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Splatoon: Inkmania is the first handheld instalment in the Splatoon franchise, released at the start of 2019 for the Nintendo 4D Viewer. It takes place some time between the first and second Splatoon games.


The core gameplay of the game is the same as most Splatoon games. The player can move around the area and use their equipped weapon to cover surfaces in paint and attack enemies. The controls are as follows...

  • Circle Pad: Used for movement in all eight directions.
  • D-Pad: Used to turn around and adjust your aim.
  • R: Attack with your equipped weapon. Doing so will use up the player's supply of ink.
  • L: Used to enter squid form. While in squid form, you can move faster and regenerate ink over time, so long as you are in ink of your own colour.
  • A: Used to jump.
  • B: Used to activate the uses of sub-weapons. Sub-weapons can be used at any time, though a lot of ink is lost when using them.
  • Y: Used to activate the uses of special weapons. Special weapons must be charged before use by filling up the Special Gauge, which is filled as you cover terrain in ink.
  • X: Used to pause.



Name Description Range Damage Fire Rate
Splattershot This simple, well-balanced weapon has become somewhat iconic among Inkling society. Most shooters possess automatic firing capabilities, allowing you to keep shooting so long as you keep the R button held! 10 9 12
Splattershot Jr A miniature version of the iconic Splattershot. Its specialised components allow for a faster attack rate, in exchange for less range and damage. 7 5 15
Splattershot Pro A specialised make of the iconic Splattershot. The range and damage are greater than the normal version, though the attack speed isn't quite as quick. 14 12 8
Scatter Splatter This specialised shooter fires bursts of four paint blobs each with every shot. Each individual shot isn't that powerful, but the four of them together offer great coverage! 12 8 11
Splatter Spray This splattershot has ineffective aim, causing its shots to frequently fly off-target. It shouldn't be used if you're trying to focus on a specific target, but is great for colouring an area! 8 7 16
Charge Splatter This interestingly designed shooter cannot fire automatically. Instead, holding down R will charge up a shot. This essentially makes the Charge Splatter a combination of a shooter and a charger. 9 12 10


Name Description Range Charge Speed Mobility
Splat Charger Chargers are capable of charging their shots, hence the name, and are best used from far away. This is the basic model for chargers, with a great range to help in sniping distant enemies. 18 10 8
Splatterscope The scope added to this charger makes it easier to aim its long-range shots at distant enemies. While using the scope, however, your vision is limited, so be careful when you launch an attack! 18 10 6
Speed Charger This charger has a series of adjustments to allow for well-balanced functionality. This balance of effects make it best for those who are trying to get used to the style of a charger. 12 12 12
Auto Charger Unlike most chargers, which charge up singular powerful shots, this weapon will keep on firing weak shots so long as you keep the R button held. This fast-firing attack proves useful in spreading paint. 15 15 6
Sniping Scope A scope-based charger with rather strange fluidity. Simply put, the projectiles that it shoots start out weak, but gain power as they fly. Although great from far away, this weapon won't work well if you get surrounded. 15 12 7


Name Description Range Ink Speed Handling
Splat Roller Rollers are a special kind of weapon - instead of shooting projectiles, they paint the turf that you run across while R is held. A quick tap of R will also allow you to use the roller as a melee weapon! 10 9 11
Carbon Roller This roller is lighter than most, giving you extra speed and easier handling. It doesn't cover as large an area as the standard make, though. 5 13 12
Twin Rollers The art of using two smaller rollers together. Their small size makes them easier to handle, although their combined weight will restrict the speed at which you can run with them. 12 6 12
Rolling Roller The Rolling Roller wildly spits ink as it rolls, offering great coverage but low damage. Some say this weapon could be connected to the Octarians somehow... 10 12 10
Inkbrush A spin on the roller weapons, this paintbrush covers a small area, but is exceptionally light, allowing for great speed and handling. It's best used to escape tricky situations. 1 20 20
Bizarre Brush For some reason, this colourful brush will cause the one who carries it to move it in a side-to-side fashion. Its basic function still matches other brushes, however. 3 19 19


Name Description Range Damage Handling
Slosher This bucket-like weapon is used to splatter turf and enemies at close range. Unlike most weapons, the Slosher deals consistent damage no matter how far its ink travels. 10 18 11
Giant Slosher This giant slosher is powerful and covers a wide area, but has a slower attack rate and is harder to control. Although hard to make the most out of, it can be devastating in the right hands. 15 20 4
Short Slosher This slosher has a short range, but it's ink is still as powerful as ever! With better coverage than most sloshers, this weapon is a must-have for splat zones. 5 19 9
Tri-Slosher This slosher is divided into three sections, greatly altering the area that it affects. It overall sacrifices power and range for easy handling. 8 16 14
Slosher Fan For those who enjoy the potency of a Slosher and the automatic firing of a shooter. Its overall functionality is well-balanced, just like most shooters, making it a good weapon in varied situations. 14 12 13
Sloshing Machine A slosher that's sure to put a right "spin" on the battlefield! Even though it's not quite as easy to handle, its damage output and range are great, so it can easily "wash" away competition! 11 19 9


