Sonic Speedball RPG III: Nega's Empire
Sonic Speedball RPG 3
Developer(s) Coke Dimensions, EEA Inc., Vined Inc., Twenty-Second Choice
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) S.T.Y.L.U.S. 1.5, Nintendo Wii
Genre(s) RPG, Adventure
Release Date(s) S.T.Y.L.U.S. 1.5:
25px-Flag of Japan June 17, 2009
25px-Flag of USA June 30, 2009
25px-Flag of Europe June 31, 2009
25px-Flag of Australia July 4, 2009
Nintendo Wii:
25px-Flag of Japan June 17, 2009
25px-Flag of USA June 30, 2009
25px-Flag of Europe June 31, 2009
25px-Flag of Australia July 4, 2009
Mode(s) 1-4
Age Rating(s) Esrb-teen-logo-lrg
Media Included S.T.Y.L.U.S 1.5 Card, Wii Disk

Sonic Speedball RPG III: Nega's Empire (Japanese: 音波のスピードボール RPG 3: Nega の帝国) is the third game in the Sonic Speedball RPG Series. It is made by EEA Inc., Coke Dimensions, Vined Inc. and Twenty-Second Choice. The game was to the first Sonic Speedball RPG to be for the Nintendo Wii It is also for the S.T.Y.L.U.S. 1.5 and the game will have the same release dates for each system. It was rated T for Violence and Crude Humor.


Unlike the last two games in the Sonic Speedball RPG Series, this game features new controls since it is for the Wii.


Chapter 1: Earth

The story begins in Sonic Speedball RPG II: The Coming of Chaos!.

...Just then Dr. Eggman jumped in with Strafe and RPG by his sides. "We have come to take over the world!" said RPG. "RPG. Who do you think you are?" said McQueen Mario. "A bad guy!" said RPG. As the crew ran after Eggman, Eggman Nega remembered something, he has all the Chaos Emeralds... Sonic, Silver, Blaze, and McQueen Mario chased Eggman as hard as they could but Shadow thought to himself, "why am I still Sonic's friend?" And with that Shadow turned back and went the other way. McQueen Mario stopped. "Sonic, Silver, Blaze, you go after Shadow, and I with chase RPG. After all, it was my fault he was brainwashed!" Sonic agreed and ran after Shadow. McQueen Mario easily caught up to RPG. After all, McQueen Mario is faster than RPG in the RSN. "McQueen Mario? Get lost! I am going to my fortress!" McQueen Mario challenged RPG to a race and won. Then the boss battle began. McQueen Mario beat RPG and forced him to reveal the fortress location. Just then 3.14 and 4.13 who were still inside McQueen Mario, jumped out. And out of RPG came Strafe. "Ah, we meet again, 3.14!" Before 3.14 could battle, Shadow ran by and Sonic chased him. Shadow jumped into RPG and took off. With Strafe inside, RPG disappeared after Shadow used Chaos Control. Then Mario, Luigi, and Toad ran up to Sonic. "Come to Daisy's Castle right now" cried Toad. "Eggman is attacking it!" Silver, and Blaze ran after McQueen Mario and Sonic followed Mario and Luigi to Sarasaland.

Chapter 2: Sarasaland

Sonic, Mario and Luigi all arrived at Sarasaland where they found that Chibibos were everywhere, destroying the kingdom. Mario and Luigi stomped a few, but Sonic saw a spaceship flying above in the skies. He started running after it, leaving the Mario brothers behind. As he ran watching the ship, he suddenly fell over. He looked back to see a Lopunny had just tripped him. He was about to fight it when 3.14 stepped in front of the Lopunny. The three teamed up and headed to Daisy's Castle, to find that the spaceship belonged to Tatanga and he was destroying the castle. Sonic, Lopunny and 3.14 ran to the throne room where Daisy was fighting off Tatanga. She was about to get captured when the three joined her, and 3.14 healed Daisy fully by giving her a pie. Tatanga was defeated, and began slowly walking away. He jumped out the window to his ship but the Lopunny realized he was getting away and jumped after him, then grabbed onto the ship as it flew away. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi were heading towards the castle when the ship passed by and they jumped on top of it. Tatanga flew off course and crashed somewhere else. Daisy, Sonic and 3.14 cleared out the castle of enemies. After defeating them all an extremely strong Magikoopa appeared, and started fighting them. After beating him, he transformed Sonic into a plush doll and ran away.

