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Sonic Sol III: Traveler's Tales
Developer(s) CS2, Cosmic Games
Publisher(s) SEGA
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Platformer
Series Sonic the Hedgehog series
Predecessor Sonic Sol II: Starlight's Mask
Successor Sonic Dreamcaster (unofficial)
Mode(s) Single-Player, multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB2013E10.png E 10 +
Media Included Game Cartridge, Digital Download
Available Input Game Controller
  • Nintendo Switch Joycon
  • Nintendo Switch Pro

Sonic Sol III: Travelers Tales is an action-adventure platformer developed by SEGA and Cosmic Games. It is the third and final main game within the Sonic Sol Trilogy (excluding Sonic Dreamcaster)


Act 1: Present

Sonic icon (DMASAR).png

Through the main opening cutscene, it shows the world many years ago, among the wreckage of a burning building. Three young children are scared within the building, but before they could meet their doom a unknown figure rescues them from being burned to death. Only one of the kids caught a glimpse of their savior before their hero disappears, leaving behind a set of wrist rings.

Sonic wakes up to an invitation from the mail, given to him by an excited Volt. The invitation itself reveals that he and his family are invited to the Lunar Bay. At first, Sonic isn't too interested in since he sees the beach every day from outside their house, but sees it's for a celebration being held by the current prince, Sapphire the Sea Hare. Now knowing the actual details, Sonic takes more interest in it, and decides to go check it out. After talking it over with his brothers, Comet the Hedgehog decides to stay behind this time while his brothers have fun at the celebration. Thanks to a quick flight there by Tails' plane, Sonic arrives at Lunar Bay in no time at all. During his visit through the main town, he discovers that their invitations were in part due to him and his friends saving the world from Chaos - Sapphire informed of this just days prior to the event. Sapphire insists that they stay at the castle, but before they even could, they look outside and find themselves visited by an air fleet belonging to Doctor Eggman. The fleet hones in on Sapphire's castle, surrounding it quickly in spite of the castle's defenses. Sapphire is found out by Eggman inside, and after introducing himself, Eggman asks Sapphire for Sonic's friends, which Sapphire tells him they're still in town somewhere but not inside the palace as he wanted. Sonic soon arrives, having overheard everything, and immediately confronts them both about it. Eggman is out to get revenge on Sonic for their previous engagements, and reveals Lapi the Sea Hare as his hostage for Sonic to cooperate. Instead, Sonic decides a one-on-one fight with Eggman (as Tails secretly tries to free Lapi). The fight is short-lived, and Sonic quickly over-powers Eggman, but he tries to take Lapi (and Tails now) away anyway as Sapphire refused to follow the deal. Sonic prepares to fight him again, but a time vortex suddenly opens up just in front of Eggman before he is attacked by another Hedgehog. The Hedgehog makes short work of the entire fleet with his abilities, and frees Tails as he fights against Doctor Eggman. Sonic sees this Hedgehog, vaguely recognizing him but can't put his finger on it. Doctor Eggman just narrowly manages to escape after knocking out the new Hedgehog, vowing he'll finish this all later. The new Hedgehog sees Sonic's rings, and immediately disappears, much to their confusion.

After the encounter, Sonic and company return to the city, trying to think of where Eggman went. Sonic also thought on the new Hedgehog, swearing to have seen something like him before but not able to put his finger on it, Tails also noting how he kept calling their Eggman "Eggman Nega". Volt tells him they'll figure it out later, and to find Eggman. Sonic explores around the area for some clues to Eggman's whereabouts as Tails investigates the town with Volt. During the search, Tails and Volt are suddenly found by two familiar faces: Marine the Raccoon and Blaze the Cat. Blaze asks them of Sonic's whereabouts, and as Marine hangs with Tails and Volt, Blaze ventures off to find Sonic to figure things out. Meanwhile, Sonic catches up to Eggman nearby within the Frostline Zone. Eggman sends out his Draco-Mech to fight against Sonic. Blaze catches up to Sonic during the fight to save Lapi, and with her help defeats it. On their way back, Blaze explains that the Sol Emeralds had been "acting strange", and she believes it has something to do with Sonic's dimension (and Marine REALLY wanted to visit the celebration, so that's why they're in Lunar Bay). Sonic asks her about the Hedgehog they encountered, but Blaze tells them she hasn't heard of anyone like him, making the situation even more confusing. This does worry Blaze over Eggman Nega's activity. On this though, they both hear screams coming from the town, only to find it being attacked by Eggman's Serpent-Mech. The fight following causes the new Hedgehog to come back, joining the fight against the Mech, destroying it and saving the city. However, after this, the Serpent-Mech suddenly fades away into dust ... along with Tails, Eggman, Marine, Lapi, and Volt!

In the distance, the new Hedgehog looks on in frustration and disbelief that he was after the wrong guy, claiming that "it's already starting".

