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Sonic Heroes 2 locations
Team name Member 1: Member 2: Member 3: Member 4:
Team Sonic Sonic Shadow Silver Scourge
Team Rose Amy Blaze Cream Vanilla
Team Underground Tails Cosmo Manic Sonia
Team Knuckles Knuckles Shade Mighty Ray
Team Archaic Mina Max Mach Sharps
Team Big Big Honey Marine Tikal
Team Chaotix Espio Charmy Vector Saffron
Team Covert Ashura Wechnia Nazo Covert
Team Dark Rouge Fang Bark Bean
Team Babylon Jet Wave Storm Hurricane
Team Badnik Scratch Grounder Coconuts Metal Sonic
Team Eggman Eggman Eggman Nega Chaos Emerl Metal Sonic II
Miscellaneous Tiara Froggy Fiona Fox Egg Pawn
Nic Tempest Megatox Guidashir

Sonic Heroes 2 is a sequel to Sonic Heroes. In it, Eggman and Eggman Nega construct the idea of merging Chaos and Emerl, causing rather a substantial amount of upset in the process.


The story begins with Eggman; Eggman is flying around in the Eggomatic. He is contemplating what can meet Sonic's match, when suddenly, after all these years, it starts malfunctioning.[1] After performing involuntary aerobatics for a while, it collides straight into the 'face' of Gimmick Mountain Zone, awakening and intimidating its inhabitants.


Team Sonic

The storyline begins with SSS chillaxing. After some time of overhearing general conversation, they decide to make a move. Zones Green Hill Zone, Mystic Ruins North, and HydroCity are played.

At the end of HydroCity, we see a cutscene where Knuckles runs straight into Shadow. This is the first SSS have heard of Knuckles and Shade, so they try to quiz him on it with little success; Knuckles is too scared to be able to talk about anything other than Scourge having smashed the Master Emerald, him running off to Great Turquoise Zone and Knuckles wanting SSS to have a word with him, which they happily oblige to do. Sunset Park Zone plays.

When they reach Great Turquoise Zone, with an angry Shadow waiting to teach Scourge a lesson his way, they actually find Scourge shaking. Coldness, Sonic assumes. How wrong could he get. Scourge hadn't smashed the Emerald, oh no. He was sneaking up on it to nick it at the same time Team Eggman attacked it, causing him to get blamed for it being smashed. Sonic calms down Scourge and brings him back to Green Hill Zone.

The cutscene showing SSSS walking from Great Turquoise Zone down to Green Hill Zone is omitted. We catch the end of it before they find Team Babylon waiting for them, blaming them for their parts being missing. Racecourse Resort Island plays; after the race ends, all eight characters are still racing. It takes the distraction of Storm the Albatross by Wave the Swallow to bring them down. They storm off back to Scrap Brain Zone.

For a while, they relax. Perhaps a while short enough that it competes with the very definition of the word; Manic and Sonia come running down complaining of a racket coming from Gigalopolis. With nothing better to do and having not fully chilled down from their Babylonian antics, decide to take a look - except they have no idea how to get there. What we next see is SSSS and M&S on the Mystic Ruins North/Gigalopolis border, with M&S explaining that it went 'down there'. Action stages Gigalopolis and Sleeping Egg Zone are played.

After Sleeping Egg, Mecha Green Hill Zone doesn't begin immediately. There is a small cutscene where Sonic and Scourge enter an argument; Sonic used to spend many hours in this base assisting Dr. Kintobor, and so to him the base's state is appalling. Scourge, on the other hand, finds its presentation quite acceptable and so the two of them lock horns with each other for a bit until Shadow spots something that may be of interest.


Footprints leading all the way from here downwards, in the general direction that SSSS were actually travelling. From here, Mecha Green Hill Zone acts one and two and Electric Egg Zone are played. It's at the end of this that their first taste of the damage inflicted is made evident; they reach the end of the underground zone, and encounter a load of copper piping. They decide to spin dash their way down there; not the wisest of moves, as it causes them to get very dizzy indeed from banging all around the edges of the tubing. Action stage Crystal Egg Zone plays; it's a shorter version than usual, but you play it with a twist; you cannot walk in a completely straight line from disorientation. At the end of it, the disorientation disappears and Scrambled Egg Zone is played in its entirety.

Once at the end of it, they encounter a less-than-content Team Rose, who from their Eggmaniac antics and interruption by Team Dark and Team Badnik are rather irascible. After perhaps not the easiest conversation engaged in, they walk out; the cutscene skips to the Mystic Ruins North/Underground border, where without assistance they don't have much hope of being able to walk straight to them. So they leave it up to you; action stage Underground Zone is played. Once it's over, they fulfill their promise to Team Underground.

On their way out, they spot something very odd; something very loud coming from near Emerald Hill Zone. They look up, and Sonic groans - the Egg Carrier, as big and bellicose as ever. SSSS looks at each other in a circular motion. After some desperate looks and some baffled questioning, they decide that the best thing to do is to find a high point. Gimmick Mountain Zone was best for this job. So they bolted. Fortunately, the Egg Carrier was passing that way, so actually, it was just a simple case of jumping on. SSS were incredibly grateful that Scourge is capable of all three of them, and like monkeys, they jumped and landed. Flying Battery Zone begins.

Their relief to be away from the engines was short-lived. They came face-to-face with Chaos Emerl 6. A boss fight against them ensues. After he is disposed of, the engine starts to lose altitude. Tails sees SSSS and offers a ride; when they get back to where it was parked, Chaos Emerl had already got there first, and had nicked the Emerald from it. The result? Perfect Chaos Emerl. What little the Carrier had left in it (by this point the flames in the engine room were powering it exactly) was promptly zeroed. The result? The Carrier began to spin out, causing it to land in the volcano.

The final scene sees SSSS walking, as dazed as after going for a ride down the copper tubing chute, walk slowly away from the wreckage and speak slurredly for a while, after which they sober up and bid each other a temporary goodbye; they then go to their respective locations.

Team Rose

The storyline begins with an extended prologue, in which Dr. Eggman smashes his Egg-O-Matic into the side of Gimmick Mountain Zone, causing a hole to be blown into the side of it. After a long while, Eggman Nega, Metal Sonic 3.0 and Chaos Emerl find him, fish him out of there and bolt, leaving the four of them heavily exposed. As this scene is done 'in Rose-eye view', what you see is the scene fading to white, and a scene fading into the whiteness, zeroing it. Here, they discuss what's going to be done about it; firstly, they decide to see Tails to see what he can do about the damage. Action stage Mystic Ruins North is played.

They then arrive at Underground Zone. When they get there, to their surprise, they see only Tails and Cosmo; after an extended mother's meeting about where the other two are, they come straight down - leaving the Underground unattended.

