There is one element that overtakes all...

Sonic: The Void Diamond
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Developer(s) Void Admins, Sonic Team
Publisher(s) SEGA
Distributor(s) Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Steam
Platform(s) Playstation 4, Xbox 1, Nintendo Switch, PC
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Sonic Series
Engine Void-powered Engine

Sonic: The Void Diamond, also named Void Sonic in development is a platforming game developed by Void Admins, published by SEGA and with assistance from Sonic Team. The game soon released for the Xbox 1, Playstation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The game is a 2D game but isn't a sequel to the highly proclaimed Sonic Mania. This game focuses on strategy, having to use Sonic's new power to get pass more dangerous obstacles.


This game plays out like the previous Classic Sonic games, there's Sonic and characters to choose and you go through Zones with three different acts until you get to the boss. Mechanics and gimmicks are also taken from these certain games too. There are different stories for each character and sometimes even different zones, made to suit that character only.

Like almost all Sonic games, rings serve as your survival item, holding one or more will protect you when getting hit. Being hit will scatter your rings across the stage, but they are able to be recollected if you are fast. Getting hit again will grant you with one life lost, getting a hundred rings will grant you with one life gained. Deaths are able to be triggered in different ways, such as falling into pits, getting crushed by a moving object and drowning underwater. You then spawn back to a Lunar Poll they have proceeded through or just start the whole level again if you haven't. If careless, you might run out of lives and get a game over. In this game, you cannot continue and you'll just be sent back to the hub. Rings also serve as your power supply for your void powers (that we will get onto later) and some rings can be lost so you can use those few attacks.

Chaos Emeralds also return, being able to be collected in a special stage, once the objective has been completed, you get the Chaos Emerald. Once all seven have been collected, you can turn into the form, Super Sonic, who is much faster than the regular Sonic.

Void Powers are new powers that are introduced in the Web Shrine Zone. Two of them are available from Act 2 when Sonic absorbs the gem's power from when it appears in the ground, the Drop Dash and Double Jump. You can only use one Void Power but it can be changed in the settings. More powers can be gotten in other zones when there's a purple tint in the ground. More powers such as the Boost Mode or Humming Top from Sonic Advance 2 can be obtained too.

Story Mode

The story mode is the main mode that you start off with, there are ten files to begin your adventure at. Your objective is to collect the Seven Chaos Emeralds to get back to Sonic's world and defeat Eggman and Metal Sonic. Unless you play as Metal, all the characters have the same objective. Metal needs to complete different objectives to complete his act.

Time Trials

After Web Shrine is completed, the player can replay any zone they've completed in the Time Trial mode, once they complete it, their time is saved. The time is then saved as a badnik to race and win against.


Every century, the Void Diamond fulfills itself with power until it has enough. When it starts to release as much as it can hold, sometimes voids will appear that are able to suck up one person. Victims of these have never returned, however, a huge discovery says that this void is able to teleport to a place with more advanced materials. And of course, the Eggman has attempted to get these materials. Sonic is just snoozing as usual until he feels a strange power in him. "This... feels really odd." As he thinks, he feels a sense of energy inside him. This was the power of the Void Diamond.

Eggman finally found a void and he flew straight into it. Sonic headed straight for him, but he saw only one person could go into the void. That's when he saw Metal Sonic on the ground, barred from entering the portal. Then the two raced to see who could get inside one first. Sonic chuckles delightfully until somehow, a void opened up just near him, catching Metal inside it too. Where has he gone to? Apparently, it's just for storing in pests like him. Sonic finds the portal he has been looking for and finally gets inside.

After entering the void, Sonic finds a more greenier area, with a lot of bushes. Metal Sonic senses the area and sees where Eggman has traveled. Metal flys away, shooting Sonic away while he was disturbed by the abnormal amount of bushes. Like a true hero would do, Sonic runs off to see where Metal is heading.


Sonic pointing

Sonic is the main character of the game and is unlocked at the start, he is the fastest character in the game. He has his iconic spin dash and Super Peel-out from Sonic CD and Drop Dash from Mania, but now since he has the Void Gem's power, he can now go faster by performing the Peel Out for more longer. He is also able to summon a single weak void to hold enemies in, solve puzzles with and even teleport with enough power.

Tails Sonic Mania
Tails Sprite-0

Tails is Sonic's best pal and is unlocked from the start. Unlike him, he cannot perform the Drop Dash, Peel out or the teleport ability. However, he can fly for a short period of time before needing more air. But wait, he can swim too! He can use the void to hold enemies and solve puzzles while flying.

Classic Knuckles
Knuckles laugh

Our boy Knuckles is unlocked at the start. Knuckles cannot do the Drop Dash and teleport, instead he can glide, climb walls, break through walls and even punch. Too bad he has a low jump, better what where you leap!

