint for regular lore scrolls, green tint for equipment, and red tint for secret/bonus scrolls.

  • Scrolls 1 to 4 tell about the in-between events between Splatoon 2 and Triple Threat.
  • Scrolls 5 to 7 tell about the usage of jewelry and new gear research.
  • Scrolls 8 to 13 tell about the Dolphin Dancers and the Akras Starlet.
  • Scrolls 14 to 16 tell about Off the Hook's current role in Triple Threat.
  • Scrolls 17 to 20 tell about the Squid Sisters' new goals.
  • Scrolls 21 to 25 tell about the new fighting techniques battlers used.
  • Scrolls 26 to 27 tell about Inkai, it's founding, goals, and the founder Eriole von Akrasburg.
  • Scrolls 28 to 30 tell about the Octarian's new goals. 
  • Scrolls 31 to 34 tell about the Dolphling's discovery.
  • Scrolls 35 to 38 tell about the Eeling's discovery.
  • Scrolls 39 to 40 tell about the balance of the nations.
  • Scrolls 41 to 43 tell about the Splat Boss Raid.
  • Scrolls 44 to 45 tell about the new expedition.
  • Scrolls 46 to 48 tell about the Black Faith.
  • Scrolls 49 to 50 close with the forming of the Resistance against the Black Faith.

You can get an S for Time, an S for Destruction, an S for Damage (S for not getting splatted at all) when you complete a mission.

  • Time: Time is indicated by how fast you complete the mission on par times.
  • Destruction: Destruction is indicated on what you actually destroy; including enemies, traps, and obstacles.
  • Damage: Damage is indicated on how many times you've been splatted. (Splat 5 times, and it's game over)

There are 3 difficulties:

  • Casual: For beginners. Enemies are less aggressive, and items appear more often.
  • Normal: Enemies are at a regular level of aggressiveness, and items appear slightly.
  • Extreme: For hardcore players. Enemies are more aggressive, and items are more rarer.
  • Frantic: For expert players who are great at finesse. (Everyone including enemies and allies excluding robots, do not wear armor, only casual clothes. That means everyone in the battlefield is twice as squishy when it comes to getting splatted) 

You can also get costumes for your main character as well which has special abilities like different stats, new moves, etc.

Costume Name Description Brand Ability How to Unlock
Armored An heavily armored battlesuit. Franz 2x HP. (stacks with armor upgrades) Have Stanton the Tyrant break 20 steel crates.
Ninja An stealth geared catsuit. Atlas You can turn invisible to splat enemies Complete the game with SSS ranks.
Beach Day Swimwear meant for the beach. Inkai Twice as squishy (in Frantic you can get splatted in one shot) Complete Hero Mode in Extreme difficulty.
Dancer An dancer's catsuit.  Grandiel Twice as fast in running and swimming.  Defeat Ascentia's Triple Threat without getting splatted.
Air Jumper An soldier with superior jumping boots Octimedes Thrice of the jump height.  Find a secret suitcase that's hidden behind a billboard promoting jumpropes.
Skater An skatepunk with rollerskates Seraphim You can skate instead of run which increases your jump distance. Race around the conveyor belts without dying three times in a row.
Kaiser A soldier that focuses on berserked battles Akraslabs Brush and roller weapons are twice as powerful in terms of damage/speed Defeat the Dolphin Dancers with only bombs