When they arrive back at Gimmick Mountain Zone, they are in for a shock; Team Dark and Team Badnik are busy fighting. Blaze manages to turf the two teams out, and eventually Team Rose show Tails and Cosmo the damage. While they examine, and fix, the damage done to the mountain by Dr. Eggman, they decide to explore how Team Dark and Team Badnik were able to trespass the mountain. Action stages Scrambled Egg Zone and Crystal Egg Zone are played.

Once there, Blaze blows her top. She is not very happy about effectively her premises being built into and even less so about the manner in which her premises were built into. Before she has a chance to detonate, Tails and Cosmo hands her a verbal chill pill by arriving and informing them that their hideout has been repaired. The cutscene skips into where Tails and Cosmo say goodbye to Team Rose, and then they discuss their next move. In the middle of discussion, Team Sonic shows up and the two teams shoot the breeze for a while, with the exception of Sonic and Amy, who have their requisite awkward conversation where Amy tries to flirt and Sonic takes ever further steps away from Amy.

After a while, Team Sonic abscond and Vanilla, jealous that Amy gets to see her 'boyfriend' and she doesn't, encourages the team to visit Station Square. Action stages Marble Garden Zone, and Mystic Ruins South and Metropolis are played. Before they can get into the apartment where Team Archaic are located, they hear something come up behind them; it is them running away. Here, a race ensues between Team Rose and Team Archaic; the course is essentially an on-foot version of Radical City similar in vein to, well, the original Radical City course.

At the end, they lose track of Team Archaic. Vanilla is upset by this and so Cream suggests that they visit the Chao garden. The Chao garden is in Metropolis and so no additional stages need to be played. At this point, the Chao garden is unlocked; all characters of all teams that have at that point been unlocked, are available to play within the Chao garden and are unlocked immediately after each team has been 'started'.

After an extended mothers' meeting - Cheese with his pals, and Team Rose with Team Rose, everything goes dark. In a sequence similar to Amy Rose's first scene in Sonic Adventure, suddenly the Sun is cut off. Unconventionally for Eggman, he doesn't come out and boast about it; he needn't, since merely the sight of the Egg Carrier struck fear into the hearts of the team. They decide that the best thing to do is to visit Team Underground and ask if they can use the Tornado. They promptly decide against it; on their way out, they see some figures climbing Gimmick Mountain Zone and monkeying off it, so they decide to visit it to see what's going on. Action stage Spring Yard Zone is played.

Arriving at Gimmick Mountain, they see that there are minor sneaker prints going up the side of the mountain. Not particularly large prints, but chastisement-worthy prints nonetheless. Either way, the original intent was to visit the Underground Zone and so that is the next destination. At this point, no stage is played because Mystic Ruins North and Gimmick Mountain Zone are adjacent (just!) and the area with which Tails would fire up the Tornado is in Mystic Ruins North.

When they get there, however, they are in for a big disappointment. Not only has the Tornado been fired, but it appears to have been only recently as the 'launchpad' for the Tornado is still wide open. Vulnerable. Susceptible to attacks. Blaze absolutely explodes to the extent that Vanilla has to cover poor old Cream's ears.[2] As Blaze runs out of breath, she is interrupted by the arrival of Team Underground, who promptly discuss what's going on. Perhaps to Blaze's satisfaction, we learn that the Tornado is now in bits where the Egg Carrier detonated. After a while, the two teams split up and this storyline ends with Team Rose discussing matters amongst themselves and going off to sleep.

Team Underground

Team Underground is having a lazy sort of day. Tails and Cosmo are simply laying down, and instead of practicing, Manic and Sonia are busy talking about it, writing music near the Underground/Mystic Ruins North north border (procrastinating, in other words). Suddenly, they stop. A loud noise, coming from outside. They take a look, only to find that some people are lurking and have just entered Gigalopolis. They decide that the two of them cannot be bothered to go down and have a look themselves, so they decide to visit Sonic to get them to deal with it. Action stage Mystic Ruins North begins.

Meanwhile, Tails and Cosmo are doing their own thing, when suddenly Team Rose arrives, asking them if they could have a look at the wreckage at Gimmick Mountain Zone. They happily oblige and action stage Marble Garden Zone plays.

In the meantime, Manic and Sonia have returned. When they realise that Tails and Cosmo have gone, they go on a verbal assault and don't stop until they return, after which they vent to Tails and Cosmo and tell them that they are going to Metropolis to practice with Team Chaotix and that if they want to come, they need to say so now. They oblige; just before they arrive, Team Big arrives and Team Underground also sends them down there as well. While they're doing that, action stage Mystic Ruins Underground plays. At the end, they run into Fiona Fox; much to the chagrin of Cosmo, they stay and chat for a bit as they have not seen each other in years. After that, they play Mystic Ruins South.

When they reach Metropolis, Manic and Sonia get straight into practice, while Tails and Cosmo repain the. After a while - at the end of a song - Tails and Cosmo come bursting into the booth, yelling that everything's gone dark. When they all look out there, it isn't dark anymore, but they can visibly see the Egg Carrier. Team Chaotix decide to stay in case they get any more instructions from their anonymous source, but Team Underground decide not to; they decide to run the Tornado up. They go back through Mystic Ruins South as an adventure field in which the team chat. It doesn't take very long, and after a few minutes they reach Mystic Ruins Underground, which is played in the form of a cutscene, in which we quite audibly hear Fiona Fox giving Team Chaotix their next mission. The scene then cuts to Mystic Ruins North, where Tails gets out the Tornado in a scene similar to the opening of Sky Chase Act I. Action stage Sky Chase Zone is played, and once on the ship, action stage Sky Deck Zone is played.

The next place we see them is on the deck of the Egg Carrier itself. The next thing we see, however, is Chaos Emerl 6. As this is the first time any of them have seen Chaos Emerl in this carnation, groans are generated by the entire team. It is then fought.

Straight afterwards, the team try to get back on to the Tornado to try to get back to the Underground. That isn't going to happen; when they get there, Chaos Emerl had 'noshed' the Chaos Emerald inside the Tornado and it wasn't going to go anywhere. Literally, we see the Egg Carrier exploding and TCMS flying off the Egg Carrier. In a stroke of luck, we see them landing in Mystic Ruins North; we then see them go back into Underground Zone, we then see them shooting the breeze with Team Rose, Team Rose going, Team Underground talking amongst themselves for a bit and then going to sleep and the cutscene ending.