Nibrock rock amy

Sonic's 'girlfriend' is unlocked after beating the story mode. Amy cannot Spin Dash, roll, Drop Dash or use the teleport abiliy, hence making her the most different out of the characters. She can use her hammer to attack, using it in midair will make her swing it around, she can use it to eject herself into the air and even use it as a propeller. However, she is slightly slower than her 'hero.'


The metallic version of Sonic is unlocked after beating the story mode. Metal is almost identical to Sonic, minus the Void Powers. He's able to create a ring shaped spark field to protect himself and if you have enough rings (50) you can perform the Maximum Overdrive Attack, it allows you fly out with a huge energy wave surrounding you for about ten seconds. Metal needs to regain energy after that attack because robots also need rests. A weaker version can be used for one ring, the field is just small enough to fit Metal.


Zone Description Theme Boss
Frolic Fields Zone After entering the portal, Sonic (and Metal) find a Green Hill like area, but it's full of slopes and bushes. Sonic's void appears in front of him and Metal then flies off into the skies to find Eggman. Sonic must follow him to see where he's gone.

Act 1 takes place in a plain field with lots of bushes. There are a lot of Boosters in this stage and there's even a section based of the view of vertical bullet hells. There are only two types of badniks in Act 1.

Act 2 takes place in a maple forest and then into a canyon. There isn't much to be said about this stage because almost the whole of it is a flying level with Tails's tornado.

Act 3 starts you off by skydiving onto the ground. There are a lot of badniks here, indicating that Eggman is near. At the near end of the level, you get into the Tornado to fight the Egg General.

Green Hill, Sky, Canyon Egg General
Scarlett Scatter Zone Finally getting rid of the huge flying robot, Sonic and Tails crash land near a volcano. Eggman is currently getting all the material he can from it but the duo are ready to stop him once again.

Act 1 is taken place in the volcano where you have to collect materials for Tails's plane while avoiding Metal Sonic. There are no Badniks to beware of.

Act 2 has you run out of the volcano, landing on Eggman's plane and destroying it. You start by destroying the wings, then the weapon and then the engine before having to run off the plane.

Act 3 is a fast paced level that takes place outside the volcanic area. The place seems to have been made into a base. Again, there are a lot of badniks and Eggman is getting his machine ready.

Fire, Cave EGG-HAC-001
Web Shrine Zone The shrine of spiders is under danger when Eggman unleashes his giant robot, Egg Ending. Sonic must destroy it before the whole web collapses! A new cloaked figure joins Sonic on the way...

Act 1 has Sonic run through the city of Webirna, jumping from shop to shop and car to truck. You even get to enter a shopping market and a casino in the second half of the level.

Act 2 is based around the two new Void Powers given to you, the Double Jump and the Drop Dash. This takes place in the garden, where you have to find Tara's fateful needle.

Act 3 gets you running into the Egg Ending, breaking in and destroying everything in your way, Slicers, giant robots, even spikes. However, Sonic finds himself in the bombing room, where he has to face two Huge Mother Bombs.

East Asian, Urban, Amusement Big Momma Bomb
Egg Ending Zone Inside the giant robot we go, let's destroy this metallic mess! The Eggman really is going mad, he's going to crash this! Sonic must steer it upwards to prevent the Web from being history.

Act 1 is a stage where you are at the bottom floor of the huge machine and you have to get to the fifth floor to deal some damage to the power machine, there are a lot of badniks than the last three stages.

Sky, Industrial, Fire, Haunted Metal Sonic
Diamond Desire Zone Welcome to the snowy temple, the citizens here are cleaning the snow up and wishing for good things. The doctor is once again attempting to get materials but it has found his favorite material, metal that has its own generated electricity. Winter, Ancient Ruins Egg Freezer
Underworld Zone After the shot Sonic took, he finds himself in some cave. This is no ordinary cave, this is the Underworld! As Sonic tries to find a way to continue, the world he came from would be in danger already. Underwater, Hanuted, Ancient ruins, Underground Metal Hyperness
Void Garden Zone Sonic continues his journey to the Egg Ending, as it is still in the air and is about to crash into another place. However, the Web Shrine has got themselves a shield and so do the Diamond citizens. Where is it going to go? Green Hill, Ancient Ruins Mecha Sonic and Silver Sonic
Last Destination Zone The end is near, the Egg Ending has unleashed its true form. Dust draws near, the finale is here, Tails has discovered the Mother Computer of the EE and the team going back to destroy it all! Urban, Cyberspace Mother Egg Computer
Final Sunrise Zone Finally, Super Sonic has been unleashed, time to trash this huge junk! Speed throughout the skies, dash into the heart of the EE and finish it off guys! Sky, Night The Egg Ending
Fatal Fall Zone Go, go, go, go, go, go! The Egg Ending is falling over, time is running out, will you? There's no time to collect anything, just GO! Green Hill, Sky, Fire None

Items and Objects

Just like all Sonic games, there are a lot of objects to find during gameplay. Some could be rewarding, others could be dangerous.

