Developer(s) Sega, Konami
Publisher(s) Activision, Logo
Release date TBA 2013
Genre Beat'em up, Role-playing, Action
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) 12+ (for Violence, Crude Humor, Animated Blood and Mild Language)
Platform(s) Wii
Media Wii Optical Disc (dual-layered)

Sonic Clash is a action/role-playing fanmade game, originally designed by The Sonic Citizens; the final version is to be created by Sega, with cooperation from Konami, and published by Activision and Fantendo for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii U & Nintendo 3DS.

This is the first beat'em up game in Sonic the Hedgehog series.


The game is a 3D beat'em up game, with RPG elements, and focuses on action. The player(s) control a team of 4 characters from Sonic the Hedgehog universe in the game's main Story Mode, as they traverse levels and areas, defeating enemies, collecting items and gaining experience. The game features 20 playable characters in Story Mode, but only 4 characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy) are avaliable at start. Other characters become avaliable after clearing certain criteria during a mission, or after defeating specified boss. This allows the players to create their very own team of heroes on "access points", which also serve as save points and transports to previous levels (this option is avaliable after clearing the game for the first time).

Additionally, the game features another 20 characters, most of them being the villains from Sonic games, to be playable in Multiplayer Mode. The Multiplayer Mode allows up to 4 human players to compete and consists of two seperate modes:

  • Melee Mode (game types: KO Fest, Team KO Fest, Last One Standing, Endurance, Ring Battle)
  • Tournament Mode (game types: 1v1, 2v2, Tag Tournament)

As this is a fan-made game, it borrows elements from different video games, namely Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, which was also published by Activision. It features a similiar 4-player team gameplay, complete with combat system.

Bonuses are also available if forming certain groups (e.g. Team Chaotix, Sonic Heroes, Classic Heroes, Mech Force, Noble Warriors etc.). Also included are trivia and artwork. The game also offers three different endings.


At first, no modes are avaliable, other than Training Mode, which is neccesary to complete in order to unlock other modes, besides Options Mode. Because of this, the player(s) will learn about game's basics, without having to suffer defeat without preparation during real game. The Training Mode is divided into 5 parts:

  • Moving and switching between characters, and basic jumping.
  • Basic fighting, combo training, blocking and dodging attacks.
  • Using Super Arts.
  • Controlling Tornado and Cyclone, which are used during certain missions.
  • Putting all learned skills to a test in survival battle; the player(s) must defeat all enemies without letting any character die.

After completing Training Mode, other modes become unlocked and the actual game may begin.


Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy are relaxing on Emerald Coast, after their last confrontation with Eggman. Suddenly, Espio appears and informs them about "a disturbance in the force"; he senses some powerful enemies to appear in the future, and wishes to prepare Sonic's team for it, by putting them through combat training. After the training, Sonic leads his friends on a race to Station Square, where they find out the city is under attack by Eggman's robots. After disposing of them, the team recieves a call from Big the Cat that he discovered a Chaos Emerald. The team heads out to the train station, in order to reach the Mystic Ruins, but not before fighting Alpha and Beta, two of Eggman's "E-Series" robots. After defeating them, Espio congratulates them and joins the team.

After reaching the Mystic Ruins, Knuckles meets up with Tikal, whom spirit was brought back to the world of living through some unknown process. When the team finds the Emerald, Charmy appears and, after a brief discussion, joins the team, which then fights Delta, Epsilon and Zeta. After defeating them, Espio notices giant smoke in Station Square area. The team decides to investigate, and they discover the city has been destroyed by Eggman's army. After a long and grueling battle, and joining Vector in the process, the heroes decide to retaliate on Eggman.

When they arrive in Sand Ocean, they are greeted by a bat, who, after a short talk, takes its true form as Nightmare - a hedgehog with vampire genes. After a brief confrontation, he disappears, leaving heroes pondering on his involvement in the recent events. They come into conclusion that Eggman allied himself with Nightmare (much like he did with other antagonists in previous Sonic games), and they decide to go to Space Colony Ark to seek Shadow's help. When they arrive in the Hidden Base, they're surprised by Rouge and Fang the Sniper, who engage Amy and Knuckles, respectively. Knuckles manages to beat Fang, but Rouge gives Amy a brutal beating. Luckily, Amy is saved by Sonia, who turns out to be Sonic's sister. Everyone board the shuttle and go to Ark.

