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Sonic Speed 2: Second Act is the sequel to Sonic Speed, released in 2028 and published on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 & 5.


Prologue: The Story So Far
A while ago, an evil man named Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik attempted to take over the world using the powers of the 7 Chaos Emeralds. However, not only did he fail, he ended up indirectly creating his downfall. His deeds brought together three heroes who took him down. Sonic, a superfast blue hedgehog. Tails, a super smart twin-tailed fox, and Knuckles, a super strong Echidna and protector of the Emeralds. Together, they defeated Eggman, and for a short while, peace returned to the world. However, all good things must come to an end, and Robotnik has new plans up his sleeves...

Chapter 1: Trouble in Mobius
The game opens with Sonic sleeping underneath a tree, with his pet bird Flicky napping alongside him. A note floats down onto his nose, which causes him to sneeze and wake up startled. Reading the note, it's a letter from Tails telling him to meet him at his house to see a cool invention he's been working on. Excited, Sonic hops up and revs himself up with a spin dash, then speeds on over to Tails place.

After arriving, Tails shows him his latest invention: a modified version of the E-103 Gamma suit Flicky was trapped in by Robotnik, which is now made so that Flicky has full control over it. Both Sonic and Flicky are excited to try it out, but before they can load Flicky in, Knuckles bursts through the door. Turns out, the village is under attack by badniks! Without a second thought, Sonic tells Flicky to wait here as he, Tails, and Knuckles rush to the village. Flicky is sad to see Sonic go, but then his glaze directs to the Gamma suit...

The three arrive at the village to see it being ransacked by Badniks, who look like they're searching for something. Two villagers in particular are fighting them off pretty well. Sonic and the others help them out, and the two villagers thank them. They introduce themselves as Amy Rose and Mighty, but before they can continue, more Badniks come their way. Tails realizes that they're probably here looking for the Chaos Emerald, so the crew, along with Amy and Mighty tagging along, go off to Sonic's house to grab the emerald before they do.

When they arrive at Sonic's house, it's too late: a strange, blue robot who looks like Sonic has completely destroyed his house and has taken the emerald. Sonic demands that the doppleganger drop the emerald. The metal counterpart says nothing, and instead sends out a giant rusty-looking mech to attack them. Before it can attack, however, the crew are saved by Flicky, piloting the E-103 Gamma mech. The six of them prepare to battle the giant Badnik.

They manage to destroy the Badnik, and the metal Sonic robot clutches his hand in anger and decides it's best to just leave and go find the next emerald. As he flies away, the group come together to discuss what just happened. They also explain Flicky and Gamma to Amy and Mighty. They realize that the metal Sonic guy is after the Chaos Emeralds, and decide that its time for another adventure. And so, with three new companions, the group take off after Metal Sonic to stop him from gathering all 7 Emeralds.

Chapter 2: Wait, We Have Ruins?
The crew follow Metal Sonic to some ancient ruins of some sort of civilization. Sonic had no clue this place even exited, and Knuckles explained quickly that, a long time ago, Echidnas lived here until a horrible monster wipped them all out. Tails notes that Metal brought backup and the ruins are swarming with Badniks. Mighty just says that it makes it more fun, and leaps out of the bush they were hiding in to bash some robots. Amy sighs and comments that he's always like this as the rest join him.

They make their way into a giant pyramid thing, inside of it a Chaos Emerald. Before they can grab it, Metal Sonic finds them and, speaking for the first time, demands they stand aside. Instead of doing so, Sonic just tells his copycat to go steal someone else's identity. Enraged, he demands that Sonic never compare himself to him ever again, and rockets towards the blue hedgehog, ready to wipe the smug grin right off of his face.

The gang manage to bang up Metal Sonic pretty good, and Tails even manages to swipe the Emerald from earlier away from him. Now really pissed off but understanding they he's outmatched, he swears they haven't won yet and makes a swift getaway. Sonic is worried about where Metal is gonna go next, but Tails tells him not to worry about that right now. The best course of action is to take the fight to Robotnick himself. He informs the group that Eggman apparently built himself a Chemical Plant base, and the crew head over to it.

Chapter 3: The Mastermind Revealed
As the crew arrive to Eggman's Chemical Plant, they decide the best course of action would be to split up into teams of three: Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy go through a robot factory section to free some animals, while Omega and Mighty went with Tails to shut down the security. The plan mostly goes without a hitch, save for Knuckles accidentally alerting Eggman of their presence, and they all meet back up for the final stretch.

Bursting into Eggman's main office, the mad scientist demands to know why these rodents are in his base, then figures that they somehow found out that he had a chaos emerald. Before they can correct him, Eggman sends out his newest invention: a giant mech (that resembles the Death Egg Robot) called the Egg Scrambler. The mecha manages to knock Sonic out a window and into an arena, which Eggman admits he had built to test out robots, and the two prepare to fight each other once again.

Sonic manages to defeat the Egg Scrambler and demands that Eggman give him the Emerald and call off the robot army attacking Mobius. Eggman reluctantly gives Sonic the Emerald but tells him the robot situation is out of his control. He explains that he was creating a robotic copy of Sonic, one that could harness the power of the negative energy inside the Chaos Emeralds. After it got a taste of the Negative Energy, however, it rebelled against Eggman, stole an army of robots, and set out to find the rest.

He states that if the crew really want to take care of Metal Sonic, they should find the Emeralds before Metal does. Eggman then hands the crew a map of the Emeralds and says he'll stay out of their way for now. He then tells them to get out before gets really angry. After they leave, the crew decide to split into teams of two for the first three locations, then go together for the final area.

