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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 5
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Platform(s) Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC
Genre(s) Action, 3D Platformer
Series Sonic (series)
Predecessor Sonic Forces
Mode(s) Single-Player

4-Player Vs.

Age Rating(s)
OFLC G rating
Sonic the Hedgehog Prismatic (Sonic Prismatic for short) is an upcoming 3D Platforming, Action Game released for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game is a new entry in the series that focuses on bringing the series back to familiar territory for the fans while expanding on old concepts bringing back and refining upon features from past Sonic Games. The game retains the Boost Formula seen in Sonic Unleashed, Colours, Generations & Forces and features a mixture of platforming, action and spectacle attempting to be more involving for players than the previous titles.

Story Synopsis

While relaxing peacefully under a tree in a park Sonic is greeted by Tails who asks him if he's seen Knuckles lately as they were meant to be meeting up on the situation of weird readings coming from the Master Emerald. Sonic notes that he hasn't seen Knuckles lately and realizes that there aren't many people around in general. Tails suggests heading to Angel Island to see if Knuckles might be there, the two head to Angel Island via the Tornado II landing seeing Knuckles standing astonished in front of the Master Emerald which is strangely floating about radiating an unusual glow.

Sonic and Tails quickly catch-up to Knuckles and ask him what's going on to which he states his uncertainty, from below the island Dr. Eggman rises up in his Egg Mobile laughing manically at the trio stating that his new plan for world domination is already in effect and that the trio are as good as done for. A light begins to emanate from the Master Emerald shooting up into the air parting the clouds above, we can see the Death Egg poised above it and Sonic exclaims that the Death Egg is doing something to the Master Emerald, Knuckles goes to jump in the path of the light beam however Tails and Sonic attempt to stop him, all three getting absorbed into the light and disappearing in a flash. Eggman chuckles as he receives a message from Orbot and Cubot whom are on the Death Egg asking if Eggman's plan worked, Eggman states that of course it worked and how his plans always work, Orbot starts counting the number of times and stating to Eggman the times his plans have failed causing Eggman to groan and orders them both to ensure that the Dimensional Energy Spires remain active.

Sonic, Tails & Knuckles land in a strange dimension that appears to be a massive void, looking around they can't quite tell where they are, Sonic gets angry at Knuckles because they're lost to which Knuckles defends himself stating he was trying to protect the Master Emerald although Tails breaks them up stating that they seem to be in some sort of gateway the reaction between the Master Emerald and Death Egg created, looking around they find crystal gates of the various colours of the rainbow and a well-shaped gate in the middle with four empty slots on it. Tails looks over the well-gate and suggests that it might be the gateway that leads back to their world but it'll need something to charge it, Sonic looks around and suggests they see what they can find in the other gateways and perhaps charge the well-gate. Tails agrees and Knuckles reluctantly agrees stating that he just wants to get back to Angel Island.


Gameplay is reminiscent of previous Sonic Games most notably Sonic Heroes and the Boost Games in general, the game has a mixture of fast-paced platforming with action setpieces and a number of spectacles in each Act to make them stand out, shifting up the formula from usual the Boost aspect of the Boost Formula is much less prevalent in this game than previous ones usually being limited to spectacles and path dividers with the occasional platforming segment.

Slower-paced Platforming and action is more prevalent with the game often blending the two allowing skilled players who can utilize the characters effectively to traverse through these segments faster often reaching secrets for fast and precise platforming and exploration of the acts.

The game brings back the Team Mechanic from Sonic Heroes having the player control three characters at one time with one being the leader of the trio that the palyer directly controls, the three types of characters are referred to as; Speed, Power & Flight. Speed Characters are able to move the fastest and are the ones that are automatically swapped to when in Boost Segments, in this array the other two characters move behind the Speed Character. The Speed formation can perform a Spin-Dash propelling the Speed character forward blasting through enemies, in addition Speed Characters can perform Dash Kicks on the ground for a direct attack and Homing Attacks in the air to precisely hit targets. The Power formation has the player control the Power Character which is best suited for combat as Power Characters can perform a combo of attacks using either light or heavy attacks and can include AoE combos. Power Characters are also capable of pulling off the Triangle Dive which allows them to quickly ascend up wind currents. Lastly the Flight Formation is optimal for traversing tricky platforming that would require the player to move carefully and usually involves flying enemies that are otherwise unsafe for the Speed or Power characters to fight against, Flight Characters can perform Thundershoot which will stun enemies and when powered-up can damage them as well. Flight Characters carry their teammates and can perform a jump lift allowing them to ascend higher although they have a limited flight gauge to prevent them from breaking gameplay, they are also the slowest characters for movement.

The player starts off in the hub area of the game referred to as the Crystal Void, from here the player can pick one of eight Alternate Dimensions referred to by Tails and various other characters as the "ADs" the player must chose one of these ADs and traverse the three zones in it culminating in defeating three bosses across six acts to obtain a Void Crystal to power the Well-Gate mentioned in the Story to return to Angel Island and stop Dr. Eggman. Along the way the player can take various routes on the Acts, on particular acts the player will be able to find a multitude of Giant Rings and Keys, these Giant Rings will take the player to the Special Stage allowing them to compete in one of three Special Stages depending on which zone of an AD they're in which can net them one of the seven Chaos Emeralds. There are always four Giant Rings per zone, one in the first act and three in the second act thus giving the player plenty of opportunities to acquire the emeralds. The Keys meanwhile can be obtained in the First Act of a Zone, they must brought through the second act without being lost as they will fall off the player if they're hit and must be quickly retrieved otherwise they'll be lost. If this is done successfully the player will either unlock a new character to play or a stash of extra lives. The First and Second Zone of every AD contain an unlockable Character.

