Sonic Speedball RPG II: The Coming Of Chaos!
Developer(s) Coke Dimensions, EEA Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) S.T.Y.L.U.S.
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan March 31 2009
25px-Flag of USA April 15 2009
25px-Flag of Europe May 3 2009
25px-Flag of Australia June 22 2009
S.T.Y.L.U.S. 1.5:
25px-Flag of JapanJune 23 2009
25px-Flag of USA July 4 2009
25px-Flag of Europe August 21 2009
25px-Flag of Australia September 13 2009
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG, Adventure
Media Included S.T.Y.L.U.S. Card

Sonic Speedball RPG II: The Coming of Chaos (Japanese: 音波のスピードボール RPG 2:カオスが来ること) is the sequel to Sonic Speedball RPG. Unlike the first game, it is only for the S.T.Y.L.U.S. and not the Nintendo DS. It is made by EEA Inc. and Coke Dimensions. The game was rated E 10+ for Violence and Crude Humor.


Mario in Sonic RPG 2

Mario gameplay in Chaos' lava room.

This game has very similar gameplay to the first game but it has more action and moves in the RPG game and the graphics are the same. Like the first game there is still non-RPG mode but this time RPG will get you more points and HP and is even some what more fun. Also the game has online play added to it in which the player can duel there friends and other people around the world (similar to Mario Kart Wii). There is also a chat room for the player and his or her friends to chat in. many fans would say that that is a big improvement from the Sonic Speedball RPG. Mini-games have also been added to the game. There is a mini-game for each different series (ex. Sonic's mini-game is Ring Collectors). In the mini-games (like Battle Mode) you can play as all the characters playable in story mode. This time only Sonic, Tails, Mario, and Luigi are default in Mini-Games Mode and Battle Mode. The rest can be unlocked by finding them in story mode.


Chapter I

The story begins in Sonic Speedball RPG.

...But then as they left a monster named Chaos jumped into the water and got the Emeralds. Sonic returned to the beach feeling ready for anything. "Sonic, Sonic, we need your help." It was Tails and Knuckles. "And this time we are going to help you." So Knuckles and Tails ran over to a huge tornado which they saw was made by Chaos. "Ah, Sonic The Hedgehog, Mr. Fists, and Shorty". And with that Chaos sucked Sonic and his friends into the twister. "I will send you to an unknown land by hitting this random button." Just before Sonic got sucked in Shadow came and saved Sonic. "Taaaailsss!" cried Sonic as Tails and Knuckles got sucked into the twister. Tails and Knuckles explored a forest when they found a message that says You Are Doomed. From CHAOS!!!.

Chapter II

Knuckles and Tails were shocked at the sight of this. In the meantime, Kirby had been pinned down by a possessed Meta Knight and sent off into the galaxy. When Kirby saw what happened he saw a huge Black Hole but before he got sucked in a voice came form behind. "Kirby...Kirby come". Kirby was scared. Just then the Black Hole sucked Kirby in and Kirby found him self at the Pokemon Battle Area. "Pika?" It was Pikachu. Just then Chaos appeared. "I have ALL the CHAOS Emeralds and I will destroy the world!!!" With that Chaos destroyed the stadium. Luckily, Litle P arrives and attacks Chaos and fails. Then everything goes black.

Chapter III

3.14 was relaxing now that the crazy battle against Mecha Shadow was over. 4.13 was becoming restless with nothing happening. Suddenly a siren went off, and someone barged in. Not Nega, not Silver, Chaos, or any other than Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Eggman asked 4.13 to join his team to get rid of 3.14. 4.13 agreed and they vanished before 3.14 could say a word. Could Master Binary really be controlling him still? As for Litle P, he escaped Chaos after the Pokemon World was destroyed. He was warped to the Mario World with Kirby and Pokemon Trainer holding Pikachu. Then, two cars pass them: McQueen Mario and RPG.