Chapter 3.5: Rider of the Wind
Before the crew can set off, Sonic is visited by a green bird carrying a hoverboard. He tells them that his name is Jet and that he's been looking at Sonic for a while, and wants to challenge the Blue Blur to a race to see if he can match his super sonic hoverboard. Though everyone else wants to go, Sonic decides a quick race wouldn't hurt, and tells him that they'll race from the beach to Tails house (AKA the first level). They begin the race.

Though he was fast, Jet was beaten by Sonic. The bird admits that he is impressed, and asks if he would want to race again in a different location. Sonic agrees and tells him to call him up whenever he wants to race. Right now, however, he has to go save the island. Jet wishes Sonic luck as the hedgehog runs back to his friends.

Chapter 4: Mushroom for Improvment
Sonic and Tails head for the first Emerald location, a section of Mobius known as Mushroom Hills, famous for their very tall mushrooms the size of trees. Once they get there, however, it's full of shady looking people digging all around and chopping down mushrooms, turning bits of the hills into wastelands. Both are upset that someone would do this, and decide to take these guys down while also looking for the emerald.

After a while, the two come across the person behind the wreckage: Fang, a mercenary Sonic fought way back when. Turns out, after being defeated, Fang struck it rich and formed himself a whole bandit army, and is currently looking for the Chaos Emerald. Not for the power it holds, but just to sell it off at a very high price. He calls over Bean and Bark, and they attack Sonic and Tails. After a short fight, the duo are victorious, and Fang decides its best to just run. As the bandits retreat, Sonic finds the Chaos Emerald behind a rock.

Chapter 5: Under Pressure
Amy and Mighty go to an old temple that belonged to the Echidnas, where the next Chaos Emerald is. Currently, due to its poor condition, it has been flooded to the brim. Amy is unsure at first, but Mighty just brushes it off and says to just hold your breath and enters the temple. Amy runs in after him to make sure her childhood friend doesn't kill himself. They face plenty of underwater trials, including findings bits of an underwater city.

When they finally find the Emerald, the two are soaking wet. Before they can dry off, a odd-looking water monster shoots out of the water and attacks the duo. They are forced to flee, but despite the water monster's efforts they make it out of the temple alive with their lives and with the Emerald too. They take a moment to wonder what the heck was that thing before Mighty brushes it off as a really advanced Badnik. Amy doubts it, but decides it's a better answer then thinking some monster lives in the water as they run back to Tails place.

Chapter 6: The Breached Beach
Sonic decides to head to the next location along with Amy, the place being the tropical beaches of Mobius. Both take a moment to appreciate the nice views...only to be cut off by some villagers running past them, claiming that a monster has invaded the Beach Houses. Amy realizes it has to be that water monster and tells Sonic about it. Both agree that the Emerald has to wait: this monster business is more important.

Once they locate the monster, its seen holding the Chaos Emerald and walking towards a Chao. Sonic thinks its trying to hurt the poor thing and attacks, but the monster backhands him away. To Sonic's surprise, the monster starts to pet the Chao and lets it play with the Emerald. That moment makes Sonic and Amy realize that this monster might not be so bad. Unfortunately, it's still mad at Amy for earlier, and the duo are forced to fight the creature.

After a bit of fighting, Knuckles shows up to break it up. Surprised at the monster, he tells the others that this thing was a ancient guardians of the Emeralds named Chaos, and was once friends with the Echidnas until they pissed it off. He then explains to Chaos that they need the emeralds right now and that afterwords they'll give them back. Deciding that its better then fighting, Chaos hands the Emerald over while Amy apologizes for earlier.

Chapter 7: Too Hot to Handle
The final emerald is on an entirely different island, which Gamma and Knuckles decide to go to. It's the old volcanic desert he, Sonic, and Tails once went to during their first adventure. Gamma is still not used to his new mechanical body, however, and crashes at shore. To avoid any more crashes, Knuckles decides its best to just run there, and so the two run off to reach the volcano core, where the Emerald is located.

Once they get there, they are greeted with a familiar face: a Lava Golem, similar to the once Knuckles and the crew fought on their first adventure but much bigger. Still, the two have no problem taking it down. They grab the last emerald and take their leave. Little do they know, they are being watched by Metal Sonic. He chuckles to himself, knowing that the Emeralds will be coming to him very soon...

Chapter 8: Man (and hedgehog) vs Machine
Now with six Emeralds, the crew realize that Metal Sonic has to have the last one. They figure that he has to be on the big, floating mechanical island in the sky, floating up there while chained to the ocean floor. Wondering how they'll get in, as Tails plane would just get shot down, they are called outside by none other then Eggman, who has decided that for the sake of making sure he has a world to rule to help the heroes. He brings them aboard his Egg Fleet and launches an all-out attack on Metal Sonic's floating island.

While Eggman's Badniks and Metal's goons have an all out war, Eggman has the heroes attack the ship from three different parts. Sonic and Knuckles work to take out the defenses, Amy and Tails find the computer room and shut down most of Metal's fleet, and Might goes with Gamma to loosen the chains keeping the island stable. It goes well, besides Sonic having a rematch against Fang, Bean, and Bark.

With Metal's forces basically ruined, the crew and Eggman go to Metal Sonic's base of operations at the top of the mechanical island. The moment they step foot in, however, they are all knocked out by a quick electric charge trap the robot had set for them. Metal then quickly grabbed the six emeralds they had and absorbed all of their negative energy, giving himself incredible power before the heroes even wake up. He mocks the heroes for making this so easy and heads for the core of the floating island, leaving the drained Emeralds behind.

Chapter 9: Power of the Emeralds
Wondering what they can do to stop him, Knuckles gets an idea based off of an old fairytale the Echidnas told about a legendary warrior using the Emeralds to become a powerful fighter. Knuckles tells Sonic that Metal only absorbed the negative energy, and that Sonic could use the positive energy to gain a super powered state. Sonic decides to do it, having no other choice, and uses the positive power of the emeralds to become Super Sonic. The hedgehog can't help but geek out at how cool the form is, but quickly heads after Metal.