Collecting Four Void Crystals will charge the Well-Gate allowing Sonic and every friend he's rescued up to that point to be able to return to Angel Island, doing so the player can then access the final Zones of the game. There are a number of conditions the player must meet to unlock the final zone of the game these are;

  • Complete all 8 ADs and collect the Void Crystals
  • Rescues all 18 of Sonic's friends from the ADs
  • Acquire the 7 Chaos Emeralds from the Special Stages

Completing all of these will give the player access to Super Sonic and the final Zone of the game, defeating the true final boss will cause the Death Egg to explode resulting in it being heavily damaged to the point of being incapable of attaining energy from the ADs or activating the Master Emerald, though the game has been beaten the player will be notified that a rift has opened on Angel Island, investigating the rift the player can play through four time periods in Sonic's past; Classic, Adventure, Advance & Modern. Within these four time periods the player can play through remixes of old stages with any of the 21 characters (in a group of 3) and go through them, within these returning Zones are Giant Rings that lead to another set of special stages although these all follow the same format, completing these Special Stages will net the player the Super Emeralds allowing Sonic, Tails & Knuckles to transform into their Hyper Forms against Bosses.

Playable Characters

There are a total of 21 characters to play as in Sonic Prismatic, split into groups of seven by the three types of gameplay styles for the game each character not only possesses one of the three gameplay styles but also a unique skill making them play differently from one another.

Character Appearance Description
Modern Sonic Render

The acclaimed blue blur himself, although Sonic can be snarky towards protecting those aroung him he is still a dedicated and mindful individual willing to do what's necessary to stop the nefarious plans of Dr. Eggman. Sonic is a Speed-Type Character and is available from the start of the game.

Super Peel-Out

A faster Spin-Dash that allows Sonic alone to move forward at blinding speeds for a short period of time.

Miles "Tails" Prower
Tails Render

The faithful companion of Sonic and a genius mechanic in his own right, despite his young age Tails has gone toe-to-toe with numerous villains from the franchise and proven himself an able fighter as well as a skilled mechanic. Tails is a Flight-Type Character and is available from the start of the game.

Corkscrew Lift

Makes Tails launch from the ground and into the air much faster and higher temporarily.

Knuckles Render

The guardian of the Master Emerald and last of the Echidnas, though he is determined in his protection of the fabled crystal Knuckles isn't particularly bright and is prone to being tricked and attacking haphazardly without thinking things through entirely. Knuckles is a Power-Type Character and is available from the start of the game.


Allows Knuckles to perform a Triangle Dive without the aid of his companions if they're KO'd and can create a short updraft to give him a lift upon activation.


A naive but kind-hearted individual, Silver originates from from a far away place where he and Blaze the Cat protect their homeland from the vicious Nega Eggman. Silver has the unique talent of Psychokinesis allowing him to hover and perform attacks by holding enemies and targets in place. Silver is a Speed-Type Character and is unlocked in Rhythmic Highway.

Telekinetic Hover

Allows Silver to hover for a short period of time while moving at high speeds.


A legend in her own world, Blaze is the royal protector of her homeland similar to Sonic though she fights less with speed and more with technique and power utilizing her Pyrokinesis in combat. Blaze is a calm and collected character who generally is able to remain in control albeit seeming distant from others. Blaze is a Power-Type Character and is unlocked in Snowblock Village.


Blaze can fire these projectiles without the aid of her teammates allowing her to attack more frequently and with longer combos.


A strange being from a place unfamiliar to the rest of Sonic's friends, although mischievious in nature NiGHTS means well and rebelled against the malevolent forces of his realm willing to protect the realm for a distain towards said beings. NiGHTS is a Flight-Type Character and is unlocked in Sky Satellite.


NiGHTS creates a circle of Twinkle Dust and dashes forward while flying, boosting his momentum.

Amy Rose
Amy All-Stars Racing

Although known to chase after the blue blur often with little to no success, Amy Rose is in her own right quite the adventurer as well, often aiding Sonic and others in stopping Dr. Eggman and ensuring the safety of her home. Amy wield the Piko Piko Hammer a giant hammer that can be often useful due to its large size and long reach. Amy is a Speed-Type Character and is unlocked in Rainbow Palace.

Piko Piko Hammer

The strongest attack for a Speed-Type Character and can be used for some Power Obstacles.

356px-ASR Big

A lumbering giant among Sonic's friends, Big is a goofy and simple individual who often spends his days relaxing and fishing with his co-hort of frogs, although Big doesn't speak much and is not particularly bright he is kind-hearted and will protect his friends from any danger posed against them. Big is a Power-Type Character and is unlocked in Crystal Reef.

Fishing Latch

Lets big rescue one of his teammates if they're KO'd, this can be used once per act.


A kind and sweet little rabbit, Cream is often describe as both faint-hearted and lion-hearted as while she can at times appear fearful of the situations she is put in she has also been shown quite capable of handling herself and often protects a pair of Chao called Cheese and Chocola. Cream is a Flight-Type Character and is unlocked in Glacial Abyss.

Rabbit Bounce

Cream bounces on the ground briefly breaking into a spring before reverting to the aerial formation.

