Spavento is a Boo and a minion of Overman Supreme, along with Spectur and Spiryt. He is set to appear in YoshiEgg & Bloop: Tools of Destruction.


Spavento is a black and brown-ish Boo with hair similar to that of Iggy Koopa.


Spavento can turn transparent for a much longer time than the normal Boo can. He can also bite unusually hard and has an abnormally long tongue. Spavento is also very fast and can fly very high at extremely fast speeds.


Spavento is merciful when it comes to enemies, but is very evil and strong when he needs to be. He often takes pride in his strength, speed, long tongue, extended use of transparency, and "awesome" hair. Spavento is often referred to as "full of himself".


  • Spavento is Italian for fright.

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