Developer(s) Sonic Team
Publisher(s) SEGA
Platform(s) Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Mobile Devices, Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) 2D Action Platformer
Release Date(s) November 2013

Aug. 2020(Switch)

Mode(s) 1 Player Story Modes, Time Attack, Multiplayer Competition, Options, Extras
Age Rating(s) Rated-E-For-Everyone-psd62362
Media Included Wii U Disc, Xbox One Disc, PlayStation 4 Disc, Nintendo 3DS Cartridge, Mobile Device Virtual Application, Switch Cartridge

Sonic CD 2 is a sequel to the SEGA CD title Sonic CD released for the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Mobile Devices. The game takes place between Sonic CD and Sonic 2, with each playable character having their own story. The game serves as a commemoration for Sonic CD's 20th anniversary.


Sonic's Story

Shortly after the events of Sonic CD, Sonic rides on his plane, the Tornado, and heads back to South Island. Much to his dismay, he encounters another hoard of Robotnik's badniks, assuming that Robotnik's up to no good again. Sonic finds out that Robotnik has obtained a shard of a Time Stone, and is harnessing it's energy to fuel an ultimate weapon. Robotnik is searching for the Chaos Emeralds, and any other powerful sources that can boost it's power. Now Sonic must collect all 6 Chaos Emeralds and destroy the Robot Generators from the past to avoid a bad future for South Island.

The Time Stone Shard can only grant Robotnik the ability to travel through time, since it's power source is fairly small, so he traveled to the past when the original Metal Sonic was defeated on Little Planet. He took Metal Sonic's scraps, traveled back to the present, and rebuilt him with advanced upgrades. Robotnik programmed Metal Sonic to obliterate Sonic at all costs, no matter what the consequences are. Now Sonic must have to deal with both Robotnik fueling up his machine to take over South Island and Metal Sonic from killing him.

Sonic eventually makes it to the Steam Terminal, Robotnik's new base. After going through many obstacles, Sonic eventually meets up with Robotnik. Robotnik has fueled up the Shard's energy, and uses it's power to unleash his final weapon, the Eggstructor. Sonic defeats Robotnik as Metal Sonic appears. The station starts to explode, so Sonic and Metal Sonic race to the exit, barely escaping. If Sonic hasn't collected all of the Chaos Emeralds, Metal Sonic has them collected and aids Robotnik in boosting the power of his ultimate weapon, having the entire South Island be in Robotnik's control.

If Sonic has collected the Chaos Emeralds, after defeating the Eggstructor, Robotnik instead retreats to the Nuclear Nucleus, the source of the ultimate weapons' power and the shard's location. Sonic follows Robotnik, and meets up with the doctor and Metal Sonic. Harnessing the power of the Chaos Emeralds and having the shard nearby transforms Sonic into Galactic Sonic, and battles against Robotnik and Metal Sonic one last time. Sonic successfully defeats both of them, and restores peace for South Island.

Tails' Story

Knuckles' Story

Metal Sonic's Story



Image Name Description Attacks How To Unlock
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic is a blue hedgehog that runs at the speed of sound, and is determined to stop Dr. Robotnik's evil schemes! This timne, Sonic must travel through time to obtain the 6 Chaos Emeralds before Robotnik does and to make sure South Island gets a good future! Spin Dash, Super Peel Out, Insta-Shield Starter
Miles "Tails" Prower Tails is a fox that was born with two-tails, and used those to his advantage by using them to fly! Robotnik sent his badniks to West Side Island to find any powerful sources, where the seventh Chaos Emerald resides. Tails now has to defeat the badniks to avoid them finding the emerald. Spin Dash, Flight Beat Sonic's Story once.
Knuckles the Echinda Knuckles is the guardian of the Master Emerald on Angel Island, and is caught off guard as Robotnik sent his badniks to steal the Emerald. Now Knuckles must stop Robotnik's badniks and obtain back the Master Emerald! Spin Dash, Gliding, Climbing Beat Sonic's Story with all 6 Chaos Emeralds.
Metal Sonic After his defeat in Stardust Speedway, Metal Sonic is bent on to destroy Sonic and obtain the 6 Chaos Emeralds for Robotnik, no matter what's in his way. Spin Dash, Air Dash, Electric Insta-Shield Beat Sonic's Story with all 6 Chaos Emeralds and with a good future.


Image Name Description
EggmanCD Dr. Robotnik Dr. Robotnik is Sonic's arch-enemy and is a mad genius. This time he has a shard fragment of a Time Stone, having the ability to travel through the past and future. Using this to his advantage, he creates a weapon to take over South Island by harnessing the fragment's small energy. However, he needs all 6 Chaos Emeralds to boost the power of his machine. He serves as the zones' Act 3 Boss the majority of the time.
MetalCD Metal Sonic (Sonic's Story) After his defeat in Stardust Speedway, Metal Sonic is bent on to destroy Sonic, no matter what's in his way. He sometimes appear as the zones' Act 3 Boss instead of Robotnik.
EggRobot EggRobo EggRobos and other badniks were sent by Robotnik to look for other powerful energy sources on different areas of the world. He appears as the zones' Act 3 Boss for Tails', Knuckles', and Metal Sonic's stories.


• Motobug

• Piranha

• Buzzbombsr

• Crabot

• Lootbuzzer

• Arrobot

• Mokerbug

• Bumblebots


• Splash Winter Zone

• Metal Gear Zone

• Metal Revenge Zone

• Waterlogged Workshop Zone

• A Metallic Winter Zone

• A Surfboard City Zone

• City Escape Zone

• Metal Workbench Zone


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