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Final Smash Super Sonic

Sonic is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Calamity. A hedgehog whose speed rivals that of the speed of light, Sonic was Mario's rival during the console wars against their respective companies. Even though Sonic was much more popular than Mario, that didn't stop Nintendo from making superior console and handheld titles than SEGA. Sonic is known for defeating Dr. Eggman on multiple occasions, and fighting even greater evil with his best friend Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna, the latter who was tricked by Eggman to take the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic.


Notice Sonic now says "Time to party!" during his on-screen appearance.

Notice Sonic has a new victory pose, which now matches his act clear animation from Sonic Mania and replaces his breakdance victory pose (even using the quote said in that victory pose).

Notice Sonic has a new up taunt, which involves him spinning horizontally and waging his finger. His previous up taunt is now his standard taunt.

Buff Sonic can now use the Drop Dash, a feature that was included in Sonic Mania, improving his ground game.

Buff Sonic has a new up tilt, the Sonic Up Draft from Sonic Battle. While it doesn't hit twice, it does have combo potential, juggling aerial opponents and is a good anti-air tool.

Notice Sonic has a new down tilt, the Skid Attack from Sonic Advance, which a sliding kick with both legs. While it has slightly more range, it is weaker.

Notice Sonic has a new down smash, a backflip motion kick similar to the Sonic Flare from Sonic Battle.

Buff Sonic has a new forward aerial, the Sonic Eagle/Axe Kick from Sonic Battle and, to a lesser extent, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. It can strongly spike opponents should they get hit by the sweetspotted by it and even when it is sourspotted, it's still a great killing move.

Notice Sonic has a new down aerial, the Stomp that debuted in Sonic Unleashed (though it's start-up animation makes it reminiscent to the Bound Jump that first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 3), though it acts the same as his previous down aerial.

Buff Sonic can use Homing Attack three times instead of once until he touches the ground, although he can only hit one opponent with each Homing Attack. A reticle also appears when using the move, taken from Sonic Generations.

Nerf New side special, the Light Dash that debuted in Sonic Adventure. It deals less damage than his former side special and it travels a short distance and leaves Sonic helpless afterwards.

Buff After performing the Spring Jump, Sonic's side special changes to the Humming Top, a move that debuted in Sonic Advance 2. This move allows Sonic horizontally recover, and is powerful enough to K.O at percentages above 95%, though it makes Sonic enter a completely helpless state after using it.

Notice The animation after leaping from the spring from the Spring Jump is different, now matching his animation after leaping from a spring in Sonic CD.