Unjustice Metal Espio 1

A calm and somewhat stoic individual, Espio is known for being a bit distant at times, going off about morality and his duty to the world and what not. Although he is an impresive ninja capable of turning invisible and utilizing high speed and quick reflexes he's not particularly intelligent and sometimes has trouble noticing patterns. Espio is a Speed-Type Character and is unlocked in Downturn Vale.


Allows Espio to move solitarily and sneak up on enemies undetected as well as past trapwires without tripping them.

Vector Rio2016

A loudmouth detective, Vector often goes off on rants often glorifying himself and his achievements, although he can be self-absorbed Vector is a big-hearted guy who'll do anything to protect his friends and packs quite the punch behind his fists. Vector is a Power-Type Character and is unlocked in Acidic River.

Water Runner

Lets Vector run on water if he's moving at maximum speed


Although young and naive Charmy is a friendly little character who often tries his best to help out where possible although often comes off more as a nuisance than much of a help, he is however an exceptionally fast flier and quite good at Recon for the Chaotix. Charmy is a Flight-Type Character and is unlocked in Cybercube.

Buzz Barrier

Allows Charmy to create an Insta-Shield to deflect incoming attacks

Rouge Rio2016

A sly and deceptive treasure hunter, Rouge has been known to be a bit of a double-crosser when it comes to who she allies herself with having worked for G.U.N. in the past as well as acting as an agent for a number of other organizations and groups. As of late however Rouge has given up her trickster tendencies and is more focused on hunting down elusive treasures and ancient relics to keep them out of the hands of those seeking to use them for evil. Rouge is a Flight-Type Character and is unlocked in Oily Flood.

Thunder Kick

Lets Rouge kick both her teammates with a Thundershock dealing heaver damage.

Shadow Render

Believed to be created as the ultimate life form Shadow has had a troubled past to say the least dealing with those whom seek to utilize his powers for their own personal gain, generally Shadow has attempted to do right by the dotted past his creator left him with. Shadow is a Speed-Type Character and is unlocked in Creeps Hamlet.

Rocket Shoes

Allows Shadow to achieve maximum speed faster and lets him charge up to ram through enemies without needing to attack directly.

E-123 Omega
E-123 Omega Rio2016

Built as the last of the E-Series robots by Dr. Eggman, E-123 Omega has long since been repurposed to defend against the nefarious doctor's wishes capable of handling the intense conditions of some of the more hazardous environments those that oppose Eggman find themselves in Omega tends to make light of the fragility of biological life. Omega is a Power-Type Character and is unlocked in Neon Arcade.

Chaingun Turret

Allows the player to make Omega stationary and have him act as a rapid firing turret to take out large groups of enemies quickly.

Jet the Hawk 2011

The cocky leader of the Babylon Rogues, Jet has a bit of a superiority complex about him often making himself off to be more impressive than he actually is, he has been known to butt heads personality-wise with several characters in the past, often trying to act as a lone-wolf sort of individual whenever he gets into arguements with the other Babylon Rogues. Jet is a Speed-Type Character and is unlocked in Boil Canyon.


Jet can perform a triple jump using his teammates to boost him up to incredible heights.

Wave Rio2016

A prideful individual, Wave often expresses her intelligence with the use of Extreme Gears and often annoys others by going into extensive detail about the equipment, her fellow Babylon Rogues put up with her arrogance fairly well however causing her to often gloat to them above anyone else about her crafstmanship. Wave is a Flight-Type Character and is unlocked in Geothermal Crack.

Air Vale

Creates a vortex of air that protects her while flying temporarily.


The rather dimwitted and forgetful muscles of the Babylon Rogues, Storm has a tendency to let his emotions get the better of him acting overly excited at times and melancholy at the switch of a button. Generally Storm's approach to problems is to use his muscle and if that doesn't work then keep going until he runs out of energy. Storm is a Power-Type Character and is unlocked in Lonelylight Chasm.

Aerial Force

Each successful attack causes the nearby enemies to be knocked back by a gust of air, does not work on particularly heavy enemies or bosses.

Fang the sniper legacy render by nibroc rock-dagytsv

A mischievous treasure hunter who often boasts about his confidence in his line of work claiming to have found valuable and rare treasures, he is also a bit stubborn and is resistant to admitting defeat as he seems to have a pretty big ego about him. Fang is a Speed-Type Character and is unlocked in Sandy Outpost.

Popper Gun

A ranged attack that Fang can use to quickly take out flying enemies, requires a reload after three shots.

Bean the dynamite dux legacy render by nibroc rock-dagyull
Marine the raccoon legacy render by nibroc rock-daphhmk


There are a total of 24 Zones across the game with 2 acts in each, each Zone is split up into a group of 3 for each of the ADs. The player must complete each trio of Zones to acquire the Void Crystal at the end among other collectibles.

Alternate Dimension Yellow (ADY)

ADY is a vast wasteland environment that seems to be a mix of hot deserts and vast canyons with Mesas and a few trees scattered across the vast golden sands and red dirt of the terrain. ADY is rich with oil and massive machines constructed by Eggman are taking this oil to power and protect the Void Crystal of ADY.

Sandy Outpost Title

The first Zone of ADY, Sandy Outpost appears as a Wild-West inspired town and desert with the player having to navigate around the town to reach the end winding through the mining caves near the edges of the town and weaving in between buildings. The place is filled with barrels of oil which can be ignited creating a blazing inferno which the player must escape from but can also open up new paths for the player to take instead. The mines contain rail tracks that the player can grind on but must be wary of Egg Carts which can leave bombs on the tracks.