Chapter 3: Dreamland

Pit flies into Dreamland looking for a fight with Meta Knight because he wanted to become a stronger person. When he arrived at Meta Knight's place, he was looking down at a destroyed Halberd. "My ship has been destroyed, Kirby is missing...oh, darn." Pit was watching him in his grief. He decided to investigate more. He called upon two detective archers to investigate. They found no evidence whatsoever. So Pit decided to talk to Meta Knight. When he went back, he wasn't there. Pit decided to look for him. He couldn't find him, so he decided to ask the townspeople if they had seen him. All they knew about Meta Knight was that he was an honorable warrior. Then he went up to King Dedede's castle. After fighting some of Dedede's soldiers, he fought Dedede himself (note that this is a mini-boss) and won. Dedede said that he had no idea where Meta Knight was. So, Pit went back down the castle and into town. He looked for Meta Knight once more, but by then it was nighttime. As Pit went to sleep in an alley, a flash of light came from Dedede's castle. His heart pounding, Pit climbed the castle again and at the top, there were three: King Dedede, Meta Knight, and a surprise: Shadow the Hedgehog. After an intense battle, Shadow was defeated, Dedede was killed, and Meta Knight was rescued. However, Shadow escaped using Chaos Control. Pit walked up to Meta Knight and said, "Are you okay?" Pit then explained how he had seen him sulking, and how he had asked Dedede, and looked for him after he had disappeared. "So, I guess now is not the best time to battle." Pit remarked.

Chapter 4: Peaceful Plains

Back in Sarasaland, Luigi and McQueen Mario were confused about the plush doll of Sonic. Just then, Mario and Daisy came running. "It's BOWSER!" Sure enough, Bowser was right behind them with a Bullet Bill Cannon. Bowser meant to hit Mario but hit McQueen Mario instead. McQueen Mario shot up so high, way out of Sarasaland. Way out of the Mushroom Kingdom. McQueen Mario landed in a place called Peaceful Plains where a bear named Unten greeted him. Just then, Henry the Moose came running with Pikmin all over him. "He's coming" yelled Henry. "Who?" asked Unten. "Doomulus Grime!" The huge crocodile-like creature jumped Unten and a battle began. After Doomulus Grime was beat, Unten helped Henry by killing the Pikmin on top of him. One remand, the Green Pikmin. Olimar rushed over and saved the last Pikmin. McQueen Mario explained about Sarasaland and Bowser. Just then, Pit crash landed on Peaceful Plains. "Can you fly us home?" asked McQueen Mario. Pit agreed and took Olimar, Henry, and Unten with him. Back at Sarasaland, Mario and Luigi had big news, Dr. Eggman Nega was back and he had taken Daisy's Castle by force. Then McQueen Mario saw a poster. It said Welcome to the first place in Nega's Empire! Just then, Eggman Nega himself, appeared at the huge doors of Daisy's Castle. "I hope Nega doesn't get Peaceful Plains" thought Unten. To Unten's surprise, Nega said "Minions! next stop, Peaceful Plains!" Then Dr. Eggman appeared with RPG and Strafe and they kidnapped Unten.

Chapter 5: Sinnoh

Tatanga crashed his ship in Sinnoh, with Lopunny still on it. He got out, weakened, and was quickly defeated by Lopunny. But then a Pokeball flew at Lopunny. She barely avoided it. Pearl had thrown it, and sent his Torterra out to attack but Torterra stopped as 3.14 jumped in front of him. Lopunny was confused about how he got there so fast, when 3.14 pulled out a small UFO in the shape of a pie. Suddenly the sky turned dark and Lopunny, 3.14 and Pearl all heard a loud roar. Pearl recognized it as Giratina. 3.14 took Pearl and Lopunny to Spear Pillar with his UFO. They found Giratina there, with Dialga and Palkia on the floor in chains. In front of them was Strafe. After kidnapping Unten, he had revived Team Galactic and become their new leader. He was now planning on taking over Sinnoh, and rebelling against Nega. They all fought him and after beating him, he decided to have a "game". First person to make it out of the Distortion World... makes it out. The others are left behind. He teleports them all there, and then runs off. After 3.14, Lopunny and Pearl escaped they saw Strafe was already outside and he closed the portal behind him. They waited when suddenly the portal opened again. They all ran out to find Strafe on the floor and Giratina going on a rampage. They defeated him, and 3.14 grabbed Strafe then they took the UFO and went off to find the others.

