Sonic ReUnleashed

Sonic Re:Unleashed is a remake of SEGA's action-adventure platformer/beat-'em-up hybrid video game Sonic Unleashed, which was released in 2008 on PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation3, and mobile devices. The remake was released in 2019 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam). Though a remake, Re:Unleashed features many new additions made to improve the game. Candy Dynamics helped Sonic Team with the remake.


There are three game modes in Re:Unleashed, each with different gameplay styles. There are also two additional bonus features that are exclusive to specific consoles: Motion Mode, exclusive to Nintendo Switch, and Virtual Mode, exclusive to PlayStation VR.

Recommended Mode

Recommended Mode is the recommended way to play the game. This mode leaves most of the daytime stages unaltered except for minor changes (though Sonic does now have a double jump and can drift), but significantly changes the nighttime stages. Both Sonic and the Dark Gaia enemies move much faster in this mode, but there are other changes to make the game more fluid as well. For one, Sonic no longer has a life meter in his Werehog form and instead uses the classic ring system, and going into unleashed mode drains his rings instead of his health. Another notable change in these stages is the fact that Sonic's arms stretch longer in combat and combo attacks can be performed much quicker. Sonic also does not level up anymore in this mode, instead setting him at what would be the maximum level in the original game by default but scaling enemies to be more difficult later in the game. One of the most notable changes is the fact that Werehog Sonic is now able to simply climb up or around any wall without falling off, meaning that he no longer has to slowly inch his way around walls he can interact with, swing with his arms, or climb up poles.

The world map and hub areas also differ from their original counterparts.

Recommended Mode also adds new stages with a new playable character.


Original Mode

Original Mode is a mode more true to the original game, but the game highly discourages playing this mode over Recommended Mode. Besides graphical upgrades and bug fixes from the original game, Original Mode does give Sonic the ability to double jump and drift in daytime stages, and Werehog Sonic and the enemies he fights still move faster. Otherwise, the changes made to the game in Recommended Mode are not present.

Unleashed Mode

Unleashed Mode is a brand new mode with original levels, unlocked after beating either Recommended Mode or Original Mode.


Motion Mode

Motion Mode, exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, is a toggle-able feature in the options menu, turned off by default but playable in any other mode. This mode simply gives players the option to use motion controls in the nighttime stages for attacking in a similar manner to the control scheme used in the Wii version of the original game.

Virtual Mode

Virtual Mode is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version of the game, but can only be played with PlayStation VR. The game is still in third person when using the VR headset, but the option is mainly there for those who want to be more immersed in the game.



Character Description
Sonic New Rendee
Sonic the Hedgehog
Legacy sonic the werehog render by nibroc rock-db2erp6
Sonic the Werehog
Super sonic legacy render by nibroc rock-dau4a2f
Super Sonic
Gaia Colossus Guard
Gaia Colossus
Gaia Colossus is only playable in the final boss battle.






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