Splatoon: Reloaded
Developer(s) Fritez Franchise
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo NX
Release Date(s)
TBA 2016
Single Player, Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3RatingA CERO cero
Genre(s) Third-Person Shooter
Series Splatoon
Media Included Optical Disk
Digital Download

Splatoon: Reloaded  is the sequel to Splatoon and is produced by Fritez Franchise. Although not many new mechanics are introduced, the game has alot of new modes and improvements from the original that deem it worthy of being titled a sequel. The game is to be released somewhere in 2016, two years from its predecessor.


Splatoon: Reloaded stays true to the basic gameplay of it's predecessor: a third person shooter in which two teams of four duke it out, the twist being that gaining territory (or turf as it's referred to) is much greater than netting kills. Each player is a humanoid race called the Inklings wielding paint dispensing weaponry that coats the map in ink, they also possess the uncanny ability to morph into a squid which allows them to swim in the ink to cover ground faster, scale walls, refill ink supply and play stealthy. The objective in each match (known as a Turf Wars) is to coat the most map in your team's ink color, at the end of the turf war the team with the most turf conquered is granted victory. Enemy ink cannot be swam in and when walked on the player's movement speed lowers drastically, if a player is hit too much by enemy ink then they will explode in that ink color and become forced to respawn from their team's spawn point. A helpful technique possessed by Inklings is the Super Jump which allows them to jump in the squid forme to the player selected on either the GamePad or a map on the TV screen should a Nunchuk or Classic controller be in usage.

Weapons are also a vital part of the fundamental gameplay, there are three weapon slots those being Main, Sub and Special Weapons. There are so many types of weapons in each category but all weapons in each category follow a basic principle, Main Weapons are what the player uses as their go-to weapon for gaining turf and dispatching foes, Sub Weapons are objects such as bombs that are only really helpful in certain situations and should only be used in certain situations as they use up alot of ink when used, Special Weapons are very powerful weaponary capable of affecting the entire map but can only be utilized once a gauge is filled, to fill the said gauge the player must cover unclaimed or enemy turf, respawning greatly diminishes this gauge.

As the player participates in online matches and such they will gain experience points, which will cause the player to level up once enough are obtained. Levels are referred to ingame as "freshness" and initially the maximum level is 20, each level requiring more experience points than the last. In order to purchase items in the shops level 5 must be at least achieved and to play ranked battles level 10 must be achieved as well. Also once the player levels up more weapons are revealed for purchase.


While there isn't a signifigant amount of content at the game's realease


  • Should an ally be hit by any of thier own team's ink it will slightly refill thier ink supply, allowing teammates to sacrifice some of thier ink supply to assists their fellow teammates.
  • Players are now allowed to zoom in, greatly aiding the Charger class.
  • Walls are granted much more importance than the previous installment, as they now count towards the team's total at the end of the game and help boost the special meter. Players no longer passively slide down walls and they can even cling onto a wall and use weapons while doing so.
  • Abilities are now completely separate features making clothing articles purely cosmetic.
  • Weapons no longer have preset combinations allowing infinite potential for various playstyles. Buying weapons however is still the same as they come in a predetermined combination with a suggested playstyle.
  • Once a equipped set of weapons and abilities are created the player can save that set and name it so that they may select it once again.

Game Modes

Turf War

A basic mode that stays true to the gameplay stated above, here the player must utilize only their equipped weapons, abilities and teamwork to cover as much turf as they possibly can within two minutes. Unless the mode is played locally the map played on will be randomly selected from the current two maps, which will change every hour in atomic time, colors and teammates are also selected at random but weapons and abilities can be changed in the lobby via a quick and easy customization slot that allows the player to quickly scroll through their Main, Sub and Special Weapons without worrying about excess information or stats. As the player claims turf and splatters opponents they will obtain points viewed at the end to show how effective they were in the battle, these points translate into experience points after the battle.

Every so often Splatfests are announced which are optional to participate in, should the player participate they will be forced to choose between two sides and everytime they play their ink will always be the same color representing the team they picked. When a match is won by a side than that side's victory will be added to a worldwide total, and if that side's total victories is the highest at the end of the Splatfest than that team will be awarded with currency, weaponary and even Super Sea Snails which can be given to Spyke for certain benefits.



Splat Zones

Capture the Tower

Graffiti Trial




Standard Enemies




Launch Series


Launch Series



Launch Series

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