Once he reaches the inside, the powered up Metal is surprised to see Sonic in his new powered up form, but states that the negative energy was still stronger then the positive energy and that Sonic still has no chance. While fighting, Metal reveals his grand plan: to drop the mechanical island on top of Mobius, destroying the island and anyone who has a chance of stopping him with it. Angered, Sonic fights harder and, after a tough fight, batters Metal up.

Metal still has one last trick up his sleeve, however. He merges himself with a bunch of metal scraps nearby, turning himself into a 20-foot behemoth of robot parts he calls the Overlord Form. He and Sonic have another fight, and even though Metal has become much stronger, Sonic still manages to defeat him. Sonic then finishes off Metal by dragging him by the foot, swinging him around, and throwing him into the superheated core of the island, incinerating him and returning the negative energy to the Emeralds.

The rest of the crew run in to see Sonic finish off Metal, and all celebrate his defeat. Eggman interrupts the celebration by telling them that he needs a reward: he gets to keep the floating island. Deciding its better to just give it to him then argue, they let him keep it. When asked why, Eggman states that he's gonna build a really shady Casino on it to strike it rich, then use the money to build more robots. Sonic tells him that they'll be ready for him if he attacks. Because he also owes them, Eggman lets them use a small ship to return home.

Epilogue: Sonic Got Through Act 2!
Back on Mobius, the islanders hold a celebration over defeating Metal and saving the island. The main crew sit on the beach, eating Chilli Dogs and drinking soda, and welcome Amy and Mighty into their friend group. As they watch fireworks go off, they are surprised to see Chaos come out of the ocean. Everyone gets ready to fight except for Sonic, Amy, and Knuckles, who invite the creature to sit with them. Chaos happily lays next to them as a confused Tails asks who the water guy is. Knuckles sighs and starts to explain as the screen fades to black.

The End (Though not for long!)

New Game + Post-Credit Scene
Beating the game on New Game + adds an extra scene to the ending, however. It shows a mountain top on Mobius, with a silver hedgehog looking down at the partying villagers. He then wispers to himself "I've found him. The Iblis-" before getting cut off by Big, who was sitting on the island as well, asking him what he is doing, he replies that he's on a top secret mission for his queen. Big replies with "Cool." and continues fishing as the silver hedgehog just teleports away.


The game is a 3D platformer with open levels and an emphasis on speed. The longer your character runs, the faster he will go. They'll also go faster if running down slopes or hitting springs or boost pads. Every character can also jump, and the faster your going the farther you'll jump. The main goal of every level is to reach the end without loosing all of your lives, which you loose if you get hit without any rings. Picking up rings will protect you, but getting hit will make you drop them, luckily, you can pick up the ones you dropped.

There are six playable characters in the game:

  • Sonic is the character you'll be playing as the most, with sections based off of speed and platforming. He has a homing attack, a drop dash, and a light speed dash. He's by far the fastest character.
  • Tails is more focused on puzzle solving and platforming, though he'll still run around fast. He can fly for a limited amount of time, toss a few bombs, and do a spin attack.
  • Knuckles is focused on beating up everything that looks at you funny and exploring. He can glide through the air, preform a three hit combo plus a ground pound, and climb up almost any wall.
  • Gamma is all about running and gunning. His sections run on a time limit, but you can always increase the time by shooting baddies and freeing animals and Chao.
  • Amy Rose is very similar to Sonic in that she goes through high-speed platforming stages. However, she focuses more on light parkor.
  • Mighty is a mix of Knuckles and Tails: solving puzzles and beating down bad guys.

There's also a shop you can visit in-between levels, ran by Big the Cat. You can buy things such as extra rings or lives, instant Shields, upgrades for playable characters, and costumes. You can buy stuff using scrap metal you get from destroying the robot enemies during stages.

The Emblem Events are unlockable achievements you can earn by preforming challenges the emblems task you with. Completing these will unlock new content. There are 50 Emblems altogether.