Team Knuckles

Knuckles is sleeping on the path of the Master Emerald whilst with Shade, when suddenly the Emerald is busted, Chaos released, the Egg Carrier behind them, accelerating away and Scourge running away from Angel Island; an incensed Knuckles bolts out of Angel Island; we next see him in Mystic Ruins South. Note that between these two destinations is the encounter of Knuckles and SSS colliding with each other; we don't actually see that in this storyline, theirs only. The cut-scene restarts with Knuckles having ran so far he has ran out of breath; while Shade has plenty of energy left, Knuckles is exhausted. Shade plays the zone Mystic Ruins (the entire of) on her own. After this, we see a cutscene in which Mighty and Ray encounter the debilitated Knuckles and have a chat, after which Shade turns up to check on Knuckles, berates him for deeming his mothers' meetings more important than the Master Emerald, and presents her shards. Realizing that the four of them possess a shared aim, they decide to team up. Their next destination is Green Hill Zone; at the end of this, they encounter Team Babylon. They don't fight - yet - as it is not Team Knuckles they are in a bad mood with, but reminder of who started this prompts Knuckles to return to Great Turquoise Zone in the hope of finding Scourge; the search only yields more Emerald shards.

Whilst there, Knuckles realizes something. Some of the pieces have, by freak nature, remained in Angel Island and some have flown into Sandopolis. And he realizes that some have been spewed into Reactive Factory Zone. At this point, the team splits into two (perhaps obviously, Knuckles and Shade/Mighty and Ray), with the former attending to Angel Island and Sandopolis and the latter dealing with Reactive Factory.

Knuckles/Shade Angel Island
Mighty/Ray Reactive Factory Zone
Knuckles/Shade Sandopolis
Mighty/Ray Tempest (boss)

After this, the game zooms into a cut-scene where Knuckles and Shade are 'seeing' into the Master Emerald, like Knuckles does on his own in Sonic Adventure. From here, we are taken from Angel Island to Station Square, remaining as Knuckles and Shade, and we hear an extended mother's meeting until Mighty and Ray arrive. They then try to make their own way back to Angel Island, picking up the penultimate set of Emerald shards as they go (zone Oil Ocean is played; this involves an extended action stage through Oil Ocean and then a treasure-hunting stage in Aquatic Mine. This is in the same style as Big's Hot Shelter in Sonic Adventure, though with a lot more action stage than Hot Shelter!). This is impossible, however; since their last attendance at Casinopolis (which they passed now and before) a whacking great commotion has ensued. Chaos Emerl 4 and Team Eggman have appeared out of nowhere and are causing commotion left, right and center. However, the Egg Carrier, with Team Eggman causing commotion here, has been parked left unattended in Aquatic Ruin Zone, so the team simply sneak on board (there is an empty compartment in an isolated part of the Carrier) and wait for Team Eggman to re-attend.

Next, while Team Eggman are busy circumnavigating the place, Team Knuckles are to complete Sky Deck Zone, the final set of Emerald shards, but with a twist; you must NOT be detected by man or beast else they will scream and you will be booted out of the zone. Once done, you will land up in the engine room of the Carrier. It is here Chaos Emerl 6, by this point a room-sized monster damageable only by detonating the engines of the Carrier in front of him, is fought. Once done, even though the Carrier descends quite rapidly in a northbound direction; this causes no hassle for any of the team (as Echidnas, both Knuckles and Shade have the ability to drift, Ray can fly and Mighty lies on Knuckles' back). They land on Angel Island, deposit their shards and celebrate a joyous moment. However, this moment is interrupted by the Egg Carrier - or at least its carcass - landing head first into the head of the volcano.

Team Archaic

A fairly lazy day for Team Archaic. Usually, Team Rose turn up quite early in the morning to harass them and kick them out of bed but today, that hasn't happened. So Max suggests going out for a walk somewhere. A bad idea; as Sparks makes his first step towards the front door, voices are heard outside. Sparks takes a peek outside and spots Team Rose. To avoid arousing suspicion, they decide to go out the back door. Not that it would've mattered one little bit; on their way out, Team Rose see Team Archaic and give chase. Race Radical City begins.

After 'a walk somewhere', after which the team end up in Metropolis, the team eventually evade Team Rose, by which time they are exhausted. Team Chaotix turn up, and after some chat in which we discover that the train route from Mystic Ruins South to Mystic Ruins North doesn't work any more and that as Team Rose is visiting the Chao garden Archaic's attendance would be foolhardy, they decide to go down to Sandopolis to practice, on the basis that it would be blissfully quiet enough for them to lay without getting disturbed.

It was not.

Not only is Sandopolis very close to Underground Zone, where Team Underground members Manic and Sonia practice, but Tiara Boobowski is doing a bit of sunbathing at the far end of Sandopolis, and comes out after the music wakes her up. However, as Team Archaic does not find out about this until they get there, action stages Oil Ocean Zone, Hill Top Zone, Casinopolis, HydroCity, Angel Island, Hidden Palace Zone and Lava Reef Zone play in order.

They get set up. Equipment is assembled; guitars plugged into the amps (which in some bizarre superseding of the normal laws of physics is actually a power supply), keyboards tuned, drum kit setup etc. They start playing a remix of Sunset Park Zone Act III, getting just past the fourth chorus when Tiara turns up and starts moaning. After some time, the four of them and her get acquainted and she shows them all round her home. After quite some time, Tiara shows Team Archaic a secret room that contains the shrinking technology used by Naughty Nack in the Sonic the Comic Knuckles Knock-Out Special story "Traitor of the Lost Pyramid". After further discussion, they depart and walk back to Metropolis.

Well, that was the intention at least. They do the stages in reverse; Lava Reef Zone, Hidden Palace Zone, Angel Island, HydroCity. And then Max summons a revolutionary idea; to check Mystic Ruins to see if the station was open. The station itself was not open, but they decide to explore the actual underground itself. Action stage Mystic Ruins Act I is played.

Why Act I? After Act I, Team Archaic overhear voices. They hide behind a corner and overhear the conversation. Turns out that they're talking to Team Chaotix, and giving orders in lieu of those that Dr. Eggman gave to Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes. Eventually, Mina recognizes the voice as that of Fiona Fox; however, in her announcement to the team of who it was, Fiona hears and their presence is rumbled. She rushes over and picks a fight with them, resulting in her being used as a boss.

Eventually, she runs off and the team decide to rush to Aquatic Ruins - where Fiona had redirected Team Chaotix to - to notify Team Chaotix. Mystic Ruins Act II is played and then so is Oil Ocean Zone. After locating Team Chaotix, they inform them of the events that occurred and they decide to go to Mystic Ruins to see what was going on.

