Sonic 2014 film series is a collection of computer-animated fanfilms based on SEGA's uber-popular Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. TalixArts Jr. is the prinicpal studio developing the film series. Other studios like Sonic Team and Lone Planet Productions have contributed in making this universe.



Sonic the Hedgehog (2014 film)

Sonic, a young blue hedgehog, lives a perfect and quiet life in his hometown of Spring Hills. However, he finds it under attack by an robot invasion. After stopping the robots, Sonic discovers they came from an maniacal evil genius—and unbeknownst to Sonic, his greatest enemy—Dr. Robotnik. When he discovers his hometown semi-destroyed and a close friend gone, Sonic sworn to get revenge. But a visit of an Watcher, Zugo the Eagle informs Sonic about seven mystical stones of power known collectively as the Chaos Emeralds. When Zugo tells him that the mastermind behind his homeland's attack is after them, Sonic realizes he must find the stones before Robotnik does. In order to stop Robotnik once and for all, Sonic embark on a vigorous quest while meeting allies, defeating threats, and trying to keep his emotions over what happened to his home in check.

Secrets of Shadow

A year after the first film, Sonic, Amy, and the remaining hedgehogs travel to Tails' homeland, Westside Island to create a new society. As Sonic tries to embrace his role as his clan's guardian, Knuckles seeks Sonic's help when they learn of the mysterious Master Emerald. Sonic and the others find out that the object controls the balance of the Centrum. When dark forces arrive, Sonic and the others try to stop the new threat, but when an ancient evil reawakens to seek the Master Emerald itself, Sonic learns of an ancient tribe of Echidnas that could unlock the key to save the Master Emerald and stop the evil that wants it. However, while Sonic ventures to find the tribe, he soon comes face to face with another who has a dark past and personal vendetta against Sonic...his name is Shadow.

Dangerous Edge

Months after Secrets of Shadow, Sonic is living his life as the guardian of Hedgehog Haven; his friends are living their lives and everything seems perfect until Sonic gets an invitation from Tikal, a old friend of Knuckles, who has the amulet Knuckles used to sacrifice himself to save the Master Emerald. She tells Sonic she can save Knuckles. Thrilled, things suddenly change when the amulet is stolen by a mysterious group of thieves led by Jet. As Sonic pursues them, Sonic realizes the only way to retrieve the amulet is to race them; so he seeks his old friends for help. However, Sonic has no idea, there's a much bigger plot exposed and Sonic will be surprised Dr. Robotnik is involved; and all events will lead Sonic one on one against a dangerous android who can do anything Sonic does.

A Hedgehog in Time

In the future of the corrupted city Morbius, a hedgehog with physic powers named Silver is on the hunt to stop the Deadly Six with the help from Blaze the Cat. As they try to stop them, they uncover a werehog creature, who looks like Sonic, has a devious connection to why the Deadly Six are taking over Morbius. To prevent Sonic from transforming into this creature, Silver goes back to the past to kill Sonic. But when they discover a hidden threat amongst them, Sonic and Silver must team up with the return of Shadow as they must prevent the future Silver saw...and prevent Sonic from actually causing it.


There are in talks that after Sonic 4, there will be standalone films. A couple of in production includes a Shadow film that will focused on Shadow's path to find himself anew and then there is a Silver the Hedgehog film in the works. A fifth Sonic film is in the works and is talks to be a two-part film.

Principal cast

Character Film
Sonic the Hedgehog (2014 film) Secrets of Shadow Dangerous Edge A Hedgehog in Time
Sonic the Hedgehog Liam Hemsworth
Knuckles the Echidna Laz Alonso
Miles "Tails" Prower Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Amy Rose Ashley Greene
Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik Mark Strong Mentioned Mark Strong
Big the Cat Kevin James  
Cream the Rabbit Teresa Palmer  
Zugo the Eagle Samuel L. Jackson  
Monty the Hedgehog Zach Galifianakis  
Elder Sage the Hedgehog Jonathan Pryce  
King Avalon the Falcon Toby Jones  
E-123 Omega Computerized voice  
Shadow the Hedgehog   Lucas Till   Lucas Till
Rouge the Bat   Mary Elizabeth-Winstead  
Black Doom   Keith David  
Pachacamac   Ian McShane
Dr. Gerald Robotnik   Ron Rifkin
Espio the Chameleon   Edi Gathegi  
Charmy Bee   Warwick Davis  
Vector the Crocodile   Danny McBride  
Metal Sonic   Sam Worthington  
Jet the Hawk   Jeremy Renner  
Wave the Swallow   Emilia Clarke  
Storm the Albatross   Michael B. Jordon  
Tikal the Echidna   Chloë Grace Moretz  
Bris the Owl   Maggie Gyllenhaal  
Fang the Sniper   James Woods  
Eggman Nega   Liam Neeson
Silver the Hedgehog   Billy Unger
Blaze the Cat   Natalie Portman
Zavok   Scott Lawrence
Zazz   Chris Evans
Zeena   Grey DeLisle
Master Zik   Todd Michael Haberkorn
Zomom   Jack Black
Zor   Hayden Christensen
Mighty the Armadillo   Miles Teller
Mephiles the Dark   Benedict Cumberbatch


Sonic the Hedegehog: The Fast Four Collection

Sonic FastFour
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