Sonic Rumble II is an upcoming fighting game and sequel to Sonic Rumble. It features 28 characters taking part in an all new tournament, and, unlike it's prequel, has an actual storyline.


See Sonic Rumble II/Story


Playable Roster


The final character selection

There are 28 playable characters in the game, 6 starter, and 22 unlockable.


Icon Name Class
Sonicicon Sonic the Hedgehog Speed
Tailsicon Miles "Tails" Prower Flight
Knucklesicon Knuckles the Echidna Power
Amyicon Amy Rose Speed
Shadowicon Shadow the Hedgehog Speed
Silvericon Silver the Hedgehog



Icon Name Class
Creamicon Cream the Rabbit Flight
Rougeicon Rouge the Bat Flight
Omegaicon E-123 Omega Power
Blazeicon Blaze the Cat Speed
EspioiconII Espio the Chameleon Speed
Mightyicon Mighty the Armadillo Power
Rayicon Ray the Flying Squirrel Flight
Fangicon Fang the Sniper Speed
Beanicon Bean the Dynamite Speed
Barkicon Bark the Polar Bear Power
Honeyicon Honey the Cat Flight
Vectoricon Vector the Crocodile Power
Charmyicon Charmy Bee Flight
Coopericon Copper the Hedgehog Speed
Jeticon Jet the Hawk Speed
Waveicon Wave the Swallow Flight
Stormicon Storm the Albatross Power
Bolticon Bolt the Porcupine Power
Bigicon Big the Cat Power
Emerlicon Emerl Power
Metalicon Metal Sonic Speed


Icon Name Fought
Redicon Red the Hedgehog PW Stadium
Eggmanicon Dr. Eggman ???


Free Roam Areas


  • This game shares more similarities with Super Smash Bros. Brawl than Sonic the Fighters.

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