Classic Sonic (Speed Way)
Sonic the Hedgehog
(Josh Keaton)
Sonic the Hedgehog lived by himself on South Island for his whole life, with only the many animal buddies to keep him company. It isn't until he met Tails and Knuckles when he learned of a whole new world outside the island. While a little snarky, Sonic enjoys hanging out with his two new friends. He also has a habit of checking out everything out of curiosity. And of course, he is ridiculously fast.
  • Homing Attack: Sonic can dash at enemies while jumping. You can chain this on multiple baddies.
  • Drop Dash: While in the air, Sonic can do a spin dash, so when he hits the floor he zooms forward.
  • Light Speed Dash: Sonic can speed through a line of rings if he finds any. This can be used for travel.
Classic tails from the sonic mania poster by jaysonjean-dbdn9md
Tails "Miles" Prowler
(Courtenay Taylor)
Tails was born with a knack for building, learning, and machines, and has spent his life perfecting his skills in science in hopes of becoming the greatest scientific mind in the world. He's still a 10 year old, however, and is very innocent, always looking at the brighter side of situations. He looks up to his best friends Sonic and Knuckles as role models, and wishes to become as cool as they are one day.
  • Tail-Copter: Tails can float in the air for a limited time by spinning his twin tails around like a helicopter.
  • Bomb Toss: Tails can toss bomb around, either on the ground or while flying. He can also place them.
  • Spin Attack: Tails can perform a spin attack with his tails that can continue for as long as you hold it down.
Classic Knuckles Nibroc Rock
Knuckles the Echidna
(Nolan North)
Knuckles is the last of the Echidna Tribe, an ancient civilization who brought about their own doom. Spending his days as a treasure hunter, he met Tails while looking for the Chaos Emeralds, and later met Sonic while both were fighting Eggman. He's brash and hotheaded, but tries to act as a big brother to Tails. He and Sonic have a friendly rivalry over who can trash Eggman's robots faster, and they haven't given it up yet.
  • Gliding: Knuckles can glide in the air by holding down jump. While gliding he desends slowely.
  • 3-Punch Combo: Knuckles will unleash a three it combo that'll destroy any robots close enough to him.
  • Wall Climb: There are certan walls that Knuckles can climb on, depending if they have cracks.
ChaosGamma NibrocRock
E-103 "Flicky" Gamma
(Dee Bradly Baker)
Flicky was Sonic's pet bird who was his only friend until the Hedgehog met Tails and Knuckles. He was kidnapped and turned into a robot named Gamma. The crew managed to free Flicky, and Tails rebuilt the robot so its more of a suit that Flicky can now pilot. Now able to battle alongside his friends, Flicky realizes he had a love for thrills that he didn't know he ever had, similar to his owner Sonic.
  • Hover Rockets: Gamma can perform a second jump by tapping the jump button while in the air.
  • Energy Gun: Gamma has a gun that can lock onto enemies and destroy them instantly if they hit.
  • Land Mines: For more tricky opponents, Gamma can leave behind land mines as traps for them.
Amy Rose Hybrid by Nibroc-Rock
Amy Rose
(Kara Edwards)
Amy is a resident of Mobius's single village, her great-grandfather being the founder of the island, and best friend of Mighty. She joins the crew during Metal Sonic's attack on Mobius, and becomes fast friends with them. She's more level-headed then them, and usually has to stop Mighty from doing reckless stuff. As the adventure goes on he grows a crush on Sonic, but keeps it to herself, even if it isn't very unnoticable.
  • Hammer Vault: Amy can vault into the air by slamming her hammer into the ground. Highest jump.
  • Hammer Slam: Amy can slam her hammer onto the ground, creating a small shockwave that stuns foes.
  • Hammer Toss: Amy can toss her hammer a short distance to destroy robots as a weak projectile.
Mighty the Armadillo
(Nolan North)
Mighty is Amy's best friend and longtime villager on Mobius's only village. He joins the crew during Metal Sonic's attack on Mobius, and becomes fast friends with them. While not dumb, Mighty likes to act instead of think, getting himself into a lot of trouble and screwing himself over a lot. He and Knuckles have a small rivalry about which one of them is stronger, but its all fun and game, and both are still good friends.
  • Air Tornado: Mighty can spin fast enough to create a tornado that'll boost him into the air.
  • Ground Slam: Mighty can slam his body into the ground, crushing any robot that happens to be under him.
  • Wall Jump: Mighty can jump off of any wall he jumps onto, giving him a boost of speed as well.
Chaos (DLC)
An ancient water monster, Chaos is the guardian of all Chao. He was responsible for the destruction of the Echidna Clan after they tried to use him as a weapon. While he looks pretty frightening, he's a belevolent if not protective guardian of all creatures, and is set on protecting life. While hostile to the crew at first, he grows a fondness to them and becomes their friend, even forgiving Knuckles, the last of the Echidnas.
  • Mystic Glide: Much like Knuckles, Chaos can glide in the air. Its faster but wears off sooner as well.
  • Absorb: Chaos can lunge forward and absorb any robot that is in front of him, not counting bosses.
  • Water Blob: Chaos can turn himself into a water blob ball to run over enemies in his path.
Metal Sonic Forces
Metal Sonic (DLC)
(Roger Craig Smith)
Metal Sonic is a robot designed by Eggman with Sonic's DNA. He was supposed to serve as Eggman's second in command, but the power went to his head and rebeled against the doctor, creating his own army from scraps. He aims to turn the world into a mechanical apocalypse, and will stop at nothing to gain power. He has a bit of respect for his "copy", Sonic, but refuses to admit he does.
  • Rocket Thrusters: At any time Metal can activate his rocket boosters to travel even faster then normal.
  • Overdrive Dash: Metal spins like a drill forward, tearing through any robot in front of him.
  • Black Shield: Metal can activate a black shield that'll protect him from almost any attack in the game.
Probably the only big the cat render ever made by nibrocrock-d84koo3
Big the Cat
(Nolan North)
Big the Cat has lived on Mobius for as long as anyone can remember, and he's one of the friendliest and chill people there. He runs a sucessful shop buisness that Sonic and the crew like to buy from, offering items and upgrades in exchange for Scrap parts from other robots that he uses to upgrade his shop. He has recently befriended a rabbit named Cream, and the two now run the shop together to gather money to raise chao.
Jet the hawk legacy update render by nibroc rock-db2lggo
Jet the Hawk
(Jason Griffith)
Jet the Hawk might be the only person on Mobius who is cockier then Sonic. Using a specially made Hoverboard, he claims to be the fastest thing on the island and likes to race other islanders and leave them in his dust. Its not until he challenges Sonic and his friends to a race that he feels the sting of defeat. While mad, he does form a respect for the crew, and becomes a time trial challenge for every level in the game.
An ancient water monster, Chaos is the guardian of all Chao. He was responsible for the destruction of the Echidna Clan after they tried to use him as a weapon. While he looks pretty frightening, he's a belevolent if not protective guardian of all creatures, and is set on protecting life. While hostile to the crew at first, he grows a fondness to them and becomes their friend, even forgiving Knuckles, the last of the Echidnas.
Metal Sonic Forces
Metal Sonic/Overlord
(Roger Craig Smith)
Metal Sonic is a robot designed by Eggman with Sonic's DNA. He was supposed to serve as Eggman's second in command, but the power went to his head and rebeled against the doctor, creating his own army from scraps. He aims to turn the world into a mechanical apocalypse, and will stop at nothing to gain power. He has a bit of respect for his "copy", Sonic, but refuses to admit he does.
Dr. Ivo Robotnick
(Mike Pollock)
Dr. Ivo Robotnick, also known as Eggman, is a mad scientist who has attempted to enslave Mobius in order to gain power for his robots. With an IQ of 300, he built every robot in the army by himself. Recently, he created Metal Sonic in order to combat Sonic, but his new creation went rouge and betrayed him, stealing some of his army in the process. He eventually decides to team up with Sonic to stop Metal.
Fang, Bean, & Bark
(John DiMaggio (Fang), Aran Hanson (Bean, Bark))
These crooks are known as the Hooligans, a group of mercenaries who are oftan hired by Eggman. Fang is the leader, Bark is the muscle, and Bean is the backbone. Along with mercenary goons, they take their jobs not seriously at all, and yet are very good at it as well. They've taken on Sonic and his friends before, and they are prepared to do so again. Will they suceed? Spoiler alert: they get beaten down twice.
The Lava Golem
(Nolan North)
This Lava Golem is an inhabitant of the Volcanic Island close to Mobius, the race having been created by the Chaos Emeralds. This one in particular is pretty hostile and hates visitors, which is why he attacks the crew on sight. He has been beaten by the crew before, so when he sees Knuckles he decides to try and get revenge. He fails, of course, but he swears he will get his revenge one day. This isn't the last we see of him...


