Sonic Speedball RPG Party
Sonic Speedball RPG Party
Developer(s) Coke Dimensions, EEA Inc., Twenty-Second Choice
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo DSe, S.T.Y.L.U.S. 1.5
Release Date(s)
Nintendo DSe:
25px-Flag of Japan June 20 2009
25px-Flag of USA June 24 2009
25px-Flag of Europe June 26 2009
25px-Flag of Australia July 7 2009
S.T.Y.L.U.S. 1.5:
25px-Flag of Japan June 21 2009
25px-Flag of USA June 25 2009
25px-Flag of Europe June 27 2009
25px-Flag of Australia July 2 2009
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Party
Media Included DSe Card, S.T.Y.L.U.S 1.5 Card

Sonic Speedball RPG Party is a spin-off of the Sonic Speedball RPG series which is based on the Mario Party games, but using characters from the series. It is being developed by Twenty-Second Choice, EEA Inc. and Coke Dimensions It is for the S.T.Y.L.U.S. 1.5 and Nintendo DSe.


Sonic's Speedball Battlefield

When you arrive, unless you are playing as Sonic, Sonic hosts this basic board. In one area, Eggman will come down in a robot and warp you for 15 Coins. If you play as Sonic, Shadow or Silver will host the board.

Mario's Mega Mansion

When you arrive, unless you are playing as Mario, Mario hosts the board. If you play as Mario, Luigi or Wario hosts the board. There are many paths and puzzles here, so go with your gut and get through. King Boo is hiding somewhere so be careful not to find him or else...

Pokemon Casino

This board is always hosted by a random Pokemon. In one area, you can spend coins to "buy" a Pokemon to release and enable a random effect. Other times you can spin the slots for coins, or gamble with another player for a Star or coins.

Mega Man's HomePage

This board is always hosted by Mega Man. In some areas, you can buy orbs from other robots, or summon Proto Man and enable a new path. At the star, an interesting thing that is when you buy a star, Mega Man shoots you to get the coins out.

Pac-Man's Pool Party

This board is hosted by Pac-Man, unless you are playing as him. In some areas, ghosts will attack you! Or you can get power pellets to move extra spaces! If you play as Pac-Man, the host is awkwardly Lopunny.

Kirby's Crazy Park

Kirby hosts here (if you play as him, it is hosted by King Dedede.), and this board is CRAZY! Other Kirbys tell you to go one way, but they all end up to be dead ends! Some Kirbys take coins from you! And some Kirbys sell Stars! But only the real host has a real star!

Altea Archways

Marth hosts here. If you are playing as him, Roy hosts. Here, everything is based on DUELING! You duel for stars, duel for coins, but on blue spaces, you answer a riddle. The star is always in a castle, making this the hardest board. Why? There are 3 Castles, and a big courtyard and field. Luckily, there are many cheap travel agencies nearby.

PalmMan's Pounding Tower

PalmMan is the host! Make your way up this Tower of trials to get a free star! Then you get knocked down and lose 15 coins. So you technically pay for a star. The trials include surprise Mini-Games, climbing a palm tree, and wrestling a cow herd!

McQueen Mario's Raceway Roundhouse

RPG will be your host! Race other players for stars on the RSN Race Track! Take a pit stop at Guigi's to get more coins. Meet the cars from the MQM series and race them for big rewards! Or big losses... How fast are you? That will be determined by the lucky dice block.

Henry's Desert Mile

A long, painful mile in a parched desert awaits you in Henry's Desert Mile! Hosted by...Henry the Moose! Face Tango the Llama Lord in a duel to the death (not really) for rewards, bonuses, and more! Help little moose herds and skip areas! Or stop by the EXPENSIVE travel agency.

Pi Stadium

3.14 says hi! Here, you travel around the stands, then at the end of every turn, a duel happens in place of a minigame! Stars are replaced with Duel wins. The winner receives...a pie? Throw pies at your enemies! Throw Pies at your allies! Do anything that deals with pie! So why is it called Pi Stadium? Who knows?

Playable Characters

Default Characters

Unlockable Characters


Orbs play a large role in the game, and each character also has their own special orb which only they can obtain. All of the characters that appeared in the series that are not playable in this game have an orb. To use an orb, you must collect it from an Orb Space and then at the start of your turn you can use any orbs you have. When using an orb, you choose a space on the board and if somebody lands on that space the orb activates.