Name Description Range Charge Speed Mobility
Mini Splatling Splatling weapons fire a volley of ink blobs all at once, and can be charged to increase the size of the volley. This basic model has a rather short range and poor ink efficiency, but makes up for this with its light weight and great charge speed! 12 16 18
Omega Splatling The Omega Splatling is a powerful weapon, which in the right hands can devastate a battlefield. Its charge speed is the longest of all weapons, so make sure to take cover. It makes up for the long charge speed with great range and damage. 20 5 8
Wave Splatling A specially made Splatling which fires projectiles in three directions. Although lacking in power, its wide coverage helps amplify its use! 16 15 16
Heavy Splatling This Splatling is, true to its name, heavy and restricting to its wielder's mobility, and possesses a long charge time. Thankfully, its great range helps compensate for these weaknesses. 16 8 10
Bomb Splatling A rather interesting Splatling loaded with Splat Bombs, which will explode shortly after they touch a surface. It's not reliable for hitting surfaces, but covers a great area with its paint! 20 4 10


Name Description
Splat Bomb A simple-but-effective weapon that, when you throw it, hangs around before exploding, scattering paint in the blast radius. They're not the most effective, but they don't use much ink and can deal great damage - if your enemy doesn't notice them...
Burst Bomb This explosive doesn't cover as much turf as the Splat Bomb, nor does it do as much damage. But it explodes immediately on contact, making it better for landing a direct hit!
Sprinkler When thrown, the Sprinkler sticks to the first surface it touches, and proceeds to cover its surrounding area in your team's colour! Effective for keeping an area covered in ink - just keep in mind that your enemies can destroy the Sprinkler.
Point Sensor When thrown, this item surrounds the area in colourful mist. The mist will tag enemy Inklings, allowing members of your team to see them through barriers. Useful for when there's a particular enemy who you want your team to deal with!

Special Weapons

Name Description
Bomb Rush Go on a Bomb Rush to throw as many bombs as you can within a short time period! Whichever bomb you have as your sub-weapon - Splat Bomb or Burst Bomb - will be your ammo for this attack!
Bubbler Use the Bubbler to shield yourself from damage. This serves as a good complement to aggressive playstyles. Just remember that it won't protect you from being squished by a roller!
Inkstrike Prepare your Inkstrike, tap a point on the Touch Screen map, and watch as a tornado of paint engulfs that point! It's powerful and extremely satisfying, but it also takes its time in recharging, so make it count!
Inkzooka The Inkzooka blasts towering pillars of paint straight ahead. It's super-powerful, both for damaging and ink-spreading purposes. Be warned, though - you can't use your main or sub-weapon while holding the Inkzooka!

Hero Mode

Hero Mode is the game's main game mode. This mode follows a series of structured stages, with a story to go along with them.


The Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, also known as Agent 1 and Agent 2, receive a message from the Octrois triplets, who plan to trade their special supplies of paint with the Inkling society. The two have differing opinions on this request, choosing to send out an application to ask for help.


Name Image Description
Squid Sisters Inkmania Squid Sisters On the left is Callie, and on the right is Marie - they're the Squid Sisters, the famous pop idols of Inkopolis! They also go by other names - Agent 1 and Agent 2, respectively - though not many Inklings know these names. What they do under these personas is a mystery...

Stage Gimmicks

Name Details
Propeller If there is a platform with a propeller on it, shooting paint into the propeller will make the platform move in a given direction.
Gusher Shoot paint into a Gusher to make it spray paint of the given colour straight up.
Canvas Covering a canvas entirely in paint will activate a special effect.
Invisible Platform These platforms can only be seen if covered in paint.
Balloon Fish If a balloon fish is hit by paint, it bursts, covering an area in that colour.
Ride Rail Jump onto a ride rail to grind across it to another area. If you are on a ride rail and come near another ride rail, tilt the Circle Pad towards that rail to jump onto it.
Splat-Switch Shoot a splat-switch with ink to activate special effects on a nearby object.
Sponge Block Sponge blocks initially appear small, but if hit with paint will enlarge and cover themselves in that colour for some time.
Inkrail Shooting ink at an Inkrail Source will generate a trail of ink leading to another Inkrail Source. You can move quickly and easily along the ink trail while in squid form.


Name Details
Octotrooper The most common fighters that the Octarians send at you. Their projectiles are slow and infrequent, and they don't have much health, but they often appear in large groups.
Twintacle Octotrooper An Octotrooper with twice as many tentacles. They fire much larger numbers of projectiles than their cousins.
Octosniper The Octosniper wields a Charger-like weapon, which has a very long range and deals heavy damage. While powerful, their attacks are infrequent and telepathed by a laser pointer.
Octocommander Armed with a Splatling, these enemies will charge up for a long time before letting loose a barrage of ink shots. After attacking, however, they become dizzy, so take that chance to finish them off!
Octocopter A simple Octotrooper with a propeller-equipped helmet. They fly high in the air, but they're otherwise the same as their grounded counterparts.
Shielded Octotrooper A normal or Twintacle Octotrooper with a shield in front of them. The shield can block a lot of shots, so it's best to get behind them to deal damage!
Snorkel Octotrooper A normal or Twintacle Octotrooper with a snorkel. When you're far away, they can hide in Octarian ink, so get up close to finish them off!
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