The Plan. The Sew'n has accidentally drawn with four legs.
Greater Location Hood'em World of Fun
Current Inhabitant(s)
Peach The Hood'em

Man with glasses Man with key and glasses Splash! riders

Location Type Ride


At the front of the queue

A Peach Hood'em guides the rider(s) onto the boat. If there are 1 or 2, they will try to group you to a 3 or 4, to shorten queue times.


The riders are sent down a chute. The chute lasts for about a minute. Then the riders arrive at a cone, that they go round in a circle, untill they reach the middle, where they are lead to another chute, which lasts for about a minute and a half. Once the riders get out the chute, they go down a mini slide which is about 1m high. It slides them down to a cone on it's side, which they spin left and right, until their boat finds their way to the next chute. This one however, only lasts for about 25 seconds. Rapids are waiting at the end of the chute, where the riders are sent really fast across them. On the way to the shark tank, there is a lifesize model of The Sewn. Then, it is still rapids, but there is a glass bit around the rider, and you can see into the shark tank, and it feels to them like they are in the same water as the sharks. At the end, they have to get off at the wave machine.

Position in the park

This is the furthest to to North West of the park as it can be. It is next to the Wave Machine.

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