Normal attacks
Attack Name Description Damage
Jab Combo Sonic does two jabs followed by a side kick. 2%, 2%, 3%
Side tilt Mule kick Sonic does a handstand, turns his back to the opponent and kicks forward. 10%
Side smash Windmill punch Sonic charges up and delivers a powerful punch forward. 14% (uncharged)
22% (fully charged)
Up tilt Sonic Up Draft Sonic does a backflip kick. Good juggling tool. 9%
Up smash Aerial spin attack Sonic leaps upwards and curls into a ball, dealing multiple damage. 13% (uncharged)
20% (fully charged)
Down tilt Slide kick Sonic does a slide kick that projects him slightly forward. 6%
Down smash Sonic Flare Sonic does a breakdance kick that hits on both sides. 14% (uncharged)
21% (fully charged)
Dash attack Spin Attack Sonic does his iconic Spin Attack. 3% (first two hits)
2% (third hit)
4% (last hit)
Aerial attacks
Attack Name Description Damage
Neutral air Insta-spin ball Sonic turns into his ball form, instantly attacking opponents while in that form. 11% (early), 6% (late)
Forward air Sonic Eagle Sonic does a frontflip into an axe kick that spikes when sweetspotted. 14%
Back air Behind leg swing Sonic swings his leg behind him. 12%
Up air Scissors-kick Sonic does an upwards scissors kick that hits twice. 5% (first hit), 6% (second hit)
Down air Stomp Sonic stops for a moment, curling up into a ball before doing a stomp that sends him downwards. A stall and fall that can make Sonic self-destruct when used off stage, but has meteor smash properties. 11%
Grabs and throws
Attack Name Description Damage
Grab Sonic reaches out for the opponent.
Pummel Kneebash Sonic knees the opponent. 2%
Forward throw Upwards kick Sonic kicks the opponent away, sending them diagonally upwards. 8%
Back throw Tomoe nage Sonic does a faster version of the Judo throw, tomoe nage. 10%
Up throw Spiky quills Sonic puts the opponent above him and sharpens his quills, sending them above him. 2% (throw), 8% (quills)
Down throw Spin dash Sonic slams the opponent on the ground and spin dashes on top of them. 2% (slam), 10% (spin dash)
Special attacks
Attack Name Description Damage
Neutral special Homing Attack Sonic curls into a ball and homes into a nearby opponent. If he doesn't target an opponent, he will dash slightly diagonally downwards forward and leave him helpless afterwards. Can perform this move again if there is another opponent nearby, but afterwards he cannot use the move again until he touches the ground. 8%
Side special Light Dash A line of rings start to appear in front of Sonic as he charges up, saying "Ready..." before dashing forward, collecting the rings and saying "Go!" while leaving blue afterimages of him, similar to Fox's Illusion, Falco's Phantasm and Wolf's Flash. Leaves Sonic helpless afterwards. 6%
Up special Spring Jump/Humming Top Sonic jumps from a spring from the Sonic games. On the ground, the spring can be used by other opponents and disappears after five seconds. In the air, the spring acts like a projectile, bouncing off the ground and dealing damage to opponents who touch it. Sonic can use his aerials as he is not in his helpless state, but cannot use any of his specials until he touches the ground, gets hit/grabbed, etc.
After performing the move, Sonic can input the side special command and perform a whirlwind-to-side kick while thrusting himself forwards. While it leaves Sonic helpless, it can be used for horizontal recovery.
6% (spring)
2x3% (whirlwind kick)
7% (side kick; early)
4% (side kick; late)
Down special Spin Dash Sonic curls up into a ball and charges up, dashing forward after a few seconds of charging or the special button is released. Deals rapid damage and the more Sonic charges up, the faster and farther he travels. Can be jump cancelled, leading to a lot of follow ups in the air. 1% (charging hits), 8% (dash), 4% (jump)
Final Smash Super Sonic Sonic transforms into Super Sonic via all seven Chaos Emeralds and can ram into opponents, dealing damage and moderate knockback. Sonic is invincible to virtually anything during this form, including the blast line. However, after he reverts back to normal Sonic, he goes into a helpless state. He reverts back in at least 15 seconds. 18% (startup), 16% (ram)


Animation Description
On-screen appearance Sonic spins dashes onto the stage, striking a pose and saying "Time to party!"
Idle animation Sonic faces the screen and taps his foot, impatiently. One of his iconic idle poses in the original Sonic games.
Alternate idle animation Sonic wags his finger at the screen. One of his iconic idle poses in the original Sonic games.
Side taunt Sonic performs the Super Peel Out in place, saying "Sonic Speed!" while facing the screen.
Standard taunt Sonic performs a front flip, tutting.
Up taunt Sonic does a horizontal spin and wags his finger, facing the screen.
Down taunt Sonic does a breakdancing spin, saying "C'mon!"
Victory theme #1 Click here to listen!
Sonic's victory theme is a direct rip of the act clear theme from Sonic Mania. This victory theme is shared with Tails.
Victory theme #2 Click here to listen!
Sonic's second victory theme is a remix of the act clear theme from Sonic CD.
Victory pose #1 Sonic jumps upwards and horizontally spins around when he lands back on the ground, waging his finger while facing the screen and saying "Let's do that again sometime!" Barring the quote, this is his animation when he clears an act in Sonic Mania.
Victory pose #2 Sonic sprints off the screen and back, and gives a thumbs up, saying "That was almost too easy!"
Victory pose #3 Sonic collects a Chaos Emerald, holds it out while posing, saying "Piece of cake!"


Sonic can turn into his 16-bit Genesis self, Classic Sonic, with more alternates and has four alternate costumes, one where he resembles Beat from Jet Set Radio, one where he wears a jumpsuit, one where he dresses up like Santa Claus and one where he dresses up like a vampire. The Santa Claus costume is an unlockable only being obtainable via a Christmas-themed Daily Quest and the vampire costume is exclusive to the Halloween Pack, which contains a “Ghost Ness” costume and other Halloween-themed costumes.


  • In favor of Sonic Mania being released, most of the mechanics and animations from said game are included (ex. Drop Dash).
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