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Spark Fuzzies are similar in appearance to the typical Fuzzy. They're yellow and emit electricity and they also have a tail made out of electric orbs


Spark Fuzzies are usually found in factory levels or anywhere with electricity. They will jump out of Spark Pylons and start bouncing towards their enemies. They can keep bouncing on any surface (like walls and ceilings),making it difficult to get past them when they're on smaller platforms. Like the normal fuzzy,they can't be defeated unless Mario has an invincibility Power Up like the Power Star.

Game Appearances

Mario vs Donkey Kong: Return to New Donk City

Spark Fuzzies made their first appearances as enemies in Mario vs Donkey Kong: Return to New Donk City. They (Along with normal Fuzzies) are common enemies in this game.

Waluigi Gameland

They return in Waluigi Gameland In this game,they are one of the many enemies that Waluigi needs to get past. They're usually found on small platforms.

Super Mario Garden

They return in this Super Mario Garden and behave like they did in their past appearances. In this game they're a bit more rare than their previous appearances.

Bowser: Quest for the New Empire

They return in Bowser: Quest for the New Empire. They often appear whenever an Oni Bro uses their club.

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