There, Shadow is shown to know about Nightmare and his goals and he has a brief fight with Sonic, to test his strength. After it, he tells the heroes the legend of powerful vampire - Dracula, who apparently reincarnated in Nightmare's body. Aftermath, Shadow reveals that Sonic is actually evil, and he tells others about his origins: he was created by Eggman to be a member of his army, but when he found out that his parents were roboticized and, later, killed by Eggman, Sonic underwent a burst of rage that caused his evil form - Dark Sonic - to be born. At this point, Sonic is able to restrain his dark form, though it may awaken one day....

Over the course of the game, Sonic's team traverses many areas from previous Sonic titles, meeting old friends and enemies, as well as some new; particulary Nazo and Zengar, who join them, along with several other heroes, such as Cosmo. At first, everyone think its the same Cosmo they once met, but it turns out she has no memories of them. The Metarex also appear nearby Ark, where Sonic's friends fight in a space battle and inside the Metarex's Starship. The heroes battle several villains from past titles in further missions, such as Babylon Rouges, Metal Sonic and Black Doom, who apprently survived his battle with Shadow at the end of Shadow the Hedgehog.

In attempt to cripple Eggman's attempts of recovering the Chaos Emeralds the heroes gathered on their journey, Sonic goes on a solo mission into Lava Shelter to shut down the lava generators that power Eggman's base. Before destroying the last generator, he's ambushed by Eggman, who is defeated, but retaliates by wounding Sonic and escaping. Sonic destroys the Shelter, but after he leaves the burning remains of the base, he collapses and dies of his wounds.... Amy pleads Sonic not to die, and thanks to her love to him, as well as help from Cream, Tikal and Cosmo, who combine their healing powers with the power of Chaos Emeralds, as well as Amy's "kiss-of-life", Sonic is revived.

The heroes return to space area near Ark to battle Dark Oak and set Cosmo free from her past. In the process, she becomes close friends with Tails. After destroying the Metarex Armada however, Sonic and his friends learn the GUN Fortress in under attack by a huge group of enemies, including Eggman's robots, Nightmare Soldiers and Black Arms. They go there and, after a very long battle, manage to drive the invaders away. With no time to celebrate, though, as Dr. Eggman somehow snuck onboard Ark and, in desperate measure to destroy Sonic, he plans to fire Eclipse Cannon on Earth! Shadow takes everyone onboard Ark, where the heroes race against time to reach Eggman before the cannon will fire. Eventually, they reach the central control room, where the Cannon is located, and, after defeating Eggman, Omega destroys the Eclipse Cannon seconds before it fires.

With Eggman out of the way, the heroes finally decide to go after Nightmare. They travel through portal made by Nazo, and in Underworld, they find portal to Demon Castle. There, Nightmare offers them a gauntlet-type challenge, where they must defeat his allies, before they can reach him. Rouge is finally defeated by Amy, who, to everyone's surprise, has the power of the 8th Chaos Emerald, which could only be given to the one with pure heart. After obtaining keys to Nightmare's throne room, the heroes square off with Black Doom once more, before Dark Oak appears all of a sudden and knocks them all out, except Sonic. He decides to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic and defeats Dark Oak. Metal Sonic then appears and fights Super Sonic at the peak of its power, later transforming to Metal Madness and Metal Overlord (during this fight, Sonic is assisted by Super Shadow) and, finally, after Sonic forces his metallic counterpart to retreat, he engages Nightmare and reveals to him that he knows of his true name.