Mobius Island is a lush, beautiful island filled with animals mutated by the Chaos Emeralds, having built a society on it. Normally its super peaceful and quiet. Unfortunetly, it's currently being invaded by Badnicks searching for the Chaos Emerald, pillaging the entire village just to find it.
26d159012bddd13ad9708f08d2f13af2: The very first level of the game has Sonic heading to Tails house from across the island. This level is made to be beginner friendly, teaching you how to play the game. Along the way, you run into a few Badnicks and you are taught how defend yourself against them. Things get harder from here...
3c32bb8f4ed9fd04c5fc970cecd6de81: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles rush over to the village. The first half has you playing as Sonic, like normal, but the 2nd and 3rd half has you play as Knuckles and Tails, learning how they work and what kind of levels they'll take place in. You finish the level beating up a wave of Badnicks as Knuckles.
06faeb97e0b864e03bd8db95a7ffefdb: The crew has to hurry to Sonic's house to protect the Chaos Emerald. This level has you playing as Amy and Mighty trying to catch up with Sonic and the crew, while teaching you how to play as them along the way. Robots are attacking the villagers along the way. Destroy them and get bonus rings!
Ef2e85bae3090ba3e2cb963918338b6c: Egg Smasher 2.0
These ancient ruins belonged the the Echidna Tribe, a powerful tribe of Echidnas that were destroyed by the Water Monster known as Chaos. It since started to crumble and has vines and plants growing on it, though it still looks very pretty. Knuckles has hidden a Chaos Emerald inside of here to keep it safe.
26d159012bddd13ad9708f08d2f13af2: The entrance to the ruins have been blocked off by a bunch of debree, so its up to Flicky inside the Gamma suit to find a way in. This levels teaches you how to play as Gamma, with his run and gun gameplay combined with fast platforming. Keep a look out for the paintings on the wall of a golden warrior...
3c32bb8f4ed9fd04c5fc970cecd6de81: Still trying to find a way in, Sonic and Knuckles take a look themselves. After running around a bit you can find a entrance Knuckles has to break through. The rest of the level has Sonic running through some of the temple, avoiding crumbling platforms and traps layed out by the Echidnas.
06faeb97e0b864e03bd8db95a7ffefdb: Now inside the temple, Sonic must make his way through crumbling hallways and traps the Echidna have layed out before they all died. Mighty takes over for the second half in order to destroy a bunch of robots and break through some obsticals, before finally coming across the room the Emerald was in.
Ef2e85bae3090ba3e2cb963918338b6c: Metal Sonic, Round 1
This chemical plant placed awfully close to Mobius is the main base of operation for Eggman after Sonic and the crew trashed his sky base. This is where his robots and energy sources are made. Recently he has been experementing with a new power source: weird, chaos energy-infused goop.
26d159012bddd13ad9708f08d2f13af2: The first level has Sonic running through the security system in a high speed level where you gotta react to things moving at you fast. You are chased by Badnicks on rocket cycles and other jet-fueled robots. At the end you are chased by a giant steamroller-like vehical driven by a badnick.
3c32bb8f4ed9fd04c5fc970cecd6de81: Now in Eggman's base, Tails and Amy travel through the construction section of the chemical plant. You'll travel on construction belts while robots are being made, and battling the same robots that were just created. You'll end the level by shutting it all down to spite Eggman.
06faeb97e0b864e03bd8db95a7ffefdb: The final stretch of the level has Gamma going through a training zone for robots. Gamma has to go through an obstical course while other robots are tying to complete it, all while being ambushed by badnicks. The last bit has Gamma battling through a wave of badnicks.
Ef2e85bae3090ba3e2cb963918338b6c: Eggman
This interesting location on Mobius is filled with tree-sized mushrooms and checkered grass. The mushrooms are very bouncy, making it a popular playground for young children. It's currently being ransacked by Fang and his goons looking for a Chaos Emerald, so probably don't take your kids here yet...
26d159012bddd13ad9708f08d2f13af2: Sonic takes center stage in this level, dashing through the mushroom-infested hills. The bouncy shrooms are used a lot for platforming, and you'll swing on vines and run up large trees as well. The last bit of the level has you running away from bombs being thrown by Bean the Dynamite.
3c32bb8f4ed9fd04c5fc970cecd6de81: Now its Tails turn to shine as you make your way through a section of the forest which goons are destroying looking for an emerald. Tails spends a lot of time in this levels shutting them down and ruining their operations, finishing it off by blowing up the main drill blocking the way to the Chaos Emerald.
Ef2e85bae3090ba3e2cb963918338b6c: Fang, Bean, and Bark.
This mysterious labyrinth is home to the ancient water monster Chaos. Summoned by a young female echidna to stop her tribes evil ways, it now rests here, scaring off intruders and anyone who looks at it funny. It has somehow gotten a hold of the Chaos Emerald that the crew need badly.
26d159012bddd13ad9708f08d2f13af2: Amy begins this zone by trying to find a way in. Encountering other badicks doing the same, she has to swim underwater in order to find a way in. Once inside, she has to find the actual enterence so Mighty can also enter. At the end, however, it was all for nothing as Mighty found the front door first.
3c32bb8f4ed9fd04c5fc970cecd6de81: It's Mighty's turn as he travels through this Labyrinth to find the Chaos Emerald hidden inside of it. There are many traps set along the way, including the final stretch of the level having the room flood with water and you having to climb up to avoid drowing. Then you find the emerald.
Ef2e85bae3090ba3e2cb963918338b6c: Chaos, Round 1
This beach is bar none the prettiest location on Mobius, with a beautiful view of the ocean and a nice relaxing spot on a sandy beach. It's the perfect location for couples to take a vacation to. Naturally, Amy is very excited to go here with Sonic. Too bad Chaos is rampaging through the Beach village.
26d159012bddd13ad9708f08d2f13af2: Sonic speeds towards the village after hearing that a monster is attacking it. In your way are giant crabs and robots trying to cut you in half, along with some title waves trying to push you into the ocean. Unlike Amy, Sonic has no idea how to swim, so you better keep him away from the water.
3c32bb8f4ed9fd04c5fc970cecd6de81: Once at the beach village, you control Amy and have the simple goal of resuing villagers who are in trouble. Chaos is running amok in the village, and not helping are the countless badnicks attacking as well, searching for a Chaos Emerald. You better hurry up fast!
Ef2e85bae3090ba3e2cb963918338b6c: Chaos, Round 2
This volcanic island is very unsafe and quite unstable, so thankfully it's quite a distance from Mobius. Living Lava Golems also live here, and while most don't really care about visitors, one of them has a bad history with Sonic and his friends, so he gets real mad when he spots Knuckles on his island...
26d159012bddd13ad9708f08d2f13af2: Knuckles goes first, battling his way through badnicks in order to get close to the volcano. It's pretty straightforward until the volcano errupts, with magma rocks raining from the sky trying to crush Knuckles. You better have fast reflexes or at least be lucky in order to avoid them all!
3c32bb8f4ed9fd04c5fc970cecd6de81: Gamma is up now inside the volcano, where its about to erupt. You must travel upwards the volcano as lava rises up. Along with raining magma rocks, robots ambushing you, and the rising lava, you have quite a bit to keep up with. At the end of it, luckily the volcano calms down and stops errupting.
Ef2e85bae3090ba3e2cb963918338b6c: Lava Golem
This island was created by Metal Sonic in secret before he betrayed Eggman. Built from the parts of his old flying base, this artifical island is the perfect base. It's also loaded up with weapons and armies that would give even the toughest of people a hard time. Sonic and the crew must take it out.
26d159012bddd13ad9708f08d2f13af2: The first act has Sonic and Knuckles working together to take out the airial defenses so that their friends can get inside with them. They must travel the outside of the island, which means very strong wind turbulance and a ton of airborn enemies coming their way.
3c32bb8f4ed9fd04c5fc970cecd6de81: Amy and Tails both travel through the pilot location in order to find a computer room to shut down the remaining defenses. It's more of a maze-like level where both have to find their way through trap-filled hallways before both meet up in said computer room.
06faeb97e0b864e03bd8db95a7ffefdb: Finally, Gamma and Mighty work together in order to destroy chains holding the island in place to destablize the island. You must travel on the underbelly of the island, facing off against some of the tougher robots designed to guard the chains. Destroy all 4 in order to win the level.
Ef2e85bae3090ba3e2cb963918338b6c: Fang, Bean, and Bark, Round 2
This is the very center of the floating island, keeping it all stable. Inside are a bunch of super tough robots guarding it and the main base that Metal lives in. Normally, it would be too much to handle for Sonic. However, with the powers of the emeralds, he might be able to save the world!
26d159012bddd13ad9708f08d2f13af2: Inside the core of the island are a bunch of robots and obsticals. You play as Super Sonic as you fly through and avoid all of these while keeping an eye on your ring count. You start with 100 and slowly over time lose rings. Run out of rings and the super form wears off, so be careful and quick!
Ef2e85bae3090ba3e2cb963918338b6c: Metal Sonic, Round 1
Ef2e85bae3090ba3e2cb963918338b6c: Overlord Form


