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The Spirit Universe is a separate pane of existence in the New Fantendoverse that is occupied by the ghosts of the deceased. Access into the Spirit Universe is limited to ghosts and those with a unique ability dubbed the Spirit Pass. The concept was first introduced in GHOST SMILE, and has since been explored with it's sequels as well as in parts of Pink Lemonade. Despite being called the Spirit Universe, it is considered part of the universe and every universe from the splitting effect created by The Shattering has their own unique Spirit Universe filled with the dead of that universe. Beings from other universes who die in another universe have the option to reside in the universe they died in or to return to their home universe's Spirit Universe- the Spirit Council for each universe takes care of their dead through assistants or through their own executive decisions.

The Spirit Universe, beyond being populated from people who have passed on from the world of the living, is also filled with ghostborns, people who died upon birth or never had the opportunity to exist in the world of the living to begin with. The Spirit Council, a group of individuals that were first named in GHOST SMILE II, are able to either have ghostborns ascend to their council or offer them a proper chance at life, as seen in the end of GHOST SMILE. The Spirit Council members are unique in that they have the ability of Universal Shift, which allows them to visit the Spirit Universes of the other universes- this ability is specific to them.

Pink Lemonade reveals that ghosts can live on the surface of the world of the living provided the ghost has defined and has an approved "unfinished buisness". In the case of someone like Rei Carnation, she chose a a task that could be completed at any time but refuses to properly come to the Spirit Universe as she likes the world of the living much better. Characters with the Spirit Pass ability, who can allow people from the world of the living to visit the Spirit Universe, have also been introduced.

Spirit Council of New Prime

Character Description
Elder An old Ghostborn, in addition to the leader of the Spirit Council. He's a large quiet spirit, who thinks before he speaks and has compassion for Smile, but doesn't let it show, instead keeping on track and managing the team. Introduced in GHOST SMILE II.
Gaze Before he died, Gaze was the Secretary of the Treasury for the United States. Gaze has little care for personal matters and deals with the money and math ascosiated with the Spirit Council. Introduced in GHOST SMILE II.
Red Before he died, Red was a general for the military. Red deals with the army and defense of the Spirit Universe, being a short tempered man who has no tolerance for nonsense. Introduced in GHOST SMILE II.
Frown Frown was a sad man with no purpose who took his own life. He joined the Spirit Council to use his sadness in order to keep the council grounded by looking at the negative side of things. Introduced in GHOST SMILE II.
Fear Before she died, Fear was an avant garde artist. She's wild and sadistic, using her art talents to create propaganda that helps the Spirit Council stay in power. Introduced in GHOST SMILE II.
Smile Smile was a Ghostborn who wanted to become human and helped the Spirit Council in GHOST SMILE. He later ascends as a member of the council during the events of GHOST SMILE II, as well as becoming the embodiment of Order in the Spirit Universe after the original Order was consumed by his brother.

Former Members

Character Description
Order Order was a former member of the Spirit Council who turned on them to free his insane brother named Chaos. He still had his Universal Shift ability and was the embodiment of Order in the New Fantendoverse's Spirit Universe. He is the main antagonist of GHOST SMILE II.