That leaves Team Archaic. They decide to find somewhere else out of the way; Emerald Hill Zone springs to mind. Mina suggests that that is where Sonic inhabits; rubbish! Sonic inhabits Green Hill Zone, Shadow inhabits Emerald Hill Zone, Silver inhabits Mecha Green Hill Zone and Scourge inhabits Great Turquoise Zone. However, because of Mina's mistakenness, the team take a trip there. Action stages Aquatic Ruin Zone and Chemical Plant Zone are played, after which Mina locates a hedgehog. In a scene very similar to the one in Sonic Adventure 2 onboard Prison Island between the Dr. Eggman stage Weapons Bed and the Doctor Eggman versus Tails boss fight, Mina runs up to Shadow mistaking him for Sonic, realizes that it's not him and backs away. This time, however, Shadow actually says something: He tells the troupe that Sonic is in Great Turquoise Zone! So they take a walk up there. Action stages Atomic Destroyer Zone, Tidal Plant Zone, Meta Junglira Zone, Sunset Park Zone and Great Turquoise Zone are played.

When they get to the end of Great Turquoise, they see Silver - much to the chagrin of Mina. Mach tries to stir up some conversation, with limited success; Silver is transfixed on the lump jutting out of the top of volcano. After being lectured with a large amount of spiritual mumbo jumbo, they decide to investigate. Action stages Angel Island, Hidden Palace Zone and Lava Reef Zone are played, with them climbing the mountain itself to investigate. After seeing that it was the Egg Carrier, and work of Dr. Eggman, they scram. On their way down, though, they decide to misbehave. They decide to go back into Hidden Palace Zone and see what would occur if they tried Naughty Nack's shrinking technology with the Egg Carrier jammed in the volcano. Hidden Palace isn't played as a zone; the player goes straight there. They meet Tiara Boobowski - who by now is a different colour to the state the player met her in before - there, say hello and pop around the back and activate the technology.

The result? The Egg Carrier detonates, causing an earthquake in the process. In the volcano's attempt to shrink, the Egg Carrier abides by no such request and it causes an explosion internally. Only one small problem, though. Chaos Emerl is still on board! With the increased heat, the whole thing just surges upwards. The player sees the lava/Chaos/whatever ascending and promptly descending, hurtle towards the camera and once it hits it the screen goes black. This storyline ends there, on a cliffhanger.

Team Big

The storyline kickstarts with Big fishing on the Mystic Ruins North/HydroCity border when Froggy escapes. As furious as the docile beast can be, he gives chase, and the fishing stage HydroCity begins. After being caught, Froggy escapes again and runs towards Sunset Park Zone. An action stage of that zone begins, and then we see a cutscene where we see Froggy fast asleep on top of Honey; Big's thudding wakes Honey up, and seeing Froggy on top of her, she screams. After an extended conversation - quite obviously involving an apology - the two cats become friends. Their chatter does not remain uninterrupted, however, as Tikal arrives complaining that the Master Emerald has been broken again. An appropriate mother's meeting ensues until Marine the Raccoon, as acerbic as ever, comes bickering of a raucous racket (the Emerald being smashed). After a while, the sun descends, so the four of them actually decide to sleep on the problem.

Not an easy task for a certain acerbic someone. Marine, in no small part owing to how irascible she is over the explosion of the Master Emerald, can't sleep, and once all other parties are awake the next morning, she complains about a racket seemingly happening down under. Honey dismisses this as paranoia and decides a spot of retail therapy is in order; however, when the four of them reach Mystic Ruins North - to get the train to Mystic Ruins South, which is adjacent to Metropolis and thus Station Square - they find that the train isn't in operation, so they are forced to walk. Zones Marble Garden Zone, Casinopolis and Aquatic Ruins are played consecutively and then split up; Big does his own thing (fishing in Aquatic Ruins, possibly Oil Ocean Zone) while HMT perform their retail therapy. Here, fishing stage Aquatic Ruins plays.

At the end of this stage, HMT arrive back with a newspaper marked "Trains fail for second time in a row, cause under investigation". Team Big decide to investigate. The team go to Mystic Ruins North, and find that some holes have been bored into the walls of the station at the back. They are contemplating whether or not to enter, when suddenly Egg Pawn boosts out of the tunnel and straight into Big, causing him to fall straight over. After a discourse on what the fuss is about and why the quadrumvirate should tackle the issue, Team Big decide to interrogate the cavern. They follow the path about three quarters of the way out, whereupon the caverns end is lit right up. At closer inspection, they see Team Covert running through a staircase damaged badly by (what appears to be) an explosion and then follow them up. When they hit the top, however, there is no sign of Team Covert; what they find is a severely damaged surface of Sunset Park Zone. They decide to head backwards, and quickly pilot the train back to Mystic Ruins South in the form of a mini-game. Upon arrival, they are greeted with a hero's welcome and congratulations of all currently at Metropolis. After an extended appraisal, the team head back to Sunset Park Zone via train to Mystic Ruins North and then on foot the rest of the journey; once at the end of Mystic Ruins, a version of HydroCity begins played with a slightly lower tide than usual. Once at the end, they meet Egg Pawn again, with a final request; find out what the cause is for the additional racket in Underground. HydroCity is played again, but as an adventure field in which the team chat. At the end of this, they find footsteps, and once they hit the underground Team Underground bolt forward and complain that a group of individuals have been causing massive amounts of disruption. Still bound by their agreement to Egg Pawn, and with the well-mannered Tikal again overriding Marine, the team decide to investigate. Action stages Mystic Ruins, Gigalopolis, Sleeping Egg Zone, Mecha Green Hill Zone and Electric Egg Zone play.

Immediately afterwards we zoom into a cutscene in which Team Big are walking down the tunnel formed by the linking of Electric Egg Zone and Crystal Egg Zone. On their way to Crystal Egg Zone, they see that what looks like a freshly dug cavern has been made into the side of the tunnel. Honey decides to look down there, but for Big to lead just in case of an emergency. This proves to be the team's downfall; Big's heavy footing alerts the inhabitants of Labyrinth Zone, Team Covert (again!) of their presence. But instead of bolting, like before, Covert, the team's leader, decides enough is enough and begins arguing. A boss fight against the team ensues, after which the team run as quickly as they can away from the underground. Action stage Spring Yard Zone plays, which will take the team to Mystic Ruins South and to Mystic Ruins North via train, whereupon they explain to Team Underground the situation. Their final movement is to go through the adventure field HydroCity and back down into Sunset Park Underground and explain the situation to Egg Pawn.

Team Chaotix

Team Chaotix are having a lazy sort of day. No-one has rung up to request their services. They are about to turn the phone off, when someone does ring up. Unbeknownst to them until far later in the storyline, the mysterious client on the other end is Fiona Fox. While Espio resumes his skepticist role, Vector overrides him and commands him, Charmy and Saffron with him. Their first instruction is to visit Spring Yard Zone and collect the 10 loose springs that are obstructing the zone - including one at the front entrance. One of the traders in Metropolis allows them into Spring Yard Zone via his back door, so all they need to do is work backwards.

