Shattering the Master Emerald will send the world into despair.

Sonic Guardian
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Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan April 4, 2015
25px-Flag of USA April 7, 2015
Flag of European Union April 8, 2015
25px-Flag of Australia April 8, 2015
Mode(s) Single-Player
Age Rating(s) ERating 7Rating OFLC-G
Media Included Media CD icon Optical Disk

Media DL icon Digital Download

Sonic Guardian (ソニックガーディアン Sonikkugādian in Japan) is an upcoming 3D platformer for the Wii U slated for release in 2015. Sonic Guardian plays reminiscent of the modern stages in Sonic Generations and the daytime stages in Sonic Unleashed.

The story follows Sonic as he tries to reassemble the Master Emerald after Eggman shatters it. Sonic collects the Chaos Emeralds and will fuse it with the Master Emerald to recreate it.


Sonic Guardian is a platform game that plays similar to games such as the daytime stages of Sonic Unleashed and modern Sonic stages in Sonic Generations. Sonic runs through various different stages known as acts which are made up of many different platforms. Each act starts off with a set character to play with, however after completing the act once, it can be played by any character.

Their are three playable characters; Sonic who is the fastest, Blaze who is the most powerful and Shadow who is the most agile. Their stages represent each of their different abilities, meaning Sonic's levels have more rapid platforming whilst with Blaze there are more enemies around and with Shadow there is sections of stealth and more parkour then platforming.


The overworld is the area where Sonic, Shadow or Blaze can freely move around and do whatever they see fit. The area is only a small section where side-mission can be engaged in, shops can be entered and other players from around the world can be interacted with via Miiverse. They will appear as animals in the square.

There is also the World Map which can be traversed with a cursor anywhere on the map. This is similar to the map used in Sonic Adventure 2, in which the player can select zones they wish to visit or enter Mecha Starlight.


The zones are where most of the story and gameplay happens. In zones there are numerous linear levels where the player has to get from point A to point B, which is done through the means of platforming. The story progresses within these levels and enemies, rings and the like can be found within them.


Dr Eggman flies over the rolling hills of Angel Island in the Egg Mobile making his way towards the Master Emerald, with Sonic chasing behind him on foot.

Dr Eggman makes it to the altar the Master Emerald lays on but is knocked away by Sonic and recieves a headache of homing attacks. Dr Eggman flips a switch in the Egg Mobile which pounds Sonic into the ground.

Dr Eggman makes his way up to the altar once again, this time Sonic attempts to stop him again but Eggman dodges his attack and Sonic goes racing into the Master Emerald shattering it into many different pieces, knocking Eggman out and sending Sonic flying across the island.

Sonic wakes up from the explosion away and watches a large green beacon of light from far away. Thinking this must have been the Master Emerald, Sonic heads through Angel Island to get back to the Master Emerald Altar.

After clearing the Act and making it back to the altar, Eggman wakes up nearby and attacks Sonic again, but is easily defeated after his Egg Mobile was partly destroyed. Eggman calls for Orbot and Cubot to come and rescue him and the robots fly Eggman off of Angel Island.

Sonic thinks about what can be done to restore the Master Emerald and comes up with one solution, fusing the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald.

Sonic grabs the large chunks of Master Emerald that remain intact and use them to teleport off Angel Island. Sonic ends up landing in Mecha Starlight Zone, the seaside city that is always litten up. Sonic ends up running into a mysterious cloaked woman who attempts to halt Sonic's progress, but ultimately fails.

The cloaked woman explains that she is watching and observing Sonic very closely, before suddenly fleeing.

The beacons appearing around the world

That night a large beacon of light shines throughout the city, Sonic goes to observe the strange light and finds a Chaos Emerald, with the strange cloaked woman nearby again.

After collecting the Chaos Emerald, Sonic restores the Master Emerald more by fusing it with the Chaos Emerald. With the Master Emerald gaining power, more beacons of light appear across the world, signaling more locations of the Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic first heads to Dark Grove Zone and finds an abandoned facility. Inside seems to be another hedgehog, Shadow, who's power has been affected due to the shattering of the Master Emerald, and helps to collect the Chaos Emeralds alongside Sonic.

After finding Shadow, they split up to cover more ground, and Sonic heads to South Island Zone whilst Shadow looks deeper into Dark Grove Zone. Shadow finds the Chaos Emerald and is ambushed by colossal Eggman robot that can crush him in one hit, which he manuvers his way around to escape from. At South Island Zone, Sonic finds the island strangely deserted, but soon learns that the creatures of the island have been kidnapped by Eggman to use as his own soliders.

Sonic confronts Eggman and his horde of brainwashed animal soliders, and destroys the power source for the brainwashing mechanism, saving all the animals and collecting the Chaos Emerald that powered the machine.

Sonic decides to continue following Eggman and he chases him down through Wilted Wilds Zone, which leads to a secret lab of Eggman's, where numerous more of his giant robots are waiting to be powered up by the Master Emerald. Sonic ambushes Eggman but instead has one of the giant robots attack him, powered by a Chaos Emerald. Sonic steals the Chaos Emerald, rendering the robot useless and flees from the site.

Meanwhile, Shadow has found the Chaos Emeralds at Orient Alps Zone and Painterly Skies Zone, and is making his way to Mecha Starlight Zone. Sonic also heads to collect the last Chaos Emerald in Beta Passage Zone.

After Sonic and Shadow finish collecting all the Chaos Emeralds, they reunite together in Mecha Starlight Zone. Just as they are about to combine the Master Emerald pieces and Chaos Emeralds, the cloaked woman appears once again and engages in a battle between the two.

