Developer(s) Squeak Interactive
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Steam, MAC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5
Genre(s) Indie, Platformer, Metroidvania
Series Emerald Glass Saga
Successor Iraki's Eclipse
Release Date(s) Summer 2025
Age Rating(s) E10+

Spectalwing is an indie 2D Metroidvania platformer game developed by Squeak Interactive and released onto various platforms, such as Steam and Nintendo Switch.


A young yellow bird named Scarfer wakes up in the middle of a cave with his memory loss. He struggles to escape as he is soon chased by a mysterious wolf-like entity. Eventually, he finally escapes as a boulder shuts the cave's entrance and he is greeted by a beautiful sunrise.

As he makes it downwards, Scarfer soon finds a hanging body equipped with a granite short sword and takes it. After a few days of survival and travelling, he encounters with a secretive grey tabby who finds him somehow familiar and challenges him to a battle. After defeating him or for a while, the cat flees but leaves a ripped note, stating of a mysterious, dark plague going around recently.

After another while of exploring, Scarfer finally locates a village nearby, which has been prone to missing townsfolk wandering off and unusually aggressive beasts attacking the marketplace. One such raid occurs immediately during his visit, and after surviving them, the player is given their first ability by the town's oracle.


Spectalwing plays at a 2D angle with flat, storybook-like graphics and a system of unlockable areas and abilities, similar to many Metroidvanias. Certain tools, weapons, items, and abilities can be equipped and used by various controls, which can be customized in the settings.

Areas and abilities, with the exception of Hotspots are usually locked from the player and can only be unlocked by collecting certain items such as keys, although there are plenty of hidden shortcuts for relocating them. Occasionally, NPCs are found roaming areas and can be talked to by the player.

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