Chapter IV

RPG tried to turn around, but he was going very, very fast and ended up going out of control. Pikachu went to save him, but then Chaos appeared and ran after RPG. They both disappeared. Pokemon Trainer was discussing with Kirby, Litle P and Pikachu about what to do if Chaos comes back. Then McQueen Mario came in and said, "Hey, I want in on this conversation!" Then suddenly Chaos and RPG came back, but with one minor difference: RPG was serving Chaos, as if he had been hypnotized. Chaos said, "Hahaha, your little friend is my puppet now, and together, the world shall be ours...and you all shall serve me as the Great Lord!" "Never!" yelled McQueen Mario. Then Pikachu evolved into Raichu and attacked Chaos. Litle P called on Pokemon Trainer and he released Sandslash P who attacked. Chaos used the Chaos Emeralds to kill Pokemon Trainer but Raichu saved him after getting a Mega Mushroom from a ? Block. "Mega Raichu, go!" called Pokemon Trainer. Chaos fell off a cliff in the Mushroom Kingdom. RPG said, "Master!" Then he turned to McQueen Mario. "What have you done to my master? You shall pay greatly for this!" After a boss battle, RPG was beaten, but he was not back to normal. "You may have beaten me this time," RPG said, "but Master Chaos is right; you shall all serve him as the Great Lord!" Then he opened up a portal and left before McQueen Mario could do anything. Kirby started crying, then another portal opened and Meta Knight came through. "So THIS is where I sent you. Hmph, best of luck, this is exactly where I was trying to keep you from. Master Chaos would be threatened by you. Wait...actually, come with me, Kirby," he said, "this will have you reach true enlightenment!" Meta Knight grabbed Kirby, but McQueen Mario ran Meta Knight over. But it was too late. Kirby was already with Meta Knight.

Chapter V

Meta Knight took Kirby to a secret base in the Mushroom Kingdom with Chaos, RPG, and Bowser. Meta Knight told Kirby to suck up Chaos. Chaos said, "ARE YOU MAD, FOOL? IF I GET SUCKED UP, THAT LITTLE THING COULD BE THE RUIN OF US!" Kirby sucked up Chaos, but there was one difference. Chaos was in control of him now. Plus, he was made of water and there was no difference in shape, size or look, besides the water. Chaos tried to lead Kirby into the lava around Meta Knight's base and accidentally pushed Bowser in. Bowser jumped out and became Dry Bowser. "Chaos, you clumsy fool! I quite!" Chaos threw Dry Bowser into the sky. Dry Bowser somehow managed to escape to the Mushroom Kingdom where he made Mario and Luigi help him defeat Chaos. Bowser also saved Peach from the fortress of Meta Knight but Mario & Luigi could not beat Chaos. Luckily Peach was able to free Kirby and save Mario & Luigi. Kirby, Dry Bowser, Peach, Mario, and Luigi escaped Meta Knight on a Warp Star which toke them to Dream Land. Meta Knight had been fired by Chaos after his defeat and appeared at Dream Land to fight Kirby. Kirby beat him and Meta Knight left. Kirby was sad about McQueen Mario and went to look for him. McQueen Mario who had been left alone found a Female Pokemon Trainer and her Lucario and Jigglypuff. She was nice to McQueen Mario and asked for a ride. McQueen Mario told her about Kirby, RPG, Chaos, and all the other events. She was more that happy to help McQueen Mario. After a fair bit of looking, McQueen Mario found Kirby who was alone. Kirby told McQueen Mario and the trainer about Mario and co. in Dream Land. Kirby then saw Meta Knight and Chaos fly overhead. Kirby heard them say, "We destroy Dream Land next..."

