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Sonic Sol: Rise of the Tiger King
Developer(s) CS2, Cosmic Games
Publisher(s) SEGA
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Platformer
Series Sonic the Hedgehog series
Successor Sonic Sol II: Starlight's Mask
Mode(s) Single-Player
Age Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB2013E10.png E 10 +
Media Included Game Cartridge, Digital Download
Available Input Game Controller
  • Nintendo Switch Joycon
  • Nintendo Switch Pro

Sonic Sol: Rose of the Tiger King is an action/adventure game created in the collaboration between SEGA, and Cosmic Games, and is the first installment of the Sonic Sol Trilogy. The rating of the game is given due to the more mature themes as compared to previous Sonic games.


(This plot is the summery of the game. Contents in said game may be more than is described)

The game begins within Sonic the Hedgehog's dimension. During a cool spring morning, Sonic and Miles "Tails" Prower are racing eachother as a means to test out Tails' new and improved Tornado V. The two race back to the finish line along a nearby beach, where they are greeted by Amy Rose, and Sonic's twin siblings Volt and Comet. Tails expresses his joy over the new boost engines added to the Tornado V as Sonic joins his siblings (and Amy) for lunch. During these events, a unknown figure is hidden within the nearby foliage, keeping a close eye on Sonic specifically and silently noting of his speed and his "blue fur". Later on that night, the Sonic family is visited by Blaze the Cat, who Volt at first thinks is one of Amy's friends and, not seeing Blaze as dangerous, invites her inside. She soon finds Sonic and reveals her situation: that her kingdom is under threat by the power-hungry madmen; Fang the Tiger King, and Eggman Nega, and that the Sol Emeralds had mostly been taken away from her except for two, which has used to get to his dimension in the first place. She also says that she needs Sonic the "Wind Warrior" to help her with it, as she believes he is the only hope her kingdom has left. IMMEDIATELY Comet at first refuses to allow Sonic to go with her, in spite of her pleading, but after some convincing from both Sonic and Volt, Comet says he'll "sleep on it".

During the middle of the night, Sonic writes a note saying goodbye to Comet and Volt, and sneaks off to talk to Blaze, who at this point is standing outside. Sonic tells her he'll go with her to help her out, but on the condition that he'll bring a few of his pals to come along. Blaze insists that he's the only one that needs to come back with her, but Sonic leaves to get the rest of his friends together anyway, much to Blaze's dismay. After a short time, Sonic wakes up Tails and brings him back to Blaze only to find Comet and Volt already awake. Luckily though, Comet thought over it already and decides to allow Sonic to go, ONLY if he goes with him to keep an eye on him just in case, which Sonic is forced to agree to. After making arrangements, Blaze opens up a portal using the Sol Emeralds she brought with her. Volt is told to stay and watch the house as Comet, Sonic, and Tails go with Blaze.

Sonic Subplot


Blaze and her comrades arrive in the Sol Empire's castle. On arriving there, Blaze explains their location within the Sol Empire, and presents them with the murals depicting the Wind Warrior protecting the kingdom in their hour of need, whom of which mirrors the look of Sonic (much to his ego-driven delight). The servants welcome the new guests of honor, and Blaze allows them their own rooms for some extra sleep before sending them off on their way.

The next day, Blaze calls Sonic to the throne room, but Comet and Tails weren't allowed to join them until Sonic tells the guards to let them by. Blaze tells Sonic about the land, along with the boundaries of the growing empire threatening her own. Tails questions what motives this Fang would have, given how large the kingdom was already after looking over the actual map, but isn't given a straight answer as Blaze sends Sonic off to handle the oncoming threat, having full (albeit blinded) faith in him that he'll save her kingdom. Tails notes of her faith, but follows Sonic and Comet out anyway.

