Sonic + Peggle: Power Spinball is a Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off and crossover with PopCap's hit puzzle game series, Peggle. Lone Planet is one of the lead developers for the game, along with PopCap themselves.

The game is set for a Spring 2019 release on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo DSGo, Pharo, Solflare, and TimeStrike Neo, as well as Android, iOS, and the Steam platform.


On what was initially a fun day at Emerald Coast for Sonic and his friends, strange multicolored pegs begin to form all around them. They question Dr. Eggman upon his arrival via Eggmobile, but he confesses the pegs were not his doing, but the work of Eggette, the niece of his "classic" counterpart from the Maniaverse. He explains she did some tinkering with Phantom Ruby shards from her dimension and the Precioustone from Maginaryworld to create the shiny pegs so she can cover several worlds in glass and create her own kingdom over them.

Eggman has pulled Classic Sonic, Mighty, and Ray out of the Maniaverse to help the prime timeline's heroes. Without hesitation, Sonic and his friends get ready for their new peg-striking journey.


In each level of the game, there are about one hundred blue "pegs" arranged within three walls at the top and sides to match up with the level's backdrop. Twenty-five pegs turn orange at the beginning of the level, and these orange pegs must be cleared to complete said level. To do this, you need to launch your character out of the ball launcher at the top of the level; they will cause any pegs they strike to light up, and after they fall through the bottom of the screen or land in the ball catcher moving back and forth above the pit, any pegs they struck will disappear. If you get stuck between pegs, they will vanish so as to keep the game moving normally.

You start each level with ten "Lives" (balls in Peggle terms), and more can be earned if your character lands in the ball catcher or gains a high score in a single shot.

Striking pegs will give you points, and for every orange peg cleared, the amount of points you gain from each peg increases. For every shot, a random blue peg will turn purple, reverting back to blue if it is not hit before your character falls into the pit. Hitting a purple peg boosts your score even further.

"Style points" are awarded for difficult shots, like clearing two orange pegs back-to-back a certain distance apart or bouncing off the ball catcher.

Once all 25 orange pegs are cleared, "Extreme Fever" will begin; five bins of different point values will pop up above the pit, and your character will land into one of them after falling to the bottom. This score, along with any unused Lives, will add up with all the pegs you have cleared to form your final score for the level. If you happen to clear every peg in the level, all five bins will turn to the maximum point value, as announced by the message "Ultra Extreme Fever".

For Sonic + Peggle: Power Spinball in particular, some additional features are included, primarily based on the likes of SEGA's 1993 game, Sonic Spinball. In each level, there are platforms and robotic enemies called Badniks spread out around the pegs. When your character lands on a platform, they will unfurl from their ball position and start moving around normally; they can jump and attack Badniks as they please for additional points. Each character also has a special ability or weapon they can use.

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