After an epic battle, Nightmare seems defeated, but in a last-ditch effort, he attempts to impale Sonic, who turned back to his normal form. However, Amy protects him and is struck instead. Sonic is deeply shocked by this and questions Amy why she did it. With her dying breath, she says: "Because I love you...". Enraged, Sonic strikes Nightmare mortally and defeats him, but Amy's death causes him to unleash a huge burst of rage, which causes Dark Sonic to leave his body and become flesh again. He then reveals that he was responsible for everything that happened: from Eggman's invasion on Station Square, to mind-controlling Nightmare, to ressurecting old enemies. When heroes question the appearance of old friends, Dark Sonic explains that an unforseen side effect of his attempts to revive Sonic's old adversaries allowed souls of Tikal and Emerl to return to their bodies, while Gamma was re-build by Eggman, along with the entire "E-Series" (except for Omega), but he rebeled against his creator after seeing his behavior toward robots. In Cosmo's case, it is revealed she is the child of original Cosmo (from Sonic X anime), and that's why she had no memories of Sonic's friends. The memories of the ressurected villains were also altered, making them unable to recognize Sonic; the exceptions are Biolizard and Black Doom, who were reconstructed by Eggman and found still alive in other part of the galaxy, respectively.

With all doubts out of their minds, Dark Sonic reveals the purpose of these actions - to become flesh again. His plans culminated in success after Amy died, causing Sonic's rage to be the catalyst of his revival. Dark Sonic and Sonic the Hedgehog then engage in a final battle, with each of them having their own purposes; Dark Sonic wishes to eliminate the blue hedgehog "so that there will be only one Sonic", while Sonic wants to avenge Amy's death. Though Dark Sonic initially has the upper hand and taunts Sonic for his inability to save Amy, this causes Sonic to briefly transform into Super Sonic in rage and pummel Dark Sonic, before Sonic blasts a hole in him, defeating him once and for all. The ending differs depending on the difficulty setting the player chose at the begininng and the number of unlocked characters. Ultimately, all heroes escape the crumbling castle and, through Nazo's portal, they come back home.


Playable characters (Story Mode only)

  • Sonic - The main protagonist of the series, Sonic has a carefree attitude, and loves beating up Eggman.
  • Tails - Tails, who got his nickname due to the two tails he has, is an expert with anything mechanical.
  • Knuckles - The guardian of the Master Emerald, Knuckles is easily tricked, but very strong.
  • Amy - A hedgehog like Sonic, Amy has a strong sense of intuition and a pure heart.
  • Espio - A member of the detective agency "Chaotix". Espio is a ninja, and is fairly good at hacking computers.
  • Charmy - A member of the detective agency "Chaotix". Charmy serves as an annoyance, primarily.
  • Vector - A member of the detective agency "Chaotix". Vector is constantly listening to music.
  • Shadow - The Ultimate Life Form. Protects the Space Colony ARK. He's very strong and can teleport with Chaos Control.
  • Cream - A very young companion of Sonic and everyone. She fights with the help of her Chao, Cheese.
  • Sonia - Sonic's sister. Likes elegant clothes and fighting.
  • Nazo - This white hedgehog controls the powers of nature. Zengar's partner.
  • Zengar - Samurai warrior who stylizes himself as "The Sword That Cleaves Evil". Nazo's partner.
  • Mighty - Friend of Sonic and Knuckles.
  • Big - Giant, purple cat. Likes fishing.
  • Tikal - A girl from Knuckles' tribe. Protects the Master Emerald under Knuckles' absence.
  • E-102 Gamma - A robot with feelings; he first appeared in Sonic Adventure.
  • Emerl - A robot, created over 4000 years ago; codenamed "Gizoid".
  • E-123 Omega - A robot that Eggman created - he first appeared in Sonic Heroes.
  • Cosmo - Seedrian girl. Comes to seek help against Metarex. Likes Tails.
  • Blaze - Princess, coming from another dimension. She firstly appearead in Sonic Rush.

