Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS
Series Splatoon
Predecessor Splatoon
Successor Spla3n
Release Date(s) May 2017
Age Rating(s) ESRB: E10


Spla2n is the sequel to Splatoon. Joining Agent 3 in the return to fight against the Lords of Polis, along with 60 stages (excluding bosses) in the single player campaign.


After DJ Octavio is defeated, space station Squid Research Lab, run by an ally known as the Grandians, reported a signal coming through their radars known as the Lords of Polis, a Koopa-like team. Agent 3 returns to fight against the Lords of Polis and Queen Radioactive.


Type Mode Name Description
Regular Turf Wars Ink the most turf to win!
Regular Cardio Get all of the cards to win!
Ranked Splat Zones
Ranked Tower Control
Ranked Rainmaker
Ranked Territory Defense 6 Inklings must defend a Zapfish beacon from Octarians or Lords of Polis (depends on rotation)
Raid Splat Boss Raid 12 Inklings have 15 minutes to destroy a giant boss, with several hundred thousand HP and deadly attacks. (You can only win only once per rotation to prevent grinding as it gives 1000 - 5000 exp)

Splat Boss Raid

Boss Name Description

A giant Octarian robot with lasers, Octostrikes, and fists that do 9999 damage.

Victory Animation: The Octotrion falls into the abyss and explodes.

Niki the Dark Angel

A Inkling with black hair, a red dress, and with a magic wand. Attacks are meteors, magic missiles,

Victory Animation: Niki dissolves into black orbs of energy.

Starship Kylix

Starship Kylix is the single player campaign location. Agent 3 gets there via spaceship.

Chapters Total Levels (excludes boss) Boss
1 5 Poliszard
2 7 Polisplosion
3 9 Poliskachu
4 11 Polisken
5 13 Polismagius
6 13 Polisvoir
7 2 Queen Radioactive


Extra Name Description How to Unlock
Music Player Play music by various bands! Rescue a hidden DVD in one of the stages
Audio Machine Combine sounds to make dialogue! Beat the game
How to Speak Inkling Learn to speak Inkling! Find the Squid-Genie video with Inkling lyrics
NES Splatoon What if Splatoon was on NES? Get every scroll in Splatoon.
Band Sing-along English lyrics will appear during songs in the Music Player. Translate the Squid-Genie video, Music Player required.
Secret Zones See next section for more info. Beat the game, and find every scroll, and upgrade all gear to max level.

Secret Zones

Secret Zones are very hard levels with elite monsters, and brutal type monsters with purple smoke surrounding them. A brutal type enemy takes 100 - 150 hits to splat. They take place in Octo Valley instead.

1-X: Octarian Underground Laboratory

Boss: Octo Inspector

2-X:  The Octochasm

Boss: Octonite

3-X: Inkopolis Contaminated Tunnel

Boss: Octoling V2X: Unlike other Octolings, this one has a Octobrush, and can transform her brush into a giant one.

4-X: Hammerhead Hallucination

Boss: Professor Octox

5-X: Runaway Fortress

Boss: Maninfestation of Rage

Judd's Rewards

Here are the new rewards from Judd when you get high level enough. You can equip 1 per type of weapon, and 1 for the Inkling.

Level 55: Ricochet (Shooter): Ink bounces off walls.

Level 60: Extended Tank (Inkling): You run out of ink shorter.

Level 65: Super Blast (Inkling): Bombs have more power.

Level 70: Split-bomb (Inkling): You throw 2 bombs instead of one.

Level 75: Bouncer (Inkling): Bomb have higher bounce.

Level 80: Freeze (Charger): Ink hits in only 1 spot. Great for bulls-eye.

Level 85: Gel Ink (Roller): Ink can spread over time with the roller.

Level 90: Vaporeon Core (Blaster): When you destroy a bullet from a Luna Blaster, etc, it explodes into their ink.

Level 100: Triforce Badge: Shows you are the Spla2n master.

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