Next, they are asked to visit Marble Garden Zone. Some of the trees in the level are ripe, and its fruit are dropping. The trouble is, this creates a menace for passers by as they are likely to stand on it. Therefore, Team Chaotix are tasked to collect 50 pieces of fruit from the floor. (Later, these fruit can either be used to feed the chao in the Chao garden or can be sold in the shop. The fruit can be any combination of the following: Apple; Apricot; Cherry; Coconut; Lemon; Lime; Lychee; Mango; Orange; Pear; Peach; Plum.)

Once complete, Fox is not heard from again for a while. We see why: Nic takes a wrong turning, finds Fox, offends Fox with her trespassing, and they bicker. Whilst at it, Team Chaotix decide to visit the Chao garden to deposit the fruit: It is the player's decision whether he feeds the resident chao the fruit, or sells the fruit to the shop. (What will happen is this: Either the shop owner sees Chaotix feeding the Chao and does his own research as to the source, or if sold, he will ask and Chaotix will tell - thus hurrying up his supply of it. Either way, eventually fruit will become in stock.) On their way out, they pass Team Rose, crestfallen from Team Archaic eluding them.

Speak of the devil: they decide to pop in to their base and encounter Team Archaic, who are informed: that the trains between Mystic Ruins South and Mystic Ruins North are broken down; keep the heck away from the Chao garden due to it being inhabited by Team Rose. They quickly scram; merely the fact that they were within honking distance of Team Rose was enough to make them bolt, and all the way up to Sandopolis. The minute Team Rose abscond from Metropolis, Nic absconds from Mystic Ruins Underground and thus Fox is able to further order Chaotix. Their next mission: Visit Hill Top Zone. The Mountain of Destiny, which had laid dormant since it last erupted in 1994, had started chucking up smoke again, and thus Team Chaotix are instructed to investigate. Action stage Hill Top Zone is played.

At the end of the stage, Team Chaotix find themselves at the top of the mountain. There, they find that Seismatron had rebooted; the cable car used to transport people into the volcano had broken; the cable had snapped, the car had fallen on to the wrecked Seismatron and the impact caused the Seismatron to reboot. Angry, it was irritating the magma chamber underneath, and thus a boss fight ensues. After its defeat, the Seismatron explodes, sending shockwaves throughout the volcano; Team Chaotix are blown out the volcano, with a number of boulders following.

Chaotix lands in Metropolis. As boulders are heavier than the Chaotix, they land far faster; most only go as far as Oil Ocean, thus having no effect. Some others go into Mystic Ruins South and roll down into Mystic Ruins Underground, disrupting Fox. One, however, does not. It comes hurtling down in front of Metropolis and blows up right in front of the base, causing frontal exterior damage. Chaotix panic and wonder what to do, when along came polly Team Underground, who decided to pop down anyway. Manic and Sonia enter to practice, while Tails and Cosmo set about repairing some of the boulder-blameworthy damage.

They get interrupted. Several minutes later, Tails and Cosmo come barging in, bellyaching about nothing - or about being forced to see such. As the snoopy sextet circle outside, they muse an eyesore emerging from above. It is the dreaded Egg Carrier, as spanking as it was when it was first released, rising from the ruins of Launch Base Zone. Team Underground decide to abscond to Mystic Ruins North, fire up the Tornado and teach 'man a lesson; Team Chaotix decide to remain in situ should the client call back. Sure enough, she does: in her perspective, we see her instructing Team Chaotix the next mission. That is, to go to Aquatic Ruin Zone. Something or other - the Metropolitans like to blame a rogue Boo - has infiltrated the Water-Powered Lift, and has changed the level from 3 to 1, forcing the water much higher. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the oil above it also rising, and thus it chucks up far more than usual. Team Chaotix need to go into Metropolis underground via Aquatic Ruin Zone and Oil Ocean Zone, all the way around, and set the switch back to 3.

Unfortunately for Team Chaotix, they have to go all the way back around because, unlike Knuckles, Chaotix cannot climb. On their way out of Aquatic Ruin Zone, wild Team Archaic appeared, and informed them that it is Fiona Fox who is generating their requests, and they've just fought them. They advise Team Chaotix to pay her a visit in Mystic Ruins Underground. Mystic Ruins South begins.

When they come down to it, they meet Fiona Fox. Expecting payment, Chaotix's request causes things to boil over, and eventually a boss fight begins. At the end, Fox's stabilised boulders get disrupted again by some severe vibrations in the underground and end up encasing Fox. The storyline ends with Team Chaotix congratulating themselves on a job well done amidst the recalcitrant roars of Fox.

Team Covert

Team Covert are busy assembling new ideas, having just finished a night's work. They have just been booted out of Scrap Brain Zone by Team Babylon. Covert is deep in thought when suddenly an ever acerbic Ashura blurts out her discontent for the Labyrinth and complains that she wants to be somewhere else. Covert tells her to go to sleep while he ponders the idea.

The next night, Covert does not wake up the rest of the team. Instead, he sneaks out. Action stages Spring Yard Zone and Mystic Ruins play, after which he arrives in Mystic Ruins North underground. We see him going right into the underground of the station, whereupon he steers the train right the way into Sunset Park underground. His departure is easier than his entry, though. Egg Pawn, the inhabitant of Sunset Park underground, has been awakened by the racket caused by the train. Very angry over this, it decides not to let Covert out and a boss fight commences between Covert and Egg Pawn.

Realising the time, Covert bolts out of the underground. He bolts out of the emergency exit (created at the time of the erection of the station) and we next see him back in the Labyrinth, the next morning, waking up the rest of the team. (They don't even realise that they've skipped a day.) As a team, they make their way down to Sunset Park underground - this does of course necessitate the team completing Spring Yard Zone, Mystic Ruins, and because the train from Mystic Ruins North to Sunset Park Zone is at Sunset Park Zone, a cutscene shows an extended discussion amongst the team discussing the new hideout. An ever ungrateful Ashura is not too thankful, but fortunately for the sake of Covert's temper both Wechnia and Nazo rate the new plot very highly, preventing a premature explosion. Once at the end, Covert orders the other three to go to sleep and then promptly does so himself.

The next morning, Covert wakes the other three up. He orders them out of the cave for a few minutes while he 'does some stuff'. He picks up a grenade, removes the pin, and times the throw just at the right point such that the explosion happens while the grenade is right at the top of the cave; obviously, at the same time of throwing, Covert also bolts. The result is that a vast majority of the ceiling descends and attacks the floor; while it does so, Covert re-encounters the other three and explains what he has done. True to form, Ashura has no end of complaint about it - too much noise, can't be bothered to sweep up the floor to resolve this issue, too bright in here, etc - but fortunately, Wechnia and Nazo listen to Covert's reasoning before they vent the views and, in the absolute loosest sense of the word, 'authorise' it. From there, Covert builds a ladder up to the ceiling - it now contains a hole, which the team can now get into. The team decide that this is enough for tonight.