Characters playable only in Multiplayer mode

(They become avaliable after defeating them in Story Mode)

  • Rouge - Treasure hunter and former secret agent. Despises Amy.
  • Fang - The best sniper in the world... or so he thinks. Rouge's partner
  • Dr. Eggman - Evil genius scientist who despises Sonic and his friends.
  • Jet - Leader of the Babylon Rouges, nicknamed "The Legendary Wind Master".
  • Wave - Member of the Babylon Rouges. Expert with Extreme Gear.
  • Storm - Member of the Babylon Rouges. Clumsy, yet strong.
  • Blade - Leader of the Brotherhood of Shadow. A black echidna. One of Nightmare's most loyal servants. Has two metal wings on the back.
  • Terro - Youngest memeber of the Brotherhood; a dark fox. His speciality is to cause death in many different ways.
  • Ray - The sorcerer of the Brotherhood; a crimson hedgehog who enjoys only destruction.
  • Metal Knuckles - One of clone robots created by Dr. Eggman. Has abilities identical to the ones that Knuckles is having.
  • Gemerl - Robot constructed by Eggman, based on Emerl's code.
  • Metal Sonic - The best creation of Dr. Eggman. Wishes to destroy Sonic.
  • Black Doom - Leader of the Black Arms.
  • Dark Oak - The great Metarex ruler who seems to have some connection with Cosmo.
  • Nightmare - Dracula reincarnate. The game's main antagonist.
  • Dark Sonic - Sonic's dark side. Awakens when Sonic rages in fury. The game's final boss.
  • Bark - Character from Sonic the Fighters, a polar bear. Bean's partner.
  • Bean - Another fighter from Sonic the Fighters, a green duck. Bark's partner.
  • Marine - A young racoon girl, who wishes to be a captain of a ship. Speaks with Australian accent.
  • Silver - Blaze's friend, a white hedgehog with psychokinetic powers.


