Sonic the Hedgehog Developer is a side-scrolling platform game and game creation system published by SEGA  for the Nintendo DS family of systems, which released worldwide in July 2011. Players are able to create full-length Classic Sonic games with boxart, logos, cutscenes, and levels.

A year later it was ported to Windows under  the name "SONIC THE HEDGEHOG DEVELOPER FOR WINDOWS 8".


Sonic Developer Gameplay

Game creation menu.

When a player creates a game, an Green Hill-equse level is loaded on the game, while the player makes a title screen.

Then the player edits the preloaded level, and after, the player is allowed to add in any level they want, however an boxart, logo and ending cutscene is required to publish a game. To test a game, the player must press start. However, in the PC version, the player must press ENTER, as controls are altered in the PC version.

Players can add in OCs as extra players, however it is Sonic and Tails by default.

Composing music for levels has an Sonic-themed Mario Paint Composer.

Title Screen

Letter Animation
S Sonic pops up, saying "S is for Speed!"
O An ghost pops up and wipes up the title screen.
N Knuckles punches Sonic, the word &KNUCKLES gets added.
I Sonic introduces himself.
C Sonic's eyes appear.
THE HEDGEHOG Adds an 4 and removes Developer.
DEVELOPER Staff Sonic appears.


After Nintendo's Wi-FI service ended in 2014, Sonic Developer created it's own Wi-Fi service.

Players that completed at least a level of a game can make a review on it.

All games also have an wiki.

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