We next see Team Covert the next day. But not being woken up by Covert's preternatural, oh no. By being waken up by impending noise. Because the entire team are used to near-silence underground, they are very sensitive to noise underground. As a result, a small amount of noise underground wakes up all of them. Covert overhears something hitting the floor. (He doesn't know that this is Egg Pawn colliding into Big, knocking him over.) He decides to go back to sleep, only to be woken up again. This time, it is by Team Big's approaching. In spite of this potentially being very dangerous considering that if it is light when the team arrive at the surface the team are going to be discovered, Covert decides to wake up the other three and has them shift back to the Labyrinth. On their way out, Covert throws a non-damaging bomb down to the bottom of the staircase, which flashes, thinking that the intruders will be affected. How wrong he is. Team Big are three quarters of the way through the tunnel when the bomb explodes and therefore it only draws attention to the fact that the team have been there.

When the team hits the ground level of Sunset Park Zone, they discover that the time is the nocturnal blue hour and therefore damage limitation has been achieved. In this 'hour', action stages Sunset Park Zone, HydroCity, Marble Garden Zone, Spring Yard Zone and Labyrinth Zone play. Note that at the end of Labyrinth Zone, there is nothing to signify the end of the zone and the team run straight into it, giving the illusion of a cutscene mid-zone when in actual fact the cutscene signifies the end of the zone. At the end of the cutscene, the team head back to sleep. Not for long, though. Covert gets booted out of bed at his usual hour, much to the theoretical besiegement of his calmness. During the short period of time that Covert had, he decided to make his way into the underground path to explore. Stages Underground Zone, Mystic Ruins North, Gigalopolis, Sleeping Egg Zone, Mecha Green Hill Zone and Electric Egg Zone play; similar in vein to Labyrinth, a cutscene designates the end of Electric Egg Zone in which the team bore a hole from about halfway down the tunnel (between Electric Egg Zone and Crystal Egg Zone) and end up back into the Labyrinth. They then proceed to lament their lack of significant discovery and go back to sleep.

They do not complete their day's sleep, however. Halfway through the day, the team hear footsteps - Covert first. (These are the footsteps of Big.) They decide to remain in place instead of bolting (being on their home turf). When Team Big arrive, Covert and Marine start bickering, eventually waking up the rest of the team; it is this final movement which causes filth to hit the fan. A boss fight ensues against the team. After beating Team Big, the team run away out of embarrassment to tell on Team Underground. The team's final movement is to go back to sleep.

Team Dark

This storyline is kickstarted by Rouge's being informed of a Chaos Emerald in the center of Robotnik Winter Castle. She ends up getting so far and then, by picking up the Chaos Emerald, sets off the alarm and causes the premises to enter lockdown like in Security Hall in Sonic Adventure 2; only this time, it is Fang who rescues her, who waltzes her straight into Icecap as he is on his way to see Bark. An extended mothers' meeting ensues in which we learn that Club "Rouge"'s clientele is experiencing a quantitative surge.

After some time, where we learn a bit more about Fang and Bark 25 years on. We learn quite a bit here. After a length of time, roughly half that of the above, Bark mentions that he needed to see Bean about some experiments he had been conducting; the team make their way to Tidal Plant Zone. Once there, we see only Bean's design before Nic barges in, announcing supersidence in her home, Jungle. This causes Team Dark to make their way over to Jungle; here, some actual zones are cleared.

Upon arrival, Nic comes bursting out of the Jungle. It takes this to defeat Guidashir as he has much more stamina here than in any other storyline, causing Nic to have to burst out and bring them into the Jungle. Once there, we see the aforementioned supersidence and Nic is sent to Meta Junglira Zone. At this point, an alternating fork begins; Rouge and Fang intend to perform some volatile therapy, but Bark and Bean want to know what is going on. As a result, every other stage uses Rouge and Fang on their way to Casinopolis and those which don't feature Bark and Bean sorting out Team Badnik.

Rouge/Fang Labyrinth Zone
Bark/Bean Troll Bridge Zone
Rouge/Fang Spring Yard Zone
Bark/Bean Aqua Planet Zone
Rouge/Fang Marble Garden Zone (part two)
Bark/Bean Electric Egg Zone
Here, a lengthy cutscene involving Bark and Bean searching the zone and eventually coming across the underground tunnel. We see the two of them enter the tunnel as the cutscene enters.
Rouge/Fang Casinopolis (boss fight versus Chaos Emerl 4).
Bark/Bean Lengthy cutscene in which they exit the tunnel, demonstrate awe over seeing nobody, and play Crystal Egg Zone
Rouge/Fang A discussion, in Club "Rouge", regarding how to buffer the number of people whose custom have been lost. They are interrupted by an incensed Nic, very angry about why so little had been done about her supersidence, who promptly informs them that she and Bark and Bean were shooting the breeze whilst she was in Jungle and they were underground and that they, if they had their calculations correct, were coming out in Gimmick Mountain Zone. They promptly bolt.
Bark/Bean Scrambled Egg Zone

Next, they meet in Gimmick Mountain Zone. A battle against Team Badnik begins, and at the end, they bolt. Team Dark disappear, also, but not before being bollocked by Blaze and being told to discommunicate themselves. Outside, an ever annoying Nic informs them of what she thinks is an archaic launchpad; we actually skip to Launch Base in see what is going on without doing Marble Garden Zone again. When we get there, we discover what Nic was seeing; Launch Base Zone itself was used as, literally, the launch base for the Egg Carrier. Bark, being by far the most constructively apt amongst the five, says that they need to purchase some parts, because as the Egg Carrier took off it destroyed the entire foundations of the base. The team take off to Metropolis; zones Aquatic Ruins, Hill Top Zone and Mystic Ruins South are played. Once at Metropolis, Team Dark buy the parts off the dealer and then try to leave. However, Team Babylon - still irate about THEIR parts being nicked - accuse Team Dark of theft and a boss fight ensues. Afterwards, Team Dark bolt and we see them next back in Launch Base, with a quadplane, ready to enter the sky. A Sky Chase Zone tribute plays. After this, they land on the Egg Carrier and immediately find an obnoxious Chaos Emerl 6. Here, the final boss battle begins and after his defeat, the Egg Carrier descends and Team Dark land in Great Turquoise Zone. A lengthy mothers' meeting takes place until the Egg Carrier lands in Lava Reef Zone, upon which the team belt up and walk to their respective premises.

The final part of this storyline is a cutscene where Fang boots Nic out of Meta Junglira Zone and shows her the restored Jungle, where the ground has been leveled (i.e. chunks of earth excised, with the copper tubing remaining in place) and the habitat made inhabitable once again.