  • Stage 1 - Assault on Station Square!; an easy stage to start with. The heroes must first defeat Eggman's robots that rampage in the city, then go to the train station, where they will take train to Mystic Ruins.
    • BOSS: E-100 "Alpha", E-101 "Beta"
  • Stage 2 - The Search For Chaos Emerald; the heroes must find the Chaos Emerald, which is hidden somewhere in the ruins. Optionally, if Knuckles is in the team, you can visit Master Emerald's Altar and make Tikal join your team.
    • BOSS: E-103 "Delta", E-104 "Epsilon", E-105 "Zeta"
  • Stage 3 - Backfire; Eggman attacks and destroys Station Square. In the burning ruins, Sonic and his friends must survive a gauntlet and defeat 100 robots.
    • SUB-BOSS: Vector (the fight won't occur if Espio and Charmy were on your team during this stage; Vector will join your team after they explain how Sonic got the Chaos Emerald, which Vector thought caused robots to destroy the city)
  • Stage 4 - Road to Ark; Sonic leads his friends to one of Eggman's abandoned bases, to take the shuttle and reach Ark.
    • BOSS 1: Nightmare
    • BOSS 2: Fang
  • Stage 5 - Hostilities Revisisted; Tails' radar leads the heroes through acid swamps, security systems and robot-invested corridors on their way to Shadow.
    • BOSS: Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Stage 6 - Encounter in the Desert; This stage lets the players(s) control Cyclones. This level is similiar to Metal Slug.
    • BOSS: Jet, Wave, Storm
  • Stage 7 - The Brotherhood of Shadow; Set in a dark castle, the heroes are trying to discover the origins of mysterious and sinister ritual and also, meet Nazo.
    • SUB-BOSS: Nazo
    • BOSS: Blade, Terro, Ray
  • Stage 8 - Neo Egg Carrier; the team's goal is to reach the bridge of Eggman's battleship and question his motives.
    • BOSS: Dr. Eggman
  • Stage 9 - Red Hot Duel; Metal Knuckles and Gemerl challenge Knuckles and Shadow to a fight in Hot Shelter, where health of fighters gradually diminishes as the battle goes on...
  • Stage 10 - Seeking Rouge; In Night Babylon, the team must find Rouge and question her about Nightmare.
    • BOSS: Rouge and Fang
  • Stage 11 - Great Chase in Central City; Using the Extreme Gear, Sonic and his friends chase after Jet to get the Chaos Emerald the Babylon Rouges stole.
    • BOSS: Jet, Wave, Storm
  • Stage 12 - To the Top; Knuckles climbs the Red Mountain to face Fang in a 1-on-1 fight!
    • BOSS: Fang
  • Stage 13 - A Dastardly Deed; The Brotherhood of Shadow steals the Chaos Emerald Knuckles won from Fang. The heroes chase after them.
    • BOSS: Blade, Terro, Ray
  • Stage 14 - Reawakening of The Biolizard!; While looking for Eggman onboard the Ark, Shadow faces one of his old adversaries...
    • SUB-BOSS: Dr. Eggman
    • BOSS: The Biolizard
  • Stage 15 - A Super Sonic Race!; Sonic races Metal Sonic in the Stardust Speedway.
  • Stage 16 - Metarex Incoming!; Using Tornados, the heroes battle the Metarex in space and inside their Starship.
    • BOSS: Black Narcissus, Yellow Zelkova, Red Pine, Pale Bay Leaf
  • Stage 17 - Dark Clouds, Bright Lights; Breaching Final Fortress' defenses, Sonic and his team fight a huge onslaught of robots.
    • BOSS 1: Egg Emperor
    • BOSS 2: Metal Sonic
  • Stage 18 - The Gates of Babylon; The team decides to iniltrate Babylon Rouges home field and bring them down.
    • BOSS 1: Jet, Wave, Storm
    • BOSS 2: Nightmare
  • Stage 19 - Return of the Black Comet; Black Comet returns to Earth! Shadow, with 3 other heroes, decides to defeat Black Doom once and for all.
    • BOSS: Black Doom
  • Stage 20 - Sonic's Hot Mission; Sonic ventures into Lava Shelter alone, in hopes of crippling Eggman's attempts in hindering their progress.
    • SUB-BOSS: Black Narcissus/Yellow Zelkova/Red Pine/Pale Bay Leaf (each of them guards one lava generator)
    • BOSS: Dr. Eggman
  • Stage 21 - The Fall of Metarex Army; The heroes engage in epic space battle against the Metarex Armada and Dark Oak himself.
    • BOSS: Dark Oak
  • Stage 22 - Operation GUN; GUN Fortress in under heavy attack. The heroes help defeat the massive numbers of invaders.
    • BOSS 1: Blade, Terro, Ray
    • BOSS 2: Metal Sonic
  • Stage 23 - The Eclipse; It's a race against time, in attempt to stop Dr. Eggman from destroying the Earth with Eclipse Cannon!
    • BOSS: Dr. Eggman
  • Stage 24 - The Last Hurrah; In Underworld, the heroes must locate portal to Demon Castle and defeat the portal's strangely familiar guardian...
    • BOSS 1: Metal Sonic
    • BOSS 2: Perfect Chaos
  • Stage 25 - The Final Showdown!; After breaking thorugh Nightmare's demonic servants, the heroes endure a long and difficult gauntlet, before they can defeat Nightmare.
    • BOSS 1: Rouge
    • BOSS 2: Jet, Wave, Storm
    • BOSS 3: Blade, Terro, Ray
    • BOSS 4: Black Doom
    • BOSS 5: Dark Oak
    • BOSS 6: Metal Sonic
    • BOSS 7: Metal Madness
    • BOSS 8: Metal Overlord
    • BOSS 9: Hyper Metal Sonic
    • BOSS 10: Nightmare
    • BOSS 11: Dark Sonic
    • FINAL BOSS: Dark Sonic Phase 2

Chaos Emeralds

Just like in the original Sonic games, the Chaos Emeralds play a vital role in the storyline. During the course of the game, three of them are obtained after clearing certain levels, but other 4 are hidden in random places on different levels, since the mission on Space Colony Ark. Whether the Chaos Emerald is hidden on the stage or not can be checked by having either Knuckles or Tikal in your team. If either of them, at the beginning of the level, says: "I feel some strange energy...", this indicate that there is an Emerald hidden on the stage. A symbol of Chaos Emerald will then appear in the upper right corner of the screen and it will change color, depending on how far the player is from the Emerald; from grey (indicating its very far away), to green, yellow and finally, red (meaning its very close). Collecting 7 Chaos Emeralds is mandatory to complete the game.