Chapter VI

Kirby and gang riding in McQueen Mario chased Meta Knight but were stopped by RPG. "Well well well. If it isn't Mr. MQM, McQueen Mario. I have plans for you!" McQueen Mario challenged RPG to a race and beat him. RPG drove off as fast as he could so Chaos wouldn't know he had been beat. Kirby jumped on a Warp Star and warped to Dream Land but it was too late Dream Land was destroyed and Mario and Co. were nowhere to be seen. Kirby cried and cried and the female trainer comforted him. "I am sure Mario is okay." said the trainer. Mario however had survived and met up with 4.13 who was still a bad guy. 3.14 was put in a cage along with Dry Bowser, Peach, Luigi, and a few Toads. Mario beat 4.13 and got the key and freed 3.14. 3.14 dueled 4.13 and saved 4.13 from being controlled by Master Binary again who arrived just in time to find Mario, 3.14, Dry Bowser, and rest of the gang escape. 3.14 and 4.13 caged Master Binary and stayed behind to guard him. 4.13 decided to kill Master Binary. When he told 3.14, he agreed. But when they tried to kill him, he escaped. The female Trainer still had to comfort Kirby, and she decided to go get food for him. She never came back, so Kirby went to look for her. When he found her hat, there was a note inside it. It said, "I've gone off to do something." Kirby kept looking until he found her scarf. A note said, "I am with a boney dragon and a red-capped hero." Kirby knew she was referring to Mario. He found her shoes, which said, "I am with the distort-" the note stopped as Giratina flew overhead, the Female trainer in his clutches. Kirby fought him but he and the Trainer were both eaten. In his belly they met PalmMan, Dragonman, and MineMan, who were all trying to escape. After working together, they found a route that was enabling an escape, but then MineMan tried to break off and escape solo. He succeeded. PalmMan, Dragonman, the Female trainer and Kirby were trapped...together.

Chapter VII

Meanwhile, Sonic and friends met up with Henry the Moose in the forest they were exploring. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles found Shadow, Blaze, and Silver trapped in an underground cage after falling in. "This may be the end, Sonic." said Tails. "There is no end to Sonic the Hedgehog!" cried Sonic. There would have been if MineMan hadn't found them and freed them. Henry the Moose run of thinking that staying with Sonic could mean trouble. Henry saw Giratina flying overhead. Henry tried to run away but Giratina saw him. "Ah, a tasty moose for lunch!" And with that, Henry the Moose was swallowed in one gulp. Trapped inside with Kirby, the trainer, PalmMan, and Dragonman was hard. Then Kirby remembered the note, "I am with a boney dragon and a red-capped hero." "Mario!" yelled Kirby. Where was Mario? Kirby wondered. Mario was not inside Giratina at all. Mario, Luigi, and Dry Bowser had taken Peach and five Toads that were with them to a safe cave until they returned with Kirby and the trainer. Mario found Sonic and co. and they all went on a mission to save Kirby and co. Their team consisted of Mario, Luigi, Dry Bowser, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, Silver, and Blaze.

Chapter VIII

Sonic beat Giratina freeing Henry, PalmMan, Dragonman, Kirby, and the Female Pokemon Trainer. Soon it was confirmed that Giratina was really Chaos in disguise. "Well well well. I will now reveal my army!" The army was Chaos, RPG, Meta Knight, Master Binary, and a huge bunch of enemies. "Oh, no." said Sonic sadly. "This is the end." "No it is NOT the end. Not yet..." said Shadow. And with that, Shadow used Chaos control to save his friends. Shadow took all the good guys into space. "We can't just leave the world in Chaos." said Sonic. Then Mario got an idea. But first they must get back to the planet and get to Chaos' hideout which would be dangerous. Back on the planet only Sonic, Tails, Mario, Luigi, PalmMan, and Henry came to Chaos' lair. The rest stayed with Shadow. 3.14, 4.13, and McQueen Mario were found inside about to be boiled in the lava. Sonic ran and cut the three loose. Just them Meta Knight swooped down and battled Sonic. Sonic won and Meta Knight loosed his grip and fell down toward the lava. "You are an enemy of me. Why, Sonic the Hedgehog did you save me like that?" asked Meta Knight. "Don't you see? Chaos is going to kill us all unless we can work together to stop him." McQueen Mario, 3.14, and 4.13 agreed. "Okay, Sonic. Let's kick that Chaos' butt!" called Meta Knight.