Completing Sandy Outpost with the Key will unlock Fang the Sniper.

Oily Flood Title

After taking a Minecart from Sandy Outpost the player's team end up in a giant red canyon with a few pillars along the way and some lifeless trees scattered across the canyon's edges, most notably colossal roots jut out from the canyon's side creating platforms for the player. Through the first act of this zone the player must ascend up the canyon avoiding the boiling hot Oil that slowly rises from Eggrobots pouring it into the canyon, eventually during the first act the player will reach a point where the oil runs out and the player is able to safely explore the second part of Act 1, reaching the end the player enters Act 2 crossing the perilous boiling lake of oil jumping from the few safe platforms and roots across the area, however as the player reaches about half-way through the act, they will reach a Boost section where they will see a massive truck at the end of the canyon they came from this truck begins emptying oil into the canyon causing a tidal wave of boiling oil to begin approaching the player, the player must use the boost to get through the second half of Act 2 to safely make it to high ground.

Completing Oily Flood with the Key will unlock Rouge the Bat.

Burner Plant Title

After getting into Burner Plant the player must carefully work their way around the fiery environment as boiling vats of oil move by on conveyor belts, jets of fire blast from beneath the grates the player runs on and pistons fire up into the air which can launch the player up high. The player must ascend up the Burner Plant heading into a Smoke Stack early into Act 1 and climbing up using safe rooms along the way to avoid the wafts of toxic smoke. Eventually through Act 2 the player will begin being chased by the Egg Boiler, eventually outrunning it into the control room for Burner Plant the player defeats the boss which inadvertently destroys the control room de-activating Burner Plant, through the next room the player finds the Golden Void Crystal.

Completing Burner Plant with the Key will net the player 5 1-Ups.

Alternate Dimension Lime (ADL)

ADL is a swampy jungle setting with many ruins from an ancient civilization that once dominated this land, although only their ruins remain and the few descendants of their species live under the tyranny of Eggman. The area is filled with massive trees that arch across the sky line blocking out sunlight to the terrain below in some areas.

Acidic River Title

The first Zone of ADL, the Acidic River appears as a marshy environment with bubbling green water-like liquids flowing around, there are a number of leaf covered islands the player must traverse being mindful to not fall in the toxic liquids, the player traverses through the area avoiding Serpent Badniks disguised as vines as well as finding a number of secrets hidden in false walls of leaves that are dotted across the zone. The zone concludes with a chase sequence against the boss, Bayou-Gator in a sequence similar to to the Crocodile encounter in Sonic Heroes.

Completing Acidic River with the Key will unlock Vector the Crocodile.

Crumbling Temple Title

Initially the start of the first act of Crumbling Temple appears similar to the previous act but soon the acidic rivers of the previous soon clear out and the player finds themselves running through a lush jungle with some ancient ruins strewn about, the area features many winding and twisting paths across giant vineways and tree trunks as well as some underground caverns that remarkably are the fastest routes but due to their seclusion from the rest of the Act are hard to reach, the second act begins immediately after getting to the goal ring as a cutscene plays as the boss of Act 2 immediately appears attaacking the trio atop the rooftop of the temple causing it to begin collapsing forcing the player's team to start running in a long boost section that takes up most of the act aside from two reprieves for the big checkpoints as well as at the end after the boss fight, the act has the player dodging incoming obstacles and utilizing their Flight and Power Characters by performing a mixture of flight drafts and triangle dives to traverse large chasms.

Completing Crumbling Temple with the Key will unlock Marine the Raccoon.

Ancient Vault Title

The last zone of the of ADL, the Ancient Vault appears after the boss from the previous zone destroys the ground the team were standing on causing them to vall into the temple, this begins with a sliding sequence where the player initially can collect a huge amount of rings eventually landing in a bit, from here the player and their team must carefully traverse the old and fading pillars of the vault,carefully jumping from one to the other  to avoid the seemingly bottomless pile of jewels and gold below that acts like quicksand. Throughout the act the player will have to deal with masked figures within the temple activating traps and ambushing the team forcing players who can't move fast enough to take alternate routes often bringing them closer to the quicksand of gold. Eventually the player reaches a large ritual chamber on the other end of the vault where they find various animals being mind-controlled by the Void Crystal of this AD to turn massive wheels absorbing energy from the gold of the vault converting it into pure electricity to charge the Death Egg. Defeating the boss of this zone will cause the Copper Void Crystal to come loose freeing the animals of their mind control and de-activating one of the energy sources Eggman was using.

Completing Ancient Vault with the Key will net the player 5 1-Ups.

Alternate Dimension Green (ADG)

A high-tech almost futuristic location, ADG seems almost like a playground of electricity with hundreds of glowing neon signs and bright beaming lamposts as well as televisions and billboards advertising Casinos and Arcades as well as Virtual Reality experiences.

Rhythmic Highway Title

The opening Zone for the ADG, Rhythmic Highway immediately gives off vibes of long stretching zones with its twisting and spiralling road design and bizarre mixture of musical instruments that act not only as spectacles but provide access to different areas through their various platforming interactions. The zone starts out in the dawn of the day and transitions across its two act to the twilight of night as the road changes to accomodate this, the longer the player stays in the zone for the more the paths they have to choose from will get blocked off encouraging fast paced and somewhat reckless boosting through the stages.

Completing Rhythmic Highway with the Key will unlock Silver the Hedgehog.

