Sonic Advance 4 is a 2D side-scrolling Sonic platformer game. It is the sequel to Sonic Advance 3 and the fourth game in the Sonic Advance series. It is developed by Sonic Team and Dimps, and published by Sega. It will release for the Mac/PC on Steam in Febuary 2019.


Dr. Eggman is completely sick and tired of Sonic and his friends destroying his machines and foiling his plans, day by day. He makes one last try at taking over the world, and if it doesn’t work, he has a much stronger plan in mind. One that not even Hyper Sonic combined with the power of Tails, Knuckles, Cream and Amy could stop...

Eggman has just finished his newest base, the Egg Nebula. It’s five times stronger and bigger than the Death Egg. It would take weeks, even months, to get to the core of the base where Eggman works. He plans to use the Master Emerald to power it up, and it would completely cover Mobius in darkness.

One sunny day, Sonic is sleeping on South Island. Tails is studying the Phantom Ruby and how it works, Knuckles is eating a sandwich, Amy is sitting on a rock, thinking of a plan to get Sonic in love with her, and Cream is playing with Cheese. All of a sudden, the whole island starts shaking up and down so hard that it hits Cream even when she’s flying 25 feet in the air. The Egg Nebula is launching into space! A screen comes out of the Egg and shows Eggman on it.

  • Eggman: Greetings, Sonic and friends! I have just finished my latest creation: the Egg Nebula! You can forget about the Death Egg now, because this ship is the biggest and strongest one I’ve ever built. You’d be lucky to even reach it!!
  • Sonic: Eggman, no matter how many times you try, you WILL be defeated. No matter what you put in front of me and my friends, we’ll always be the winners! Right, guys?
  • Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Cream: YEAH!
  • Eggman: That may be, hedgehog. But, there is only ONE path to the Nebula Egg, and going anywhere else will lead you nowhere!
  • Tails: *Ahem* Excuse me, but you’re not the only person with a 300 IQ. I could easily track down whatever leads to your base!
  • Eggman: You’re just full of answers, aren’t you, fox? I was prepared for that. Because I’ve studied your IQ and I’ve hidden it where even YOU can’t find it! HAHAHAHAHA!
  • Cream: We’ll get to you! Mr. Sonic promised!
  • Eggman: Oh, you little rabbit. I thought of everything. Why don’t you take a look?

Eggman shows Vanilla, lifeless and trapped in a tube.

  • Sonic: Wha...Okay, you’re evil, but who would do such a thing!! What are you planning to do with Cream’s mom?
  • Eggman: I won’t hurt her. I’m just going to make her watch as I turn all of you into MY robot slaves, and as I conquer the world.

Cream cries.

  • Tails: It’s alright, Cream, she’ll be okay!
  • Sonic: YOU. ARE. TWISTED!!!!!
  • Knuckles: A knuckle sandwich says you set her free or else!
  • Eggman: You’re funny, Knuckles! Best joke I’ve heard all day!
  • Knuckles: I’m serious!
  • Eggman: Haha! Well, I’ve enjoyed our little conversation. But I must get to work. Toodles!
  • Sonic: OH NO YOU DON’T! We will get you! And end you!
  • Eggman: Good luck with that. Because if you do...I will make sure all of your eyes close. And STAY that way. FOREVER. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sonic and friends realize what they have to do. If they don’t get Eggman soon, the entire world will fall under the doctor’s control and suffer forever!
  • Sonic: Let’s go! Come on, guys!
  • Amy: As long as it means I’m with you, I’m in!
  • Sonic: *sigh*
  • Sonic: Alright! Here...we...GO!!

Sonic and friends set off on possibly their biggest adventure yet, to save the world from the mad doctor! They can do it, nothing has stopped them before!


The gameplay is like the first three Sonic Advance games, but along with some new features. For example, a new feature in the gameplay is using the background. It can be used to go through levels, defeat bosses, and more.

Like always, the player moves left and right while collecting Rings and defeating Badniks. They can defeat an enemy by jumping on it, rolling into it, or using an attack. Each character has the Spin Jump, Spin Attack, and the Spin Dash. For Amy, she uses the Speed Dash instead of the Spin Dash. In addition to the basic moves, every character has an ability of their own, such as flight for Tails and a hammer for Amy. In some levels, there are pathways that only certain characters can get to with their abilities. The player can die in many ways. They can die if they get hit with no Rings, fall into a bottomless pit, get crushed, drown, or run out of time. If this happens, they lose a life. Throughout the level, there are Checkpoints, which save the player’s progress when they are touched. If a player dies after touching a Checkpoint, they will return to the last one they touched. The player starts with three lives. They can get an extra life by hitting Life Monitors. If they lose all their lives, they get a Game Over, and they must start over in the first Act of the Zone they were playing.

Each character is unlocked from the start. Instead of unlocking characters, there are abilities and game modes to be unlocked. For Sonic, he can unlock the Homing Attack by completing Megalo Port Zone. Tails can unlock the Super Tail Dash by completing Teal Grove Zone. Knuckles can unlock Wall Punch by completing Silver Cliff Zone. Amy can unlock Hammer Boomerang by completing Relic Ruins Zone. Cream can unlock Flight Spring by completing Frost Canyon Zone.

In some levels, the player will go underwater. In water, the player moves much slower, and they must find air bubbles to keep their air supply. If they go too long without air, drowning music will play and they will start to drown. When they are drowning, they have ten seconds to find a bubble before they drown and lose a life.



Left/Right Key: Move Left or Right

Up Key: Look Up

Down Key: Crouch

A Key: Jump

A Key near an enemy: Homing Attack

Down + A: Spin Dash

Up + Hold A: Super Peelout

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