Splatoon: Code Angkor
Developer(s) Nintendo, Reaper Games, Destructive Creations
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo Destiny, DarkReaper.
Genre(s) Action-adventure, first person shooter
Series Splatoon: Gems of Darkness
Predecessor n/a
Successor Splatoon: L.A.N.O.X
Release Date(s) 2018
Mode(s) Single player, cooperative muiltplayer
Age Rating(s) ESRB: M


Media Included Nintendo Disc, Destiny Card, Reaper Floppy.

Splatoon: Code Angkor is a Splatoon spinoff game that does not feature any muiltplayer battles. Instead, two soldiers named Farley and Mohacas who have to defeat Dr. Angkor from destroying Inkopolis. It also has voice chat, unlike other Splatoon games.


Dr. Max Angkor is hired by the Octolings to make a giant laser cannon to destroy Inkopolis. Agents 1 and 2, discover this situation, so Agents 6 and 7 aka Farley and Mohacas are hired. They go through a long adventure to reach Dr. Angkor's fortress. After defeating Dr. Max Angkor, they recover the first Gem of Darkness, and they find a code called "Angkor", and the data downloaded was discovered to come from District L.A.N.O.X.


1: The Assembly

2: The Return to Octo Valley

3: The Revenge

4: Octopolis

5: The Ascent

6: Dr. Angkor's Fortress

7: The Final Battle

Exclusive Features

Blueprint System

  • Build new weapons and armor
  • Get blueprints from treasure chests and monsters
  • Get pieces of the Golden Blueprint to unlock The Avenger!

Android Claw

  • Build mods for the Android Claw; explosions, Ink Turrets, etc.
  • Master the skills of the Android Claw, which you can slash with, deflect, etc.
  • Upgrade it to dismember Octolings!


You start with the 3 weapons; Shooter, Charger, and Launcher, and the rest of them you build them!


  • Shoots ink at a rapid pace.
  • Instead of turning into a squid to refill ink. you get ink batteries that drop from enemies.


  • Hold trigger to fire at a long range
  • Some are spread out, and some are straight.


  • Fire explosive ink bombs
  • Slow fire pace

The Avenger

  • The secret weapon from the Golden Blue Prints
  • Has 100 on all stats
  • Fires lasers that bounce off enemies

Flechette Shooter

  • Shoots slicing needles instead of ink that do high damage
  • Slower than the Shooter but faster then the Charger
  • Rare drop from Elite Octolings.

Ricochet Shooter

  • Shoots ink springs that bounce of enemies
  • Low damage, but fast.
  • Poor ammo, drains batteries faster.

Plasma Rifle

  • Shoots green blasts that slice enemies
  • Slow speed, but has a 100 in Damage.
  • Second highest range of all weapons, behind The Avenger.

Buzzsaw Launcher

  • Shoots buzzsaws that can bounce off walls!
  • Slice Octolings' heads off!
  • Bad against metal enemies, but good against fleshy enemies.

Octarian Flamethrower

  • Shoots flames that set enemies on fire!
  • Burn Octolings to the ground!
  • Bad against metal enemies, but good against explosive objects and certain enemies.

Plasma Emitter

  • Shoots short-ranged plasma waves.
  • Pierces enemies and ignores armor.
  • Works well on all types of enemies.


  • Shoots ion swirls that spin in circles!
  • Good for spy attacking Octosnipers.
  • Very good against OctoPhantoms.

Homing Inklauncher

  • Shoots homing missiles that are locked-on.
  • Good for long range battles.
  • Not very effective against OctoPhantoms though.

Inkross Vassal

  • Shoots exploding ink orbs!
  • Low range battles!
  • Unlock the Overcharge skill!

Demon Splatling

  • Shoot ink at a rapid pace!
  • Charge up to shoot lasers!
  • Bad against spread out enemies.


Suction Bomb

  • Throw them at medium range
  • Make Octolings explode!
  • Good damage.

Bear Spikes

  • Throw them at close range
  • Make Octolings get toxic!
  • Worst against metal targets.

Acid Bomb

  • Throw them at walls
  • Make Octolings turn into skeletons!
  • Good against metal targets



  • Turn invincible!


  • Bulldoze enemies to shreds!
  • You can still be killed by toxic ink, though.


  • Replaces your attack with lightning!
  • Hits 10 times per shot!

Alipheese's Lamp II

  • Drink the milk inside the lamp!
  • Get supercharged and do twice as more damage!


  • Fires in 2 stances!
  • First stance is homing missiles. Fire 12 missiles at your enemies!
  • Second stance is drilling explosion. Make your enemies suffer at point blank!


  • Scan for enemies on your map!


  • Shoot lasers around you!
  • Next lasers rain down!
  • And then a final explosion!

Ophelia the Octoling

Introducing Ophelia the Octoling, a singer from the Octarians who is on the Inkling's side. She reveals to players the true colors of the Octarian language, which was though to be gibberish. All of her songs are in English, but have Octarian lyrics. Some of the songs are from the Squid Sisters, except in Octarian language.

Players can find floppies which unlock new songs.

Number Songs Duration
1 Jewels of Time 2:30
2 Squid Sisters Splatfest (Octarian) 2:10
3 Lullaby for a Young Inkling 6:44
4 Simple 4:45
5 Moonlight Rhapsody 5:10
6 Fuel the Melody (Octarian) 2:30
7 Ophelia's Brew 3:30
8 Moondancer 3:10
9: You and Me (Octarian) 2:45


  • This is the first Splatoon game not to focus on fighting other Inklings.
  • According to the developers, Inkross Vassal was originally called Raul's Vassal, a overpowered mount in Elsword.
  • Although Agent 5 is revealed to be Ophelia the Octoling, a Octoling on Inkopolis's side, there was never a Agent 4.
    • However, in the ending of Splatoon L.A.N.O.X, it was teased that Agent 4's identity will be revealed.
  • This is the first Splatoon game to have voicechat.
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