Neon Arcade Title

After defeating the boss of Rhythmic Highway the player's team crash lands off an incomplete part of the highway right into Neon Arcade, from here the player must traverse the massive casino-like environment getting digitized into the 2D Games which include nods to Out Run, Golden Axe & Daytona. The player moves about this area like a maze following the various coloured pathways can lead to different challenges the player faces and can hint at where secrets are when a path lacks any of the coloured lines. The player will also encounter a number of gambling machines including a mixture of pinball machines, slot machines and a Roulette Wheel, the Zone takes place at night and the blinding colours of Neon Arcade are contrasted by the black and dark reds of the external windows and carpet respectively.

Completing Neon Arcade with the Key will unlock E-123 Omega.

Cybercube Title

After being absorbed into a malfunctioning machine at the back of the arcade the player's team find themself in a virtual reality where everything including the characters have been converted int a low-poly, "Saturn-esque" design that periodically flickers to something more "Dreamcast-esque". The player and their team must traverse this virtual reality dealing with the virus badniks and malware within the virtual reality while working towards the Zone's namesake a giant cube in the middle. Getting to the cube completes Act 1, while in Act 2 the player's team makes a daring escape after they begin a cascade shutdown of all electrical systems on the network array and must escape the shutting down Act 2 as things flicker out of reality. The team come to encounter the boss a giant virus badnik that's gltiching out causing it to gain unnatural powers, defeating this badnik will cause a massive explosion propelling the player and their team out of the arcade cabinet crashing through a door next to it revealing the power source of the arcade to be the Platinum Void Crystal which the player's team remove from the power generator shutting down power to the arcade and much of the area around.

Completing Cybercube with the Key will unlock Charmy Bee.

Alternate Dimension Cyan (ADC)

Constantly covered in snow ADC is stuck in a permanent winter for unknown reasons, despite this its inhabitants live merrily in small villages that dot the landscape and the massive forests and hills of ADC provide a scenic view especially at night with its many twinkling stars. The place also has many giant chasms which some of the native population believe lead to a realm of monsters.

Snowblock Village Title

The first Zone of ADC, Snowblock Village takes place in the winter village and across snow-covered hills and forests, the area has the player running through the Snowblock Village, the Zone's namesake to open passageways up by reving up energy generators on the far side of large looping paths, the player must be careful as some paths have slippery ice on them that make it possible to lose traction and control of their character, especially around the deep chasms some parts of the first act have. The second act is a straight-forward show through the forest with many paths to choose from that ultiamtely lead to the second zone, along the way the player will have to deal with the Zone's boss an Egg Machine that will halt the player's progress at particular intervals for a short battle.

Completing Snowblock Village with the Key will unlock Blaze the Cat.

Glacial Abyss Title

A large icy abyss with a thin layer of ice covering it, crossing through the first act the player moves across smaller chasms  located around the main chasm dodging the Badniks in the way and dealing with the slippery ice and seemingly bottomless chasms. The first Act also features snowy igloos which the player can spin-dash into to launch themselves high into the air accessing alternate routes if they move quickly. The first act ends when the player is caught off-guard by the boss of the zone the Egg Diver which crashes through the Glacial Abyss' ice sheet causing the player's team to fall down. The second act picks up from this point and has the player falling down the chasm ocassionally sliding across ice ramps that launch them into a brief rest from the high speed falling and dodging aerial badniks, the player eventually catches up to the Egg Diver again and defeats it, utilizing an ice ramp at the bottom of the chasm to safely land at the start of the third zone.

Completing Glacial Abyss with the Key will unlock Cream the Rabbit.

Lonelylight Chasm Title

The third zone of ADC, Lonelylight Chasm takes place immediately after Glacial Abyss starting where the last zone left off, the player must traverse their way through the dark expanse of giant looping rocky paths that cover the chasm like a spider's web, traversing past the few crystalline structures that emanate light into the dark abyss surrounding them, whilst heading towards what appears to be an underground facility. As the player approaches this facility they'll find that it is in fact melting the ice that covers the edge of the abyss using the water that flows from it to send energy to the Death Egg via the Void Crystal while also using the excess heat to accelerate the melting of the chasm, heading throughout this facility the player will have to deal with high speed water rapids that will push the player around the act if they get trapped in them, although the player eventually reaches the boss of the Zone which upon defeating opens the security door to the Void Crystal allowing the player's team to de-activate the device and return them to the Crystal Void while the facility falls off the chasm wall and into the abyss below.

Completing Lonelylight Chasm with the Key will unlock Storm the Albatross.

Alternate Dimension Blue (ADB)

This aquatic land, ADB only has a few spots of solid land whilst the rest of it is underwater, however the water is only skin deep, after a deep plunge the player and their team will find that the water in fact floats above a massive underground world which looks like an ocean was drained out of it, coral grows along the sandy ground as the various seaweeds sway in the open air much like they would underwater. The ADB is not without its notable features however as getting to the second stage the player finds a complex cavern system of open cracks in the crust where lava spews forth generating heat being harnessed by Eggman's power plants to charge the Death Egg.

Crystal Reef Title

The first Zone of ADB, the Crystal Reef is a gorgeous and breath taking location, the giant structures of coral the player can run across house small crystals that reflect light across the first act creating a dazzling array of colours, the area has many twists and turns thanks to the looping and contorting coral allowing the player to even run on the underside of the false ocean above. Entering into the second act the player will find themselves heading through a bed of seaweed that will slow the player's progress if they attempt to venture into it too far, the player must be careful as powerful badniks will attack the player if they become ensnared in the Seaweed. The zone continues with the giant coral and even features a rail grinding section over the second Zone in ADB where the player must avoid the lava plumes from below to reach the end where they fight an Eggman creation atop one of the power plants destroying the power plant in the process.