On their way to the boundaries of Fang's kingdom, Tails wonders about Blaze's faith in Sonic, noting that even with the mural, he is someone she just met, but Sonic doesn't think too much on it and is more focused on handling Fang and Eggman Nega. On arriving in the main territory of Fang's kingdom, Comet goes off ahead to see if he can find the king as the other two remain behind. During this, they both find Marine the Raccoon, who at the moment is lost and missing her parents in the nearby village. Sonic decides to help her out, thinking that it won't take very long and Comet wouldn't mind him doing so. Following Marine's instructions, they start looking around the nearby town as best they could, but by the end of the day have no luck. However, after leaving the village, they are suddenly ambushed by Shade the Echidna. Shade reveals that she had overheard Blaze's plans with the Wind Warrior, and plans to take him out before he could do anything against her or Fang. This results in a fight against her, Marine revealing her specialized abilities during it, but Shade overpowers them and plans to use the Sol Emeralds to send him back to his dimension. However, Comet eventually intervenes and makes Shade flee. Comet scolds Sonic for wandering off, and even when knowing of Marine's situation, insists that Sonic should "stop wandering off". Tails and Sonic allow Marine to stay with them until they find her parents regardless, which Comet begrudgingly allows as they continue off towards Fang's castle.

On the way, Tails asks Marine about the trick she pulled back during Shade's fight. Marine explains that she's always had this special ability since she was just an infant, still trying to handle it at her age, but is glad she can fight off Shade for them.

The four soon reach the main castle of Fang, and get themselves inside under the impression of them being "royal escorts" to the Sol Empire. Fang himself greets them upon arriving, but quickly assumes that they are there simply to announce Blaze's surrender so he can have her country, which Sonic quickly refuses to the annoyance of Fang. Comet demands to know why he's doing this, since he already has most of the Kingdom, which Fang simply answers that he wants the ENTIRE kingdom and nothing else more, calling himself the "king of kings" and deserving it all unlike the "spineless princess of the Sol Empire". Sonic proclaims himself as the Wind Warrior, which triggers Fang to send his soldiers to fight him and his friends. However, Fang defeats Sonic by cheating with a Sol Emerald he has on his crown, putting the Hedgehog under arrest as he banishes his friends from his kingdom.

The remaining three return to the Sol Empire, Tails coming to the conclusion that they need Blaze's help to get Sonic out. When they return to the empire, Blaze is shocked to hear Sonic's arrested, but refuses to help, saying that Sonic will figure it out by himself. This enrages Comet and he, alongside Tails, convince Blaze that she can't completely rely on faith alone, and that she needs to act in order to make that faith work. Convinced, Blaze goes with them back to Fang's kingdom to save Sonic.

They arrive back inside Fang's palace just in time to stop Sonic's punishment carrying out, finding Sonic about to be fed to Fang's pet shark! Blaze is hesitant seeing Sonic like this, but after prompting by Comet and Tails, she demands that Sonic be released. Fang of course refuses, and this prompts Blaze to challenge Fang to a duel, whoever wins being the one to be in full control of the land. Fang agrees, and even allows everyone to fight him, thinking it would make an even fight. During the fight, Sonic breaks free thanks to Marine and Tails and they all fight and eventually defeat Fang.

Amy Subplot


The next morning after Comet, Tails, and Sonic leave, Amy Rose arrives back to their place with plans of hanging out with her "boyfriend". However, Volt tells her what happened the night prior, which promptly makes her very upset as she's left out and forgotten about. Volt and Amy decide to go out to town for a bit so she can calm down. Once the two arrive in said town however, they find a pair of Raccoons (which they mistaken for a pair of Badgers at first) looking very worried and confused, being followed by a robot. Amy and Volt quickly deal with the threat, and The parents both reveal themselves to be lost, and missing their daughter Marine ever since they encountered one "Eggman Nega". Amy and Volt decide to help them find their daughter, volt also promising to keep "egghead" away from them since they think he's after them for some reason.