Act 2: Past

Blaze Stock Icon.png

The next morning, Sonic and Blaze meet up by the shorelines of Lunar Bay, mourning over what happened to their friends. While there, they are found by the new Hedgehog, who introduces himself as Silver. Without anymore hesitation, Sonic confronts him about his involvement. Silver reveals himself to be from the far future, and he's come back to stop Eggman Nega and his creation to destroy time as they all know it. Sonic and Blaze have trouble believing him, especially when he tells them the effects had already started. In order to prove this, Blaze and Sonic follow him back into the city to find Marine, discovering her by the docks (much to Blaze's absolute shock). Marine tells them she was hanging out there the whole time, not recalling anything about Eggman, or Tails, or anything. After she leaves, Silver explains that their friends are all alive, but a change in the timeline - the removal of Doctor Eggman - caused them all to "never be there". He also adds that Sonic didn't get affected thanks to his "special rings", and Blaze assuming her involvement with the Sol Emeralds might've explain her memory. Silver reveals his "displacement rings", powered by Gexter the Time Wisp. Blaze decides to go back and check on Eggman Nega as Sonic and Silver remain in town to see if anything else changed.

While waiting for her to come back, Sonic and Silver check in on those affected by the change:

  • Sonic runs into Amy Rose, learning from her that she's brought him there to check out the celebration as a "date" together. Sonic tries asking her about what happened, which only makes Amy confused even further, to the point that Sonic simply goes along with it. While on their date, he calls up on Tails and Volt, both of which are doing alright in spite of everything. During this though, they are attacked by Mecha Sonic - only revealing after the fight that it was from Eggman Nega rather than Doctor Eggman.
  • Silver and Gexter also bump into the Chaotix during this, who're there on a case involving "suspicious activity", which they don't go into enough detail about. Suspicious, Silver keeps an eye on them as they investigate the area, overhearing how they were hired by Rouge the Bat to look for their target. Concluding they're not in his way, he ventures off.

Sonic and Silver are met up by Blaze, who gravely tells them that Eggman Nega somehow escaped her prison, but doesn't know where he went to. Sonic also add that no matter what he said, no one seems to know about "Doctor Eggman". Silver concludes that Eggman Nega's creation must've disposed of him before anything could happen. Sonic found this good, but Silver insists they need to fix this before the entire timeline is destroyed ... which changes Sonic's mind. Sonic, Silver, and Blaze spot Rouge the Bat along the beachside with the Chaotix. Blaze decides to ask for help, and the three go over to explain the situation. Rouge reveals to them that Doctor Eggman's been in isolated custody for years, and that they're already on a job - reminding Sonic about Shadow. Nearby, a lone figure listens in on the conversation, but is quickly spotted by Blaze. The figure reveals to be the Mechanical Angel, opening a temporary time vortex.

Silver, Blaze, and Sonic find themselves in an unknown facility, one of which none of them could recognize at first. Unsure of where they are, Sonic suggests to split up to cover more ground, but Silver explains that they can't stay in the past for long, as anything they do can change their present. With that in mind, they begin to hear a lot of commotion not too far away, Silver assuming it's the Mechanical Angel. They go to investigate (keeping out of sight of all cameras), and instead find Shadow the Hedgehog in the middle of an experiment. During this, the Mechanical Angel suddenly broke in and started attacking, killing all of the scientists involved in Shadow's activity as a means to stop such a thing from being released. Sonic is unsure of this, but Silver insists that the timeline shouldn't be messed with, and engages it. After the fight, Shadow suddenly joins in the fight, taking out the Mechanical Angel and proceeding to escape. The Mechanical Angel starts creating the another time vortex, the three chasing after it from there.

Silver amongst the wreckage of Sonic's old home.

The portal leads them all to the countryside, and there they all vow to only focus on stopping the Mechanical Angel and nothing else. Silver travels through the countryside, and during this he actually finds the Mechanical Angel approaching a cottage. Using his own time travel, he gets to the house long before the angel could. The house he finds belongs to a much younger Sonic - his whole family! Silver quickly connects the dots, and concludes that Eggman Nega's trying to erase Sonic from history, and he confronts the Angel for a fight. Despite his best efforts, the Mechanical Angel sets fire to the house before being destroyed. Despite what he said himself, Silver blindly goes in to try and save them, but could only find Volt, Comet, and Sonic inside. Using his time travel, he manages to rescue them at the final second, keeping himself hidden the whole time. He begins to feel Gexter start to act up, indicating to him that they need to return to the present day before the vortex closes. Before he could go, he sees younger Sonic has seen him. Silver leaves behind his own wrist rings for Sonic to inevitably pick up.