The game offers three possible endings, depending on circumstances the player fullfills during the game:

Bad Ending - If the player did not collected all 7 Chaos Emeralds before the mission in Lava Shelter, the bad ending is triggered after boss fight with Dr. Eggman. The Lava Shelter explodes, and Sonic dies from his wounds. Without the Emeralds, the healing powers of Tikal, Cosmo and Cream are not enough to bring him back. Everyone mourns Sonic's death but they decide to continue their quest, though Amy stays by Sonic. Screen fades to black and Amy, screaming Sonic's name several times, each time more sorrowful and desperate, can be heard, as the words "Game Over" appear.

Normal Ending - If the player collected all 7 Chaos Emeralds before mission in Lava Shelter, and completed the game on Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty setting, the normal ending is triggered after the final boss fight with Dark Sonic. Dark Sonic assures Sonic he will come back one day and disappears. Everyone are leaving the castle, with Sonic, now in his normal form, carrying Amy's body, and blaming himself for her death. Just then, Shadow notices a Soul Stone, which is all what remained of Dark Sonic. Rumor has it, this stone can bring back the soul of a dead person. With nothing to lose, Sonic places the Soul Stone on Amy's chest and everyone watch as it slowly vanishes into her and Amy wakes up, hugging Sonic and everyone congratulating him for defeating Nightmare and Dark Sonic. He tells everyone to leave the castle, as he makes a personal promise, that he will never leave Amy alone and they also leave the castle. Outside, everyone watch as the castle crumbles and disappears into the darkness. Sonic thanks everyone for their support and, through the portal, they come back home. Clearing game on Hard unlocks Super Hard difficulty.

Best Ending - If the player collected all 7 Chaos Emeralds before mission in Lava Shelter, unlocked all characters and completed the game on Super Hard difficulty setting, the best ending is triggered after the final boss fight with Dark Sonic. Dark Sonic is utterly destroyed by Super Sonic. He then craddles Amy's body and mourns her death, blaming himself for not understanding her feelings fully. As a farewell, he kisses Amy, but by doing this, Super Sonic, who reverts back to normal Sonic, sends all of his remaining energy to Amy, reviving her and they share an emotional hug (which is similiar to how Amy revived Sonic with a kiss after Lava Shelter mission; as Tikal puts it: "A miracle of love..."). Aftermath, everything occurs just like in Normal ending, but after returning home, the heroes watch from afar as Station Square is slowly being rebuilt and celebrate their victory. Sonic turns to the camera and gives the player(s) a thumb-up. Also, after the credits, the screen showing all heroes together with words "Thank You For Playing!" is shown.



  • The game was originally in development by a group of fans, known as The Sonic Citizens. The original idea was to make the game similiar to classic beat'em up titles, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Final Fight. But after seeing and playing Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, the creators decided to use it as a model for Sonic Clash.
  • The game was originaly meant to be called "Sonic Ninjas", but was dropped due to fact Sonic and his friends don't fight like ninjas; only Espio does.
  • This is the first game in Sonic series that allows player to play cooperatively with other players in Story Mode and comprises of team of 4 characters.
  • This is the second game in the series were Sonic dies and is revived; the other being Sonic The Hedgehog on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
  • Zengar is based on a character from Super Robot Wars series of games - Sanger Zonvolt
  • The following locations are taken from other Sonic titles:
    • Station Square and Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure
    • Sand Ocean, Wild Canyon and Space Colony Ark from Sonic Adventure 2
    • Final Fortress from Sonic Heroes
    • Night Babylon from Sonic Battle
    • Central City, Cryptic Castle, Black Comet, Lava Shelter and GUN Fortress from Shadow the Hedgehog

Altough Death Ruins appear in the game, its design is much darker and vile than the one in Shadow the Hedgehog. This level was inspired by Mortal Kombat's Living Forest, complete with trees that roar.

  • Interestingly, Demon Castle is the only stage in the game that has interactive music; it is ambient when heroes explore the castle and turns action-oriented when the fight begins.
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