  • SonicRing Rings are collectibles found all around every level. They are importans as they give you an extra hit point. Once you get hit though, you'll lose half your rings. You can still pick them back up.
  • Ring Monitor The Ring Monitors give you up to 5 or 10 rings apon breaking them. Rings are very important as they let you take a hit or two.
  • 1-Up Monitor1-up Monitors give you, what else, an extra life. These are usually in hidden locations or in bonus stages. You can also get a 1-up via collecting 100 Rings.
  • Invincibility MonitorInvincibility Monitors give you temporary invincibility for 10 seconds. You can now run into enemies and run over spikes without getting hurt.
  • Sneaker MonitorSpeed Monitors grant you extra speed for a short time apon breaking them. Side note: breaking two at once will grant you even more speed.
  • Flame MonitorThe Fire Monitor will give you a Fire Shield, which lets you boost in mid-air and become immune to fire. You also gain an extra hit point.
  • Water MonitorThe Water Monitor will give you the bubble shield, which lets you do a bounce attack and breath under water. You also gain an extra hit point.
  • Lightning MonitorThe Lightning Monitor will give you the Lighting Shield, which attracts Rings towards you and become immune to electric. You also gain an extra hit point.
  • EggmanMonitorSonicVinylThe Eggman Monitor will hurt you if you break it, getting rid of half your rings or completely remove any shield you were using. Watch out!
Other Items
  • Chaos emeralds sonic runners by banjo2015-d8rzd3u The Chaos Emeralds are the items that let Sonic and Co. become super. You need to collect them via beating bonus stages that are similar to the ones in Sonic 2. Once you collect all 7, every character can enter a Super form.
  • SonicGoalSignThe Goal Posts are found at the end of the level. Simply run into it to beat the level.