Chapter 6: Frontier Village

Leaf hopped out of bed, and took an early morning walk. Today was the day that she would take a vacation to the Battle Zone's Battle Frontier. Her aunt, Argenta, was the brain at the Battle Hall. As she rode on her bicycle to the airport, she heard an explosion. She turned around to see a Cipher Admin. Cipher went extinct several years ago.. Leaf thought. The Admin noticed her and said, "Hey, YOU! What are you doing? Looking at me? Oh, sure, that's what they all say! You want trouble dealing with the resurrection of Cipher? Well, I must destroy you!" He sent out three Pokemon: a Banette, a Mismagius, and a Muk. They started attacking her, as if there was something wrong. "Take her Pokemon," the Admin commanded, "and get them to this!" He sent out an artificial Ho-Oh and the Pokemon followed their master's orders. "Pokemon should never attack humans! What's wrong with you?" Leaf shouted. "This, is the marvel of Shadow Pokemon!" the Admin answered. Leaf noticed that the Ho-Oh had gone away with her Charizard and Ivysaur. The Admin had disappeared. "Squirtle..." she said to herself. "You're my only hope! Come out!" Squirtle emerged from the Poke Ball. "Let's GO!" Leaf kept running before encountering two Cipher Peons. They sent out a Shadow Gallade and a Shadow Froslass. (A Miniboss.) After that, she fought through many Shadow Pokemon before another trainer appeared. Darach! Leaf thought. Argenta had introduced her to him during her last trip to the Battle Zone. "Leaf! You're here too? Thank you! I need your help." he said. "I know, I know, find the Admin." Leaf interrupted. "No, worse! Lady Caitlin's Gallade has been kidnapped!" "Oh! I saw a Gallade a while back!" "Really? Let's track it down!" As they fought their way through more Pokemon, now with Darach's Empoleon and Staraptor on their side. They finally encountered the Admin with the Gallade. Darach sent out his secret: an Entei, which used Fire Blast to destroy the machine Gallade was in. "YOU AGAIN! This Luxray was in the middle of being made a Shadow Pokemon! And you're too late, Darach! The Gallade is already my slave, transported to the latest Admin couple, Kantei and Pearla! Now, you must fight my Pokemon again!" he said. And without any say in it, the half-shadow Luxray emerged and attacked the Admin and kills him. Now on a rampage, a two-part boss battle begins. Leaf attacked it along with Darach's Entei in the first part. Now weakened, the shadow half and the real half of Luxray have a battle inside the Luxray's mind to decide who reigns in the second part. The real Luxray wins, and joins Leaf and Darach on a quest to rescue Leaf's Charizard and Ivysaur, Lady Caitlin's Gallade, and to obliterate Cipher once and for all!

Chapter 7: Bowser's Castle

Meanwhile Mario and Luigi still carrying the Sonic Doll tried to chase Unten but Bowser blocked the way. McQueen Mario was still mad at Bowser. "Ah, if it isn't Mr MQM." "I have a score to settle with you, Bowser!" cried McQueenMario. Luigi told the others that he could handle Bowser and battled his. After Bowser was beat, Eggman Nega came back revealing that Peaceful Plains was taken over. Just then three minions appeared by Eggman Nega: RPG, Strafe, and...Unten! Unten had been brainwashed just like RPG and seemed happy that Peaceful Plains was taken over. Bowser asked to join Nega's team and he was accepted. Nega and Bowser made Bowser's Castle into Nega's Castle. Bowser did not like this but Neg said that he had no choice. Mario, Luigi, Sonic Doll, and McQueen Mario were held captive. There were about to be thrown into a lava pit when Knuckles, Tails, Silver, Amy, Blaze, and Sonic's old rival, Jet, came in on airboards! Silver grabbed the Sonic Doll as well as one of Nega's Chaos Emeralds! Sonic was turned back into normal Sonic the Hedgehog. "Here Sonic, your board", said Tails. "Thanks Tails old buddy" said Sonic and freed the other prisoners. Then they fled from Nega's Castle. Just then, Shadow appeared again with his ultra-powered airboard! "I am tired of being your friend, Sonic the Hedgehog! And now you must die!"

