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The Sonic Speedball RPG Series is a series a crossover games made by Coke Dimensions, EEA Inc., Twenty-Second Choice, and Vined Inc.

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The Beginning

Originally Coke Dimensions was going to make Sonic Adventure 3 but wanted it to be RPG so came up with a bunch of ideas until they were out of ideas. Soon they asked EEA Inc., another huge company to think up a name. Sonic Speedball RPG it was. With that EEA Inc. got permission to work on the game.

Game Development

EEA Inc. didn't think the game would work out to great with reviewers mainly because of the new games in the Sonic the Hedgehog (series). So they made the Sonic game into a crossover game featuring Mario, Pikachu, and many other Nintendo characters. The games story was hard at first but the two companies came up with a great story.

The Series

Sonic Speedball RPG was a great success. It had so great reviews that the two companies wanted to make a series out of the game which Coke Dimensions officially confirmed here. EEA Inc. reported that there may be a third game if F3 goes well with Sonic Speedball RPG II: The Coming of Chaos!. EEA Inc. also reported that Twenty-Second Choice and Vined Inc. will be working on the game. Sonic Speedball RPG Party the new spin off game, will also be worked on by Twenty-Second Choice.


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