Splatoon: Strike is a game for the Nintendo Gem. It is a HUGE game, and takes elements from the previous games, and expands on them, making things such as multiple towns, a ton of extra gamemodes, and more!

Splatoon: Strike is really EnderLegends' version of a sequel to splatoon, with unrealistic stuff which probs wouldn't fit in one game. It might, I don't know.


The game starts out with a tutorial level, with all of the main aspects explained in it.

You're an Inkling, a humanoid squid with the power to turn full squid and swim in your own color ink. When in an enemy ink color, you slow down and are unable to shoot with accuracy. You battle other people online, playing 8 different battle modes. W

Playing these games gives you Sand Dollars, which are used to buy gear and get mall spaces. Winning obviously gives you more Sand Dollars than losing, and you earn more SD by getting kills in games, and being MVP in games. You can't buy some gear until you reach a certain level. You can also use SD to buy mall spaces, which will be explained later.

Each weapon has a different Sub-Weapon and Special Ability. Sub-Weapons are thrown items, such as Bombs. Special Abilities have a meter dedicated to them which fills up when inking turf. When full, you can press a button to activate it.

A new feature is First-Person Mode, which allows the user to play the game in first person. It is swapped to 3rd Person when in Squid Mode.


You have 4 cities in the area to explore. Each city is large in capacity, about 4 times the size of the first game's inkopolis. Each city can be traversed to by using the Minnow Metro, which will be explained later. Each city has a Mall, which is now a fully traversal building. You can buy things from stores, which are run by either CPU characters, like in the first game, OR are run by players, which will also be explained later.

The 4 cities are-

  • The new and improved Inkopolis, home of the Inklings. Many outsiders from the other cities come to visit, as the Inkopolis Tower is a hot sightseeing location. Inkopolis is based on a mix of New York (in the splatfests) and Tokyo (the features). The mall here is called Booyah Base, The popular sports here are the Turf War and Splat Zones games. The special thing here is that there is a manhole which leads you straight to Octo Valley.
  • The one and only, Jellonto. This city, which is based off of Toronto, is shaped after a jellyfish. It has many tall towers sprouting out of it, and its mall is called "Sting Shopland". The popular sports here are Deathmatch and Splat Climbers. Jellonto it stands out as the only place to activate Amiibos.
  • Eeltaly
  • Star Francisco

Minnow Metro

Buying a Mall Space

You must be Level 10 or over to buy a space in a chosen mall. You get to choose your theme, and create things to sell, such as designs on hats and model and create new weapons to sell. It takes 10,000 SD to buy a Mall Space, and then you have to pay 1,000 SD every time you make a new piece of gear to sell. You also get to decide the level people have to be to buy the items, but it must be under level 30. You can decide the price too, but it must be under 15,000 dollars. After you complete your space, people in the mall can visit it and buy your items, and you'll get the money they pay. However, you have to pay a weekly fine, which is 2,000 dollars. If you fail to pay this, your space is gone.

Game Modes

There are 12 ink colors

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Lime Green
  • Yellow
  • Dark Green
  • Light Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Cyan
  • Black
  • Brown

Turf War

Accessible from Inkopolis, and is the signature sport of Splatoon: Strike. The way it works is players are split into two teams of 4. You must cover the most ground with your color ink in 3 minutes. The team with the most ground inked wins.

Mega Turf War

Like turf war, and again, accessible from Inkopolis. However, instead of 2 teams of 4, there are 4 teams of 4, making it extra chaotic.

Splat Zones

Tower Control

Splat Climbers


Arcade Games



  • Splattershot Jr.
  • Splattershot
  • Tentatek Splatershot





Amiibo Support

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