Splatoon: That's My Turf! I Don't Know You!
Dang ol' fresh, man.
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Shooter
Series Splatoon
Predecessor Splatoon 2
Successor Splatoon: Buttsplatter! Get your Buttsplatter here!
Release Date(s) 4/01/20
Mode(s) Online, Story Mode
Age Rating(s) Teen (T).jpg

Splatoon: That's My Turf! I Don't Know You! is a third person shooter developed by Nintendo in a partnership with FOX, and a crossover between acclaimed series King of the Hill and Nintendo's Splatoon. The game now features King of the Hill's cast being pitted against each other in a multicolored propane outbreak that causes all of its population to gain squid transformation abilities.


On a hot, burning day in Arlen, Texas, Hank Hill is drinking an Alamo Beer can while sitting next to many fans. Suddenly, he gets a call from his boss, Buck Strickland.

  • Hank: This is Hank Hill from Strickland Propane, Taste the Meat, Not the Heat, how may I-
  • Buck: Help me Hank! I tried steal- I mean making and supplying this new, goopy and colorful propane that makes yer burgers taste happy, but now its spilling and spreading!
  • Hank: Oh god. I'll be right there.

Hank gets in his pick-up truck, and drives all the way to Strickland Propane. Buck is out there, struggling against a growing wave of multicolored propane.

  • Buck: Help me Hank! It's expanding really fast!
  • Hank: I'll do what I can.

Hank begins shoveling the gooey propane away from the street, but it's too late. The gushing goop flows down Arlen's streets and down the whole town, sending Hank and Buck flying down with it. Many places are submerged, but the flow soon ends and sinks. Luckily, no one is injured, however, many of Arlen's residents are experiencing tingling and nausea.

At 5:00 that night, the first person turned into a squid. It was Hank, who was trying to lift a cooler out into the alley.

Soon, places are taking advantage of these new powers. A new sport has been made: Turf Wars, which incorporate weapons and propane turf covering into an all new, hip sport. Hank and his friends have no choice but to join, with no way else to make money.


Gameplay is mostly similar to Splatoon. The same map changing and Inkopolis News, now known as Channel 84, run by Nancy Gribble and Miguel Hernandez. The weapons system also returns, practically unchanged from the original Splatoon. Now, players use multicolored propane instead of ink, which provides a change in physics where characters are slightly more slippery, and the "ink" is slightly more watery. You compete in 4 on 4 matches with a random color of propane and fight for the objective. You can splat people to sideline them for a couple of seconds, as well as hide in squid form to go faster and be elusive to the enemy team.

The game also introduces a "class" system, which are characters you can choose before matches (Arlen residents from the original TV show). You can choose them to gain a "special ability", separating itself from Splatoon's, and some have different stats than others, but otherwise there's minimal differences between characters.


In Casual Mode, you play without a ranking system, and instead play for fun and just to level up. The top level is level 50, though more will be added through updates. 2 maps will be picked every 2 hours in rotation, to keep things dang ol' fresh.

  • That's My Turf: In Turf War, you battle it out 4 on 4 to see who can cover the most map in your assigned color of propane in 3 minutes.

In Ranked Mode, you play with a C to S+ rating, climbing up the leaderboard as you win more matches. There are 5 more modes in this game, and you have to wait until Level 10 to participate. You can also play League mode, where you pair up with your friends and battle for glory and for mother Texas.

  • King of the Hill- A classic "capture the point" mode, you must cover a rectangular "point" with your propane color and keep it until your counter runs out. You must defend and attack, which makes it an always-changing mode to conquer.
  • Tower Control- In this mode, you must drive a tower by standing on it to get to a checkpoint in the other team's spawn without getting it taken. The first team to get to the end, or the team to make it the farthest before the time runs out, wins.
  • Alamo Beer Toss- The equivalent to Clam Blitz, there are 100 footballs spread around the map. You can carry 10 at a time, collecting 10 will cause them to form an Medium Rare Football. When you form a Medium Rare Football, you must go to the other team's Alamo Football Toss at their spawn and throw it into the hole in giant beer can. Once you do that, the netting inside it will break for 10 seconds, where your teammates must throw footballs into the hole to lessen your team's counter. Once you toss 100 clams into the other team's hoop, or you get the most before the time runs out, you win. It's a game of offense/defense.
  • Propanemaker- In this mode, you must grab "Lucy the Propane Tank" and take her to the other team's pedestal, located in there spawn. It's basically Capture the Flag, and a manual Tower Control. The first team to make it to the other team's pedestal, or to make it the farthest, wins.
  • Taste the Meat, Not the Heat- In this new mode, 50 grills are scattered around the map in set positions, with propane tanks fueling them. When splashing the tanks underneath the grills with propane, it'll glow in your color and cause them to produce steaks for your team, which will be produced once every 5 seconds for each grill you have in your team's possession, making the amount of grills you have really add up for the number you produce. However, you can also steal the other team's grills by splatting them, making offense and defense a key component to victory. The first team to 500 steaks wins.


