Speedy's Speedway
Developer(s) Outer Limits Co.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Racer
Release Date(s) December 12th, 2011 (Worldwide)
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating 3Rating
Media Included Wii Disk

Speedy's Speedway is a racing game in the iPenguin series. It was released December 12th, 2011 for the Wii. It is the first game in the Speedy's Speedway series. It seems to be heavily based around iPenguin 3DS.


Speedy's Speedway is an average third person racer game. You race on tracks against 5 other racers and collect the most coins to speed up, and use other items, to come in first place.


Agent P. has stolen all 8 pieces of the Northern Star, and it's up to Speedy and the gang to get them back. Once the first 8 courses have been beat in first place, you will be placed in a final race against Agent P.. Once you win, you will unlock the final two tracks.


There is a total of 12 racers in the game, seperated into four groups, Speed, Power, Feather, and Motor.

Default Racers

Hidden Racers

  • Nudge - Orange (Power) (Buy for 250 Rings)
  • Ana - Purple (Speed) (Buy for 250 Rings)
  • Slick - Green (Speed) (Buy for 500 Rings)
  • Professor Dune - White (Feather) (Buy for 500 Rings)
  • iBot - Goldenrod (Motor) (Buy for 750 Rings)
  • iRobo (New Character) - Indigo (Motor) (Buy for 750 Rings)

Other Characters



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