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Splatoon Artistic Onsalught
Developer(s) Yveltal717
Publisher(s) Yveltal717
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Japan Flag March 12th, 2016
Flag of Europe January 21th, 2017
Flag of USA June 18th, 2016
Canada December 18th, 2017
Age Rating(s)
ERSB: ERating Everyone
PEGI: 3Rating Ages 3 and older
Genre(s) 3rd Person Shooter
Series Splatoon
Media Included Wii U Disk
 Splatoon:Artistic Onslaught is a 3rd person shooter,developed by Yveltal717. Like it's predecessor Splatoon the game revolves around controlling these "Squid-Humanoid" characters,called Inklings. Your goal as an inkling is to use weapons to cover a playing field, in paint, of your own color. There are a wide variety of weapons,colors and 2 new species to play as: Octolings and Cuttlings .

Playable Characters

Player Species

In Splatoon: Artistic Onslaught there are 3 species of "Squid-Humanoid" characters to play as. Inklings, Octolings, and Cuttlings 

Player Color Selection (Default)

In Splatoon: Artistic Onslaught, Instead of having around 7 colors, there are 12 different colors avaliable to all playable characters. The colors are avaliable:

Color Select

Player Color Selection (Unlockable)

Unlockable Color Selection

Unlocking Methods

  • Cyan - Clear the first 15 Levels in "Campaign/Story Mode".
  • Brown - Buy 20 Articles of Clothing
  • Silver- Win 50 Turf Wars
  • Gold- Win 100 Turf Wars
  • Spectrum- Clear the game,by getting a perfect rank on every "Campaign/Story Mode" mission and unlock all of the weapons.



Name & Portrait Level Unlocked Stats Description Class Price

Basic Splatter



(Starting Weapon)

  • Power - 35/100
  • Fire Rate - 50/100
  • Range-50/100

The most basic weapon in the game,achieve from the very beginning. While it's power is below mediocre standards,it has a decent Firing Rate and Range.

It's tank is similar to that of a Turkey Baster,as you have to pump it whenever your in your own Ink.

Gun N/A

 Splatster - X


  • Power - 50/100
  • Fire Rate - 60/100
  • Range-60/100

A slighty more advanced version of the Basic Splatster,with improved stats in all categories.

It has grown past it's Turkey Baster State,and actually has a non-squeezing tank.


'1500  'Coins



  • Power - 20/100
  • Fire Rate - 100/100
  • Range-20/100

A gun that has a perfect Fire Rate,but is lacking in range and power. 

Though it does fire ink rapidly,it requires that you submerge yourself in ink often,as you use up most of the ink in your gun very quickly.

Gun 1500 Coins



  • Power - 45/100
  • Fire Rate - 45/100
  • Range-80/100
A gun that fires a a massive splotch of ink. It has near average stats regarding its Power and Firing Rate,but it has an outstanding Range stat. Gun

'3000  'Coins




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