Big N' Cream's Shop & Upgrades

Item/Type Use/Abilities
Collectables These three items are by far the most common things laying around, with the exception of the 1-Up which is a bit more rare. If you need some before you start a level, Big has a few ready for the right price. Hey, a guy has to make a living.
Rings (5s) Very common collectables that'll protect you if you get hit. Don't go without 'em!
Scrap Metal (N/A) Every robot you destroy will give you scrap that you can use to buy items from Big.
Speed Boosters (6s) Once grabbed, these shoes will make you much faster for a short time.
1-Up (10s) Grabbing one of these will grant you an extra life. It's as simple as that, honestly.
Energy Shields Created by (and stolen from) Robotnick, breaking containers with these in them will grant the user a Shield. Not only will it protect them from a single hit, it'll also give the user a extra ability. However, one hit and it disables itself until you find it again.
Energy Shield (5s) While this will only allow you to take a extra hit, it's pretty rare and cheap as well.
Bubble Shield (10s) Not only will this let you breath underwater, it'll also give you an extra bounce.
Fire Shield (10s) Not only will this let you walk on fire/lava, it gives you an extra boost in the air.
Electric Shield (10s) This'll both gravitate items towards yourself and give you a double jump in the air.
Sonic Upgrades If you wanna improve your abilities to have a better chance of defeating evil, you might wanna buy an upgrade item from Big. These items are exclusive to the shop, you can't get them anywhere else. These in particular are Sonic's buyable upgrades.
Lighter Sneakers (30s) Buying these will make the blue blur go even faster then before. Gotta go fast!
Energy Armbands (50s) Buying these will increase the range Sonic can use his Homing Attack with.
Water Goggles (60s) Buying this will allow Sonic to actually swim instead of slowley wade through water.
Tails Upgrades If you wanna improve your abilities to have a better chance of defeating evil, you might wanna buy an upgrade item from Big. These items are exclusive to the shop, you can't get them anywhere else. These in particular are Tails buyable upgrades.
Flying Goggles (30s) Buying these will let Tails fly for a bit longer then he used to be able to and fall slower.
Strong Bombs (50s) Buying these will increase the damage and range of both the bombs and explosions.
Neat Scarf (60s) Buying this will let Tails spin indefinitely instead of 2 seconds. Also increases speed.
Knuckles Upgrades If you wanna improve your abilities to have a better chance of defeating evil, you might wanna buy an upgrade item from Big. These items are exclusive to the shop, you can't get them anywhere else. These in particular are Knuckles buyable upgrades.
Sharper Gloves (30s) Buying these will make Knucks punch harder and swing his fists faster as well.
Jet Boot Straps (50s) Buying these will increase the distance and height Knuckles can glide or climb.
Iron Knuckle (60s) Buying this will allow Knuckles to charge up a singular, super-charged punch.
Gamma Upgrades If you wanna improve your abilities to have a better chance of defeating evil, you might wanna buy an upgrade item from Big. These items are exclusive to the shop, you can't get them anywhere else. These in particular are Gamma's buyable upgrades.
Plasma Rockets (30s) Buying these will give Gamma a second jump before activating the hover rocket.
Homing Shots (50s) Buying these will make Gamma's energy shots into slight homing missiles.
Gravity Mines (60s) Buying these will cause Gamma's land mines to pull enemies towards the explosion.
Amy Upgrades If you wanna improve your abilities to have a better chance of defeating evil, you might wanna buy an upgrade item from Big. These items are exclusive to the shop, you can't get them anywhere else. These in particular are Amy's buyable upgrades.
Shock Mallet (30s) Buying this will cause a small shockwave when Amy uses the Hammer Vault.
Flaming Hammer (50s) Buying this will give Amy's hammer a fire effect and make it a lot stronger then before.
Dynamic Hammer (60s) Buying this will have her Hammer travel a bit further then normal once thrown.
Mighty Upgrades If you wanna improve your abilities to have a better chance of defeating evil, you might wanna buy an upgrade item from Big. These items are exclusive to the shop, you can't get them anywhere else. These in particular are Mighty's buyable upgrades.
Lighter Shoes (30s) Buying these will have Mighty spin-glide instead of just spin in the air for a second.
Metal Backpack (50s) Buying this will increase the damage done my Mighty's Ground Slam Attack.
Spiked Shoes (60s) Buying these will let Mighty run up walls for a second if you move up grabbing a wall.
Bonus Costumes If you have some scrap to spare, you can buy some neat costumes. They don't really affect anything except for how you look. But hey, they're pretty cool I guess. You can only buy them from the shop, each one holding a costume for a character.
Cinematic Sonic (20s) Gives Sonic a costume based on his design from the 2020 film of the same name.
Rebel Sonic (20s) Gives Sonic a costume based on the main character of Jet Set Radio.
Blacksmith Tails (20s) Gives Tails a costume based on what a Blacksmith would wear in the medievil days.
Alex Kidd Tails (20s) Gives Tails a costume based on Sega's old but unforgotten mascot, Alex Kidd.
West Knuckles (20s) Gives Knuckles a costume based on what a cowboy would wear in the wild west.
Yakuza Knuckles (20s) Gives Knuckles a costume based on Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series
Future Gamma (20s) Gives Gamma a costume based on a famous jacket wearing time traveling robot.
Criminal Gamma (20s) Gives Gamma a costume based on Robo and Mobo from Bonanza Bros.
Hunter Amy (20s) Gives Amy a costume based on what someone looking for lost treasure would wear.
Reporter Amy (20s) Gives Amy a costume based on the reporter Ulala from Space Channel 5.
Detective Mighty (20s) Gives Mighty a costume based on what a hardcase noir detective would wear.
Raging Mighty (20s) Gives Mighty a costume based on Axel from the Streets of Rage series.