Chapter 8: Blaze Cave

PalmMan was being chased by a bunch of dragons. They kept clawing and attacking. PalmMan was too weak. Then he had a revelation. He allowed himself to be eaten. Inside the dragon, it was like a whole different dimension. There was lava spewing almost everywhere, and there was also a cave. PalmMan had to defeat a dragon and then rested on a slab of rock. While lying down he felt wind go by. He looked to see a green hawk and a white car. PalmMan tried to run, but he knew he would burn up from the heat. After all, he was PalmMan. He called out, which forced him to run because he caused an avalanche. He summoned a coconut in his hand and threw it. It turned into a watery slope, which he slid down and ran to catch up with the hawk. When the hawk looked back, he and the car went to help PalmMan. "Name's Jet." Jet said, "and this is Ni Toade." "Hi" Ni Toade said. PalmMan got into Ni Toade to protect himself, and Jet asked PalmMan how he arrived. PalmMan said that he was eaten by a dragon. "Nega's dragon. It's stomach is a portal to here." Jet said. "I got here when I tried to escape from a volcano's eruption, and I became swallowed by lava in the process." Ni Toade explained. As the trio went on (led by Jet), Jet asked if PalmMan wanted to help escape. PalmMan agreed, and an alliance was formed. While they traveled, they encountered an intensely enormous dragon. When they just began fighting, a force of energy blasted through the dragon. A robot emerged along with a strange erratic creature. "Who are you?" With that, Jet took out a blaster and started firing. "I want to help you! I'm Mega Man, and this is my friend Porygon-Z! We were sucked here by a virus in cyberspace! Don't kill us, we just want to get out of here." the robot said. Jet stopped firing. "Mega Man, huh? Well then, you can help us. But don't let that...thing get in the way, 'kay?" Jet said. "It's Porygon-Z!" Mega Man retaliated. As they defeated many dragons, they came upon a cave teeming with magma. Ni Toade named it the Blaze Cave. They fought a dragon in the cave, and when it died, it turned into a creature. Porygon-Z started to approach it. "What's that, Z?" Porygon-Z made a noise. "This thing...Electivire, you say? Well then, can you talk to it?" Mega Man inquired. Porygon-Z turned to the creature and they had a conversation. Then Porygon-Z turned to Mega Man and made a noise. "...Okay, guys. Z's told me that this thing is called an Electivire and he wants to get out of here, just like us." The team agreed to let Electivire in. Just then, an avalanche happened and a creature emerged. "MineMan!" PalmMan shouted. "Oh, oh, what's this? PalmMan in my domain? Heheheh, this will be fun!" MineMan taunted. "Are you working for Nega?" Jet said as he took out a blaster. "Why, yes, I am. And he will rule! Graaah!" Then a boss battle begun. When MineMan was defeated, he said, "This...isn't...over!" Then he escaped though a portal. "Follow him!" PalmMan said, and with that, the group followed MineMan through the portal.

Chapter 9: Nega Land

3.14, Lopunny and Pearl landed their UFO in a large amusement park, with Nega's head everywhere. As they landed, PalmMan, Jet, Ni Toade, Mega Man, Porygon-Z and Electivire came out of a portal. They asked if 3.14 had seen MineMan, but they discover the portal changed to be a trap as soon as MineMan escaped through it. Lots of Egg-Robo's appeared and started chasing them. 3.14 and Lopunny stayed behind to fight them, while the rest ran off. They came to a giant ferris wheel. Eggman Nega appeared and made the wheel fall off and start rolling after them. They all got into Ni Toade and raced away from it. As it almost crushed them, a giant beam suddenly hit it and it exploded. Geno came down in front of them. "That move used most of my power... be careful next time, okay?" he said. Suddenly a grenade flew through the air. Geno caught it and threw it back, almost hitting Strafe who had thrown it in the first place. "Mr. Puppet... what you gonna do to me? Put on a show?" Strafe laughed. They began fighting him, but he dodged all of their moves and didn't attack back. "Something's wrong..." Geno said, and fired an extremely weak homing shot. It hit Strafe and he exploded in one hit. It was a fake, made to distract them. While they were distracted fighting him, a bomb had been set to blow up Nega Land. They all began running away, and barely escaped the massive explosion. But 3.14 and Lopunny didn't come out. They all explored the ruins looking for them, but couldn't find them. Suddenly Petey Piranha appeared, and they fought him. After defeating him, he turned into a portal which they entered.