  • Speedball Orb - Sonic's special orb. Makes every character get sent to a random space on the board.
  • Chaos Control Orb - Shadow's special orb. Makes the character switch spaces with another character.
  • Psychic Orb - Silver's special orb. Let's the character select one orb space and move it to a new spot.
  • Flame Orb - Blaze's special orb. The character sets on fire, and loses one coin for every space they move next turn.
  • Mushroom Orb - Mario's special orb. The character receives a random amount between 10 and 20 coins.
  • Fire Flower Orb - Luigi's special orb. Every character loses 5 coins.
  • Critical Hit Orb - Marth's special orb. The character rushes forwards until they hit another character, who then loses 10 coins.
  • Great Aether Orb - Ike's special orb. The character jumps into the air, and can move a maximum of five spaces either forwards or backward. The space they land on and every space around it turns into a red space.
  • Squirtle Orb - Leaf's special orb. Every space for up to ten spaces in front of the character turns blue.
  • Zap Orb - Pikachu's special orb. One character is struck by lightning and loses half of their coins.
  • Race Orb - McQueen Mario's special orb. The character moves forwards five spaces and turns all of the spaces they pass red.
  • Nega Orb - Eggman Nega's special orb. The character is sent back to the starting space.
  • Galaxia Orb - Meta Knight's special orb. The character chooses a spot to place the Galaxia sword; you cannot pass by it without paying 10 coins to remove it.
  • Palm Orb - PalmMan's special orb. A palm tree appears at every split in the road, and makes anybody who wants to go past have to go in a random direction (each palm tree only works once).
  • Power Pellet Orb - Pac-Man's special orb. The character earns two coins for every space they pass next turn.
  • Peach Orb - Princess Peach appears and gives every player 5 coins.
  • Bowser Orb - All blue spaces become red spaces and all red spaces become blue spaces for two turns.
  • Dry Bowser Orb - The character is sent forward to the next red space.
  • Pichu Orb - Pichu appears and shocks a random character, making hem lose a quarter of their coins.
  • Raichu Orb - Raichu appears and shocks all the character, making them lose half of their coins.
  • Lucario Orb - Lucario appears on a random space and fires an Aura Sphere which homes in on the nearest character, moving 5 spaces per turn and making them lose 20 coins when it hits.
  • Henry Orb - Henry the Moose appears and makes five coin bags fall onto random spaces on the board.
  • 3.14 Orb - 3.14 appears and steals half of the characters coins, and then puts them in a pie which he throws to a random space.
  • Tails Orb - Tails appears and carries the character to a random spot on the board.
  • Knuckles Orb - Knuckles appears and gets rid of every orb on the board.
  • Yoshi Orb - The character rides on Yoshi for the next turn, doubling the amount of spaces they move.
  • Jigglypuff Orb - Jigglypuff puts the character to sleep, meaning they can't move for the next turn.
  • Luxray Orb- Luxray appears and sends out 2 bolts which take away orbs from 2 characters.
  • Lopunny Orb- Lopunny appears and gives everybody an orb.
  • Dragonman Orb - Dragonman appears and throws a fireball to every red space on the board.
  • MineMan Orb - MineMan drills a hole in a random space and another one on another space, which, when entered, makes the character come out the other hole.
  • 4.13 Orb - 4.13 steals the player's orbs and puts them in a pie and which he throws to a random space.
  • Chaos Orb - Chaos appears and turns every red space blue and every orb space red.
  • Giratina Orb - Giratina turns every space red and makes every character use a Slow Dice for three turns.
  • Baby Bros. Orb - Baby Mario and Baby Luigi appear and give one random character a Slow Dice and another a Fast Dice.
  • Mega Man Orb - Mega Man appears and takes 15 coins from someone, and gives a Star to someone, and takes away a Star (or, if they don't have one, half of their coins) from someone.
  • Darach Orb - Castle Valet Darach appears and makes all spaces blue for the next turn.
  • Unten Orb - Unten appears and divides up all Stars, Coins, and Orbs equally between all 4 players.
  • Purple Guy - Purple Guy appears and hides a Star and a Ztar in a secret block somewhere on the board.

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