Completing Crystal Reef with the Key will unlock Big the Cat.

Geothermal Crack Title

Numerous Power Plants that cross over an giant fissure in the ground and spews lava out and up into the air, this treacherous and fiery terrain is nothing to scoff at, the player must carefully navigate across from the interior of the various power plants setting each one to explode as they head further and further down into the chasm, avoiding the lava plumes which torch the bridges across the fissure. During the second act the player's team work their way towards the a giant power plant located right down near the mantle itself, destroying the power plant causes a chain reaction and the player must escape defeating the boss of the zone whilst a wave of lava fills up the cavern they flee through.

Completing Geothermal Crack with the Key will unlock Wave the Swallow.

Steaming Volcano Title

A hot and fiery underwater volcano, traversing through this hostile terrain can prove a danger as the player's team must head towards the giant Power Plant propped atop it while running in and out of the pathways through the volcano frequently jumping over the magma dome of the Volcano itself, the player's team soon realizes that the lava is rising and causes them to have to speed up the side of the volcano's interior thanks to a boost while dodging the falling boulders to reach the entrance to the Power Plant on the underside. Into the second act the player must traverse around this high tech security complex within the power plant, being detected by the badniks will cause the place to go into lock down resulting in paths leading to secrets being blocked off forcing the player to look for an alternate route through. Reaching the top the player's team confronts the Egg Admiral a giant robotic mecha that was connected to the Power Plant, detaching itself with the Void Crystal in hand the player and their team must defeat the Egg Admiral whilst running through the giant coral twists eventually defeating and overcoming the boss and acquiring the Void Crystal of ADB.

Completing Steaming Volcano with the Key will net the player 5 1-Ups.

Alternate Dimension Violet (ADV)

ADV is an unusual and somewhat spooky place with a constant presence of night time as the planet doesn't rotate on its axis, though there is perpetual darkness save for the stars in the night sky and the giant cream-coloured moon in the sky there are numerous settlements across the ADV with a victorian era vibe to them. Having flowing cobblestone walls and pathways that run across the terrain and forests of trees arching over looking at those that run past them with arms outstretched. The settlements in the ADV have lamps to light them up with giant stone towers to make them easier to see from a distance.

Downturn Vale Title
This run through a creepy forest has the player navigating past bubbling pits of acid that spout up gushes of acid into the air that must be dodged, in addition swinging on the tree branches that extend out onto the pathways can lead to a number of secrets and alternate paths to take if the player is fast enough to react to them, they require a run up to swing off so only players who react quickly can get them. The zone also features a large stone platform with unlit torches, getting here is what comprises of the first act while in the second act the player's team must go around a big loop searching for the way to activate the torches, during the second act they'll come across cursed flames who will attack the player and can burn up the terrain including the bridges that provide the fastest path through the act, after awakening the cursed flames and going through the loop of an act the player's team comes face to face with the Ghost of Cobbler's Past the first of three spectres the player must face in ADV. Defeating this boss will cause a strange portal to open up which the player's team jump through taking them to Creeps Hamlet.

Completing Downturn Vale with the Key will unlock Espio the Chameleon.

Creeps Hamlet Title
The second zone in ADV, this sees the player's team navigating through a strange and twisting little town, running along its cobblestone paths past numerous lamp-lit buildings. There are several buildings the player can run through optionally to take alternate routes including; a tavern, forge, mansion and guard tower. Taking these alternate routes can lead to paths that quickly bring the player to the second, act which starts outside a sealed tower with a giant wall around it with power lines running up the wall from underground. This second act sees the player gather speed as they reach a part in the act where they launch themselves up onto the wall ascending up it through their shear speed and then flying over the side into the interior where they must run through a creepy garden with carnivorous plants that will lash out at the player as they reach a manhole leading underground, in this small underground section the player's team come face to face with the Ghost of Cobbler's Present which chases them through the underground section eating up and destroying the underground tunnel in an attempt to defeat the player's team, the player escapes entering into the base of the tower as the cavern caves in on the ghost who collapses from taking damage.

Completing Creeps Hamlet with the Key will unlock Shadow the Hedgehog.

Cobbler Tower Title

Now within the Cobbler Tower, the player's team find that the place has been retro-fitted by Eggman to absorb the nocturnal energy from around causing the increased presence of ghosts giving most of the energy to the Void Crystal while a small amount is being given to the Ghost of Cobbler's Future, during the first act the player must navigate up the spiralling tower dodging the now invading carnivorous plants from the last zone which crash through the walls to act as hazards and enemies for the player while jumping from the crumbling staircases and platforms to the giant electrical wires that line the walls. Eventually the player reaches the top and breaks the machine absorbing the power causing the operation to go into a lockdown. The Ghost of Cobbler's Future, angry that the player had destroyed its energy source steals the Void Crystal and manipulates the space around it to distort the tower into a cartoony and maniacal version of the first act with the wires fusing with the rocks and large serpentine plants that can shoot lasers from their mouths, the various pieces of furniture in the tower becoming enemies as well. The player must constantly keep moving throughout the second act as the Ghost of Cobbler's Future will fire off energy blasts at them forcing them to continue upwards, about halfway up the boss realizes the player's getting close to the top and ingests the Void Crystal giving it a boost of power, fortunately for the player they reach a boost section that'd been warped into reality from the old machine allowing the player's team to rocket up the rest of the tower dodging the energy blasts and beams from teh Ghost of Cobbler's Future beginning the boss battle where the player must attack the boss while bounding around the tower's top-most section, defeating the boss it coughs up the Void Crystal and falls down the tower exploding as it hits the bottom, the player catching the Void Crystal taking them back.