Act 3: Future

Mario Sonic Rio Silver Flag.png

Sonic, Blaze, and Silver eventually return to the present day. On returning, Sonic finds Tails nearby with Marine and Volt, telling him that they fixed what timeline the Mechanical Angel messed up. Silver does reveal he's destroyed the Mechanical Angel, stopping what damage it could've done to the past, but believes it'll come back once Eggman Nega finds this out and fixes it again. Tails, Marine, and Volt come to them, surprisingly glad to see them both okay ... and asking how the heck they used a portal?! Strangely though, Silver requests to see where Sonic currently is staying, since he is convinced that the Mechanical Angel is after him. Sonic goes off to check with the others from there. Blaze then asks him what happened to his wrist rings, noticing his own concern over Sonic. Silver says he'll reveal it when everyone gets there. Following Sonic back to his current home, Silver is introduced to Comet and Amy (Amy waiting for Sonic to come back). Here, Silver reveals what he had done while they were in the past, and it was him who rescued Sonic and his brothers so long ago. To prove it, he calls on Gexter, who instead appears from sonic's wrist rings, revealing those to be the same ones Sonic found when he was a child. Silver apologizes that he couldn't save anyone else fast enough, but they all are very grateful for what he did already, even if he couldn't save everyone. With that baggage off of their shoulders, they still needed to figure out about Eggman Nega, and Blaze suggests that if going to the past wasn't gonna stop him, why not go into the future to stop him. Silver is reluctant to do so, but after being supported by the others, Silver agrees to the option.

Bringing them all to the future, the future reveals Sonic's hometown to be in shambles and on hard times. Silver explains that Eggman Nega has taken over Sonic's world, and Silver tells them Blaze's world was also taken over by Eggman Nega, turning them both into the combined Eggman Empire. Silver and Sonic both agree to take down Eggman Negan for good. With them all there though, Eggman Nega's robots immediately begin to track them down as they head for Eggman Nega's main base. Along the way, Eggman sends out a improved Mecha Sonic to get rid of them, Silver concluding he must already know what's going on. Before any of them could fight it though, Shadow suddenly appears and engages it, defeating it after a brief fight. Silver, in shock, asks how he got there, Shadow simply answering that they "left their portal unlocked". Shadow explains his memories had been messed with lately, but got all the pieces together after overhearing their time travel conversation earlier, thus wanting to settle things before time gets destroyed.

The main entrance into the Eggman Empire's core city.

With their combined efforts, they reach the main base and confront Eggman Nega inside, just to have themselves all trapped inside the main castle (which in reality is a gigantic cage set up by Nega). Eggman Nega appears, with a fully functioning Mechanical Angel by his side. Eggman Nega reveals that he knew his fate would be to fall before Sonic again, so he used the Mechanical Angel to change the course of history, showing that "[he's] already won as they could plainly see". Eggman Nega also revealed that Doctor Eggman's imprisonment was just "another successful experiment", even if it was altered back. Eggman Nega then sends out Mecha-Kaibutsu to destroy all of them as the Mechanical Angel prepares to go back to the past. The group splits up: Sonic going after Eggman Nega as Silver handles Mecha-Kaibutsu. In their combined efforts though, they destroy Mecha-Kaibutsu, and took down Eggman Nega as well.

After the defeat, they realize the Mechanical Angel already opened a vortex and retreated to an unknown timeline.

Act 4: Paradox

Time vortex 5.gif

All together, they follow the Mechanical Angel through the portal, but they all find themselves within a time vortex leading to nowhere. They all see the Mechanical Angel attempting to coax a past Eggman Nega into following it to the future, only to be stopped thanks to Shadow before it could bring Eggman Nega through. Seeing this, Blaze realizes what's been happening and why Eggman Nega disappeared from her prison. They all conclude that Eggman Nega they just fought was brought there from the past so he could take over the future without their meddling. The Mechanical Angel however "corrects" them, in saying that as Eggman Nega is their creator, they NEED him in the future to re-create them every time Silver destroys them. The Mechanical Angel also explains that it's simply trying to fix the future by destroying the seeds of the past - including Shadow's creation, and Doctor Eggman's schemes. They only attempted to kill Sonic in the past so Eggman Nega won't destroy them completely and break the cycle. They try convincing it that they can never change the past, and even if it's bad sometimes, it can turn out to be a good thing in the long run. The Mechanical Angel refuses to listen, even offering to stop herself from killing Sonic's mother as compensation, having the power to do so. While very tempting, Sonic couldn't bring himself to accept it, not knowing what'll happen in the future because of it.

The Mechanical Angel fights them all, sending the time vortex into chaos as they attempt to ruin time space to restart it all (as they feared). Using the powers of time manipulation on their side thanks to Gexter, and their teamwork, they all defeat the Mechanical Angel and time space starts to recover itself. The Mechanical Angel starts to disappear, unable to get Eggman Nega to the future in time. Silver starts to disappear as well, his time traveling only possible to defeat Eggman Nega - who's not a threat anymore. Everyone starts disappearing from the time paradox, the camera finally focusing on the wrist rings, which curiously don't disappear and instead fly through the time vortex.

In a newly-created Timeline, Sonic runs through the forest by his old home (while the credits roll). In a post-ending cutscene, Sonic finds a pair of cool-looking wrist rings by a nearby lake. After hearing a distant female voice, Sonic heads back home.



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