'Sonic and Mega Man' is a crossover game developed by SEGA and Capcom. It is an adaption of Archie Comics' Worlds Collide storyline and will be released in 2016 to commemorate with both the 25th anniversary of the Sonic franchise and the fifth anniversary of Archie's Mega Man comic series.


In the year 20XX, Roll and Doctor Light celebrate Mega Man's birthday by throwing a surprise party for him. From a distance, Proto Man watches Mega Man and pals celebrate, and decides to fight crime in the city for Mega Man so that the festivities won't be interrupted. He notices police cars heading for the bank, figuring that someone's robbing it, and heads there to stop it. At the bank, he sees ten strange looking Robot Masters taking a grey gem from a vault, and tries to stop them, but they overpower him. After taking the gem, the group ambush Mega Man and pals at the party and take Dr. Light hostage. Mega Man gives chase and sees them with Bass at a ring-looking portal. Mega Man figures that they are Dr. Wily's creations and questions why Bass is helping with Wily. Bass says that Wily has a plan that will destroy Mega Man, and he accepted helping him because he would probably get a chance to face Mega Man. Mega Man attempts to shoot, but a sudden blue blur strikes him. Bass says it's his new partner, and orders nine of the ten Robot Masters, whom he calls the Roboticized Masters, to head in the portal and bring the gem and Dr. Light to Wily. He then makes another portal tells his partner and the last Roboticized Master to head in, figuring Mega Man would give chase, while he heads in the first portal. Mega Man tells his dog Rush to keep the second portal open and heads in. On the other side, he sees checkered brown soil, green fields and beautiful blue lakes, and wonders where he is. Suddenly, he gets attacked by none other than Sonic the Hedgehog. Figuring that he might be Bass' partner, Mega Man shoots, beginning their battle.

Earlier, Sonic is looking for his friends, who have gone missing, and figures that Dr. Eggman might be responsible for it. When suddenly, he is ambushed by Copy Robot, Mega Man's purple-scarfed doppelgänger. Copy Robot flees and Sonic gives chase. When approaching Mega Man, Copy Robot hides himself from Sonic's sight, and Sonic, assuming Mega Man is Copy Robot, charges, explaining why he attacked him. From his hiding spot, Copy Robot witness their battle, and meets up with Bass' partner, revealed to be Metal Sonic. The two of them get a call from Doctors Eggman and Wily, ordering them to head back to base while the Roboticized Master, Tails Man, records the blue heroes' battle for them to watch.

Differences with the Original Story

  • In the original story, the evil doctors activate a Genesis Wave to reset Sonic's world and send Mega Man's world to the future. In the games, both worlds remain the way they are at the beginning.
  • In print, Mega Man was having his birthday before the Genesis Wave hit. In the game, he celebrates it in the current time.
  • In print, Dr. Light was taken hostage by Metal Sonic and Bass after Sonic and Mega Man's battle. In the game, he is taken by the Robotized Masters before the battle.
  • In print, Mega Man is the only one that can use the new Master Weapons. In the game, Tails reverse-engineers technology from the defeated Copy Robot, and creates a special bracelet that allows Sonic to use Master Weapons too.


Like Sonic Generations, this game's stages are divided into two acts with differing gameplay. Act 1 stages are based on the 2D side-scrolling levels of the Mega Man games, while Act 2 stages are based on the 2D/3D levels of modern Sonic games. Once you beat both acts in a stage, you will get to face the boss of the stage. Once you beat a boss, you get a Master Weapon that can help out. If you beat the boss without using a Master Weapon, like in Mega Man Powered Up, you will free the character trapped inside the boss and unlock that character. There are eight normal stages total. Like the Mega Man games, you can challenge each stage in whatever order you want. Once you beat three of the normal stages, you face a mid-boss, and after you beat six, you must deal with another mid-boss. You cannot advance until you beat these mid-bosses. Once all eight normal stages are cleared, you will advance to the Wily Egg gauntlet, which has four stages straight, like the Wily Castle stages in the Mega Man series.


Playable in Act 1

Image Name Abilities Unlock Method
MegamanAnarchy2.png Mega Man Mega Buster that can shoot three shots at a time. Default
250px-AmyRoseColorSharpEditDuck.png Amy Rose Piko Piko Hammer Beat Rose Woman without using a Master Weapon

Playable in Act 2

Image Name Abilities Unlock Method
SonicSmashBros.png Sonic the Hedgehog Boost, Homing Attack and Spin Dash Default
250px-Knucklesdecal.png Knuckles the Echidna Gliding, Strong Punches and Strength Beat Knuckles Man without using a Master Weapon
Shadow rivals.png Shadow the Hedgehog Chaos Control, Weapon Swipe and Homing Attack Beat Shadow Man without using a Master Weapon


Normal Bosses

Image Name Master Weapon Weakness Fought by...
Knuckles Man Profile.jpg Knuckles Man Sharp Knuckle Piko Hammer Act 2 characters except for Knuckles
Rose Woman Profile.jpg Rose Woman Piko Hammer Fire Tornado Act 1 characters except for Amy
Shadow Man Profile.jpg Shadow Man Chaos Cannon Chroma Camo Act 2 characters except for Shadow
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