Sotrios is the main protagonist of Golden Saviour and is the son of King Midas.


Sotrios is described in the manual as, "A brave, noble knight who is slightly ill-fated with luck and confidence to quickly triumph for his father and his new kingdom".


Sotrios wears a while tunic with a gold sash going from his left shoulder. He has slightly ruffled black hair and olive skin and wears short brown shorts with a baby blue lace belt. He has fine-crafted straw sandals and a gread right-leaved laurel tied with gold wire with a emerald in the middle given to him by his deceased mother.


Golden Saviour

Sotrios is crowned by his father as the new King of Greece, but the Romans invade causing havoc across the empire. Sotrios is sent to stop this and acquires weapons and his skills increase as the game goes on to earn his new subjects respect by showing his skills to the Empire.

Stelios Scramble


  • His name is a more unique variant on the Greek name Sotirios meaning "salvation".

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