Given the nature of the case, Amy and Volt decide to go to the local detective agency: Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee. On arriving there, they're greeted to the detective agency in the middle of taxes trouble - only Charmy actually recognizing they're there at first. After getting the others' attention, they explain the missing child case to them. At first though, Vector insists they pay them before they go off to find their child, only to find that they don't have any money to pay them. However, it only takes the parents crying over their missing daughter that makes the detective agency change their mind and decide to help.

They all spread out throughout the town to search for Marine, the parents staying safe in the detective agency's office. As they all are searching around town though, they're constantly being attacked by numerous Eggman robots, which Vector eventually realizes they're not the same as those Eggman usually uses given their different emblems. During the search, they check in on Marine's parents, only to find Eggman Nega suddenly cornering them, demanding to know where Marine is. It doesn't take long for Volt to rush in and try to fight Eggman Nega off, Amy demanding to know why he's after Marine. Instead of answering, Eggman Nega sends his robots after them, and as they fight them all off, Eggman Nega kidnaps the parents and makes off with them. With some clues left at the scene, Vector begins to track down where he went.

The tracking leads them all over back towards Sonic's home, where Eggman Nega asks once again where their daughter is. The parents refuse to tell him, which only seems to enrage him even further, swearing that Marine had gone with them. Here he reveals (monologue) how he tested the Sol Emeralds on them just to see if dimensional travel was even possible with the little Sol Emeralds he had at the time. He has seen Marine's power first hand, and wants that power for himself for further conquest alongside the Sol Emeralds. Unfortunately, Volt blurts out they've been looking for her all day, throwing Eggman Nega into a rage, realizing what actually happened. A fight ensues shortly after this and with the combined efforts of Amy, Volt, and the Chaotix, Eggman Nega is defeated. After the fight though, he starts opening a portal with his Sol Emeralds, which starts to suck them all through.

Final Battle

After Fang's defeat, Blaze takes the Sol Emerald from his crown, claiming him no longer worthy of it since he lost the fight. As they regather themselves, Fang gets up again and threatens to fight them all again, calling them all under arrest ... before a portal suddenly opens up behind him. Eggman Nega flies through, and everyone else stumble on top of Fang (much to the surprise of everybody else). Marine happily reunites with her parents, but Eggman Nega finds this a joy as all of the Sol Emeralds are now in one place AND Marine as well with her special power. They all stand against him, and Eggman Nega pulls a surprise trick: using the Sol Emeralds abilities to turn thoughts into power, he directs their power into an unwilling Fang, transforming him into Metal Fang! Even with the enhanced power of the Sol Emeralds and the new metallic body, everyone defeats Fang and soon, also defeats Eggman Nega as well.

After Eggman Nega is sent off to prison, Blaze thanks everyone for their help, but also apologizes for not taking as much action as she should've, which Sonic shrugs off and is glad she's helped out either way. With the Sol Emeralds all back where they belong, she opens a portal back to their dimension and Sonic and company all return home.


Sonic Sol: Rise of the Tiger King follows numerous controls and mechanics similar to that of previous sonic games: The player is universally capable of jumping, running, and use a homing attack regardless of which player they are currently playing as. Different special attacks and abilities are shared with each of the playable characters. When attacking enemies, regardless of character, the player is only shielded if they have any form of rings - resulting in death if getting hit without a single ring.

Each level in the game follows a consistent story, with the two main subplots coinciding with eachother as opposed to a single narrative needing to be played in order to unlock the other. Depending on the level you play will dictate which character you play as. Only in the hub worlds can you change between characters directly. The game holds similar vain to the original Sonic Adventure game, which the levels unlocked to you are accessed through a medium-sized hub world: either within Blaze's palace, or the town Sonic lives in, with some missions playable within the hub world itself depending on the progress in the story. Some areas such as the town within Fang's kingdom are only accessible through missions within the game.


The characters that appear throughout the game are mostly returning characters from previous titles, including handheld titles such as Sonic Rush. Alongside these though also includes newcoming characters to the franchise. Compared to the other installments of the franchise, this game has the least amount of new characters:

Playable Characters

Supporting Characters