Character Description Special Ability
Hank Hill.png
Hank Hill
Hank Hill is the star of the show, a middle-class Texan who lives with wife Peggy and son Bobby. Hank Hill is humble, though don't tick him off or else he'll kick your ass, which he ends up saying so much it's become his catchphrase. Mess with his family or lawn, he'll be sure to give you a firm talking to. He sells propane at Buck Strickland's propane shop. Hank Hill, while quick to get angry, has plenty common sense and is usually the voice of reason around his zany friends. Hank has slightly higher strength than average, though his speed has taken a slight hit, though it's nothing too bad and most of his stats are close to average. Mower
Exclaiming "I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass!", Hank Hill boards his ride-on lawnmower for a 10 seconds. The lawn mower can literally mow over anyone in its path, as well as leave a wide trail of propane where it drives. It can drive in enemy ink, though at a slightly slower pace, and will explode once the time runs out. Takes 800p propane-d to charge.
Peggy Hill
Peggy Hill is Hank's wife and the winner of many "best substitute teacher" awards. Just getting that out of the way. Peggy is an egomaniac, and while she cares for her family and friends, she is very self absorbed and goes to great lengths to cover her tracks, which, more often than not, leads to bad. Peggy is intelligent, however, and is a skilled writer as well. Like Hank, she's got a short temper, but most of that stems from her childhood abuse. Peggy will make sure to stick up a fight no matter how hard it gets. Just don't try to kick her in the crotch- she has no testicles. (She's bluffing! Get her!) Paddlin' Peggy
Yelling "Ho Yeah!", Peggy takes out her paddle and uses it as a melee weapon for 8 seconds. She will then gain the ability to slap nearby opponents, resulting in a 2 hit K.O. It also does a fair bit of knockback. That girl can swing, I tell you hwat.
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill is Hank's lovable son. Bobby is a bit of a loser in terms of school, and he is quite geeky and gross for a young boy. He's very gullible and follows orders most of the time, sometimes being manipulated into doing unfavorable things. Bobby has one hell of a kicking leg, though. He's funny and a bit obnoxious, too. You'll always have a great time when you're around Bobby! New Generation of Music
Bobby mounts a Killer Wail-like speaker, where he can then aim for a split second during the "Hello?" potion. Then, during the "Toilet Sounds" section, a large laser beam is initiated along with a farting sound effect, which will instakill anyone who's caught in the laser. However, they can be avoided since a "warning" is shown before the sound is initiated. Inspired by this scene.


Replacing the always-popular Inkopolis Square, Sugarfoot's is a barbecue restaurant and a popular place in Arlen. In this game, the eatery acts as a "hub world", where you can get to the lobby and play Casual, Ranked and League modes. There are also many other players you've played recently with shown in the lobby, sitting and eating. You can submit drawings and text through a bulletin board to be displayed above your avatar.

You can also go to the shops through Sugarfoot's-

  • Arlen's Gun Club- A vendor for every weapon, ran by Phetsy, a member of the club. You will be able to buy more weapons than the standard "Lil' Propaninator" after you reach level 3, and more weapons will unlock as you progress in the game.
  • Sugarfoot's Treats- A vendor for EXP and Cash boosting foods, the foods ate through here can be retrieved through tickets and will give you stat boosts for a limited amount of games.