Team Babylon

The Babylon Five woke up one morning to discover that the parts Wave had intended to work with had been stolen. Jet, who had previously lost to Sonic, blames him and Team Babylon make their way over to Green Hill Zone.

Upon arrival, Team Sonic - who have just arrived back from their trip to Great Turquoise Zone - are located by Team Babylon, who promptly try to race against them only for Hurricane to look elsewhere, lose concentration and collapse off his board; furious, they storm off in a huff. They get as far as Labyrinth before bumping into a bellicose Team Covert, who run them out of there; having been turfed out, they decide that the only sensible solution is to return to Metropolis. They perform their usual route through Spring Yard Zone, Marble Garden Zone, through the Mystic Ruins train station into Station Square and then into Metropolis. Or rather, try to. There has been a terrorist attack on the city, and Team Babylon get as far as Marble Garden Zone before discovering that the train from the Mystic Ruins to Station Square has been derailed and is stuck in Station Square, causing them to detour through Marble Garden Zone (named Act Two by the game), through Casinopolis (much to the chagrin of the team, without playing any of its games) into Hill Top Zone, take a leisurely stroll through the scary sidewalks of Mystic Ruins South and a filthy venture through Oil Ocean Zone.

Once they finally access Metropolis, they make their way to their usual mechanic and repurchase the items they had accused Team Sonic of moseying off with. However, no sooner than they do so, they spot Team Dark with what quite clearly is the original package, and in an act of punitive rage, chase the team round Radical City. Having wrestled the goods back from Team Dark, their mechanic calls them back and sneaks the team out of his back door into Spring Yard Zone, providing a nifty shortcut bypassing their diversion. The game records this as Act Two. The team travel through a different part of the Labyrinth (Act Two), and proceed cautiously through Star Light Zone, as it appears to have deteriorated significantly since the last time they were there for reasons unknown.

They find out why Star Light Zone had become the cesspit it was once they reached Scrap Brain Zone. To their horror, Eggman Nega and Metal Sonic 3.0 of Team Eggman had rolled up, and were laying into Scrap Brain's guardian Tempest. He, quite rightly, was refusing to hand over a Chaos Emerald which had somehow rocked up on factory premises but was still by rights Team Babylon's. They fight Team Eggman, and believe them to be gone before spotting that the Emerald had disappeared in any event. Anyway, Tempest reports that he has discovered a secret cavern on the Star Light/Scrap Brain/Reactive Factory border which he thinks the rest of the team should investigate. While Wave makes the planned amendments to their Gear and a lovestruck Hurricane remains with her, Jet and Storm head Gearless towards the cavern, and once they take a look, they unearth an archaic transporter used by Eggman in the early 1990s to access his old Sky Base Zone.

They run back to Scrap Brain in an attempt to return to Wave. They needn't have bothered. Wave was making their way over anyway to deliver the Gear to them, and they barely get to the entrance of the cavern before she arrives with her deliveries. With the Gear in hand, they activate the transporter, and teleport through the sky into Egg Carrier. Upon arrival, they race around Radiant Emerald and arrive right in the centre of the engine. Wave, finding components of the engine quite capable of further boosting their Gear but failing to notice that the Carrier needed them to fly, extracts them from the engine, loads them into the Gear, and then the four ride into the top deck of the Carrier only to find the Carrier collapsing out of the sky. In a panic, they throw themselves off the Carrier on their Gear and they find themselves on the southernmost point of Sleeping Egg Zone. The final cutscene shows the four of them walking through Electric Egg Zone, discussing their ordeal, and sneaking back into Scrap Brain Zone via how they came in.

Team Badnik

Metal Sonic, having just been booted out of bed by the racket made by Team Rose, jolts up. With a headache like nails being hammered into him, he barges forward. In his haste, action stages Mecha Green Hill Zone and Aqua Planet Zone are blitzed.

Upon arrival, we zoom into Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts; we see them wake up and lament the noise (unbeknownst to them, coming from Scrap Brain Zone). After an extended mothers' meeting, they see Metal Sonic and we learn that all four are very angry about Eggman dropping them like lead balloons. After some time, Metal Sonic remembers that there is some stuff in Gigalopolis; he promptly goes. Action stage Aqua Planet Zone, begins; after this, we zoom back into Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts. Another cutscene kickstarts in which we learn that Eggman, in his wisdom, abandoned computer systems; upon use, we learn that there is another way out without treading water - Crystal Egg Zone. Scratch and Grounder send Coconuts out to investigate.

Coconuts Aqua Planet Zone
Metal Sonic Green Hill Zone
Coconuts Troll Bridge Zone (stage)
Metal Sonic Gigalopolis
Coconuts Aqua Lake Zone (followed by a long cutscene where we see Eggman in the entrance of Gimmick Mountain Zone and retreats).
Metal Sonic Mecha Green Hill (here, he sneaks into the underground of Green Hill Zone and obtains "Longarm" for Grounder, "Gloves" for Scratch and "Levitator" for Coconuts.

Here, Metal Sonic and Coconuts join each other. After establishing one another's justification for their presence, they return and they obtain their powerups. Immediately, they get to work; Coconuts levitates the earth while Metal Sonic pushes through the pipes. Once all has been fed, they travel through; we skip straight the way through. From here, zones Crystal Egg, Scrambled Egg and short zone Gimmick Mountain are played and then Team Rose and Team Dark bosses are played.

After this, the team escape. After much complaints about the savaging sunlight, They make their way to Launch Base Zone - action stages Marble Garden Zone, Casinopolis and Aquatic Ruin Zone are played. Here, the cutscenes slip together in an odd way; we see Team Eggman's Egg Carrier jet upwards in a similar style to its ascension in Sonic Adventure. Here, we meet Megatox; like the team, he is very angry about the amount of noise produced. Thinking it was Team Badnik who were responsible for the noise and a boss battle begins; this is followed by a pact where they make friends (they all dislike being booted out of bed). Megatox and Team Badnik make itself a deal; Team Badnik blows up the border between Launch Base and Chemical Plant Zone, and Megatox leaks into Launch Base and catches Team Eggman off-guard.

After fulfilling their part of the deal, their one objective is to scram; They decide to take a detour into Tidal Plant Zone. Upon arrival, they see Bean's handiwork and decide to play it; seeing no point, they decide to fly it home, to Electric Egg Zone.

The final part of the storyline shows Megatox meeting Team Eggman. We see a single boss fight, then Megatox rehibernating and then we segue back into Team Badnik. Here, we see the four of them go back into hibernation.