The Emblem Events are unlockable achievements you can earn by preforming challenges the emblems task you with. Completing these will unlock new content. There are 50 Emblems altogether.

#1: The Second Lap Begins! Start up the game and begin playing
#2: A New Adventure Begins Complete Mobius Island Zone
#3: A Blast from the Past Complete Hidden Ruins Zone
#4: Mean Bean Fighting Machine Complete Chemical Plant Zone
#5: The Musheroom Hills Have Eyes Complete Mushroom Hill Zone
#6: Rolling in the deeeeeep Complete Wet Labyrnth Zone
#7: What a Lousy Date, Right? Complete Tropical Beach Zone
#8: Volcano Way Out Complete Volcano Desert Zone
#9: Attack on the Floating Island Complete Floating Island Zone
#10: Sonic has Passed Act 2! Beat the game. Nice going, champ!
#11: Gotta Speed, Keed Complete any level in under 2 minutes
#12: Robot Wrecker Pro Destroy over 50 robots
#13: I Cannot Die Complete any level without losing a life
#14: Another One Bites the Dust Defeat your first boss battle
#15: Unstoppable Warrior Beat every boss battle in the game
#16: Speed Demon Beat Jet the Hawk in his first Time Trial Race
#17: Super Sonic Racing Complete 5 Jet the Hawk Time Trials
#18: Fastest Thing Alive Complete every Jet the Hawk Time Trial
#19: Foreshadowing Find the hidden golden painting in the Echidna Temple
#20: Check your Ego Destroy every Eggman statue in Chemical Plant Zone
#21: Big's Best Customer Buy 10 items from Big the Cat's shop
#22: Money Spender Buy 30 items from Big the Cat's shop
#23: V.I.P Customer Buy 50 items from Big the Cat's shop
#24: New and Improved Buy an upgrade from Big the Cat's shop
#25: Fastest Hedgehog Around Fully upgrade Sonic
#26: Sidekick to Hero Fully upgrade Tails
#27: He Doesn't Chuckle Fully upgrade Knuckles
#28: The Battlefield Diva Fully upgrade Amy Rose
#29: Who Needs Caution? Fully upgrade Mighty
#30: Super Fighting Robot Fully upgrade Gamma
#31: Prepared for Anything Buy every upgrade from Big the Cat's shop
#32: Money Making Pro Gather 100 rings without losing them
#33: Filthy Stinkin' Rich Gather 1000 rings in total (counting ones you lost)
#34: Immortal Hedgehog Gain over 20 lives
#35: Too Cool for Checkpoints Complete a level without touching a checkpoint
#36: Pacifist Run Complete any level without destroying robots
#37: Pass a fist in your face Destroy every robot in any level
#38: Have a Freebe Lose a life for the first time
#39: You Just Died lol Get your first Game Over
#40: Ok Seriously Play the Game Get another Game Over
#41: Lookin' Way Past Cool Get every costume for Sonic (except the emblem ones)
#42: Sly as a Fox Get every costume for Tails (except the emblem ones)
#43: Rougher then the Rest Get every costume for Knuckles (except the emblem ones)
#44: Costume Party Get every costume for Amy Rose (except the emblem ones)
#45: Watch the Fur Get every costume for Mighty (except the emblem ones)
#46: Robot in Desguise Get every costume for Gamma (except the emblem ones)
#47: Dessed to Impress Get every costume for every character (except the emblem ones)
#48: Super Sonic Style Unlock the Super Sonic Form
#49: Victory Lap Complete the Game again
#50: Dedication You've gained every emblem in the game! Here's one more!
10 Emblems Acess to the Sound Test menu
20 Emblems Retro themed costumes for every character
30 Emblems Dreamcast themed costumes for every character
40 Emblems Sonic Boom themed costumes for every character
50 Emeralds Acess to the Debug menu.


DLC Name Description

This Pack includes the following for $2.99:

  • 70's biker outfit for Sonic.
  • Space explorer outfit for Tails.
  • Ancient Echidna outfit for Knuckles.
  • Winter Coat outfit for Amy.
  • Upgrade 2.0 outfit for Gamma.
  • Heavyweight Boxer outfit for Mighty.
  • Heated Magma outfit for Chaos.
  • G.U.N Style Upgrade oufit for Metal.

This Pack includes the following for $4.99:

  • Unlocks a new character, Chaos.
  • Three challenging levels to try him out on.
  • A brand new Boss Fight against Pacha.

This Pack includes the following for $4.99:

  • Unlocks a new character, Metal Sonic.
  • Three challenging levels to try him out on.
  • A brand new Boss Fight against Silver Sonic.

DLC Expansion: Live and Learn

Sonic Speed 2.5 Live and Learn Logo

A year after the game was released, a DLC expansion was released called Sonic Speed 2.5: Live and Learn. Focusing on Shadow the Hedgehog trying to find Gerald Robotnick and Maria, the DLC includes a new story with five new worlds, two new characters in the form of Shadow and Rouge the Bat, special upgrades for them, new Emblems, and new boss battle. It released for $15.99.

To check out the expansion in more detail, click here.


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