It was time for the annual Fighters Rumble tournament, and participants were now being accepted. Sonic couldn't wait to show his skills to the crowd, and entered, being the last competitor enrolled.

Segment One

Sonic's first round was against Tails. Sonic was a bit hesitant at first, but started the fight, and did the best he could to avoid hurting his buddy (Sonic vs Tails). Sonic won, to nobody's surprise, and continued on in the tournament. His next opponent was Knuckles, who seemed extremely nervous fighting Sonic (Sonic vs Knuckles). Sonic won, knocking Knuckles out of the tournament. Sonic then progressed to the next round against Amy. He was hesitant against her too, but was mocked by her saying "What, are you afraid to hit a girl?" (Sonic vs Amy). Sonic won, and completed his first bit in the tournament. It was now break time, and the tournament would continue later on. When Sonic entered his new room, he found a message. The message had told him that after the sixth round was over, something would be waiting for him in the rink.

Sonic raced to find Tails and Knuckles, but they were missing. He knew something was up. The challengers were called for the next session, and Sonic entered the rink to find Bean waiting for him (Sonic vs Bean). Sonic barely made it through the fight, and knocked Bean out. The next opponent, Bark, slammed into the rink, after being called, and mocked Sonic's fighting pose (Sonic vs Bark). Sonic defeated Bark, and moved on to the semi-final fight. Espio entered the rink, and told Sonic that this would be his last fight (Sonic vs Espio).

It was time for the second session break. Sonic had just slid his way past the sixth round, and was anxious to see what was in the rink, as the message told him something was waiting. Sonic entered the empty arena, and saw a red figure facing away. The figure said he had been watching Sonic's moves, and wanted to see if he was strong enough to make it passed him. The figure turned around, and revealed himself to be a red duplicate of Sonic. He introduced himself as "Red". Sonic was about to attack when Red revealed Tails, Knuckles, and Amy tied up in the stands. Red said that if there was any funny business, he would kill them (Sonic vs Red Sonic; no Jumping). Sonic prevailed, and knocked Red out cold. Red disappeared into thin air. Sonic, still confused, rescued his three friends just in time for the final match.

Sonic entered the ring yet again, and saw Fang waiting for him. The announcer introduced the fight as the "Jawbreaking finale we have all been waiting for". Sonic and Fang got ready to fight as the bell rang (Sonic vs Fang). Sonic delivered the final kick as he sent Fang flying. Sonic had won the competition, or so he thought.

Segment Two

Bean and Bark emerged from the crowd and cornered Sonic. Fang followed them. It was revealed they were a team called Team Senile, and that there were no more games. The yellow Chaos Emerald, now revealed to be the prize, was theirs, and there was nothing Sonic could do about it. Tails and Knuckles ran from the crowd and backed Sonic up. The two teams were ready to fight (Tails vs Bean) (Knuckles vs Bark) (Sonic vs Fang). Team Sonic won, and after being rewarded with the Chaos Emerald, bolted from the stadium, and into Pink Water City (Free-roam).

Team Sonic reached the north hill; the beauty of Pink Water City, when they saw Silver standing there. He stared deeply into the ocean, his eyes as wide as they could be. Sonic slowly approached him when he disappeared. A new figure reappeared behind Sonic and knocked him out. It was Shadow. Sonic got up and prepared to fight (Sonic vs Shadow). Once Shadow was defeated, Rouge and Omega came and helped him up. The trio disappeared into the forest, as the gang return to the stadium, only to see it was burnt down.

The team approach a Police officer, named Officer Copper. They ask what happened, and Copper replies with an eyewitness's quote, stating a black hedgehog and a white bat started a fire with a match, and that there was still a girl inside, and that they have been searching, but nobody was found. Sonic immediately raced in there to try and save the girl (Free roam). When he entered the arena, he spotted Amy, knocked out in the crowd. He grabbed her, but saw that the door was now blocked by a flame. He held on tight to Amy and spin dashed through the wall and into the street. Copper put an oxygen mask on Amy to try to wake her up. Her eyes open up and she starts to cough when the stadium explodes. Everybody jumps to the ground as the smoke approaches.

Bean emerges from the smoke, ready to fight. Copper gets up and aims his gun at him (Copper vs Bean). Bean is defeated, but backs into the burning stadium. The Magnificant Queen is seen riding out another exit into the distance.

Segment Three

Silver approaches Chaos Cave, located in the dark outskirts of Pink Water City. He sees a cryogenic chamber with a strange robot inside. He frees the being, ready to fight. Emerl emerges from the chamber, and seems resistant. He tells Silver he is on his side, but Silver ignores that, and attacks anyway (Silver vs Emerl).

Silver is seen the victor, but Emerl is uninjured. He tells him that he is friendly, and means no harm. Silver sees he is telling the truth, and ventures into the cave. Emerl follows him (Free roam). The two come across a trapdoor, and fall in a giant cage. They see Eggman with a strange remote. He smirks, and presses a blue button on the remote. A door opens, and a bunch of Egg Pawns enter the cage (Emerl, Silver vs 20 Egg Pawns). The Egg Pawns are easily defeated, and Emerl breaks the glass cage, ready to attack Eggman, when he sees they have gone. The two escape the cage, and fly off toward Pink Water City (Avoid the Egg Flyers). The two reach the city, only to find Bark (Silver vs Bark).

Bark is defeated, and the duo sees the silhouettes of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Copper heading out toward Kismet Ruins. They decide to follow them.

A lone Egg Pawn is seen in Eggman's cage, and seems to be undamaged and in mint condition. He escapes the cage, and heads toward Pink Water City (Reach Pink Water City).

Segment Four

Silver and Emerl arrive at the Kismet Ruins, just in time to see Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Copper. Silver thinks that Sonic started the fire at the stadium, and attacks him. Copper pushes him out of the way and shoots Emerl twice in the torso. Silver, enraged, throws Copper up in the air, and uses his Telekinesis to send him flying toward a brick wall. Sonic runs and grabs him in time. Tails, Knuckles, and Amy come to Sonic's side, and prepare to fight (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Copper vs Silver, Emerl). Sonic's team emerge the victors, whilst Silver gets a kick in the face from Knuckles. Silver prepares for another attack, when Emerl tells him to stop. He explains that they are allies as well. Silver denies that, when Emerl further explains he has met Sonic before.

Emerl gets into a story about how he was destroyed, and how he was "revived and revised" to his former villainous self. Silver, shocked, prepares to attack Emerl, whom he thinks is still evil. Emerl explains that he regained some of his old memory, and knew who he was; a hero.

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