Achievement Name Description Rank
Splatmaster Thanks for playing! Platinum
Getting Fresh Buy your first piece of gear Bronze
Finders Keepers Get your first "secret" piece of gear (gear that cannot be bought at a shop) Bronze
KNOCKOUT! Get a perfect 100% ink turfed in Turf Wars. Bronze
Tiebreaker Win in a tie in Turf Wars. Bronze
Fresh Reach level 4. Bronze
Fresher Reach level 20. Bronze
Freshest Reach level 50. Silver
Shop Till You Drop Buy all of the gear pre-Oriental batch. (the update batch) Silver
Millionaire Achieve a total of 1,000,000 coins. Silver
Paparazzi Buy all of the Inkai fashion uniforms. Bronze
Maxed Out Buy and level up all gear pre-Oriental batch. Gold
Hero Complete the campaign. Silver
Never Stop Sneakin On a rescue mission, execute all wardens undetected. Bronze
Extreme Squid Complete the campaign on Extreme Mode. Gold
Collector Collect all of the Sunken Scrolls. Silver
Four-Way Hero Complete all missions as Inkling, Octoling, Dolphling, and Eeling! Gold
Raider Win a Splat Boss Raid for the first time. Bronze
Swimwear Model Complete the campaign wearing the Beach Day costume and in Frantic Mode. Gold
Vote for Inkai Become an fashion model for Inkai. (By buying at least the entire set of one fashion) Bronze
Ninja Squid Splat 15 enemies undetected.  Bronze
Brush Master Splat 100 Inklings with brushes or rollers. Bronze
Heavy Master Splat 100 Inklings with splatguns or blasters. Bronze
Gun Master Splat 100 inklings with dualies or revolvers. Bronze
Spitfire Master Splat 100 inklings with chargers or splatlings. Bronze
Rifle Master Splat 100 inklings with shooters or lasers. Bronze
Robot Master Splat 100 inklings using machines. Bronze
Chain Master Splat 100 inklings using chained brushes. Bronze
Bomb Master Splat 100 inklings using bombs. Bronze
Storm Master Splat 100 inklings using heavy weapons. Bronze
Dauntless Delivery Get the rainmaker to the goal without getting splatted (It has to get it from the start to the end for it to count) Silver
Power Mad In Turf Wars X, have your team take all of the power orbs Silver
Total Splatage Splat a total of 32 Inklings in a match. Silver
Turf-nite Become the "king of the battlegrounds" Bronze
Callie? Defeat Erinys, the Red Shadow. Bronze
Salmon Backstab Defeat the Salmon Feeder. Bronze
The Faith's Downfall Defeat the Faith Runner. Bronze
The Erinys Clear the "From the Shadows" quest. Bronze
Faithful Student Clear the "An Agent's Will" quest. Bronze
Unity Clear the "Unity" quest. Bronze
Witch Trial Clear the "Witch Hunt" quest. Bronze
Supportive Agent Clear all side-quests. Silver
SSS Reach SSS rank. Gold
Salmon Survivalist Survive 30 minutes in Salmon Race or Rush. Silver
Eagle Eye Snipe an Inkling without using a scope. (It must be within 100m of range, not from mid-range) Bronze
One-Man Stand Get at least 16 splats in a turf war match. No deaths! Bronze
Whiplash Nearly survive getting splatted while finishing off your enemy. (as soon as you get splatted finish off your enemy that's attacking you, ending with the enemy splatted while you are close to being splatted) Bronze
S-S-S-Splat Splat all 4 Inklings on the battlefield at the same time! (While you're trying to splat the Inklings, make sure NO ONE respawns during the splatage) Silver


Unlike the previous games, the sequels would be in DLC to the main-game just like Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion, likely to tie in with the Flow's longevity. You can switch between the three arcs; Triple Threat, Turf Zero, or Journeys. The main difference is the major modes within the arc, and the single-player campaign and idols. Each would be priced at a 15$. On each DLC, an additional town will be added. For example, Turf Zero adds the Eris Havens which has an idol called the Sirens of Eris. A playable 25-minute long stage demo of Turf Zero was available at E3 2023 (nicknamed Splatoon: Accelerant) where Agent 6 is on the run from a new Black Faith weapon nicknamed the Faith Ares. On the way, he runs through alleyways and through buildings, but in the end destroys the Faith Ares. However, after getting to the end of the line and defeating the Faith Ares, the camera pans to an mysterious entity who is dressed as an Eris Havens cilent but wields a white revolver magnum with the Black Faith's sigil on it, with an "To Be Continued" in the end. 

Unlike other Flow games, Triple Threat supports reversible icons, where after you buy Turf Zero, you can change the cover to Turf Zero or Triple Threat, and if you buy Journeys you can change the cover to Journeys.  The continuation, Turf Zero revolves around the Resistance being on the run from the Black Faith, with Agent 5 and Felice coming across an advocate of the Black Faith that schemes to blow the Resistance down. Journeys revolves around the "hoax" that has been exposed; there's an undercover agent that caused the Black Faith to rise, and he's ruthless, so the Resistance has to form an alliance with as many people and heroes as they can to divert and take down the main creator of the Black Faith. Their new alliance meant to defend their land will consist of many idols and heroes, including the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook as well. Each of the additional campaigns has unique and beautiful posters designed by the Astralitz veteran Juno Gomez, for example; Turf Zero depicts Felice carrying the body of Agent 5 while standing on a pile of Resistance helmets, with Azrael behind her ready to do the back-stabbing trap. Journeys depicts Agent 7 and his band of Resistance marching with pride in their souls, holding skulls and their prized weapons, ready for the stunning revolution. 