Image Description
10 Ring

Monitors are various boxes found around stages that can be opened if jumped on. When opened, the monitor grants you something based on what it looks like, for example, this 10 Ring monitor grants you with 10 rings. Other can give you a shield or an extra life.

Spring Sonic2

Springs are objects that launch you into the air when jumped on. These come in two different colours, yellow and red. Yellow launches you high, red launches you higher.


Spikes are hazards that damage the player when jumped on, losing their rings, shield or life. Spikes can also be incorporated into different objects.


The signpost is enconutered at the end of almost every act, passing it will show the level results and then go onto the next act.


Bumpers are objects that deflect the player from where they hit it. It mostly serves as an obstacle for casino stages.

SMSMonitor S

These S monitors appear when you have collect all seven chaos emeralds and are found in really obscure places.


The Badniks are Eggman's robots, they are sent out to defeat Sonic and his friends but (most of the time) they are easy to destroy. They come in many different forms.

Image Description

One of the first few badniks Sonic has ever encountered. It attacks by dashing towards the player and then trying again if it misses.


This robotic caterpillar is a real pain, it can split itself into other parts to trap Sonic. It also has spiked body parts, don't jump on them, m'kay?

Buzz Bomber

This bee buzzes towards Sonic, shooting a small bullet on the way. They mostly fly in groups and they also like jazz.


Meaty crab fires into battle! The crab shoots out huge lasers spheres from both sides, but beware. Leaving it for too long will make it fire missiles!


These drillbots can do a real digging job, they hide in their pits until Sonic appears and then BLAM, right in his face!

Nebula sprite

These flying bulbs can only shoot below, and nothing else. Jeez, Eggman probably regrets making this thing, where is the effort in this one?


Eggman loves himself too much so he made many robot versions of himself, what a guy! These things have guns that shoot straight lasers and can fly away if not attacked in time.


The snappy boys of the sea, they jump up to attempt to eat Sonic up. Chomp chomp!

Slicer sprite

Slicers are back at it again with their undodgeable slicers! They fire their cutters to Sonic which are mostly undodgeable, afterwards, you think it's done, right? Yeah, it's finished, you can jump on it now.


Once it grabs you, it GRABS you. You cannot let go, you cannot ease your way out. Just wait... until the explosion.

N/A Dolfling

The protecter of Choppers, they are a bigger threat than those weaklings, they are huge. They even break bridges, woah!

N/A Tough Egg

These tough eggs are really, really tough, they almost cannot be destroyed. They use their giant maces to crush Sonic, ending in an insta kill attack.

N/A Robo Flicky

Sometimes when defeating a badnik, there can be a robo flicky inside too. Touching these will hurt you and they cannot be killed. They are featured in later levels.


These spooky ghosts haunt you if you stay idle for too long, three minutes, you're making a snack and then all your rings are gone when you get back. Better get moving!


Bosses are encountered at the end of Act 3 (if it has one) There are also less stronger bosses called Midbosses, encountered at the end of Act 2.




N/A Super Eggrobo

Woah, all of a sudden, a bunch of Eggrobos formed to become a big boy! This midboss needs to be shot down quick, but wait, you need to shoot down all the Eggrobos too!

This boss is able to launch its arm towards the Tornado, damaging it hard. However, it is really slow.

It can also shoot some bullets at you if it has missed, this is its main attack.

After it is destroyed, you need to shoot down all the Eggrobos who formed the machine.

N/A Egg General

This egg shaped robot may look stupid, but it can hold in some strength! One stab from that arrow and things are bound to go down.

This boss can shoot a huge arrow that can cause some real damage. It can also shoot five smaller arrows.

It can also fly into the background and shoot some bullets at you, even a laser!

Nebulas, Eggrobos and Grabbers can be summoned to keep the player occupied.

N/A Reactor

After that explosion, everything must had been destroyed, right? No. The reactor is still flowing with power and it has legs? Everything has to have legs!

The reactor can spread orange liquid (assumed to be lava) around the stage to burn the player.

It can also jump high into the air and land onto the other side to crush the player.

It will remove some of the platform if not destroyed in time, leaving it alive for too long will destroy the whole platform and have you start that boss all over.


  • HAC-001 is actually the model number for the Nintendo Switch, however, this isn't another insult to Nintendo, since SEGA and Nintendo have become closer.
  • Underworld Zone is mostly based of the Underwhere from Super Paper Mario.
  • Act 2 of Scarlett Scatter is based of Meta Knight's Revenge from Kirby Super Star.
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