Chapter IX

When they found Chaos' lair, Eggman Nega was there with a robot. "What are you doing here?" yelled PalmMan. "You're just n time for my new creation...but you'll be dead when I'm done!" Nega responded. He jumped into a huge machine and started attacking PalmMan. PalmMan defeated the robot, but Nega had another robot inside. It transformed and targeted Henry, who defeated it. Then, Nega pressed a button on a control panel. "My last chance until my ultimate last resort!" He jumped into a gigantic robot bigger than a skyscraper and tried to kill Sonic, Tails, and Luigi. They beat the robot. But everyone except Mario was tired. "Ha, ha, ha... So there's only one of you pests left with energy. I'll destroy you once and for all this time!" "Mama Mia!" Mario cried. Nega pressed another button, and a robot came out. "This is the one, the only, MECHA SONIC X!!!!" He said. Mario, after a tough battle, had defeated Mecha Sonic X. Nega could not believe it. Then Chaos jumped down. "You...I gave you a second chance for glory! But you FAILED! That's right, FAILED! Now I will dispose of you...fat scum!" Nega said, "Fat scum? Why you little-" A black hole sucked Nega in. Chaos laughed. "Now, for the grand finale!" Soon, the black hole re-opened. Out came the real Giratina, who swallowed everyone, including Chaos.

Chapter X

The real Giratina was huge and bigger then the fake one who was really Chaos. Inside Giratina was lava which Giratina used to digest it's food. McQueen Mario hung from the uvula by his antenna and Henry, Sonic, Tails, and Luigi on top of him. "Mama Mia, this is NOT what I planned!" said Mario, who Meta Knight was trying to hold up in the air. PalmMan had landed on Chaos who was still trying to float. Chaos fell down into the lava and turned to rock. "I did, I did it!" cried PalmMan. Then the rock Chaos came to life. PalmMan beat Chaos after a very hard battle. Chaos' brain remained which PalmMan burned. "I hope Chaos is gone for good." said Sonic. Everyone agreed. Eggman Nega appeared in the mouth of Giratina with the Chaos Emeralds. He used them destroy Giratina. 3.14 and 4.13 jumped out from inside McQueen Mario. "You are not so bad after all Nega." said 3.14. "Yeah!" agreed Sonic. Nega looked surprised. "Look!" cried Luigi. The worlds were restored and all the heroes were brought back by Shadow the Hedgehog. Litle P, Sandslash, Pokemon Trainer, and all the other Pokemon returned to thank the heroes. Kirby was so happy to see the Female Trainer again. Meta Knight was a good guy. Everything turned out good. "What about me!? yelled Dry Bowser. Eggman Nega used one of the Chaos Emeralds to make Dry Bowser back into Bowser. "That's the last nice thing I am doing!" said Eggman Nega. Just then Dr. Eggman jumped in with Strafe and RPG by his sides. "We have come to take over the world!" said RPG. "RPG. Who do you think you are?" said McQueen Mario. "A bad guy!" said RPG. As the crew ran after Eggman, Eggman Nega remembered something, he has all the Chaos Emeralds...

The story continues in Sonic Speedball RPG III: Nega's Empire.



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The had mixed reviews. A lot of reviewers said that the game was an improvement form the first game but lacked different controls. Most reviewers agreed that a sequel should be improved form the first. Others didn't mind and just said that you should play the first game and then the second game in a row so that you can continue from where you ended in the story. Many critics liked the story better and said great sequel if you played each movie in a row on the movie section of extras. IGN and Gamespot did say that the game was an improvement from Sonic Speedball RPG mostly because of the new online play which fans totally loved! It got a 9/10 from IGN and a 9.5/10 from Gamespot. Ultimate Pyramid Productions Reviews gave it a 10/10.



  • Yoshi appears playable when Mario finds a Yoshi Egg but he is does not appear in the story line videos. He is also weirdly unlockable in in Battle Mode alone by finishing a mission riding on Yoshi.
  • C.I.A. Station, Inc. put Giratina in to celebrate the North American release of Pokemon Platinum.
  • Kirby can change his color to blue, red, or yellow in Battle Mode if he uses his Warp Star attack.
  • During the final chapter, red, blue, yellow, purple, white, and green Pikmin appear in the video were the heroes were swallowed by Giratina. The Pikmin hold onto McQueen Mario who hangs on to Giratina's uvula. The Green Pikmin also appeared on the game cover.

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