Completing Cobbler Tower with the Key will net the player 5 1-Ups.

Alternate Dimension Pink (ADP)

ADP appears as a flying city of sorts, this giant floating landmass contains an almost fantasy-like environment with great spiralling pathways that seem to disobey gravity and colourful, dazzling structures of Cyan, Magenta & Yellow. ADP features many large clouds that waft across the zones making progression at times perilous to those without a keen eye, the clouds can also be generated by some of the enemies in the ADP to provide coverage to trick the player into walking into dangerous territory.

Rainbow Palace Title

The first zone of ADO the Rainbow Palace takes place in and arund a gigantic palace with multicoloured decorations adorning it and seven giant towers each coloured after the rainbow. The Zone features giant brick patways that twost and spiral through the castle like a rollercoaster, the zone also features a bit of platfrming arund e furniture and topiaries of the Rainbow Palace as the place has electrified water that begins to rise during the second act forcing the player to climb to the top of the palace where they'll encounter the Boss of Ranbw Palace, the Egg Wyvern which is responisble for floodng the castle, after defeating the boss it will explode launching the player's team into space.

Completing Rainbow Palace with the Key will unlock Amy Rose.

Sky Satellite Title
After being launched into space the player's team safely lands on a Satellite high in the atmosphere, running through Sky Satellite the player will have to deal with tight inter-weaving corridors to work their way through the satellite array, the player will regardless of which path they take come to one of three switches, after activating two of these switches the array will activate a teleportation field in the center of the satellite closing off Act 1 with the team being teleported onto a mining facility on an asteroid, from here the second act has the player's team navigating through the mining facility dodging and traversing along the various active and inactive mining tools located along the facility, heading towards a large tower on the far side of the asteroid, they're attacked by the boss of the zone, the Egg Crawler which chases them destroying the mining facility to the tower and up the tower where upon activating the bridge system the Egg Crawler is destroyed by being severed by the energy bridges.

Completing Sky Satellite with the Key will unlock NiGHTS.

Deep Space Title

The final zone of ADO, Deep Space has the player's team traverse along an asteroid field, running along the giant expanse of space using gravity to leap from one asteroid to the next as well as avoiding the numerous badniks and security systems hiddenon the asteroids. The player during the first act must work their way through this asteroid field and reach a large ring-like station that's gathering energy from a tiny star. During the second act the player's team must run across the ring weaving in and out of the buildings on it working their way towards the large tower at the top where the void crystal is located. Through this area the player is able to take a number of paths including light rails allowing them to grind around the interior of the ring, eventually they get to the tower and scale up it to confront the boss of the zone, after defeating the boss, the ring begins to collapse after the player's team takes the crystal returning them back.

Completing Deep Space with the Key will net the player 5 1-Ups.

Alternate Dimension Red (ADR)

The ADR is shown to be a rather prehistoric area where giant lush jungles and volcanic vents spewing steam and smoke into the air, the area has numerous volcanoes around it as well as large crystal blue lakes that are distinct from the lush yellows and greens of the foliage. Traversing across the area the player's team will also see numerous dazzling flowers that add extra colour to the jungles of ADR making it a visual marvel.

Boil Canyon Title
The first zone of ADR, Boil Canyon is a verdant and mossy covered canyon with steaming vents that can launch the player's team high into the air sending them across from each side of the canyon which allows from them to reach the four major paths of the canyon, in addition are large vines which when their bulbs are plucked will grow rapidly creating paths across the canyon which can be useful for the player if they're having trouble platforming however do block off particular bonuses as well as the secret paths. The area is covered in stealthy Badniks disguised as part of the canyon wall or one of the various rocks that line it.

Completing Boil Canyon with the Key will unlock Jet the Hawk.

Erupting Savannah Title
This Zone begins immediately after the Boil Canyon, the stage begins in the canyon with the walls of the canyon bursting open with lava spewing out, the first section of the first Act has the player boosting their way up the canyon dodging the falling boulders, trees and ledges to get out, as the player gets out of the canyon they find that the savannah is burning up running through this area the player must be careful of falling trees and navigate the fiery maze and cross through the burning grasses to get through. During the second act the player will see the boss of the zone, the Blitzerburner which is laying waste to the remains of the Savannah burning it away and scorching the ground, the player's team follows the tracks of the boss eventually catching up to it and destroying it causing the Blitzerburner to explode making a large number of plant leaves and seeds to explode out of it including the Void Crystal, the void crystal goes flying away into the distance however just as the player's team sees where it lands huge ferns, trees, vines and flowers erupt out of the ground from the remnants of the Blitzerburner turning the previously scorched land into a verdant jungle of life.

Completing Erupting Savannah with the Key will unlock Bean the Dynamite.