Team Eggman

Eggman Nega is busy pottering around Launch Base Zone. He contemplates, "What can I use to meet Sonic's match, or better, eclipse it?" Suddenly, a thought hits him. "An enmesh! I'll merge Chaos and Emerl together to make Chaos Emerl!" He immediately bolts over to Metal Sonic 3.0 and enters the following enquiries:

Where is Chaos? Angel Island
Where is Emerl? Gigalopolis
Where are the seven Chaos Emeralds?

The team immediately make their way to Angel Island; here, we see the cutscene at the beginning of Team Knuckles' storyline. After the scene fades out at the regular place, we see Team Eggman making their way up to Gigalopolis. Action stages HydroCity, Underground and Mystic Ruins North are played.

Once there, a cutscene occurs in which Eggman Nega criticizes Eggman for allowing one of his bases to adopt such a state. The team itself participate in Green Hill Zone up until the point at which the team hit Gimmick Mountain Zone.

Once Eggman Nega and Metal Sonic 3.0 arrive, they are in for a shock, seeing Eggman lodged in the entrance. They prompt work him out and bolt away from the scene, leaving Team Rose incensed. From here, the pattern of action stages and then treasure hunt takes the place of playable zones throughout this storyline. The first one, Aqua Lake Zone is done immediately.

Marble Garden Zone HydroCity Sunset Park Zone Great Turquoise Zone Team Sonic
Angel Island Hidden Palace Zone Lava Reef Zone Sandopolis After these zones, we see Team Eggman stage an attack on Casinopolis. This is a tricky boss because it is against halves of Team Knuckles and Team Dark (Knuckles, Shade, Rouge and Fang).
Hill Top Zone Mystic Ruins South Spring Yard Zone Labyrinth Scrap Brain Zone (argument with Tempest culminating in a boss fight against Team Babylon)
Star Light Zone (timed treasure hunt) Jungle Zone Troll Bridge Zone (boss) Mecha Green Hill Zone Sleeping Egg Zone

At the end of Sleeping Egg, an extended cutscene engages. Literally, it starts, skips to Launch Base and then departs. We see the Egg Carrier rising, similar to Sonic Adventure's elevation in Mystic Ruins. After this, we see an extended cutscene. Eggman, Eggman Nega and Metal Sonic 3.0 shoot the breeze for some time, in which we learn that the Egg Carrier has had a number of undesirable passageways built in that shouldn't be there; while Hot Shelter and Sky Deck are accounted for, but Sky Base, Wing Fortress and Flying Battery shouldn't be there. After this, Chaos Emerl is left to roam free; his job is to isolate those five zones and ensure nobody can access the interior by any entrance other than Hot Shelter or Sky Deck. Literally, zones Flying Battery Zone, Wing Fortress Zone and Sky Base Zone are played in order. (Note that this layout is deliberately presented in a similar way to archaic Sonic games; three acts and a boss at the end of Sky Base.) This boss consists of several different teams combating Chaos Emerl adjacently.

At the end of this, the other three members of Team Eggman walk into the control room and initiate "operation Robotropolis", in which the team transform the map areas into Robotropolis. Little do they know, however, that a miffed Chaos Emerl is exploring the exterior of the base again. Foolish Team Underground left a seventh, final Chaos Emerald in the Tornado and Chaos Emerl transforms instantly into Perfect Chaos Emerl. At the end of the cutscene, the game switches out into a scene of Chaos Emerl seemingly leaking into the underneath of the Egg Carrier and consequently it spins out, landing in the volcano. The storyline actually stops here, on a cliffhanger.


Cropped map.jpg

The landscape, expressed in the map to the right of the page, borrows a lot of names of previous zones, in order, with related zones grouped.


Sonic Heroes 2 has many unlockables in it, including all the storylines other than Team Sonic.

Team Sonic Team Sonic is available by default without unlocking it
Team Rose When Tails and Cosmo meet them in Underground Zone
Team Underground Once Manic and Sonia meet Team Sonic in Green Hill
Team Knuckles Unlocked when Knuckles runs into Shadow in HydroCity
Team Archaic When Team Rose chases the team around Radical City
Team Big When Team Underground meets them in Underground
Team Chaotix When Team Archaic arrive at Metropolis to play
Team Covert When Team Big fight Team Covert in Labyrinth Zone
Team Dark After Team Babylon run into Team Dark in Metropolis
Team Babylon When Team Sonic race against them in Resort Island
Team Badnik When Team Rose shoos them out of Gimmick Mountain
Team Eggman Almost immediately after loading Team Rose's storyline

Chao garden

Sonic Heroes 2 has a Chao garden of its own. The Sonic Adventure gardens in Station Square, Mystic Ruins and the Egg Carrier are recycled and the Sonic Adventure 2 all-in-one lobby is located in Metropolis. The Metropolis branch is visited by Team Rose in their storyline and in Team Chaotix's storyline. To unlock the Chao garden, the player needs to access it in either storyline. Each garden has its own shop and computer, which is staffed by Sticks the Badger.

In Marble Garden Zone, Team Chaotix have a task from Fiona Fox in which they pick up fruit from ripe trees. These fruit can be sold to any of the shops or can be fed to the Chao. However, if they are not sold, private research will be done by them and they will find out on their own terms, thus taking them longer to get any of them in stock. To the right is a table showing the statistics for each piece of fruit.

Fruit Swimming Flying Running Power Stamina Sweetness Rarity
Apple 1 1 1 1 5 2 1
Apricot 1 2 1 5 3 4 4
Cherry 3 3 3 3 2 1 4
Coconut 4 1 1 2 2 3 4
Lemon 2 2 4 3 3 1 3
Lime 3 3 5 2 2 0 3
Lychee 5 1 3 2 2 5 5
Mango 3 2 3 2 2 3 3
Orange 2 2 3 3 1 4 2
Pear 3 5 2 1 2 2 2
Peach 1 2 2 4 4 3 3
Plum 2 4 2 2 2 3 3

Sound test

Sonic Heroes 2 makes use of a sound test performed 'in-house' by the characters; Sonic of Team Sonic and Manic and Sonia of Team Underground group together, while Team Archaic and Team Chaotix play in its entirety. It is unlocked in three sets; by unlocking Team Underground, Team Archaic and Team Chaotix, and some tracks require a combination of the three.

Instruments played

Sonic Vocals,[3] electric guitar[4]
Manic Drums[4]
Sonia Keyboard[4]
Espio Vocals,[5] shamisen[6]
Charmy Vocals,[5] bass drums[6]
Vector Vocals,[6] keyboard[7]
Saffron Vocals and vocal percussion[8]
Mina Vocals[9]
Max Bass guitar[10]
Mach Drummer[10]
Sharps Lead guitar[10]

List of playing teams


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  2. This pays homage to a scene in the 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Charlie's mother covers Charlie's ears so that the late Grandpa Joe can go off on a verbal assault.
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