Splatoon: Splash with Style! is a sequel to the original Splatoon released for the Wii U in 2017 after the original's success.


The game contains two stories: Hero Mode, which works just like in the first game and anoter story mode known as "Campaign Mode", which is a story separated in missions that are released every so often to continue a small campaign, these campaigns usually require you to team up with the other players instead of battling them but there are some exceptions here and there.

Hero Mode

In Hero Mode you'll play through various stages with a story revolving the "Sharklings", one more underwater species that somehow survived the rising sea levels millions of years ago but hid in cave because of the superior enemies, but now that they've managed to snag the "Wash-It-All Gizmo 285", this machine is able to dispense a certain mix of water with potent chemicals, and this mix known as "Cleenium" just so happens to be the only thing able to wipe out ink, which is why it's used only to clean up areas after Turf Wars, but now that it's in the hands of the Sharklings they'll be able to weaponize it and use it to take down and enslave both Inklings and Octolings.

Cap'n Cuttlefish leaves a note made to reunite the gang that originally took down DJ Octavio and can be found inside one of the dark alleyways in the main hubworld (though only his eyes can be seen until the player accepts to play), after finally meeting him in person, he tries to suit the player up with the Hero Suit originally worn by the hero who took down DJ Octavio and since it somehow manages to fit the player, he thinks he's the hero that originally beat Octavio. After that, he and Agent 1 and 2 meet inside a secret underground base in the sewers and the duo of agents reveals that they're actually the famous celebrities "Callie" and "Marie", known as the idol band, "Squid Sisters" .

Throughout the game, Callie and Marie appear in stages and help out the player by unlocking new areas, teaching the player new techniques and in some stages even attack enemies. If you lose in a stage 15 times in a row, you'll get a power-up known as "Copter Call", if you decide to use it you'll be able to call a helicopter piloted by Cap'n Cuttlefish where he'll drop either Callie or Marie in a mech suit where she'll proceed to help the player fight enemies or get through hard platforming sections until a certain point.

After 24 stages, you'll reach the Sharklings' main base of operations, the "Sharcaves", along with the Squid Sisters , in this place the characters finds out that they've been working on a genetically altered Sharkling known as "The Megalodon", the project is led by "Professor Jawsper" who they find and capture, trying to convince him to shut down the project, but he turns on a strange gizmo which fires a laser about to hit the player until it's blocked by the Squid Sisters, who are supposedly desintegrated.

After that, you fight through 4 more stages where you'll be repeatedly ambushed by two mysterious individuals covered in shadows until you reach the Boss Stage, where they're revealed to be the Squid Sisters, who jump on their respective mechs and fight against the player, who finds out that they were brainwashed by Jawster's gizmo after defeating them and goes after him, only to find out he has freed The Megalodon, who he starts controlling with a NES controller.

Once you beat The Megalodon and Jawsper, the Sharklings involved with the project are arrested, and after some peace treaties are signed, the non-hostile Sharklings decide to live in peace with the Inklings after finding out their community isn't that bad (once you beat Hero Mode you'll start seeing Sharklings in the hubworld).


The game, apart from new weapons, introduces many new features along with the concept of "Style Change", the game's main gimmick highly inspired by Megaman Battle Network 2 and 3. It's important to note that the teams are now of 8 people each instead of 4, meaning that the maps are a little adjusted to become slightly bigger.

Riffing Reef

Riffing Reef is the hubworld for this game, while it's still has the urban feel from the original, it's much more "kingdom-looking", with giant towers made out of corals and old rocky structures, in this hubworld you also have the ability to use SuperJump to get to higher spots and get a better view and turn into a squid to run up walls with "Perma-Ink" (permanent ink sticked on walls), as well as underwater spots you can swim through.

Ridable Vehicles

Each team has a small base with 2 vehicles: A car and a motorcycle, though other vehicles can spawn randomly throughout the map and are up for grabs for both teams, these vehicles all work differently and allow you to get around the maps faster.

New Squid Techniques and Stamina

The game now gives you the ability to use Meelee Weapons for close-range combat or precise inking! As well as a new Stamina Gauge, if it's filled enough you can do cool tricks such as running on walls temporarily, performing higher jumps and even bouncing off of teammates, with enough stamina you can even perform a "Hyper Dash" in Squid Form that allows you to dash and even stun enemies if you crash into them.

Style Change

The game's main gimmick, Style Change! Each player has their unique playing style that helps the team in different ways, and we want to emphasize the focus on individual playing styles via the new Style Change concept! If you keep playing in a certain style, you'll eventually get a new form known as "Style" that will enhance those techniques, and if you keep playing with those techniques with your new form you can level it up and get better enhancements! The styles in this game include:

  • FistStyle - If you like using meelee weapons alot, this is the style for you! Your meelee abilities are now enhanced along with the ability to perform chains of attacks!
  • GuardStyle - If you're the defensive type who likes setting up shields, auras and traps, you'll get GuardStyle! Now equipped with a super-armor, you take more shots before exploding and you get the ability to temporarily put a small shield to deflect small attacks! Keep leveling up this ability and you'll get the power to put up big shields to protect the teammates around you!
  • SneakStyle - You like using parkour techniques and being all sneaky-sneaky? Then you'll probably get SneakStyle, which enhances your stealth abilities along with your Parkour Gauge!
  • TeamStyle - You're better at working in teams and you like using abilities that help others? Then you're getting TeamStyle! If you're close to a friend you can enhance his energy as well as having the ability of sharing any positive effect with all of your teammates!
  • GroundStyle - You like using Squid form ALOT? GroundStyle is the one for you, then! It makes you slower but your Hyper Dash is powered up and you can stomp on the ground to create ink waves if you land on ink.
  • ScopeStyle - You don't like moving around alot, do you? You prefer hitting enemies from afar with sniper weapons! That's why ScopeStyle's the one for you! Every range weapon gets a sniper scope and even more range for hitting enemies that are way too far from your spot!

Underwater Spots

In several stages, there are spots where Inklings can go underwater if it's deep enough, when they do so they automatically turn into squid form, where they can fill the water with ink by using Hyper Dashes and other Tricks, as well as using those to fight against squids from other teams that are also underwater.

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