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Developer(s) Ninkancho
Genre(s) Third-person shooter
Predecessor Squidkid Genesis
Successor Umbrella Waffle (any% timeline)
TBA (100% timeline)
Splatendo: Splatoon x Fantendo, Splatendo for short, is an online multiplayer non-canon Fantendoverse post-apocalyptic third-person shooter videogame based on Splatoon. It takes place in an alternate Fantendoverse where universal warming made sea levels rise across the galaxies, and sea creatures evolved to populate the remaining land. Ink-based creatures compete in sports matches known as "Turf Wars", the goal of which is to cover the most land in a team's ink color.




Each character has different stats and a unique special weapon.


CharacterDescriptionSpecial weapon
UntentacleAn adorable blue bear-like squid-like thing with electric powers and fighting skills. He's the closest thing to the jack of all stats.TBA
SquaptainSquaptain is another fairly well-rounded character, stat-wise. He's the leader of the Squap Squid Squad, which basically consists of his friends and him.Super Guap


CharacterDescriptionSpecial weaponUnlock criteria


Splatendo will have a large amount of various weaponry, much of it based on that of several Fantendo series.


ShooterDescriptionSub weapon
Squap ShotBased on Guaptain's Mini-Laser Gun, the Squap Shot has a wide range and good accuracy, but not much coverage. It's best used on the offense.Squap Bomb
An ink-filled explosive that covers a fair bit of turf. You don't have to wear a Bomb Shirt to throw these!


Online multiplayer

Turf War




Story Mode

Splatendo is set to have an original Story Mode that will deal with planetary travel, the universal climate change, and its cause. Overall, the mode will feature much content from and nods to Fantendo series, especially those that aren't otherwise represented in the game.

Each stage has three Head Medals, strange medallions in the shape of Untentacle's head. Their design is based off of Unten's original appearance, in which he was just a disembodied head. Collecting all of the Head Medals before playing the final stage will unlock an alternate ending, creating a timeline where the events of the game don't connect to Umbrella Waffle.



  • The idea for Splatendo arose from a joke about a crossover between Splatoon and the Fantendoverse.
  • Untentacle was originally named Squnten.

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