Map Description
Rainey Street
Rainey Street is the street that the Hills, the Gribbles, Boomhauer and the Souphanousinphones live on. A long straightaway map, you can turf in many yards, climb up fences, and fight on the roofs of some houses! Many more ground-wise changes have been made, such as differences in height in some parts of the map. Otherwise, it's same ol' Lainey Street, true to mother Texas.
Tom Landry Middle School
The middle school Bobby Hill and his friends attend. It is quite a large map, with many hallways and such. Of course, like all other maps its been symmetrical-ified or whatever you want to call it, though only in map layout as different classes and such appear. In the middle is a giant cafeteria you can use to splat fools, with tables acting as cover and a slight hallway to the left of it that's the lunch line. Off to the right of the map is a rectangular gymnasium that is perfect for splats but not so much avoiding them, without much cover to take account of.
Arlen Mall
Arlen Mall is Arlen's main (and only) Mall. Similar to TLMS, Arlen Mall is mostly hallways (though larger and wider) though it's the first double-decker map in Splatoon history! You can take an escalator in the main, large hallway down to another floor, which is mostly the same as the top floor but with more place to splat! There are many small shops you can also expand your turf into, but nothing too hefty.
Heimlich County Airport
A large and open map, the Airport has one large main room and a couple smaller rooms to fight in. Half the map is outside, where you can fight on the pavement and in an aircraft as well. This map is quite a strange one, with the outside portion being crucial to carry.
Mega-Lo Mart
A grocery store (though not completely since basically everything is in supply here), it can be compared to the MakoMart in Splatoon 2. Many aisles serve a purpose to both evade attacks by propane splattering the walls and luring foes to their doom. You can also fight on top of the aisles at some points. Hiding in buckets of fruit is always a good strategy, and you can often climb between some gaps in the aisles.


There are many different types of weapons in this game, some are taken from Splatoon, and others are completely new.

  • Shooters: Normal shooters that shoot a steady stream of propane bullets.
  • Sniper: Charging, long weapons that have long aim and can one hit K.O if fully charged.
  • Tank: A propane canister re-purposed into a weapon, the Tank will slosh propane forwards.
  • Mini-Mower: The equivalent to a roller, the Mini-Mower is a small push mower that you can roll on the ground to produce a wide stream of propane, and can also fling to slosh it far to do damage at far ranges.
  • Texas Pistol: A long shooter weapon wish shoots long, fast strings of propane in a line at a low, non-automatic fire rate.
Weapon Description Sub
Lil' Propaninator A junior version of the standard Propaninator, the Lil' has a fast fire rate but short range, though it covers a wide area. Propane Blast
Propaninator The normal Propaninator is an all around shooter weapon, with no advantages or disadvantages. Football Burst
Alamo Propaninator A Propaninator clone with a swapped sub. Alamo Sprinkler
Charcolinator No. On The Run Tank
Dale's Sniper Property of the Arlen Gun Club, this is your normal, run-of-the-mill sniper. On the Run Tank
Grasscutter The standard Mower weapon, it is an all-around mower with no advantages or disadvantages. Alamo Sprinkler
Strickland Slosher A tank weapon, which is your all around slosher. Propane Blast
Thatherton Slosher A high damaging but short range slosher. Thatherton! Planted Mine of Texas
The Texan A Texas Pistol which shoots a single bullet which is long, has very far range, and sprays the ground below it, but it has low fire rate. Football Burst
Sweet Ol' Alabama A Texas Pistol with longer range but less fire rate. Propane Blast

Sub Weapons

There are 5 sub-weapons in the game, part of a weapons "kit" which are things like bombs and other high-ink reliant but powerful weapons.

  • Propane Blast- A normal, run of the mill grenade shaped like a propane tank, it is tossed forward and explodes after 1.5 seconds.
  • Football Burst- A weak but instant football that explodes on impact. It isn't ink heavy and covers a fair amount of turf, but doesn't do much damage.
  • On The Run Tank- A tank that's rolled forwards that will explode when it hits a wall or another player. It is powerful yet not reliable for covering ink.
  • Alamo Sprinkler- A tossed beer can that sprays ink in a radius around it until it's destroyed.
  • Planted Mine of Texas- A texas-shaped mine that explodes when an enemy touches it.


  • The main "Splatoon x King of the Hill" crossover was originally IncarnateParanoia (tbc)'s as a joke submission, before EnderLegends decided to claim it. Props to them for the idea.
  • When you lose a rank, you'll receive a shortened version of Hank Hill's famous "You're a loser!" speech in the background of the music.
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