After the battle, the cloaked woman is defeated and reveals her true identity. Blaze the Cat. She entered Sonic's world after the shattering of the Master Emerald caused the Sol Dimension to experience strange occurances. Blaze teams up with Sonic and Shadow, and they fuse the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds, only to find that the power has restored half the Master Emerald.

Blaze suggests to collect the Sol Emeralds and fuse them into the Master Emerald to recreate the other half, and so the three travel back through the zones collecting the Sol Emeralds. Once Blaze travels back through all the previous zones collecting the Sol Emeralds, they finally restore the Master Emerald to it's former glory. With the Emerald in tow, the trio head back to Angel Island but are confronted by Dr. Eggman who steals the Master Emerald and takes it to his lab in Wilted Wilds.

Sonic follows him to the base where Eggman stores all of his gigantic robots, and Eggman transports them all to his headquarters, Egg Command. Sonic chases him down in Egg Command and manages to fend off against the gigantic robots, stealing the Master Emerald from their power core.

Sonic races back to the Master Emerald Alter with Eggman on his tail, yet manages to put the emerald back into the altar, restoring it and sending Eggman flying off the island. Afterwards, the Master Emerald lights up and another set of Chaos and Sol Emeralds appear sitting on top of the emerald. Blaze takes the Sol Emeralds and heads back to her dimension, whilst Sonic and Shadow take the Chaos Emeralds and keep them safe from Eggman's clutches.


Act 1: New Kicks Act 2: To The Core Act 3: Sky Ruins Act 4: Secret Circle


Act 1: Sunlit Towers Act 2: Lights in the Dark Act 3: Ablazing Trail Act 4: City to Surf


Act 1: Experimental Problem Act 2: Training Ground Act 3: Ambush Escape Act 4: Dark Shadows


Act 1: Island Hopping Act 2: Tube Surfing Act 3: Cat & Mouse Act 4: Southern Peaks


Act 1: Chasing the Egg Act 2: Heart of the Lab Act 3: Sand In the Eyes Act 4: Playing With Fire


Act 1: Traditional Days Act 2: Pagoda Peaks Act 3: 12 Climbs Act 4: Dragon Road


Act 1: Fall From Grace Act 2: Watercolor Act 3: Portrait Act 4: Thundercloud Settling


Act 1: Glitch in the System Act 2: Disappearing Act Act 3: Lost in Development Act 4: Alpha Build


Act 1: Finale



Character Description
Sonic the Hedgehogmine
Sonic the Hedgehog is the main hero of the story. He's there from the beginning to the end, never wavering from stopping Eggman in his evil plans. Although accidentally shattering the Master Emerald, Sonic makes sure to fix the problem by fusing the Chaos Emeralds and the remains of the Master Emerald, hopefully recreating a Master Emerald to put back onto the altar on Angel Island. Whilst controlling Sonic, the player will be experiencing the high-speed action from previous games, with Sonic racing through each zone. Out of the three playable characters, he is the fastest.

Shadow the Hedgehog is typically Sonic's rival but this time they join up together. After the shattering of the Master Emerald Shadow lost many of his powers, being the reason why he joined Sonic in the first, in a hope to regain his powers which are leaving him annoyed over the loss of them. Shadow's gameplay is a bit different then in previous installments, he tends to show more stealth and avoid his opponents now that many of his powers are gone and his opponents are much stronger now. He usually traverses his zones through the means of parkour and platforming. Out of the three playable characters, he is the most agile.

Blaze the Cat
Blaze the Cat was transported into Sonic's dimension after the shattering of the Master Emerald caused a rift within her dimension and she decided to further investigate. She starts of being very wary of the world and not wanting anyone to know she's around, which she shows by hiding her identity for half the game by covering herself with a cloak. She fights Sonic for fear that he has done something to the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds in favor of evil, however she soon learns it was actually a big misunderstanding. Blaze's gameplay is much more combat based around her fire powers, as well as platforming through stages. Out of the three playable characters, she is the most powerful.


  • Dr. Eggman is the main antagonist who caused the shattering of the Master Emerald. He plans to rule over the world by taking the Master Emerald to use as a power source for his new generation of gigantic mechanical robots, as well as brainwashing the animals into being his ordinary pawns of his army.
    • Orbot is one of Dr. Eggman's right-hand-men. He works alongside him and is generally called upon for other tasks whilst Eggman has something to do. He is loyal to Eggman albeit not very fond of him and usually making fun of him or pointing out mistakes.
    • Cubot is one of Dr. Eggman's right-hand-men. He works alongside him and is generally called upon for other tasks whilst Eggman has something to do. He is a very dimwitted robot, who has trouble doing the simpilest of things. He's lazy and often finds ways to get out of work.


Unlike previous installments, boss battle don't occur after every zone and are spread out into different sections of the game. In total there are 5 bosses in the game.

  1. Blaze the Cat
  2. Colossal Eggbot
  3. Animal Solider
  4. Blaze the Cat
  5. Dr. Eggman


  • In earlier games, the Master Emerald has been shown to repiece itself after being shattered if all the shards are bought together.
    • This doesn't happen in Sonic Guardian as the Master Emerald shatters into hundreds of pieces, making it almost impossible to piece back together.
  • Act 3 of Angel Island actually takes place in Sky Sanctuary, a zone originally from Sonic & Knuckles.
  • The abandoned facilities in Dark Grove Zone seem to be former G.U.N bases.
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