Main battles (Turf Wars, Ranked) are the same for each episode. Each of the episodes has special modes like for example; Triple Threat has Boarding Battles, Turf Zero has Tactic Battles, and Journeys has Expedition Battles. (Expedition Battles would be inspired by Plains of Eidolon from Warframe)

On the future, for the Nintendo Archwing, Splatoon: Triple Threat and it's DLC would be re-released as Splatoon: Black Faith and would be equipped with the 2 expansion DLCs and all new Retina graphics.

Splatoon will undergo a spinoff anthology chapter book series which focuses on backstories;

  • Unity: The story that started Splatoon: Triple Threat and the Black Faith.
  • Octavio: The legend of DJ Octavio and how he decided to take the Great Zapfish alongside his army of Octarians.
  • Ascentia: Ascentia's dark secrets become unraveled here.
  • Calamari: The legend of the Squid Sisters and how they moved from Calamari County to Inkopolis to become idols.


  • The four fighting styles are based off the Gunner class from Neople's Dungeon Fighter Online.
  • The Splatoon: Black Faith trilogy has been noted to be the most complex of all Nintendo stories, with the most votes going to "Complex: It should take a second playthrough to fully understand it all."
  • Hector and Bach is based off the name Heckler and Koch.
  • A Chinese/Korean-only version of this game was released for the Chinese/Korean competitive market, and it was nicknamed Splatoon: Black Faith entirely. The difference being that it had no single-player campaign and some exclusive gears.
  • The way of using diamond-shaped icons as landmarks is a reference to Bungie's Destiny.
  • Some of the ideas were taken from Disney's Toontown Online, such as the invasions and the districts.
  • It's more likely that the boarding battles take place between the Reckoning (part 2) and the mainline campaign, because Felice was secretly a manifested traitor, but was never explained to Agent 5 at all, nor was it mentioned in Turf Zero.
  • The Kaiser fighting style is based off the same job term from MapleStory.
  • Octimedes is based on Archimedes.
  • Ironically, while the term matriarch is feminine, Magala is a male.
  • Grandiel is named after Kassias Grandiel from Grand Chase.
  • The title "Richter" is German for the word "judge".
  • The splatket gun is based off the musket gun.
  • Takeshi's Challenge was based off the NES game. Additionally, it was based on the Takeshi's Castle game show from Japan.
  • Project Warhammer is based of the boarding raids from Disney's Toontown Online, as they both undergo a raid of up to 8 players to fight against a major boss with an "unexpected gameplay change".
  • This is the first Splatoon game to feature native-language voice acting.
  • To prevent from hacking unlike the previous 2 games, saves are encrypted via Astralitz Key so only admins of Astralitz can decrypt the save so players may not know which garbled code is which when they try to open it up via Notepad. Different types of Astralitz Key had been used for Gommoth Legends and other competitive games as well.
  • The Matriach Magala's final phase fight is based off the Chief Financial Officer battle from Toontown.
  • Each of the four board bosses have different body forms (short body, tall legs, etc) so players may not copy their looks perfectly. They also are slightly taller in comparison. The idols are notably slightly taller, so even a player cosplaying them cannot copy their looks perfectly to prevent mimicry.



Overall IMPROVEMENTS from Splatoon 2: (The steep amount of improvements that Splatoon: Triple Threat managed to accomplish that Splatoon 2 didn't)

  • ALL-NEW single player campaign that stands out than just being more than just a tutorial (Much more story, and you DON'T fight Octarians this time, instead a new empire that threatens the nations)
  • Four cities and four species, to create in and explore.
  • Much more bigger arcade, with 4 different games in each town.
  • All-new unique battle system ''which focuses on weapons proficiency/skills
  • Dedicated servers to ACTUALLY try to get rid of the disconnections issue. 
  • Much more modes allowing more variety (so you aren't just stuck to just Turf Wars until level 10, Boss Raids, Friendly offline modes, All-Star Turf Wars for hardcore players, etc)
  • More dynamic customization (More customization choices such as pants, gloves, and jewelry and you can NOW switch sub-weapons and special weapons separately from your main weapon)
  • Safety gaps for Ranked (Safety gaps are gaps used in Ranked for when your Rank score drops, it cannot drop beyond this point)
  • Style points to easily reduce the grind (so you can easily grind by getting gud when it comes to splatage, etc)
  • Customization/mods for weapons (so you can customize your weapons through fire rate, ink usage, etc)
  • Cheaper price (priced at $30 while Splatoon 2 was priced at $60) and better value when it comes to content
    • "Why pay more for less?"
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