Chapter 10: Pac-World

Pac-Man emerged from his home, fearing that something would happen that day. As he talked to the townspeople, flashes of light occurred, and with each one, a burst of pollen and a lot of wind. Pac-Man tried to investigate these, and met someone unfamiliar to him. It was a man with blonde hair wearing a green coat. "Who're you?" Pac-Man asked. "Tower Tycoon Palmer; but just called me Palmer. I am looking for two people." he responded. "Well then, Palmer, who are they?" "My son Pearl, and my friend and occasional butler Darach, the Castle Valet." "Why do you and the Castle guy both have titles?" "We're...uh...I'll explain later, once I find Pearl." "Can I come with you?" "Fine. But one rule-" "I'm the leader, got it?" "Fine, fine, fine..." Soon, a bunch of Egg-Robos as well as Strafe and Unten appeared. "Make yourself useful, blue bear thing. Get the green-coated man!" Strafe commanded. "Unten, my name is UNTEN! Fine!" While Pac-Man fought off Unten and many Egg-Robos (mini-boss), Palmer sent out a Heatran. It went out of control and used Lava Plume, which rained down on Pac-Land. Palmer tried to control Heatran, but it wouldn't listen. So Pac-Man tried attacking Heatran. It only caused more trouble, and Pac-Man fell to the ground. "Heh, heh..." Strafe said. Then he took out a Master Ball and captured Heatran. "Wait, I thought you can't capture another Trainer's Pokemon!" Palmer raged. "Snag machine. Works every time, sucker," Strafe taunted. "Now attack, Unten!" Soon, more flashes of light occurred, and soon a rip in the air opened and a flower creature followed by a monster emerged. "This...Shaymin and Palkia!" Palmer said in shock. Shaymin ran over to Pac-Man and cowered behind it. While Palkia stomped over to kill Shaymin, Unten attacked Palmer and took him. Strafe and Unten teleported away with the Tower Tycoon and left Pac-Man and Shaymin to fend for themselves. Palkia attacked, and a flash of light occurred. A creature appeared out of nowhere, and used telepathy to communicate with Pac-Man. It was revealed that this creature was a Mew. The three attacked Palkia and defeated it. It was on the ground when Strafe teleported back alone. "You did all the work for us!" Strafe said. He threw a Pokeball at Palkia and caught it just like a Master Ball was used. Strafe then teleported away. Crushed, Pac-Man asked Mew to teleport after Strafe to rescue Palmer.

Chapter 11: Mushroom Kingdom

After going though the portal, 3.14 and Lopunny met up with McQueen Mario and Sonic who were about to be killed by Shadow the Hedgehog who was still mad at Sonic. 3.14 and Lopunny fell on top of Shadow, knocking him out. Then everyone saw that they were teleported into Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi were back in their home kingdom. "Help us Sonic! We have a Pokemon problem!" Just then Dialga and Palkia appeared with Dr. Eggman on top. Meowth and Mime Jr. were with him. "I am going to destroy Mushroom Kingdom!" cried Eggman. Mario jumped up, but Palkia hit him, knocking him to the ground. Then a yellow figure appeared. It was Pac-Man and Leaf the female Pokemon trainer. Leaf sent out he Pokemon, Empoleon. It was a level 50 Pokemon! Leaf had a double battle against Eggman and his Dialga and Palkia. After a tough battle, Leaf won. Eggman revealed that he had a Chaos Emerald. Just then, the gang of PalmMan, Jet, Ni Toade, Mega Man, Porygon-Z, and Electivire jumped in after entering a portal. Then Eggman Nega arrived and was mad that Dr. Eggman had one of the Chaos Emeralds. After both Eggmans battled over ALL the Chaos Emeralds, Dr. Eggman won. Nega had no power over his minions. Unten was free from being controlled but RPG was not. Strafe jumped at 3.14 again but Empoleon saved 3.14 and blasted Strafe into space with Aqua Jet. RPG, who was alone, stayed with Dr. Eggman and served as a side kick. Before Sonic could do anything, Shadow got up and attacked Sonic. "Run!" cried Sonic as the others drove off in McQueen Mario and Ni Toade. Before long, The group was worried about Sonic and went back to get him. There was Shadow and Sonic, out cold on the ground. Before the group could do anything, Shadow used Chaos Control and left.