Newborn Jungle Title

The opening of Newborn Jungle occurs directly after Erupting Savannah with the player's team quickly stopping after escaping Erupting Savannah, making a comment about the strange and abrupt change of scenery. As the player traverse through the verdant and rough terrain running up and along giant trees with huge springy branches that can launch them high into the air the player will see the jungle growing around them as a huge pace, as trees, mushrooms, vines and ferns pop-up as the player goes tons of different paths acting like a spider-web will begin to form, eventually the player will discover the cause of this verdant jungle to appear, a large mobile fortress that's moving along at high speeds, as the player's team catches up to this fortress they begin climbing up carefully avoiding the various defensive weapons and carnivorous plants, they soon reach the top where the boss of the zone clutches onto the Void Crystal using its energy to generate what are revealed to be pseudo plants which are in fact solar panels which link back to the mobile fortress giving it energy to keep moving and also feeding energy back to the Death Egg. After destroying the Mobile Fortress, it collapses down and the carnivorous plants quickly take advantage of the fallen fortress wrapping around it as the false jungle from before withers away leaving behind small patches of green where true plants are shown to be growing. The player's team picks up the Void Crystal and heads back.

Completing Newborn Jungle with the Key will net the player 5 1-Ups.

Alternate Dimension White (ADW)

Twinkle Field Title
Death Egg Title
Inversion Laser Title




Several items appear in Sonic Prismatic aiding the player in completing the levels more easily and giving them access to new areas. Items can be found in Monitors which can be broken easily giving the player access to the item in question.

1-Up Sonic


This item gives the player an extra life giving them another chance to start from the previous checkpoint in an Act instead of having to start the Zone over again.

Shield Sonic

Barrier Shield

This item protects the player from damage letting them take a hit without losing any of their rings, it can take a direct physical attack or three ranged attacks.

Speed Sneakers Sonic

Speed Sneakers

This item greatly increases the player's speed allowing them to speed through levels even faster than before, it doesn't work while boosting however.

Invincibility Sonic


This item gives the player invincibility allowing the player to take hits for a short period of time from enemies, spikes and other obstacles, it does protect the player from being crushed by blocks and falling off the edge of the stage however will disappear after that happens.

Fire Shield Sonic

Fire Shield

A special shield that allows the player to take a single hit regardless of whether physical or ranged and allow them to retain their rings. The Flame Shield also allows the player to dash in mid-air, leave fiery blasts in their wake when attacking and increases overall damage output.

Lightning Shield Sonic

Lightning Shield

A special shield that allows the player to take a single hit regardless of whether physical or ranged and allow them to retain their rings. The Lightning Shield allows the player to naturally attract rings towards them as well as create an electrical chain reaction by attackin enemies that are close to one another. In addition the player moves faster with the Lightning Shield and can swap rails while grinding faster.

Aqua Shield Sonic

Aqua Shield

A special shield that allows the player to take a single hit regardless of whether physical or ranged and allow them to retain their rings. The Aqua Shield allows the player to breathe underwater indefinitely as well as bounce against the ground in Speed and Power Formation to perform a high jump, for Flight-Type Characters the Aqua Shield instead extends their Flight Meter by 20%.

Sonic Ring


Rings can be collected by the player's Team to increase their score, they can be found floating around usually in chains that can be light dashed across or in boxes that contain rings in packs of 5, 10 or 20. If the player is hit by an enemy or falls off the stage they'll lose all of their rings, if the prior the player can quickly recover some of their rings before they disappear. Collecting 100 Rings will give the player an extra life, completing an Act with 50 or more Rings will also take the player to a Bonus Level.



Bonus Levels

If the player collects 50 or more Rings when they finish an act they'll be taken to a Bonus Level, the Bonus Level is chosen at random via a wheel of chance operated by a trio of Chao, two who spin the wheel and one who sits on the needle as it spins around. There are five Bonus Levels the player can go to, these can net the player special items for the next Act they go to as well as Extra Lives. In addition in each Bonus Game is a letter which when all are collected spell "Sonic" collecting these will give the player a special emblem on their save profile and unlocks the Bonus Levels to be played anytime along with Sound Test.

More TBA


  • The game's ability to customize one's team was inspired from a similar ability in Sonic Advance 3 where players could choose their character and their teammate creating different and unique duos in that game
  • Team Blasts were initially considered to return although it was decided instead to keep them out of the game due to the team customization either making it extremely complex or underwhelming
  • By conversing with several characters in the Crystal Void the player can actually find out a great deal of information about characters that do not appear in the game;
    • Vector and Espio will both comment on the fact that Mighty was on a stakeout before they were taken to the ADs and feel guilty that he'll probably be waiting for a while before they can get in contact with him again.
    • Cream will comment on Cheese being lucky it wasn't taken to an AD like her since he was at the Chao Garden while she was busy doing other stuff.
    • Silver confirms that he and Blaze are in fact from the Nega Dimension from the Sonic Rush Games although neither are entirely sure what Eggman Nega is up to since he's been quiet for a while now.
    • Bean will confirm that Bark had been busy protecting the Aurora Icefields from reports of some debris crashing there a while back and he hasn't heard a word from him since.
  • After defeating the true final boss the player can, by pressing the Left & Right Trigger (or Left & Right on PC) while in the character select screen, unlock Neo Metal Sonic, Mecha Sonic & Silver Sonic (Game Gear) as Speed-Type, Power-Type and Flight-Type Characters respectively playing as the trio if the player so chooses. Each have no special skills however Neo Metal Sonic can move faster than any Speed-Type character, Mecha Sonic can cause more damage and Silver Sonic has a longer flight meter than any Flight-Type character.
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