Chapter 12: Kingdom Outskirts

PalmMan's group heard drilling, so they thought that it was MineMan and got out of the cars. It was really Eggman Nega drilling a hole in the Earth so that the magma from inside the earth would erupt and destroy the kingdom, killing Dr. Eggman and having Nega regain power. It seemed about 5 minutes before it all erupted, so PalmMan's group looked for a way to stop it. There was a force field around the kingdom, but PalmMan dug into he ground. He found a chunk of steel, which Mega Man noted wouldn't cover it up, as the steel would melt. So they looked for big boulders and a bit of steel, and piled their findings up. It only covered half of it, but they got Porygon-Z and Electivire to malfunction the drilling machine, causing Nega to go get new parts. At that moment, they covered the hole up and ran. They heard a shriek, and Fan Man came running. "" Mega Man knew that he was in bad shape, so he donned a Roll costume and healed Fan Man. "Thanks," Fan Man said. "There's a big, huge monster burning things in the kingdom!" Then Jet realized that the force field was gone. The gang, now with Fan Man, ran into the kingdom. Before they could reach it, magma erupted from Nega's hole. The group and rested in a cave on a cliff. When the magma wore off, PalmMan's gang ran into the city. Palmer, brainwashed, attacked the city with his Cresselia. Jet beat the Cresselia and Palmer returned to normal. Then Strafe appeared. "So, you released our weak grip over Palmer's mind? I'm not in the slightest bit impressed. But he tore down the kingdom!" Strafe said. Then he said to himself, "Well, the outskirts, but..." Then he spoke out again. "Anyway, say hello to a monster of giga proportions! GIGA BOWSER, come forth!" Giga Bowser tore away a building and roared. Then he attacked the gang in a boss battle and lost. He returned to normal, and Nega appeared. "Yes! Yes! Thank you, Strafe! You've gotten rid of the original doctor!" He ranted. "Now, I shall rule the kingdom again! Mwahahaha!" Then Strafe took Palmer back and brainwashed him again back at Nega's Castle. PalmMan and the gang were beat, so they went back to the cave. Nega had brainwashed Palmer hard and strong, so even nearly killing him wouldn't corrupt his mind.

Chapter 13: Cars Land

McQueen Mario decided to take Sonic to his home town, Cars Land alone so his friends could help Sonic, who was badly hurt after Shadow had almost killed Sonic. When they got there, RPG had taken over the entire world and renamed it to RPG Land. "Ah, the great MQM returns" said RPG. Just then RPG revealed his partner, a Brainwashed Purple Guy. Then Henry the Moose jumped out of nowhere and pushed RPG away from Purple Guy. After he was restored, Purple Guy teamed up with Henry. Then McQueen Mario came back with Monster Truck tires. He was Monster MQM, brainwashed by RPG! Purple Guy and Henry teamed up and beat McQueenMario, restoring him to his normal self. Then something strange happened, RPG followed McQueenMario! "I am teaming up with you now. We can go get you friends from the cave and beat Nega together!" Getting inside the cars, Purple Guy and Henry joined their team as well. McQueen Mario also found a car that could help Sonic recover from his battle with Shadow the Hedgehog. At the cave, the new members of the team were introduced to the rest of the team. Then Eggman Nega, Strafe, and Palmer jumped into the cave with a new member to their team, Shadow. After Sonic was healed in Cars Land, he was not ready to fight Shadow again. Sonic fled from the group and the other followed him and so did Team Nega.

Chapter 14 - The Cave

PalmMan's group was resting in the cave when sudddenly Sonic, McQueenMario and their gang came running past. PalmMan's group ran with them, as Eggman Nega, Strafe, Palmer and Shadow chased them. Suddenly Leaf and Pearl decided to send out all their Pokemon and stop Nega; Leaf also revealed that she had captured Luxray. Luxray, Wartortle, Empoleon, Staraptor, Torterra and also Lopunny, Porygon-Z and Electivire all stopped to fight Eggman Nega, Strafe, Palmer and Shadow. Eggman Nega ran away, leaving Strafe, Palmer and Shadow to fight all of the Pokemon. However, Luxray saw Palmer and realized that before he had been snagged, he belonged to Palmer. As such, Luxray used a powered up Discharge which knocked everybody out except himself and Palmer. The electricty from the blast had triggered a reaction in Palmer which caused his hypnosis to disappear. Strafe and Shadow ran after Nega, while Leaf gave Luxray back to Palmer. Then Leaf, Pearl, Palmer, Porygon-Z, Electivire and Lopunny were by themselves and everybody else had ran deeper into the cave, they would continue the search for Darach. They exited the cave, but Leaf suddenly fainted. Inside her head, she saw a vision of McQueen Mario and Sonic's group yelling for help. When she awoke, she told the Pokemon, Palmer and Pearl that they needed to head back into the cave and help their friends.

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Only known as Lava Factory (See Bosses in stages below).

Chapter 17

only knowen as Ruined Toad Town (BOSSES BELOW)

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20



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